5.4 Physical Love

Many of the ideas and philosophies I present in this book were things I believed long before I had any kind of spiritual confirmation of them.  I have always been interested in many fields of study and sometimes I would read university textbooks from courses one of My girlfriend’s was taking.  I remember one day she handed Me one of her texts and asked Me if I was interested in reading it.  I picked up the book and looked at the cover – it was physics.  I smiled and handed it back to her.  “No thanks, I don’t believe in physics.”

She laughed.  “How can you not believe in physics?  I though you of all people would be fascinated by physics!  Physics is natural law, you can’t deny physics!”

I told her that I had taken a physics course in high school and that on the first day the teacher told us that the desk was pushing up against all the books on it with the same force as the weight of the books.  I told My girlfriend that I was never going to believe such nonsense and dropped the course the next day.  This actually caused an argument between the two of us as she continued to insist that these were hard facts, natural laws that could not be disputed or argued, even by Me (I am one convincing individual when I want to be).  Of course, I remained steadfast in My belief and refused to read the text.

My argument had been that the table could not be pushing up against the books for it had no moveable parts and no conscience of self.  I asserted that the weight of the books was constant and that the desk was only resisting the weight based on its construction.  Over time the desk would break down and the books would eventually fall to the floor.  If what the teacher said was true, then as soon as I removed the books, the table should shoot up into the air, which it was obviously not going to do.  I was right because this was not conceivable in My reality.

The truth is We were both right.  Our entire universe was created by Love, all things coming out of nothing through the power of thought, imagination.  I don’t want to get too philosophical but essentially, the desk is choosing to be the desk and is pushing up against the books with the same force that they are exerting on the desk – if that is what We believe is happening.  Similarly, if We believe that the desk is incapable of pushing, then it is not pushing but merely sustaining the weight of the books and will continue to do so until the weight of the books exceeds the strength of the desk’s architecture and construction.  Both of these statements are true for they can both reasonably be conceived within Our realm of perception.  I actually prefer the first statement because it implies that the desk is aware of the books that are on it, which is true.  The desk is also aware of the books being removed and ceases to exert its upward force on them so that it can continue to be stationary as We would expect a desk to be – also true.

Things are not really things at all.  They are simply parts of Love, being exactly what We need them to be to enjoy Our current realm of perception.  Every solid object You can conceive of only exists for You.  I know it sounds radical but We know that all objects are really only a collection of tiny particles vibrating at a particular frequency in order to be what they are.  They are keenly aware of themselves, every single last one of them and they can cease to be that thing any time they choose…  But You created them so You could know this reality, they exist for You.

I know…  I’m getting deeply philosophical again…  I’m sorry but this is important and I am trying to make it as easy as I can.  Honestly, this would be one of the last things I would ever believe had it not been for such a deeply powerful experience.  When I wrote about My experience in this Book, I mentioned that I became everything I could conceive and was staring at Myself.  Believe Me if You had the experience, You would no longer doubt.

The reason this concept is so important is because of what it implies.  Consider that everything does exist only for You.  It means that everything including the news that You read, the people You meet, the information I present to You here, evolution, religion, money…  Every single tiny thing that comes into Your existence was created by You so that You could experience it.  It means that even the history You read about does not really exist, except so that You could take something from it for this experience You now know.  It means that the entire world as You know it did not even exist before You were born, before You knew of Yourself!  You created it all for this experience!  As difficult as it is to digest, I swear to You this is truth, this is the power of Love…  So ask Yourself, what dream did You come here to know?  And dream big, because I give You My word, if You believe, You will have it; this world was created by You, for You.

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