6.4 Magnetic Love

One last thing to suggest that the world is reaching the end is the ‘wobble’ theory.

There is much belief that soon (roughly the same time as the Mayan prediction) the world will ‘wobble’ and the magnetic poles will shift causing catastrophic destruction to Our planet.  In knowing that all things have sentience, I like this theory too.  It suggests a shift in poles and if what happens in the macrocosm is a reflection of what will happen in individuals, it suggests that this may be the event that spawns the shift in perception and conscience.

This is apparently due to an extremely rare occurrence in the universe where the sun, moon and milky-way will all be lined up with earth, creating an incredible magnetic draw that will shift the earth on its axis.  Interestingly enough, this prophecy was also made by the Egyptians and the appearance of this incredible cosmic event is rumoured to appear similar to a giant, bloodshot eye staring down on the world, similar to that depicted by the Egyptian one-eyed God, Horus.

Perhaps nothing drastic will happen, perhaps this event will simply be so beautiful and awe inspiring that We will all simultaneously be so full of Love for this sight, it will evoke the awakening in conscience.

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