5.6 Medical Love

“How ‘bout getting off of these antibiotics” – Alanis Morrisette, ‘Thank You’

The medical field is also beginning to reveal the incredible power of Our thoughts.

From the moment humanity first forgot it was Love, We ceased to know Our divinity, began to fear death and sickness was born.

Sickness is the physical manifestation of fear in the body.  Our thoughts are creative.  Because We are Love, every thought is creative, good or bad.  So if You think negative thoughts, more negative things will come into Your reality.  Sickness is one of them.  Have You noticed that the people who worry most about the flu season always seem to be the ones who get sick?  Have You noticed that people who seem constantly happy almost never get sick?  These are not coincidences.

The speed of evolution is reflected in the medical field as well.  We continually understand more about the human body; We have already proven We are the creator through discoveries such as cloning, We are mapping the human genome and recent studies even suggest We may soon know how to slow or even stop the aging process.  If nothing else, all of this is a clear reflection of Our fear of mortality; what We seek to understand in medicine reveals that We want to live forever.  Will We need to discover how to live forever before We discover We were immortal to begin with?

Medicine is a great example of the truth I am sharing.  I started to tell people that if they just chose to be happy in every moment they could remain healthy.  I began telling people that We do not need medicine, that Our body is created perfectly containing all the divine wisdom We need to heal both Ourselves and others.  Some believe Me, some don’t – and they are always right.

With all these words of wisdom I can’t help sharing, it doesn’t take long for people to identify that I am spiritual; some even believe I can work miracles – for them I can.   At My last job virtually everyone enjoyed listening to My philosophies and often people would ask to speak with Me on various topics, some even asked Me if I had the power to heal.  I would tell them if they believed I could, then I could.

One day I was working with a lady I absolutely adored and the feeling was mutual.  We would sing and dance all day while We worked.  But on this particular day, she was not singing or dancing, something was clearly wrong.  She told Me she had a migraine headache that she took special medication for but was out of her prescription.  I asked if there was anything I could do to help.  As I asked, another girl overheard and piped (mockingly), “Why don’t You just heal her Sean?”

The moment of truth; they wanted to know if I was for real.  I looked at My friend and asked her, “Do You want Me to heal You?”

Her eyes lit up and she very cheerfully replied, “Okay!  Thank you, Sean.”

It was all the encouragement I needed.  I had no idea what I was about to do, but I knew it didn’t matter.  I asked the other girl to get Me a bottle of water.  She did.  I placed the bottle in front of Me on the table, cupped it with My hands, closed My eyes and thought to Myself, ‘she has already thanked Me for what she believes I will do.  Her belief will cure her headache.’  I waited until I felt the words in My heart, then I said to her, “I have blessed this water, it will cure Your headache.”

With enthusiasm, she sincerely and graciously said, “Wow, thank you Sean!”

It wasn’t more than fifteen minutes later when I noticed her swaying gently back and forth to a song on the radio, smiling as she worked.  I asked her how her head felt.

“Oh, Sean!!  I forgot!  I have no headache now, thank you!  Wow, you are magic.”

“Not magic…  You believed the water would cure you, so it did.”

I don’t think she understood the message and many who see this kind of thing don’t.  But although events like this happen to Me frequently when I share thoughts with people, it has nothing to do with Me.  The moment people invest some belief in the truth I share is the moment it begins to reveal itself in their reality.  A few days later she asked Me to heal her shoulder and the moment My hands touched her, she believed it was working…  And it did.

Though I immediately intended to use this story in My book and added it to My notes, I hoped that this truth would somehow be revealed in a more undeniable way, on a global scale.  That same evening, the friend who had sent me the video on quantum physics had posted a newspaper article on His Facebook page.

The newspaper article explained how five of the top drug companies in the U.S. were now in serious risk of financial trouble after spending years developing promising drugs for well known and previously untreatable ailments.[1] Though these drugs had demonstrated incredible results with their test patients, part of the drug approval process is a placebo test.  All five companies failed the placebo test.  Patients taking the placebo experienced as much or greater benefit than those taking the drug.  The article summarized by saying that tests like this suggest that as Our drugs become better, so too does Our belief in their ability to heal Us.  Perhaps science will only prove We are divine; that it is not drugs, but Our belief in drugs that cures Us.

You do not need anti-flu vaccinations, Swine Flu vaccinations or anything else.  I know a lot of people will disagree with this but We can learn to heal Ourselves naturally.  If there is a shot for it, there is something in nature for it.  Our body’s immune system is like a muscle.  We know if We decided to stop using Our legs entirely for a month or two and suddenly tried to stand after that amount of time, We would fall.  Your immune system is the same.  If You give Your body antibiotics, Your body’s immune system doesn’t have a chance to learn and becomes weaker.  The more drugs You take the weaker You become.  It was necessary to go through the process of medicine because We will eventually learn that We can heal everything.  We are learning to do in conscious mind what We already knew in subconscious mind.  Once We learn to heal everything, We will fear nothing and We will stop getting sick, the drugs will be irrelevant because We have completed the evolutionary healing process in conscious reality.

Everything We see and hear affects Our thoughts.  Increased warnings on cigarette packages only increase Your fear of cancer and other ailments they warn You may get.  The same is true of ‘flu season’, media perpetuates the idea that the flu is coming, causing people to fear getting sick and ultimately manifesting itself in the body.  Anything You see or hear that You allow Yourself to fear can begin to work its way into Your subconscious and eventually Your reality.  All this fear of sickness stems from a fear of dying.  The truth is You were born to die.  The upside is that life is the experience that will allow You to know bliss when You die.  But life is truly a gift, the greatest gift You could give Yourself.  Enjoy it and be happy, do what makes Your heart sing and You will live long and healthy.

[1] http://www.wired.com/medtech/drugs/magazine/17-09/ff_placebo_effect

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