5.91 Connecting Love

Another great technological achievement evolution has offered Us is the internet.  The internet is the single greatest example of humanity’s collective desire to know itself as one and proof that Love is once again remembering its parts.  The internet is the conscious mind’s answer to the communication of thought lost with Our connection to subconscious mind.

In looking at the macrocosm of Our world as a reflection of self, We can understand that the internet reflects an inward desire to know Ourselves as one being.  The internet is only one example of this, language is the second.  Is it coincidental that there are so many metaphors for truth in the English language?  Or is this perhaps intentional, knowing that one day all of humanity will be speaking English?  English is now the second language in most Asian countries and between Asia, North America, South America, Australia and those countries in Europe that speak English as a first or second language, this is already the world majority.  Those wanting to communicate internationally will soon be required to speak English and the truths hidden in this language are working in Your subconscious all the time.  It is Our subconscious mind that contains the wisdom; this is what will wake Us up to truth.

It was the division of people by language and the loss of understanding in Our subconscious that separated Us from Love.  The internet and the return to one language to share the truth of Love affirm that conscious mind is in its final stage of development; We are near knowing self.

In a couple of years, they will try and charge You for every website You visit (early 2012 to be more precise).  Only select websites will be free so that they can control the information that is coming to You.  They will tell You that this is because of the ever increasing volume and requirement for extra server memory and maintenance.  The truth is, they just want to cash in on Our natural desire to reconnect, knowing We cannot live without it.  All You really need to consider to know this is a lie, is the rate of technology I previously discussed.  Think about the memory Your computer has now compared to computers of five years ago.  We can handle more and more memory faster than We can ever hope to use it.  Technology is allowing Us to do more for less, not less for more.  Just think about these things, please!

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