5.9 Technological Love

If You have a hard time believing that the financial world will soon come crashing down, developments in technology can reveal that the monetary system is about to expire.

We know We are evolving, We know We are developing new technologies with increased velocity in every moment.  This demonstrates that at least collectively We are getting smarter, more intelligent.  To further suggest that there is in fact a connection between intelligence and wisdom, this evolutionary process can’t help but collectively wake Us up to the truth of the greatest problem plaguing Our current social system.

As science and technology will continue to reveal new physical evidence to support the truth I am sharing with You in this Book, so too will it continue to reveal greater sources of renewable, clean energy sources and machines that operate with increased efficiency.  This poses a critical problem for the continuation of the monetary system We embrace and this has been reflected in the recent global financial collapse.

In what will prove to be futile efforts to restore the international economy, Our world leaders are introducing stimulus packages to support infrastructure projects around the globe for the sake of job creation.  But as technology continues to develop products of increased efficiency, more and more people will inevitably lose their jobs to machines.  Similarly, the state of Our environment is demanding increased attention to the eco-friendly renewable energy sources available.  These new energy sources, like solar, wind, tidal current and geo-thermal current are not only one hundred percent clean, but eliminate much of the work force required to operate the environmentally destructive energy plants We currently use.

In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in the early months of 2009 that he would be investing a substantial portion of Canada’s stimulus package into ten new gas powered energy plants.  He boasted that this was great for Canada’s economy, providing hundreds of jobs while replacing outdated coal burning energy plants that are currently in place.  Unfortunately, politicians are professional public speakers and their job is primarily to sell their misguided policies to the public.  Why replace highly toxic coal burning energy plants with only slightly less toxic, gas powered plants?  By the time Canada completes these gas powered energy plants the technology will be obsolete.  The technology is already obsolete, the only reason that it sounds like a good idea is because it claims to provide Canadians with much needed jobs.  The more reasonable motivation for this plan is that it supports a continued need for fossil fuel, strengthening Canada’s relationship with the U.S. as the U.S. government continues to cash in on the oil reserves being extracted from the Middle-East, financing their continued war efforts and ensuring Canada will be a long term consumer, customer and U.S. ally.

The fact is; the technological trend can generate nothing less than increased efficiency in all areas of industry, indicating that the global labour pool is on a steady decline while population is on a steady incline.  This means that unemployment and poverty are steadily increasing as humanity continues to evolve and the gap between rich and poor will continue to widen.  Soon, very soon, the need for new social structure will be undeniable and truth will be revealed.

The governments of the world already know this and are desperately trying to keep the global population at bay, insisting that stimulus packages and infrastructure plans will soon restore the global economy.  Unfortunately, this is impossible, I promise You.  The current social system is obsolete and a complete breakdown of the global economy is eminent, it is only a matter of time.  The good news is the truth of the greatest illusion We have learned to accept will finally be revealed.  Money will be obsolete.

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