5.7 Making Love

“…  You were perverted too.

I don’t know how You were inverted…” – The Beatles, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’

I told You that proof is everywhere if We choose to see it and the English language is no exception.  Your parents made Love and here You are; You are the Love they made.  From the moment of Your conception (thought), the Love that was made evolved to become the great being You are now.  I’m sure You can imagine how convenient all of this seemed to Me as I began writing this Book.  Everything in Our reality ‘conveniently’ supports Love’s truth.

Making Love also demonstrates that the most blissful feeling to know is Love.  In the quote at the beginning of this section, the ‘You’ The Beatles are making reference to is Love.  Our world has turned Love upside down (inverted), turning the act of making Love into something dirty and pornographic when it was meant to be known as the most beautiful and glorious of human experiences.

If the world spent more time making Love, We would undoubtedly be happier.  But most of Us have closed Our minds to Love, call it sex, believe We should not talk about it or express Our natural desire to make Love.  We have even been taught to be ashamed of Our bodies and the sexual act.  The innate lack of understanding for the oppression of Our most natural desire manifests itself as anger and in the most extreme cases, becomes the rapist in Our society.

Yet the entire human race would cease to exist if We ever stopped making Love.  The most natural and essential part of the continuation of Our species is to know the bliss of making Love; Our survival depends on it.

The pornography industry is one of the most profitable (if not the most profitable) industry on the planet.  This is because Our natural desire for making Love has been suppressed for so long that We are powerless to resist.  We’ve been taught to feel guilty about Our most natural desire to know Love through the act of making Love; a celebration of the beauty of Our most grand creation, the human body.

This is the Yin and Yang of the human form.  The necessity and insatiable desire for man and woman to come together as one should be teaching Us that the glory of Love is what We came here to know and that the experience of knowing Love is bliss.  If We understand this alone…  Then in knowing We came here to know Love, everything We do not know about Love allows for the bliss of knowing.  Yin and Yang can teach Us through human experience that the union of Yin and Yang, the knowledge of Love, is both blissful and unavoidable.  If You do not know it while You are here, You are assured to know it when You leave.  Ignorance of Your glorious being is only one part of the Divine Principle to know You are Love.

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