7.2 Manifesting Love

I asked that the world should know peace and knew it was already done.  I could easily have chosen to sit back and watch Love unfold, wait for truth to reveal itself.  But I wanted to share this truth with humanity.  I wanted to let You know We can choose to have this now.  So I asked that the world around Me reveal truth in a way that could not be denied.  Soon everywhere I looked, every field of research I studied, every song that played on the radio began to reveal that there was an unmistakable evolution in conscience awakening in the world inching ever closer.  The dream is undeniable, peace is coming.

I have done My best to show You Love and how Its knowledge will soon be known to the world.  I know it is coming whether You believe it or not.  I know if You do not believe, the world You know now will begin to crumble before You as We make way for a new humanity.  This Book is to offer You comfort during these times, to know it is to make way for the new world.

But I still needed something more.  I asked that the possibility of a new world be provided for Me so I could share a vision of the golden age of humanity, so that the knowledge of Love would be more than the knowledge of Our misguided morality but a vision for the future.  Then I found Jacques Fresco’s Venus Project.

Utopian Love

All of the science and technology that I told You would one day make the financial system We embrace obsolete due to increased efficiency that can only result in decreased employment amidst increasing population, proved to be something that someone else was already keenly aware of.  Jacques Fresco is an inventor and visionary with a dream for peace that matches My own and He has created the possibility of what Our future society might look like.  Many of His ideas are too futuristic to be implemented immediately, but He allowed Me to create My own vision for how it will begin. [1]

We know money is the root of pollution, war, greed and many other problems but it is difficult to imagine how We might live without it.  A friend of mine once said that some system of barter would be necessary.  But this is not true.  We are only beginning to understand the great things We will soon accomplish and many of the technologies We already have available are not being utilized because of money.  Already Our world could be infinitely better.  As We enter a new age, the developments will continue with the same increasing velocity; the Divine Principle is only more, more, more, better, better, better, faster, faster, faster!

The irony and madness, is that We see less jobs as a bad thing!  To put this in perspective, consider helping a friend move.  If You were to go over to Your friend’s house and discovered that You were the only person helping, you would probably be a little frustrated.  If Your friend then told You that they had no vehicle or moving truck and that You would be walking a few blocks to the new place, You would probably tell Your friend that they were nuts (though if You were very good natured You would likely feel too guilty to leave them to it alone).  You would likely be on the phone immediately calling every friend You had, asking if they could help, even if it was just to provide a truck or some kind of vehicle.  More people sharing less work means more free time for each individual and less stress – period!

There will always be a necessity for work in the community, but if all of the latest technological breakthroughs were implemented to decrease the workload, should this not mean that people could begin retiring earlier?  Should it not be a positive thing that there is less work shared among more people?  Really, think about it!  It doesn’t make any sense that less jobs should be a problem, it should be an opportunity for each individual in society to have more free time.  The only reason it doesn’t work, is again because of money.  If people worked less and retired earlier, they would hardly have contributed enough to their pension to sustain themselves for the duration of their life.  Consider that each generation is living longer and that pensions are hardly enough as it is…   Is it not obvious that Our financial system is obsolete?  Should We not start focusing on what jobs are truly necessary to provide resources to each member of society and begin focusing on rewarding people with more free time instead of money?  Each member of society dedicates a certain number of years to the workforce as their contribution to the community and We focus on decreasing this amount of time instead of trying to create an endless string of meaningless and unnecessary jobs?

Instead of higher wages for more difficult or less desireable jobs, people working in those positions would be rewarded by having to spend less time in the workforce.  If We began doing this, almost immediately the perspective of every individual on Our planet would begin to change.  We would start looking for new ways to completely illiminate some of the current jobs and get excited every time we learned there was less work to be done.  This is the only logical solution for it would not only allow Us to turn a deficit in the workforce into a positive, but it would also greatly reduce unnecessary industry that causes pollution, paving the path toward toward a cleaner, eco-friendly earth.

[1] www.thevenusproject.com

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