5.94 Natural Love

“So God keep Our land, cause We certainly can’t.

Until the darkness ends, until the sun tries again.” – Tragically Hip, ‘Country Day’

There is one other divine entity that ensures We will soon know peace – Mother Nature.

Believe it or not, this is the single most relevant revelation that the end is both assured and near.  In order to understand it, We must understand that Love cannot die.  Love is on a continuous quest of self discovery and only becomes greater in every moment.  We are destroying Our planet and We know this.  The primary reason for this is the financial system We embrace, producing endless unnecessary products in the name of profit, favouring fossil burning fuel systems over environmentally clean alternatives that are readily available and restricted only by money.  The second reason is war and weapons testing.

Some will say that Our technological and scientific achievements only add to the destruction of Our planet; that We will soon develop weapons of such incredible mass destruction that We will exterminate Ourselves, or that a gross lack of respect for the environment, wildlife and natural resources will eventually destroy Mother Earth.  However, there is a significant saving grace in the divinity of Love’s perfection.

The first is Our personal will to live.  It doesn’t matter if You are the eternal pessimist and think that a prophecy for peace is impossible, that the world is dismal, bleak and uncaring.  You are here.  You still get out of bed every day.  Why?  Because inwardly, You know there is something more, even if You can’t believe it in Your conscious mind.  You are waiting for something better.  Consider again that this is the microcosmic example of what will happen in the world and We know that We will know peace.  Collectively We don’t want to die any more than We do individually.  We Love life, even this harsh world We were given.  We endure in the personal experience and We will endure collectively.

Secondly, if We continue to disregard Mother Nature, She is well aware of what We are doing.  She knows We are destroying Her, She knows We are destroying Ourselves.  We see evolution but We don’t understand what suddenly makes the change.  But We become what We need to become to continue the process.  Love is divine; Love only becomes greater in each new understanding.  So, if only for the sake of continued progress, Love will be forced to wake humanity up to the truth of Our being.  The continuing need for change in Our world because of Our destruction of it, the more Mother Nature will call out to Our conscience.  You cannot escape divinity, period!

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