7.1 Free Love

You understand that the world around You is not the paradise it could be but You feel powerless to change it.

You understand that the world is abundant with resources provided by Love.  You understand that this abundance was to be shared evenly between all members of the human family and that the financial system currently in place creates poverty and continued separation of humanity by social class, but feel powerless to free Yourself without losing Your dignity.

You understand that citizenship has made You property of the state; that countries divide Us and contain Us but feel powerless to know Yourself as a free member of the human family and international community.

You understand that Our political leader’s morality is misguided and wish to see an end to war, poverty and suffering but feel powerless to change political policies.

You understand that Our educational facilities encourage children to embrace the same social system You want to change but feel powerless to introduce alternative teaching methods.

But You are not powerless, You are Love.  You are a being with unlimited creative potential and infinite power to make change.

Many people I speak with hear My words and though the level of understanding varies from individual to individual, even those who cannot fully comprehend all elements of truth share a common belief that there is something seriously amiss with the world We know.  People will tell Me they would Love to see a world that knows peace; but they tell Me We cannot change the world.

These people do not understand the power of Love.  I do.  And I know I am Love.

I only know that I can.  There is nothing I can’t do.  This Book is created with Love and divine intention.  It is already done.

If You do not believe that You can change the world, then You do not yet fully understand the power of Love, or You do not know You are Love.  I do.  I will show You.

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