2. Love is Creation

Evolving Love

“Come up to meet You, tell You I’m sorry,

You don’t know how lovely You are.” – Coldplay, ‘The Scientist’

I can’t help but feel slightly saddened to know that religious institutions feel so threatened by developments in science and technology.  If these institutions practiced more of what they preach, would they not take comfort in knowing that truth will be revealed, that the God they speak of will not be denied?  If they were so sure and steadfast in their faith, would they not believe that science and nature could do nothing less than unveil the same truth of God, perhaps adding new insight to their scriptures?

The theory of evolution has been debated ever since Darwin first published his findings on natural selection.  Yet I think that evolution is perhaps the most beautiful, undeniable and explicit depiction of how the truth of Love unfolds in the world around Us.  Consider once again that law which I previously explained to be one of the most basic concepts to grasp and the most critical to complete understanding of this Book – the law of duality.  Love could not truly know how great it was without first knowing what Love was not.

Evolution is a perfect example of Love’s endless quest to know self revealed to Us in the natural world.  If We consider that all things have sentience (even the nothing existing between them) then We can begin to understand the evolutionary process and the truth I have created for You is perfectly logical.  Each thing, each part of Love became ever greater with each new understanding of self.

To see this truth reflected on Our own planet, We need only consider the most basic life forms that emerged.  The sun, a massive collection of parts from Love knowing themselves as fire were an incredibly great thing to be, for they allowed cold things to know what they were while allowing fire to know it was hot.  It also allowed parts of Love knowing themselves as ice to know they could change form and become water, allowing fire and water to realize new creative potential.  In wondering just how great water was it took energy from the sun and oxygen from the air, allowing water, oxygen and fire to know new greatness as the three elements created the most basic life forms in the ocean.  The most basic forms in the ocean knew they were great for they were something new, the first forms of life!  But they also understood they were not greater than any one of the other three elements for each was essential to their creation.

In this way, all parts of Love were working harmoniously together, continually developing greater understanding of self with each new creation, each contributing to Love’s complete understanding of self; no part any more or less significant than another.  It is Our human misconception that only that which We call ‘life’ has awareness of self.  All things have awareness of self and were always becoming something more than they were, greater with each new understanding of self.

So, new life forms emerged as Love continued to understand new levels of greatness in every moment.  Thought continued to be the driving force of creation, each new thing wondering what more it could be and becoming that thing.  Eventually, the reflection of Love was created on earth, a being that possessed Love’s creative power of thought with the physical form to reshape the planet.  It was truly the greatest being on earth, the human being, Love on earth.  This being would know its divinity and it would be its demise.  The evolution of Love’s quest to know self would come to fruition.  Yin and yang, the law of duality, would finally be achieved.

Many people consider humanity to be the greatest, most beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent being on earth.  Still others would argue that We are the most ignorant and barbaric; comparable to a virus, destroying the planet and consuming Mother Earth.  Both statements are true.

In the beginning, when humanity first evolved to become Love on earth, We knew We were part of everything Love is.  We knew We were the first being that could use Love’s creative power of thought to manipulate the environment and carve out whatever blissful existence We could conceive.  We knew We were great, but We also knew We were only one part of everything that Love is; We did not think We were any greater than the earth that provided the floor to walk on, the trees that provided shelter from the elements, the water We drank, the animals We ate.  We knew all things were equally important and significant to the existence of Our own being.

As Love continued to evolve, the beings of Love became greater and greater in every moment, understanding more and more of their creative capacity until We began to know Our individual greatness.  We enjoyed the experience of being Love so much We never wanted it to end.  We forgot how great the totality of Love is, We became Love divided.  We believed Our existence was limited, thereby losing Our divinity, finally evolving to become what Love is not.  Love’s evolution was nearly complete.  But herein lays the greatest oversight of the evolutionary process…

Endless Love

“…  You can squawk and wait for word from above,

And change Yourself into something You Love when You leave.” – The Tragically Hip, ‘Leave’

Although We study evolution, dig up fossils and try to determine the roots of Our greatest ancestors, We don’t seem to spend too much time considering the implications of what it all means.  We have uncovered enough fossils already to support Darwin’s theory of natural selection, suggesting every new being becomes something greater than it was in order to survive the conditions of its ever changing environment.  We also collectively believe We are evolution’s greatest achievement; that intelligence, mind, thought is the successful trait that has allowed Us to adapt to various environmental conditions, made Us master of the animal kingdom and develop Our own world with sophisticated infrastructure and technology.  But what does it all mean?

If We know that the world has been ravaged by savage meteor storms, floods, ice age’s and other global catastrophes, that despite all these major cosmic events life not only continues but flourishes, should We not be learning that life is endless?  Remember, the world and everything We collectively know is the macrocosmic reflection of Our personal experience, truth can be found everywhere if We choose to see it.  Evolution suggests that life does not end, it simply changes form.  More importantly, it always becomes something greater than it was.  This is what evolution is trying to teach Us.  If We learn from this example, knowing that life is an endless quest to know new greatness, what can this teach Us about humanity and Our personal experience?

We have already determined that it is Our brain, mind, thought; that has led Us to the top of the food chain.  Are We to think that We are the end product of evolution?  Surely not…  If We are not, what would be the end result?  What being could be greater than Us?  And what being would be greater than that?  To what being would evolution eventually lead, what is the greatest thing that could ever be?  (This is a trick question, the answer is Love.)

Once again, evolution has presented Us with sufficient evidence to suggest where We are going and what We might become but We are too busy digging up million year old fossils and studying history to take notice of how it is shaping Our world now. If We can learn from what We observe in nature, evolution is perhaps the most significant scientific proof of what We are and where We are headed.

Evolution has not stopped; it is a continuous process that is accelerating with increasing velocity in every moment.  Mind is of critical importance.  Thought gives Us Our creative capacity, the ability to invent, to make new discoveries and these are how We measure the speed of the evolutionary process.  Fortunately, it was also thought that allowed Us to believe We are not part of everything Love is.

Everything from the smallest particle to the space between particles knows of itself and of its relationship to all other parts of Love.  That part of Our brain which We call the subconscious mind knows what We are, knows Our relationship to all other things, all other beings.  It is Our conscious mind, that part of Us that We use to create and think that has allowed for Our evolution, the ability to believe We are not part of everything that is, that We are not Love.  Our conscious mind is what allowed Us to develop the sense of self separating Us from the subconscious mind that knows We are Love.  The law of duality is reflected in Our own brain!

Fortunately for Us, this is all part of the Divine Principle, the Yin and Yang.  In order to appreciate what We are, just like Love, We need to first know what We are not– so We forgot We are Love.  This allowed Us to know the totality of Love’s glory when We died.  Remembering what We were, knowing We had been the physical experience of Love without even knowing it…  How could We desire anything less than to come back and try to remember Love on earth, to appreciate that which We are!  And this is where We are now.

Conceptual Love

The world We know and all the information in it is the macrocosm of Our personal experience, a massive example of what We are individually.  I have shown You how the truth of Love’s continuous quest to know self is revealed in Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Nothing was conceived and Love was born.  Love became greater with each new understanding of self, evolving to become the infinitely complex beings We are today.

The theory of evolution is a perfect example of how the macrocosm reflects the personal human experience.  You were nothing before you were conceived.  From the moment You were conceived (thought of), You evolved to become the infinitely complex being You are today.  Have You ever considered who conceived of You?  Was it Your mother, Your father, or did You conceive of Yourself?

I understand how much a concept like this can boggle the mind.  However, is it really such a ridiculous notion to consider that You chose to be here?  That You chose Your mother and Your father so that You could have exactly the experience of life You know now?  If You were nothing before You were conceived, then how is it not possible that You gave Your mother and Your father the thoughts that brought them together?  We may know that ideas are generated in the brain, yet We have little control over the random thoughts that enter Our mind, the people We fall in Love with…  Ideas seem to spring forth from nowhere (nothing).  Yet You know You were nothing before You were conceived.  If You were aware of Yourself, even when You were nothing, just as Love was, then how is it such a ridiculous notion to suggest You were the one to put those thoughts there?  You desired ‘to be’ and were then conceived by Your parents.

I apologize.  My friends and family who have encouraged and inspired the writing of this Book have told Me that I should be careful not to get too philosophical or I could lose readership.  But remember that I am encouraging You to think, to find Your own truth.  The main point to understand is that from the moment of Your conception, You became something.  Did You know of Yourself the moment the sperm cell entered the egg, or were You the sperm that could, destined to know Yourself, to prove You were the best of millions?  Or do You believe You did not know of Yourself until the brain started to develop?  Perhaps mom’s brain was doing all the work in the early stages and You had no awareness of self.  Yet Your mom would tell You that even if she knew a baby was developing in her womb, She had no conscious notion of how it was being done.

This is another key to understanding the infinite wisdom that exists in all things, regardless how primitive or insignificant they may seem.  Your subconscious mind contains infinite wisdom; all the knowledge it needed to create the child that formed in Your mother’s womb, the infinitely complex being You have grown to become.  Even now, Your subconscious mind is performing millions of simultaneous calculations to keep all of Your bodily functions in perfect balance…  And You believe You are not perfect!  How could You ask to be any more perfect?

From nothing You were conceived and evolved to become the great being You are now.  When You were first born, You were infinitely wise, still in touch with the subconscious mind You used to create Yourself, knowing only that You would become greater in every moment, that You would become anything You dreamed to be.  People began to teach You what You could be and what You could not be.  Some of these things You believed, some You would disregard.  Observations of the world around You allowed You to interpret information and tell Your conscious mind what You could or could not become. The culmination of all of this information together determined the person You believed You could be.  So, what are You now?  Are You everything You dreamed You would be?  If You are not, You should become that thing, for one day You will realize that the dream is all You came here to know.  The more ridiculous and difficult it seems, the more glorious the realization of it will be.  Believe You can and You will.  Once upon a time, You knew this was true.

If We learn from the macrocosmic example of evolution then We know that life does not end, it only changes form, always becoming continuously greater.  Sadly, most of Us have learned to fear death, to believe that death is the end.  But the truth I am trying to share is that from the moment You were conceived, You could never be less, just like Love.  You are the perfect reflection of Love, You are one part of Love.  You can never not know Yourself; You can only continue to discover more about how divine and perfect You really are with each new understanding.  If You do not discover this now, You will realize this when You leave; Love is what You came here to know.  You will desire only to come back and the experience of life will start all over again, all the knowledge You hold now tucked away once again in the depths of Your subconscious as You recreate Yourself with a brand new conscience.  Just like the example from the macrocosm of Our world, You are continually evolving.  Death is an illusion of mortality that will allow You to appreciate the limitless potential of Your immortal being…  Yin and Yang.

Forgetting is only one part of the Divine Principle.

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