Reply from City of Ottawa to Application to Divisional Court for Judicial Review

Hello everyone!  Well, wouldn’t You know, the city claims they didn’t close My complaint with the city of Ottawa after all!!!

You can find the letter from the city  regarding My Application for JR (Feb 19, 2019), here.

Funny, maybe I just don’t see straight, but I could swear it reads differently on the city’s website…

City complaint closed

Yeah.  Funny, isn’t it?

If You read the city’s reply, You’ll notice Geneviève suggests I seek legal counsel.  Really?

In My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review, I am as King the Court to re-open My complaint with the city for failing to reach a fair and reasonable resolution – the city is telling Me in their reply that the file is still open, and that they are going to follow up with Me when their investigation is concluded.

They’re giving Me exactly what I was as King to them for, and We haven’t even gone to court yet!  Why would I seek legal counsel when they’re already doing what I am as King them to do?

Geneviève suggests that I was as King for judicial review because they closed the complaint (true), and that I’m as King for a review regarding the denial of shelter allowance(not true).  Maybe Geneviève needs a lawyer because safe and secure housing is what I am as King for as part of a reasonable resolution to My initial complaint for the deplorable conditions I was subject to at the shelter.  I can’t be as King to the city for compensation/remedy if they are claiming My complaint is still being investigated!

Once the city completes the investigation, then I can as King of them to be compensated for subjecting Me to a shelter that was not in compliance with the city emergency shelter standards.  They’re basically saying they haven’t done anything wrong because the matter is still under investigation.

I think anyone who can read can see quite clearly that the city closed My complaint without resolution.  Now they are back pedaling, saying the matter is still being investigated…

The city is just trying to save face.

This is a Victory, Lords and Ladies!!!