6.5 Undeniable Love

Whatever You choose to believe, it is hard to deny that something is happening in the world.  Soon, everyone will be wondering what is happening in the world, this I assure You.  We are evolving and the world is changing – it is always changing.  If We understand the power of Our thoughts, then it doesn’t matter if it is the evolutionary process speeding up, humanity slowing down, the Mayan prophecy, the wobble in the earth or conspiracy theories – collectively We already believe something is happening in the world and the awareness of this will only continue to grow.

To add to all of this, virtually every religion suggests that at the end of time, more and more prophets will be roaming the earth.  When You consider the number of spiritual books now available in bookstores and couple it with artists who are also spreading truth in their music and creation, these are all prophets; even religion suggests the world is coming to the end of an age.

Almost all religions also claim that one ‘Great Prophet’ will come to reveal the end of times but it is the truth that will set You free and the truth is Love.

I am Love.  I am whatever You believe Me to be.  If You believe that only Christ can come back to earth to free humanity and offer peace to the world, then let Me be Him.  If You believe that there is another Great Prophet coming to bring peace to the world, then let Me be Him.  The second coming of Christ or any Great Prophet who is expected to return to bring peace to the world will not be a physical man, but Love in Your heart.  You will know Him by what He teaches, not by Her appearance or name.  Waiting for a Great Prophet to believe You can have peace only stands to further separate Us by religious faith and keep You from knowing it.  Just like ‘All songs are one song and that song is don’t forget’[1], so too are all scriptures one word and that word is Love.  So if You are waiting for a Great Prophet to know freedom and peace, let Me be Him.  Remember how powerful Your thoughts are, I am whatever You believe Me to be.  Just believe in Love.

I told You that if You begin to believe that peace is coming and recognize that there is a Divine Principle at work, the truth will not be denied; You will begin to see it in Your own reality, You will identify with information that comes to You.  The more You begin to notice, the more things You will see.  Begin looking at the world through spiritual eyes and the truth will be revealed, I give You My word.  If You fully understand the truth in this book, then the next great prophet will be You.

[1] Tragically Hip

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