7.3 Being Love

I have shared the truth of Love with You.  I have revealed that forgetting Love was part of the Divine Principle and that We are near to knowing it once again in collective conscious awareness.  You understand that the world We live in is calling for radical change and I have offered You a vision for the future.  All of this information made its way into My reality as I asked how to reveal the truth of Love to humanity.  All I needed was a way to show You how We can have it.  How could I possibly hope to promise humanity peace and a glorious future when the presence of immorally guided leadership is so strong?  How can this dream be met?

I knew that Love would find a way, and I did.

They say that You should not bite the hand that feeds You.  Similarly, You should not feed the beast that bites You.  I am offering You a means to peaceful protest by way of withholding income tax and property tax from Your government by way of law.  It is Your legal right to peaceful protest and I am assuming all legal responsibility for any member of the human family who chooses to exercise these rights by way of this Book, or My name.  If Your income tax is directly deducted from Your income, You should immediately tell Your employer You will be responsible for Your own taxes.  This is a wise economic practice even if You choose not to protest, as it takes income tax You do not yet owe and puts it in the government banks so that they can profit from interest while You cannot.  Believe Me, the only reason the government has such incredible power over You is because of money and all of it comes from You.  We are many, they are few.  When their economic power is crippled, they will be powerless and the governments of the world will be forced to respond to the will of the people – as it should be.

I have also spoken about leading by example and this is what I will do.  I will not pay income tax ever again, nor will I submit to restrictions on My personal freedom by meeting visa requirements or any other documentation that claims I need to validate My knowledge as a free citizen born under God.  His gift was to know My right to enjoy His creation, no one had the right to take it away from Me or You.  I will also document all proceeds from this Book and disply all spending on a public website so anyone wanting to see how every penny is spent can do so.  I will be use the proceeds from this Book, regardless how modest or generous, to travel the world and help others less fortunate than Myself.  If You want to participate, any donations will be credited with the individual’s name (unless of course You request anonymity) so You can be known as a founding Sister or Brother of peace.  Most of You who join Me will enjoy approximately thirty percent more income from Your job until Our world leaders acknowledge the need for change – please do something good with it.  And take care of Your Brothers and Sisters, We are one family.

In very much the same way Martin Luthar King Junior used his intelligence and creative thinking to free African Americans from the seperation imposed on them by the United States Government, You can legally choose Your right to know Love and Your entitlement to be free from the oppression that has contained the creative capacity of the human spirit for millennia, just by knowing You were born free – freedom is Your birthright.  The following text is real and factual; these are Your rights as a member of the human family under international law and I urge You to read the following declaration very carefully:

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