6.3 Ending Love

“Don’t You want to see how it ends?

The doors are just starting to open.” – The Tragically Hip, ‘The Depression Suite’

One of the greatest revelations to suggest that the world is ‘coming to an end’ is the Mayan calendar.

I was sitting discussing some of My philosophies with a friend of mine and showing him how the truth of Our being would soon be realized.  His roommate overheard Our conversation and piped in, “Obviously you haven’t heard about the Mayan prophecy.  Our world is doomed, a few years from now nothing will matter; we will all be gone.”

My friend rolled His eyes.  He had warned Me about his roommate and how he was one of the most negative, pessimistic people he had ever met.  I laughed and told him not to worry about it, people will believe what they choose to believe.  Everything is relative to perception.

I have heard of the Mayan prophecy.  In fact, it was another friend of mine who first introduced Me to the Mayan calendar.  We had both been studying ancient civilizations and exchanging information over the internet.  I had already told him of My philosophy for an evolution in conscience that I believed would soon bring peace to the world.  He introduced Me to the Mayan calendar suggesting it supported My philosophy and might make good material for My Book.  Just goes to show You how Our perception can influence Our interpretation of information.

As I began researching this prophecy Myself, I couldn’t help but smile.  Considering that thought is the creative force of Our being determining the reality We will know, the information I found was very encouraging.  All the information regarding this prophecy is relative to the source.  There is as much information to suggest that the synchronization between the Mayan calendar and Our own is so far off that the doomsday predicted has already passed.  On the other hand, there are many sources that believe this predicted day is coming soon and that it will be the end of humanity.

Here is where My philosophy becomes so relevant.  I am not sure exactly when We will awaken to the true nature of Our being but quite honestly, I like the Mayan prediction.  Considering the rate of technology now I think it fits beautifully so it is My personal favourite.  Secondly, I know the power of the internet and the media and a prophecy for the end of the world, real or imagined, is too good to pass up.  This suggests We will all be aware of it on some level, meaning it will be working in Our subconscious.  I believe that if We are not all awake by the time this fated day arrives this will provide the catalyst for collective conscious awareness.

Many people sincerely do believe this is Our fate.  But the end of the world is relative to Our perception of what ‘the end of the world’ really is.  Is the end of the world the destruction of humanity?  Or is the end of the world the end of Our ill fated ways, the end of chaos and confusion, the end of the warring world We know today?  Perhaps the Mayans really were enlightened and knew that all of humanity would have to be on the same page for change to occur; perhaps they knew when Love’s evolution would enter its next era.

Just as there are prophecies for the end of the world, there are also countless ancient hieroglyphs and renaissance paintings suggesting that alchemists will one day discover how to turn lead to gold.  If We understand this as a metaphor for a depiction of ages, then this only further suggests humanity is reaching the end of an age and that the new age will be golden.

The end of the world will be relative to Your perception, guaranteed.  Believe it is the end of corruption and a misguided humanity and that is the reality You will know.  Believe it is the end of humanity and perhaps that is what You will know.  However, I believe that in that fated moment You will be hoping it is not and that will be enough.  This collective desire has the capacity to awaken humanity.  Love will not die, it will only change form.  I for one will be looking forward to the day with open arms, simply for the stellar anomaly which is supposed to occur at relatively the same time.

I do believe that We will be made more and more aware of this prophecy as the day draws nearer, allowing Your perception of information to determine the future You will know.  2012 just hit theatres, already confirming My philosophy that this rumour will be a media favourite.  I haven’t seen the movie yet but My prediction…  12.21.12  Not the end, the end of darkness.

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