Friday, February 15th, 11:37 Post Midi, 2019 Anno Domini.

This is the Time Line of Our Current Story, and this is an Up-Date to a Page of My Story, vonDehnVision.  I can’t say how long ago it was now that I Writ the Page vonDehnVision with the Intention of sharing My Vision for Man with the world, though I know it was some Time ago and Hope You Will take the Time to Read it before continuing with My Up Date if You’ve not done so already.

We all Grow and Evolve over Time, I am no exception and Part of the Intention behind this Blog was to Give the world an opportunity to watch Me Grow and Evolve on My Spiritual Quest, and perhaps Inspire others to Imagine their Self as the Hero of their own Story, too.  The Essence I Ally (Essentially), is a Five year old boy Standing on a considerably Higher Level of Know Ledge, Living in a grown man’s Body, Telling the Story of The Boy who would be King.  Now I am that, I am, and the whole world is like a Fantasy Novel, a Fairy Tale, A Glow Ball Celebrate-Sean!  (Global Celebration)

My Writing Style has Evolved so much I am Virtually Creating a new Version of English.  I am thing King Fantasy Folk Lore English sounds Fine.

Words are Magic, their Spelling Manifests.  We’re ten years in now, and We’re almost there.  It’s hard for Me to believe it’s been ten years already, and I can’t say exactly how much longer it Will take, but it won’t be another ten years.  We don’t have that long.

What We do have, is a marvelous opportunity for transform A Sean.  The world is in a terrible state, but We are Gods.  We can transform this world and return it to a state of purity faster than most of Man would believe possible.  We Will accomplish Peace in only Six days, the Rest Will be easy.  Let Me know when We’re ready.  Till then, I’ll be here.

Love and Blessings,