5.3 Golden Love

Golden Love

We know that evolution is speeding up and some say this is occurring at an exponential rate.  I’ve tried to research this but I’m not sure if there is enough information yet to actually pinpoint exactly how fast the velocity is increasing.  We know We make more discoveries every year but there are so many now it is very difficult to find out exactly how many We made last year compared to the year before and if We look at older examples, it is difficult to know if We have all the information.

However, there is something called the Golden Ratio that I think would give Us a very clear indication of what We can expect.  The microcosm reflects the macrocosm and everything in Our world is created by an increasing rate of 1.618.

Numerically, this is reflected by 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55; otherwise known as the Fibonacci sequence.  Each number in the equation is the product of the two numbers preceding it.

This is reflected in Our own body.  DaVinci discovered this and I found the information fascinating.  Just google Golden Ratio to learn more but there is no reason to suggest that the learning curve is not accelerating at exactly the same rate.  I wish I could prove it for You but to do that I would need the scientific community to step forward and provide some assistance.  But I sincerely believe We will find the ‘Golden Ratio’ of nature revealed in the rate of evolution  and Divine Principle.  Consider the implications of this when You begin to notice how much the numbers jump when You get into the higher digits.  Oh, and incidentally, this ratio also involves no negative numbers (what mathematics refer to as REAL numbers only).  The necessity of money REALLY is an illusion.

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