5.92 True Love

“All songs are one song,

And that song is don’t forget” – The Tragically Hip, ‘World Container’

This may also be a difficult concept to understand but it is the reason why I not only know that the world will one day know peace, but that this day is coming soon.

Artists; enlightened or not, are awake to the true potential of their creative being.  Like any other human being, artists create with thought.  However, artists create with the most pure thought, Love for what they do.  Artists are humans being Love, whether they are consciously aware or not.

To understand the power of this force of creation, We must understand that truth exists within all of Us, locked in the subconscious mind.  To become enlightened or awake, We must connect with the wisdom locked in Our subconscious.  The artist does not have to be awake because they are already awake; they are being true to the nature of their being, using their creative potential to create Love.  Love is creation and creation is art, so art is Love.  In this way, whether they understand truth or not is irrelevant, they are listening to the subconscious mind.

However, it is the effect of this creation on the human spirit that makes this so powerful.  Often You may step into a building, look at a painting or hear a song and something happens to You, You feel something.  You may not understand it, but You like it.  When You are feeling down or tired You may play some of Your favourite music and suddenly You begin to feel better.

Just like You are aware that Your subconscious mind is processing millions of bits of information to keep Your body in check, maintaining balance while You stand and countless other things You take for granted, so too is Your subconscious mind processing the beauty of music and artwork.  Your subconscious mind understands Love and is quietly whispering to Your conscious mind long after You finish hearing a song or viewing a painting.

This is the ‘ancient wisdom’ that civilizations like the Mayans, Aztecs and perhaps most significantly, the Egyptians were aware of.  Their buildings were constructed to be beautiful, glorious reflections of their creative ability, full of artwork containing stories of spiritual truth, consistently reminding them of their true nature, never allowing them to forget.  The very same wisdom controversial groups like freemasons use in their architecture.

This is how the world is waking up.  Even though the artist does not need to be awake to truth in order to create great works, many are!  More and more artists are revealing words of wisdom in their music and even if You do not understand them, combined with the power of Love, they are working in the subconscious to awaken Your spirit, connecting words to feeling.  This is how and why humanity is waking up and more importantly, why its rate will continue to accelerate; this creative force cannot be escaped.

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