5.5 Quantum Love

The previously indisputable ‘natural laws’ of physics recently turned the scientific community upside down in a branch of physical study called quantum physics.  This relatively new research scientifically demonstrates the powerful influence Our thoughts have over the manipulation of physical matter and validates My previously ‘impossible theory’ according to now outdated physical laws.

Shortly after My awakening, I was very selective about who I talked to about it because I knew how radical some of My ideas sounded.  However I am convinced they are not beliefs, but things I know to be true.  At first it was only My brother, My mother, and two very close friends, one of whom provided Me with a great deal of the meditation techniques that led to the experience.  But in My experience, I also asked that I be connected with other people who would help Me to deal with this profound wisdom.  The reaction of the first few people I shared this with assured Me My request had been answered.

Fearing He would tell Me I was crazy, I shared the experience with one of My closest friends; I told Him that We could walk through walls if We could only convince the subconscious mind that We could, and if We could somehow convince the wall We did not know it was there.  He did laugh, but He was not laughing at Me.  Instead, He told Me, “Crazy bro, have You heard about quantum physics?  I was just watching a video, crazy stuff.  Exactly the kind of thing You are talking about, got scientists all messed up!  Wait, I’ll send You a link, You gotta check this out!”

Sure enough, the “You-Tube” video He sent Me was exactly the kind of thing I was talking about!  Quantum physics is the behavioural study of some of the smallest particles of physical matter, electrons.  In the video My friend sent Me there was a demonstration of particles being projected against a ‘wall’ with a two slits cut out of it.  A backboard behind the first wall would leave an impression of where the particles passed through the slits.  The scientists watched as the projected electrons they fired at the board passed through the slits just as expected, leaving an impression of the two slits on the backdrop behind, behaving just as physical matter should.  They repeated the experiment but this time allowed the electrons to fire at the two slits while they were out of the room.  When they returned they found a wave pattern on the backdrop behind, this time suggesting that the particles were acting as energy instead of matter.  They couldn’t understand why the electrons had changed their behaviour (or how they could) so they set up a microscopic camera to film how the particles behaved while they were out of the room.  The particles once again resumed acting like physical particles.  When these particles were not being observed, they behaved like energy.  But even when they were being watched by a camera, they were aware of the camera and once again resumed behaving like physical matter as the physicists had anticipated they should!  Quantum physics is qualifying for the first time that every single thing in existence has awareness not only of self, but of everything else around it and more importantly, that Our perspective determines their behaviour.  Our thoughts and beliefs have literally created all the physical matter in Our existence so We can enjoy the physical experience We know.

By the way, the scientists still don’t understand what is happening in the experiment.  The reason they get the wave pattern is because the particle is not passing through either slit because as energy it has no need to, it can go straight through the board.  However, just as energy passing through a single slit appears like waves, so too does the solid particle create a wave pattern when it’s energy field passes through the center of the board.  Why bother to go through either slit when they can just go straight through?  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  Physical reality is only for Us…  Just a theory, but I bet that’s what they discover soon enough.  I’ve been right about every other philosophy I’ve had, so why not…

Since then, My friend has posted a few other things on his “Facebook” page and other friends have brought Me more and more information to support the philosophies I present in this Book, further proving that Our beliefs manifest the physical things We need in Our reality to know Our dreams.  The possibility of a world waking up to the truth of Our enlightened being began to reveal itself in every field of study I researched.  Believe You are creating Your reality because You are, whether You are aware of it or not.

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