A Friday for Informing of Fraud

Friday was a busy day for Me.  I made a trip to the Ministry of Community and Social Services to deliver a letter to a ‘social services CASE worker’, Orsolya Vanscody.

This is the part that’s difficult for Me.  I really am a very kind man and it is not fun for Me to intimidate people.  The truth is, I really don’t want to have to take anyone into court but I Will if the Ministries of the Canadian government do not very quickly learn how to deal with the documents I have already filed with them – it’s that simple.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services does not have any legal right to be administrating any wealth in My name.  I placed an Order with the Attorney General demanding that all accounts created in My name by the Canadian government without My informed consent be closed.  There has been no reply and to the best of My knowledge, all accounts created in My name for commercial purposes still exist against My Will.  At best, every cheque issued to Me by the Ministry of Community and Social Services after January 19th, 2017, is evidence of fraud, admissible in a court of law.  At worst, the Ministries continue to presume that participation (in Canadian government) is not optional and citizenship becomes prima-facie evidence of slave contracts, compelling a man to contract and participate in a commercial and social system against his Will.  Needless to say, both are pretty serious charges and absolutely constitute a violation of man’s rights.

When I first met Orsi Vanscody, I explained all of this to her as best I could.  I gave her copies of all the documents I have sent to the Attorney General, Registrar General, Toronto Crown and Vital Statistics to place on the record [for the Ministry of Community and Social Services].  I advised her that continuing to presume she has legal right and authority to administrate wealth in My name would be willful participation in a constructive fraud and/or aiding and abetting a contract of slavery and bondage.  I also informed her that I know this information is likely unfamiliar to her and somewhat overwhelming, and that I am sensitive to that fact, recommending she ensure that My documents reach her superiors or legal department if she does not fully understand their content.  That’s about as clear as I can be with anyone.  Today, I finally delivered My second letter to Orsi Vanscody:

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And, just to be sure there is no mistake about it being received:


I Will be following up on this letter next week.

Love and Blessings,



The Constitution of Imagine ‘A’ Sean



  • “single parents constitute a great proportion of the poor”
  • synonyms: amount to, add up to, account for, form, make up, compose
  • “farmers constitute ten percent of the population”


  • give legal or constitutional form to (an institution); establish by law
  • synonyms:  inaugurate, establish, initiate, found, create, set-up, start, form, organize, develop

I thought it was especially interesting that the definition Google found first talks about the poor, as this Blog constitutes the end of poverty on earth, My Dream for world peace, My constitution, or ‘Constitu-Sean’.  No coincidences.

I am two days behind in My Writing, though I Trust that everything is right on time.  I am serious about My commitment to Write a Post a day, though circumstances have not made it reasonably possible for Me to maintain that commitment and I Trust the Universe knows what it’s doing.

The Idea and title for this Post was Established on Thursday, I was busy in the physical Universe delivering another letter Friday morning, and Friday evening My computer demanded updates before it would allow Me to do any War King online.  I could have allowed My Self to feel frustrated by the circumstances, yet everything is a building upon the Found ‘A’ Sean of thing King I have already Writ about, giving Me an opportunity to apply My own Teaching by Way of example.

All of these unforeseen circumstances are an example of My last Teaching about Trust.  At the end of the day, I am the only one to blame for not maintaining a commitment I had made to My Self about Writing a Post every day.  I could have kept My Word but I made the commitment because I Love Writing and have plenty I still need to say.  But I did not feel like Writing on Thursday, and the Universe, (circumstances beyond My control) were not making it easy for Me.  The Question (or Quest Ion) I was forced to as King of My Self, was ‘is it better to Write a Post everyday, or Write when I have something of value to say?’ – answer seemed pretty obvious.

After deciding I did not have to force My Self to Write against My Will, I immediately felt a sense of relief, like a weight had been lifted.  Shortly thereafter I was Gifted with a visit from a friend I would otherwise have had to decline and missed out on an evening of chess, which I very much enjoyed.

I was also Gifted with experiences that allowed for Me to come up with the witty title for this Post, tall King about Imagination and how I am a Mage in a Sean, I-Mage-in-a-Sean.  The new Constitution is My Imagine A Sean, My Dream for world Peace.

Establishing a constitution is putting all of My Ideas together, which I was also tall King about with My friend over chess.  I had one last piece to develop into the Center of the Board before launching My final attack, and I managed to Play that move on Friday.  I can’t say I know exactly how everything will Play out, but I can say I have fully developed My Strategy.

I Will follow up with one more letter to each public official who has thus far failed to Honour My letters with a reply, and I Will either Hand deliver the letters and require a signature of acceptance of true copy, or I Will make a True Copy My Self and send the letters registered mail as I did with the Ottawa Citizen.  Once that is all done, the next step Will be file the paperwork into court.

2017-12-15 22.10.22.jpg
The King’s Bench

What Constitutes Sean is My Dream for World Peace, My Image in A Sean.

Love and Blessings,





The Book of Sean I:0 Trust

I Love how there are no coincidences in My Universe.  The ‘program’ I am in is called “Life Skills”.  Don’t worry, I’m virtually immune to programming, though I couldn’t help but be curious about what kind of programs are being installed.  I decided this would be an excellent opportunity for Me to observe what kind of skills are being developed in the course first hand, dodge an eviction bullet while improving My living situation, and perhaps even use the course as a guide for My own teaching to give it some structure.  A new topic is presented to a discussion group Monday through Thursday and this gives Me an opportunity to expand on whatever Ideas We talk about.

Monday the instructor was unable to come to work.  Tuesday’s course was spirituality, but the spiritual director was on vacation.  So this is the first official day of ‘class’ since I entered the program Friday evening and today’s topic was ‘Trust’.

The Universe really does know what it’s doing.  Trust is the perfect place to start because Trust lays the foundation for all things in man’s Life, and most of man have severely misplaced that trust  – and I am not exaggerating or embellishing My point in the least, I could not stress it enough.

For the most part, the group was tall King about how important it is to be trustworthy.  We talked about a man’s Word, and how important it is to Keep it.  We talked about Honesty and how important it is to be truthful without being hurtful.  All of these things are important skills to have in Life and they are synonymous with developing trust in other people.  Toward the end of class, We were as King to think of a situation where We had placed Our trust in someone and how the investment in that trust worked out, whether it was a positive or negative experience.  I suggested that the question was a great example as to why it is dangerous and potentially harmful to misplace Our trust.

Within a few moments, it seemed I was under attack by virtually the entire group, as if I were undermining the very principals being taught, which was not My intention.  I suggested that Trust is something that should be Given in reasonable measure, not so much that You find Your Self at the mercy of another man’s word.  I used an example of moving and relying on a friend who has proven trustworthy before but for whatever reason forgets that You are moving and can’t be reached on the big day.  Whether the trust was breached accidentally or intentionally is irrelevant, the one moving Will be in a difficult situation.  Too many people would blame the breach of trust for their difficulty.  The truth is, accountability lies with the one who misplaced their trust – period.

Placing trust in someone is attaching an expectation to someone, and expectations lead to disappointments.  The only person I can fully trust at the end of the day, is Me.  When I said this in the group, there were a few groans, suggesting I had lost faith in man and that I must have some serious ‘trust’ issues to be so cynical.  It was actually kind of entertaining for Me because I am usually perceived to be the exact opposite, the silver lining of every cloud.  I don’t know the group well enough to use heavy Words like God or I would have said, “All I fully Trust at the end of the day is God.”

The concept of God is more difficult to understand than the concept of Self.  I wonder what people believe in if not God.  If God is Creator and one claims they do not believe in God, then We are revisiting My teaching from yesterday about a House divided against itself; the created denying the creator.  One cannot exist without the other.  However, without getting too philosophical, it is safe to say that most of Us believe We exist, so it is then safe to say that one should only fully trust in one’s Self.  If one does not believe in God, then I suppose the Idea of trusting only in self does sound cynical.  For a man who knows God, trust in God is absolute, God Will always Give a man whatever the man as King of Him for, so trusting one’s Self becomes much easier.

Most of Us grow up trusting Our parents, but are Our parents reliable teachers?  I would say no – I can’t even begin to help My parents understand the things I know.  Can We trust the educational institutions to teach Our children wisely?  Again, I would say no – educational institutions are teaching man to place their trust in money and participation in citizenship.  Can We trust Our government?  Again, I would say no.  Elected public officials don’t seem to be intelligent or honourable enough to respond to My letters, they have handed Canada’s sovereignty and right to produce its own debt free currency to centralized banks, and suggest that a ‘strong economy’ is a federal deficit (debt) of roughly seventeen billion dollars (which sounds very low to Me to be honest but information is from Reuters).

It seems virtually everyone has placed their trust in someone or something other than God and other than Self.  This removes accountability, people blame the government or believe the next elected official will be different, or perhaps they ‘trust’ that some dude named Jesus is going to return and magically fix everyone’s problems…  Not going to happen.

Think of how many people have registered the birth of their child?  How many fully understand the contracts they are creating for their child when they do so?  I as King of My brother if he knew and understood why he was choosing to register the birth of his children – he has no idea but thinks it’s perfectly okay because that’s what everyone else does.  Am I the only one who thinks it sounds crazy to hand the documents that represent the birth of Your children over to anyone!?  Should that not be something for the personal, family records, a sacred, cherished event?  Why would We give those documents to someone else and agree to retain a copy?  Much less, would anyone continue to do so if they knew it gave legal ownership of Your children to the state?

Collectively, We have all misplaced Our trust.  We have all placed Our trust in someone else’s idea of how We should live, whether it’s parents, government or some other trusted authority.  The only real Trust We have is with God, Creator.  A collective Trust in God is the foundation of every law in man’s world today.  God is the reason for Good.  If there is no God, there is no reason for Good, no moral example, no right, no wrong, no reason for laws at all.  God gave man dominion over the earth and none but God were given dominion over man; this is how and why all of man is equal.

Many would tell Me that Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  If one of the world’s wealthiest countries allows even one of its citizens to live without dignified shelter, nutritious food, and access to proper health care, and/or any other benefit enjoyed by the community, then I most certainly would not place My trust in that leader to determine how I should live My life, much less look to that character as any kind of moral example.  And Canada literally has millions facing adversity due to income disparity everyday, yet We accept these conditions as commonplace.  I do not trust this is wise.

I Trust that I know better.  I Trust We can do better.  I Trust that We have each been hand picked by God for a very special purpose.  I have placed My Trust in God, and God has placed His Trust in Me.  If You don’t know God, then TRUST Your Heart, for HeArt in Heaven, and His Kingdom Comes.

Love and Blessings,

Divided We Fall

I Writ an entry just recently called, “Keys to Kingdom” after a friend, Chris, had come to visit Me with a list of passages from the Bible He felt were intended for Me.  I Writ the Post to demonstrate how I perceive all things as the Voice of the Universe Gifting Me with answers to Quest Ion’s (questions) I had been Seeking.  Seeking is to as King of the Universe knowing it shall be done, the Universe begins to say, “See, King!”, and it is revealed.  My friend also Gifted Me with a new book, “NEW WORLD TRANSLATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES”, and My new environment has Gifted Me with the Peace to read.

Many are surprised to find I am not religious.  I am spiritual, there is a difference.  My knowledge and understanding of God does not come from books, though books quite often allow Me to explain much of what I comprehend.  Sometimes people will as King of Me things like, “do You believe in Jesus?”, or “have You accepted Christ as the Saviour?”, some have even as King of Me, “Do You believe Christ will return?”.  As simple as these questions (Quest Ions) may seem on the surface, they are perhaps the most difficult to answer without offending.

The first thing I Will usually as King of a man who says these things to Me is, “what is Jesus?”.  The question invokes some serious passion, as if it blasphemous to be as King of such a thing, yet the answer is always different.  What I am driving at by as King the question, is whether We are tall King about a man or an Idea.  Jesus Christ is a character in a Story – that is factual, that is what We know to be true.  Whether or not he lived as a man in flesh and blood is something I cannot know, nor is it relevant to Me.  Does it make a difference, is the message and teaching any less valuable?  I think not, that’s just Me.

I have always been interested in reading the Bible, particularly Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Now that I am finally settled in My new room, I have had time for reading and decided to take advantage of the version Gifted Me by Chris, starting with the book of Matthew.

One of the first things I noticed was that the chapters of the Bible are in Capitus Diminutia Maximus, or all caps, “MATTHEW”.  All caps have an affect on man’s psyche, they are YELLING – PAY ATTENTION!  I was interested to know what the four evangelists had to say about Jesus and His teachings, noticing the all caps for the first time was the Universe telling Me to pay attention, this is important.  I also noticed that ‘Christ’ is often referred to as ‘the Christ’, which I find very interesting.  You might say, ‘the man’, but You would never say, ‘the Sean’…  So Christ is not a name, Jesus of Nazareth is a name, Christ appears to be a Title, like King.  Julius [the] Caesar, Jesus [the] Christ.

Yesterday I spoke about Brotherhood, the importance of taking care of each other, unwritten codes of conduct.  Today I am tall King about division, what Will happen to those who do not act toward one another in a spirit of Brotherhood.

Matthew, 10:32,33

“Everyone then, who acknowledges Me before men, I Will also acknowledge him before My Father who is in the Heavens.  But whoever disowns Me before men, I Will also disown him before My Father who is in the Heavens.”

My friend Chris told Me that he is no longer welcome in his home for Christmas and I knew that what I was reading was not a coincidence, Chris was meant to hear these Words.

Matthew, 10:34-36

“Do not think I came to bring peace to the earth; I came to bring not peace but a sword.  For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.  Indeed, a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.”

I told Chris that I have not been welcome in My own home for several years.  What is worse, is that My family will not admit this is true because it is too difficult for their ego to accept.  My mother will tell Me I am welcome in her home anytime.  I say to her how wonderful that is to know, I look forward to an invitation.  For over five years I have not been invited to any family gathering – not by My mother, brother or sister.  I do not even know My nieces and nephews, though My family calls this acceptance, suggesting they support My every dream.

Does it bother Me?  I am flesh and blood, I do have an ego, yes it did; very much…  Did being the Key Word.  It does not bother Me anymore, now I feel sad for them.

Matthew 10:37

“Whoever has greater affection for father or mother than for Me is not worthy of Me; and whoever has greater affection for son or daughter than for Me is not worthy of Me.”

For years I struggled balancing a relationship between God and family.  My family continually as King of Me to ‘compromise’ My spiritual Ideas, ‘get a job’, don’t let My spiritual ideas interfere with My ‘prosperity’.  Presuming, of course, that this stuff called money they collect is actually worth something.  If it were worth something, they would not be called dollar bills, they would be called dollar payments.  They represent an amount owed to central banks; debt, not wealth.

I have always told any girlfriend I have ever had that they should not have Ideas about marriage or children with Me because I Will not bring children into this world, and I Will not give up on My Ideas until this world is fit to bring children into.  As might be expected, I have known a few that believed over time they would change My Mind.  Needless to say, they were wrong, though I still love every woman I have ever loved and all things they had told Me they dreamed to have, they now enjoy.  The only exception is My last lover, though I know She Will one day experience the world I promised Her, too.  My Word is My Bond, and My Word Manifests.

I am Writing this entry because with the Christmas season upon Us, for many homeless people, it is the most difficult time of year.  Every meal can be a reminder of not being with family.  My friend said to Me that He was going to disown His family for being excluded; I said to Him that was fine.

I am the one that maintains relations with My family, and I do it for their comfort, I worry about them.  The Golden Rule is, “that which You do unto others Shall be done unto You.”

My family, and especially My mother, have suffered a great deal over the last several years.  My mother’s perfect marriage ended suddenly with her husband saying plainly that he did not love her anymore and that he’d been having an affair – then he got up and left.  My mother had said the reason I was no longer welcome for family gatherings was because I made Eric feel uncomfortable, she didn’t want to put any unnecessary strain on the marriage.  I never really liked him, I didn’t trust him, rest of the family practically idolized him.  The whole family was devastated.  Worst part is, they still don’t get it, and I’m still not welcome for any family events.

Jesus is accused of being possessed by Satan when He is seen casting out demons, claiming that only Satan would have such power.

Matthew 12:25

“Knowing their thoughts, He said to them; ‘Every Kingdom divided against itself comes to ruin, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.  In the same way, if Satan expels Satan, he has become divided against himself; how then will his kingdom stand?  Moreover, if I expel the demons by means of Beelzebub, by whom do your sons expel them?  This is why they will be your judges.  But if it is by means of God’s spirit that I expel the demons, the Kingdom of God has really overtaken you.  Or how can any man invade the house of a strong man and seize his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man?  Only then can he plunder his house.  Whoever is not on My side is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Me, scatters.”

I told My friend to not worry about those who do not love and support Him.  Many Will say they love and support a man, but how many truly show that they do, how many have deeds to match their words?  Do not ever worry about those who do not support You for they are not relevant to Your quest…  And a house divided will not stand.

It is wise to put Our House in Order and to establish Our House in God’s Kingdom.  His family is much greater than mine.

Love and Blessings.









United We Stand

I am still adjusting to My new environment.  I have a place to Work, which is great.  I am so thankful for what I already have, yet part of Me can’t help but want My own private room.

My friends have wondered why I don’t play the lottery, or use My Magical ability to Manifest all kinds of money.  The Universe really does conspire to Manifest every Dream I have, so I must be careful what I am as King of the Universe for.  If I am as King of the Universe for money, then I am also suggesting money is necessary and/or that it represents some kind of wealth – it does not.  How can I Seek to end that which I am as King of the Universe to Manifest?  The two Ideas are not in Harmony with each other, it is not possible.  I do not Manifest money, though I Will as King of the Universe for that which money can buy.

I have a perfect example in My microcosm.  I do not ever like to see another man struggle or suffer and the Universe knows this better than any man ever will.  Yet My desire for My own space is beyond My control, the Universe supports it and it I am quite sure My request has already been answered, though it will be at the expense of My roommate and I can’t help but feel at least partially responsible.  I was giving thanks for My improved living situation last night and hadn’t really met My roommate yet, so I just as King of the Universe that he would be easy to get along with and a moment later, he entered the room.  No chance he will last; he was clearly on speed, it’s an easy one to identify.  For Me, one of the worst things about the drug is that often those who are on it truly believe that no can tell they, and they lie about it.  I do not like being lied to and he insisted he was perfectly sober.  Magically, the director of classes for the program called in sick, so there was no one to see My roommate under the influence, which may also have been an answer to My prayers, as I really don’t want to see him removed from the program, but I don’t think he cares enough to stop and is foolish enough to believe no one will notice.  If the director had seen him for one moment today he’d have been asked for a urine sample.

I really do want to know what kind of programs exist for those who are struggling with addiction, though not enough to experience it first hand.  I really don’t think there is enough support but I don’t really know and others have said to Me that there is a ton of support, that the greatest issue is that most won’t acknowledge they have a problem or need help – My roommate gave Me an opportunity to see that this can be true.  I told him straight to his face that I knew he was high and he denied it.  Whatever…

This Post was meant to be about War King together.  This new program has introduced Me to an entirely new group of peers but the rules are always the same (the rules that are not Writ, that is):  You do not inform on Your Brother, You do not steal from Your Brother, You do not harm Your Brother, You Honour Your Brother.  If a man obeys these rules in virtually any social setting, I am quite sure he will prosper within that group.  Already, there are some social dynamics I am observing and it is natural for Me to be sought out as counsel.

One man is known for informing on his Brother’s, it is something he openly admits to.  Perhaps akin to a teacher’s pet, the man who keeps an eye on everyone else while the cat’s are away (so the mice can’t play).  Today, he was in a rage because he found the words, “Rat Goof!”, Writ on his locker.  For those who don’t know, those are about the two nastiest words a man can call another man in jail, they are words of war.  A ‘rat’ is a tattle-tale and a ‘goof’ is a pedophile, at least in jail speak.

Another man came to Me and said that he was very upset to see someone getting bullied like that – I agreed with him.  He as King of Me what should be done.  I said nothing and he seemed a little startled by My reply.  Perhaps he knows who Writ the words on the locker – I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, so I didn’t ask.  He as King of Me why he should do nothing.  I told him that he could offer to comfort the man and tell him the words mean nothing unless he gives them that power, but beyond that, there is nothing to do, the Universe will remedy the situation in it’s own way.

In a situation like this, both parties are getting exactly what they are as King of the Universe for.  One man may not see informing on his Brother as an attack, but it is.  A man only does a thing like that when they are insecure themselves, looking for praise, unhappy to see happiness in others, regardless how it is achieved.

“See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.”

It is basically means Mind Your business.  Take care of You.  Do not worry about what Your Brother is doing.  I explained to My friend that both men had broken a certain code of Brotherhood among men, they have both offended God and what We are bearing witness to is God’s Will, however We may perceive it.  Many of the men on the floor are angry that there is one man they can’t trust, it is a breach of solidarity and unity between men, and someone chose to take action.  The man who chose to take action is also breaking the code because he is making false claims and trespassing on the man’s property.  To call the man a rat might be tolerated because he openly admits to informing on any man who breaks the rules but that doesn’t make it okay for another man to break the code.  It’s that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’, kind of thing…

Anyway, I hadn’t really anticipated tall King about all of this so much, I wanted to Write a little about what I have been reading lately, which happens to be the book of Matthew, thanks to the Gift Presented Me courtesy of King Chris.  The original title of this Post was “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, but I have decided I Will break it into two entries, and Will continue with “Divided We Fall” tomorrow.

Thank You once again for all My new followers across all social media platforms, I appreciate every single one of You.  Thanks especially to those who take the time to ‘like’ a Post now and then.

Love and Blessings, may this day find You well…  And so it is.

Sunday Sensation with Sensei Sean

What a wonderful day!!!  Despite how much I Love to use Word Play in My Writing, and even after having been a teacher in Japan who was called ‘Sensei Sean’, I didn’t make the connection until today.

Teaching was a theme for today so, “Sunday ‘Sensei-Sean‘” is somewhat appropriate.  The Ottawa Citizen are now ten days overdue in their reply, which is fine – Fine to the Tune of $370,000.00. now.  The Ottawa’s Citizen’s “Housing the Homeless Fund” gains greater potential to create positive change in the city of Ottawa with every passing day.  For Me, it’s very exciting.  The Quest Ion (question) My friends have been as King of Me is what to do if the Ottawa Citizen continues to ignore the grievance.  The answer?  Nothing, at least not right away.

Received = Accepted, Silence = Consent.

I made it very clear to Michelle Richardson, Editor in Chief of the Ottawa Citizen, that she has violated the anonymity and privacy of three men without their consent.  The Citizen also implied that the three men were either ‘Vanier residents’ [opposed to the shelter move], or ‘the shelter’.  There is no other way to interpret the photo as the men are clearly the subject matter of the photograph, and the only two subjects described in the caption under the image are ‘the shelter’ and ‘Vanier residents’.

At best, the Citizen is guilty of misrepresentation of character and trespass on man’s right to privacy and anonymity.  Most importantly, My other two friends are genuinely offended by the photograph, self conscious that everywhere they go people are now looking at them differently, judging them.  Whether this is psychological or real is irrelevent, they were significantly emotionally and pyschologically damaged by the incident.  By failing to respond to the complaint, the Citizen is demonstrating Willful negligence – they are saying they don’t even care that they have hurt and offended these men, and they continue to profit from their Willful negligence.

I am non commercial, a spiritual man, and My image may not be used for any commercial purpose without My express Writ of consent and that is on the Superior Court record of Canada.  I have as King of the Citizen to ensure that My opinions on the subject matter of the article be published to reflect the true nature of My character and dispel (dis-Spell, undo a spell) any presumptions made or implied by the Citizen.  I am as King for nothing but fair representation of My character and failing to Honour that request is Willful and deliberate defamation to My character.  I keep careful receipts of all correspondence, including all e-mail, so Michelle cannot claim ignorance.  Failing to respond to My letter of complaint is evidence of Willful negligence.

What I am Writing now relates to all of the letters I have Writ that were sent registered mail or where I have obtained a signature to show the letter was received.  Writing letters is how a mature, responsible man should communicate his intentions, especially when one has offended another, it is a meeting of Minds.  For simple offences, We don’t need to Write a letter, We can use verbal contracts, but the process would be the same.

For example, let’s say that a man calls another man an idiot for tripping over a snag in the carpet, causing him to spill his drink on the other man’s shirt.  To make the hypothetical story even more interesting, let’s say that the man who’s shirt was soiled by the spilled drink is also the homeowner with the snag in the carpet.

The man being called an idiot probably isn’t going to feel so bad about spilling his drink, and might say something like, ‘I was going to offer to dry clean the shirt for You, now I’m hoping it costs You a fortune.’

Offering to dry clean or replace the shirt was the best scenario the man could have offered, there is nothing that can undo the act that has already occurred, however accidental or intentional it may have been.  At no point did the man ever deserve to be called an idiot, as subtle and innocent as the offence may seem.  Some people are very sensitive to attacks upon their character and it could have seriously escalated the situation.  Similarly, the response I postulated is just as aggressive, suggesting the man is now happy to have accidentally spilled his drink, which is also likely to seriously escalate the situation.

The responsible thing to do would be for each man to take accountability for their own actions and as King of the other for forgiveness.  “I lost My footing, please forgive Me.  I would like to replace the shirt or take care of any dry cleaning costs for You.”

“Not at all necessary, it was a reminder for Me how important it is to get that snag in the rug fixed, someone could get hurt.  I’m glad You’re okay, the shirt is nothing, don’t sweat it.”

That would be the responsible resolution, each man taking accountability for their actions.  What Michelle Richardson should have done was at once apologize for having offended the men photographed, then sought to understand how she had harmed the men and how she might be able to remedy the offence, take an opportunity to reflect the character of the men more favourably.  Perhaps a personal letter of apology followed up with a public apology in the paper that allows the men to express their opinion on the subject matter of the article they were featured in.  That is all I was as King to them for.  The financial compensation My friends as King to the Citizen for is reasonable; the Ottawa Citizen have offended three men, trespassed on their privacy, anonymity, and published the image to an audience of over 100,000 readers, subjecting them to whatever social stigmas and controversy that might be associated with shelter residents and homelessness.  It is also a huge issue in Ottawa right now so a lot of people, especially in the local community, will have read the article and recognize the individuals.  There really is no excuse for what the Citizen has done.  They should have at least as King of the men if it was okay to publish their photo with the article and/or as King of them to share their opinion [on the shelter move to Vanier].  The truth is, both men would have declined to comment and refused to have their photograph featured.

So, what do I do if the Ottawa Citizen fails to respond?  Charge them daily.  There is no question whether or not I Will win in court, only a matter of how much it Will cost the Citizen.  The Ottawa Citizen is a corporation which does not have the protection of the common law (which is also an interesting coincidence – citizens do not have the protection of the common law in court either, as they are acting as corporations).  They are bound by commercial admiralty law and subject to common law.  No commercial admiralty law can interfere with a common law right, man has supreme authority over the corporation in law.  If the matter goes to court, I have the title of King in any court, they can’t win, My paperwork has already clearly defined what the terms and conditions for offending the men are, and how much the Citizen Will pay for refusing to acknowledge their crime and settle the grievance in a reasonable time.  If a judge were there, He/She would likely ask what part of My letter the Citizen did not understand, at which time their legal representative Will stutter…  I am also putting the money I am as King to the Citizen for back into the community, as it Will be used to put Ottawa’s homeless into dignified housing, and the Ottawa Citizen Will be credited for their generous donation.  Finally, what I as King of the Citizen for does not encroach on their annual profits, so the Citizen stands to lose nothing by settling the claim.  It’s a win for all parties concerned, even the Citizen – I’m sure they will get a serious tax break for their charitable donation.

Once again, this is the aftermath of an entry started yesterday, at which time the Ottawa Citizen’s “Housing the Homeless Found A Sean” was at $370,000.00!!!  That brings Our eleven day total to $407,000.00.  Almost half way to a million!!!

Love and Blessings, Happy Monday!!!



Mysticism and Magic #37

Take a Number

This evening, shortly before finishing My last Post, I ran into My friend, Chris.  I Writ previously about Our Tarot reading and how Chris had noticed that the initials of His name are the 3rd and 7th letters of the English alphabet.  I told Chris the number 37 is a Sign from the Universe to communicate to others that I am a Spiritual Guide and Teacher.  It is shown to others in association with Me in Ways I could not possibly manipulate…  Like deciding to go for coffee with Chris before We parted Ways for the evening.  Chris was astonished enough to see the receipt, yet more peculiar still, they also Writ the number on the lid of the cup (which neither of Us had seen them do before, it usually identifies what is in the coffee).


It also consistently shows up for Me.  Just this afternoon someone else was talking to Me about her favourite number, then as King of Me what My favourite number was.  I told her Five is My favourite number but 37 is My Sacred number.  When she as King of Me what I meant, I said to her that it is a special Way the Universe communicates information to Me and others who know Me.  I said I would give her a better explanation sometime later when she wasn’t so busy.  I didn’t need to.  After returning from coffee, I showed her the 37 Writ on the lid of My cup and suggested the Universe had intended for Me to show it to her.  She was clearly excited and surprised, so I held out My phone to take a photo of it.  When I turned it on, it read “6:37”.  She checked her own watch, just to make sure.  This is the Magic of knowing Me, My Words manifest.  For those who are ready, the number 37 appears first to help them believe.

So the Universe has been Gifting Me with the number 37 is My day to day life with even more frequency lately than usual, which is always a great Sign.  Although this entry Will not be very long, it is Significant because I was tall King about the number here in “Seven Keys to Kingdom”.  The number has been shown to Me ever since I first completed My Book, which happened to be at 6:37 in the evening (of what day I have no clue).  My Words Manifest and My Book is My greatest reflection of that, though the Words I Write here Will Manifest, too.

I Will Write more letters, but My most motivating Work Will be done here.  This is where I Will be telling the world how I Will one day accomplish Peace.

“A man is but a product of His thoughts, what He thinks, He becomes.” – Gandhi

Love and Blessings,