7.5 One Love

United Love

With the utmost respect and gratitude, I would like to acknowledge all members of the General Assembly of the United Nations who, on December 10, 1948, with good intention and diligent effort, sought to achieve and maintain the full potential of the human spirit, did secure by declaration of the establishment of the Universal Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the inherent, equal and inalienable rights of each member of the human family by way of law, in the interest of promoting a vision for the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

I hereby declare, the following Call To Action, bearing the Declaration of the Universal Charter of Rights and Freedoms constantly in mind in accordance with Article 18 and 28 of the declaratinon, address all heads of Member States of the United Nations and every country leader around the world, declare Myself an international instructor and teacher in conscience with knowledge of a Divine Principle that will shape Our world and determine Our future, in an effort to develop deeper understanding of Our scientific and technological achievements among Our great leaders and every member of society so that We may continue social progress in aspiration of the highest standards of achievement toward full realization of the Declaration for each member of the Human family for the following reasons We cannot, in good conscience, continue to ignore:

(1)First and foremost We, as members of the Human family and international community cannot point fingers or lay blame to the leaders of Our great nations for past transgressions that have resulted in the disparity, suffering, war and disregard for Mother Earth and Her resources that We have come to accept as commonplace in Our current society.  We instead must understand that these great leaders strove to achieve, with diligent effort, to maintain the equal, inalienable and inherent rights and freedoms of each member of the human family while remaining true to their nation’s people.  Their efforts could prove nothing less than futile as their foundation was formed in ignorance of the true human capacity.  We must understand that this is one part of the Divine Principle; to forget Our greatness so We could come together and know it once again.  There is no time for blame, for it only promotes anger.  We must instead, in good keeping with tolerance and understanding of Our past transgressions, move forward with compassion and forgiveness for the sake of peace and equality for all Brothers and Sisters of the human family.

(2)In order for each member of the human family to fully realize their inherent right to freedom and equality, they cannot be property of a nation or state by way of citizenship.  Nationalism is in direct conflict with Articles 12, section (2) and Article 15, section (2) of the United Nations Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  We, the People of the world, know that claiming ownership of a person, by any means, prohibits individual freedom and is in direct conflict with the Declaration.

(3)Laws, as they are determined by Member States and leaders of Our great nations, immediately limit the individual freedom of each member of society, subjecting them to accept by way of force, restrictions upon their person.  These laws, like Our current social system, were created in ignorance of the true nature of Our being and limit the individual’s capacity to know their unlimited creative potential, subjecting each member, by way of law, to accept immorally guided leadership that is the direct result of crime in Our current society and a reflection of protest by the people of Our previously misguided morality.  I hereby move that each member of the Human family be absolved of all non violent crimes against them and declare that the only law any member of the Human family be guided, be to act toward one another in a spirit of Brother and Sisterhood (though shall not harm another member of Your family).

(4)The current financial social system currently in place has, by historic example, created nothing but separation by social class, distinction, disparity, want and poverty amongst the members of the human family resulting in continued inequality among the people of the world and subjecting each member of the human family to a life of servitude by its nation in an effort to maintain dignity and prosperity in a world abundant in otherwise freely available resources.  The current financial system creates want, whereas the Declaration’s preamble states that ‘freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people’.  Therefore, the current global financial system is in direct violation of Articles 4 and 22 of the Declaration as it prevents members of the Human family from equal access to the resources, social and cultural rights indispensable for dignity and the free development of person while promoting want in society.

(5)The current financial system currently guiding Our social structure is primarily controlled by centralized world banks that lend money to the leaders of Our great nations and Member States at interest.  Such a system promotes greed and corruption as Member States and national leaders become perpetually influenced and indebted to centralized banks, imposing upon the people of their nation continued depravity as nations seek to pay back national debts by way of taxes imposed upon their people.  As all international money loaned out by central banks to the nations is done so at interest, there will never be enough money in the global economy to pay back the debt, enslaving not only the people of the world, but its leaders.  This social system is once again in direct violation of Article 4 of the charter for it can stand to do nothing more than enslave the members of the human family to centralized world banks, creating a life of servitude by the people and continuing to impose immorally guided policies on Our leaders dependent on centralized banks to compete in the global financial market.  This is the direct cause of continued inflation and the constant devaluation of currency in the global economy and the recent international recession.

(6)Mother Nature is a Divine entity.  She will not stand for the continued destruction of Our planet and will, by way of force if necessary, call the human family to conscious awareness of the necessity to respect the abundance of resources available.  The corporations that have grown from the corruption of Our monetary social system are the primarily cause of the continued destruction of Our planet and mismanagement of resources, favouring profits and jobs over conscious effort.  We have more than sufficient resources to feed, cloth, shelter, and provide abundance to each member of the human family by diligently utilizing the wondrous science and technology available to Us, and to distribute these resources evenly amongst the nations, Member States and people of Our world and We the People, will no longer remain ignorant to this fact.  Therefore, in an effort to smoothly move forward, We need to call forward the greatest minds of every Member State and every nation to begin the destruction, renovation and foundation for infrastructure that will fully utilize the science and technology to provide renewable clean energy sources that will power the systems that will network the even distribution of resources to each member of the Human family.

(7)I hereby call all Member States and leaders of the international community to action on behalf of the people of the world, once again keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, to address these needs, to acknowledge the need for new social structure for full realization of the Declarating in accordance with Article 28, and to educate each member of the human family with their knowledge of these rights to know a better world can exist with the removal of the financial system that perpetuates waste and restricts individual access to the abundance of resources from each member of the human family, thereby limiting the individual’s capacity to know their inherent right to dignity and equality, in a continued effort to promote deeper understanding and to promote the possibility for the end of suffering and the beginning of a new social system that will accomplish peace in the world.

(8)I hereby empower every member of the human family, by rule of law as stated in the Declaration and as a means to peacefully protest these rights, to liberate Themselves from violations (2) and (3) of this Call To Action, and to withhold federal income tax and property tax from their leader to release themselves of servitude and ownership by their nation.  I claim full legal responsibility for any member of the human family who chooses to exercise this right as I am encouraging and teaching humanity to know its right and belief in higher freedom in compliance with Article.18 of the Declaration which states that any individual has the right to manifest his belief in higher conscience, teaching and practise.

(9)We the People, understand that these laws were not ‘disseminated, displayed, read or expounded in schools and other educational institutions’ to encourage and promote greater understanding in the world as it was called upon all Member States to do.  Ignorance of these laws has left members of the Human family feeling powerless to know their independent legal rights to know and express their freedoms and belief in a world free from fear and want in the name of peace and prosperity for all.  I hereby call all Member States to publicly apologize for keeping these rights from the People and Our educational systems and request that all the greatest minds come together to help explain Our movement toward a higher conscience as I have expressed it in this Book and as science, technology and enlightened beings around the world will soon confirm, in effort to promote further understanding of this drastic need for change.

Finally, it is essential that all Member States and leaders of Our great nations understand that this is not an attack on the current policies that have thus far guided humanity, but rather a call to conscience.  I have declared Myself to be in possession of divine wisdom and I bring this ‘Call to Action’ in an effort to maintain minimal civil unrest as this Divine Principle redeems itself.  In acknowledgement of what We must do, We can prepare the world for the new dawn of humanity and make a smooth transition toward the most glorious human existence that will walk this earth by gathering the greatest minds from every country around the globe and to utilize them to their full potential to bring the technology, infrastructure and plans for new social structure forward for this great moment.  Failure to comply with these needs and cling to a social system that has proven destructive and seeks to promote separation among the members of the human family is futile.  Science and technology will only continue to find new evidence to support the theories I have presented in this Book.  Failure to prepare the new infrastructure for a resource based economy will result in the world being stripped from Us as corporations crumble and Mother Nature and the Divine Principle bring this wisdom and necessity for a call to conscience to humanity by way of force. We cannot interfere with divinity, but We can be prepared.

“My will shall be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

– vonDehn

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