Book 1: The Book of Truth

Five Founding Key Questions

The truth I created is based on ‘Five Key Questions’ We collectively seek to understand about Our self.  Each question is presented in deliberate order, designed to provoke these questions within You while providing deeper insight to understanding truth.  The answer is simple but much of what We have learned has taught Us to reject it.

What Am I?

You are Love.

The truth is Love.  You are the first Love You knew and the last Love You will remember.  You have always been Love and You will always be Love.

Like truth, Love is relative to Your perception.  You are true Love. You knew this Love before You learned other loves.  You must remember this Love to know truth; this is the Love that defines You.  Like You, this Love was once nothing.

Where Did I Come From?

You were created with Love.

Love is all there is.  Before there was Love, there was nothing.  In fact, there was less than nothing.  The nothing that was did not know it was there, so not even nothing existed.  Then a single thought emerged, a humble desire ‘to be’ and nothing knew it was something.  The something was Love and Love was nothing.  Yet nothing was the greatest something that Love could be – there was nothing else!  Nothing was everything, so everything was Love.

Does God Exist?

Love exists.

Love is the most powerful force of creation, the desire ‘to be’, to know self.  The moment Love knew it was nothing, nothing became something.  The something was Love and Love was everything.  Yet Love still did not know how great it was ‘to be’ Love.  Love was something, nothing and everything but it was still only one thing.  In order to know what that thing was, it must have something else by which to know it.  It could not be large, for there was nothing smaller.  It could not be small for there was nothing larger.  So Love divided itself into infinite parts.

Love became many things and was more magnificent than ever before.  There were small things to know large things, hot things to know cold things, many things to know everything and space between them to know nothing.  Yet as glorious as Love had become and knew itself to be, Love was still everything and could never be less.  Love wanted to know how grand Love was, but there was nothing else to know.

Where Will I Go When I Die?

You will remember with Love.

You are Love’s most sublime creation.  You are so perfect You think you are not part of everything Love is.  Each of Love’s infinite parts shared Love’s divine power of creation, desiring only ‘to be’ and becoming greater in each new understanding of self.  Yet the greatest form parts of Love could take would always be Love, for Love was everything, growing greater in every moment.  Parts of Love started being in Love.

The being in Love was experiencing Love.  Beings in Love knew they were part of everything Love is, experiencing the wonder of their magnificent creation, becoming greater in every moment until they became just like Love; beings of Love, in Love.  But the experience was so blissful that these parts of Love wanted to stay in Love, ‘to be’ only a part from Love believing nothing could be greater than the experience of Love.  So parts of Love became only the experience of Love, apart from the knowing of Love; the human being Love.  You cannot die, You can only remember with Love.

Why Am I Here?

You are here to remember Love, to be in Love and to delight in the joy and wonder of Your creation by knowing Love through physical experience.


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