The Good News Journal, Volume XLVII: The Magical Monday Motivation Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Magical Monday ‘Motivation’ Edition of The Good News Journal.  I almost took the day off today, simply because My studies have been somewhat exhaustive and it’s been a busy (and extremely cold) day.  I mentioned once before that I’ve had to Keep something of a side hustle going just to maintain this Blog and today was one of those days.  There was plenty of snow to shovel, so the hours of the day seemed significantly shorter and I’m not in a position to say no to the extra opportunities God Gifts Me with.

I’m also being true to My commitments to My Self and spending significant time researching strategies to monetize My Blog.  This has been a very big decision for Me, as I have had to make some serious adjustments to some very strong personal philosophies I have about My Duties and responsibilities to My fellow man.  I do not believe We should be competing with One another for profit; in fact, I would strongly suggest that these are the false ‘prophets’ We have all heard so much about.  However, if monetizing My Blog allows Me to dedicate more time to sharing My wisdom and philosophies with the world, I know the Universe Will support and encourage My determination to make that Dream possible by whatever means necessary.  I also have a couple of contingency Plans, one of which includes complete transparency.  I Will share both My successes and failures with the world, so My audience can benefit from My experiences.

Keeping My Prophecy for Peace ‘In Focus’

A little ironic that the Picture is blurry, but I tried three times and the only camera I have is the one on My phone – a little tricky to push the button while Keeping the camera perfectly still.  Anyway, it serves it’s purpose, and because I don’t believe in coincidences and perceive all things as the Voice of the Universe speaking to each of Us in its Unique Way, [for Me] it is a reflection of how the Dream for world Peace is a little blurry now, too – and that’s what I really want to bring into Focus over the next year.

These are the two Books in which I’ve been Published.  The ‘InFocus’ Book was the final Product of a Project Created by two incredible individuals; Lady Nina, House of Garacci, and Lady Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick.  They launched the project in the spring/summer of 2017 to Create awareness of homelessness and poverty in Canada’s capital (Ottawa), and the Book features photography taken by Ottawa’s homeless, beautifully showcasing the value of a marginalized minority most often ignored and forgot by the masses.  Most like to look away when they see homelessness and poverty, this Book demonstrates how We all have something of Value to offer the world, if only We would take time to notice, and nurture the unique Gifts Given each of Us by God.  They were also responsible for bringing this Issue to the limelight by attracting media attention, and were featured in all four of Ottawa’s most read newspapers; the Ottawa Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, the National Post, and the Metro (though the Metro publication was discontinued shortly thereafter).  Furthermore, they insisted in including Me in each of their interviews, an important detail I Will elaborate on in the Terrific Tuesday Edition tomorrow.  (So stay tuned).

I’m Calling this the Magical Monday ‘Motivation’ Edition because I want to remind all of My readers that We each have something of Value to contribute to the world, the problem is that We live in a world where many of the Gifts We have to Give are not considered profitable; primarily compassion and kindness.  I believe that most mental health and addiction issues could be remedied very quickly if the individuals subject to those conditions had someone in their corner to care for them.  Compassion and kindness could lead Us a long Way down the road to healing Our planet.

Last week I was tall King about how I like Monday’s because it’s a fresh start to a new week.  My Focus is never going to change.  I Will fight for the rights and dignity of those less fortunate for as long as I am able.  But I am going to be reinventing this Blog, and there is Willful determination on the Part of the Canadian government to prevent My Voice from being heard – and that is the primary reason I was disappointed to hear that the charges against Me had been withdrawn.  We had planned to fill the Courtroom and use it as a Forum for teaching others that the philosophies I speak of are not a fallacy, but fact.

It is also the motivation behind monetizing this Blog, making it My primary Focus in 2019, and why I spent three of My Blog Posts last week encouraging others who Dream of Writing to get started already.  Because the mainstream media Will do everything they can to Keep My Voice from being heard, this is the best opportunity I have to continue My teaching.  I Will be filing a counterclaim against officer Jenkyn’s for the unlawful arrest, and I Will be filing a complaint for violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code and showing all of My work.  But You’re not likely to hear of any of My successes in the [mainstream] Media.  That is why I Created the categories You are reading now ‘The King’s Court’ and ‘The King’s Common Law Academy’.  It is here that I Will make My accusations against Our dis-Honourable elected officials, and it Will be here that You, the People, Will make Your judgments.  The People are the authority of Law, and the owners of the Courts.  We need to remind Our elected officials of these facts, and reclaim Our planet.

I’m going to be getting this Published just under the wire, it Will likely be Tuesday for most of My audience by the time this is Live.  But I’m going to leave You with a Blog Post featuring some of the most motivational TEDx talks in the event that I fell short on My Promise to Motivate Your Monday, and I really Writ this Post as something of a preview of My future plans.  Part of the ‘revamping’ of My Blog Will be Motivational Monday’s but it was only an Idea I conceived of today; next week I Will have it published in time to inspire One’s workweek.

Some motivational TEDx talks to Keep You inspired (and why I like to watch them).

Finally, I have one last auspicious event to share with You all before I Sign off.  This Post was not Created by Me, but sent to Me via e-mail by WordPress pending My review (similar to the Way comments await review before they are visible on the website).  It’s kind of funny because relative to other Blogs, 1600 Views in a year is not a lot.  However, I clearly remember receiving this because this was back when it seemed like no one was reading My Blog, so 1600 was a lot to Me (and these 1600 views were certainly not showing up in My stats).  But the most remarkable thing about it, is that it has been updated since then (and not by Me).  I didn’t put the graphic of My Book there, I don’t even know if I had My Book Published yet, it was added sometime later.  But notice the cover of the Book, which is the cover I Created (designed by My Friend Dylan Hill).  That’s how the first few Books I ordered appeared.  NOW, they appear as pictured in the first photo published with this Post.

Featured image

Something of a teaser as I Will be elaborating on this a little more tomorrow.  Part of My Monday Motivation is planning Posts for My week.

I hope You are all having a fabulous start to the week, I’ll do what I can to Publish a little earlier in the day tomorrow!

(Oh, and for the sake of humour, I believe the comment of the bottom was Writ by the ex of a girl I was dating at the time, though I can’t be sure…)

Love and Blessings,



The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Sensei-Sean all Sunday Edition – The Value of Goal Setting

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Sunday Edition of The Good News Journal – thank You for being here!

On Monday I was tall King about why My Monday’s are Magical; I do what I Love, and Monday is the beginning of a new week and the perfect time for setting new goals.  What were they?

  1. To Write as often as possible until I am Publishing daily.
  2. To reach 10,000 Twitter followers as soon as possible (currently 5,159)
  3. To actively manage My Twitter account (something I have neglected for a while)
  4. To read at least one hour daily
  5. To watch one motivational video daily (usually TEDx)
  6. To exercise daily (push ups) with a Goal of 500 consecutive push ups

I was also tall King about the benefit of Keeping a Journal, and Putting One’s Goals on Paper.  There is a Secret Magic in doing this, and this Blog is an example of it.  Although Our Journal may be private and confidential, the Writer knows what was Writ.  In fact, I am thing King that this is why We sometimes neglect to revisit Our Journal, especially if We know We didn’t Keep the commitments We’ve made – I certainly know this was once true for Me.  To revisit Our Journal and be reminded of the commitments and resolutions We didn’t Keep, is to remind Us We are not being true to Our Self.

I don’t really use My Journal for that anymore, now My Journal is used for making Notes of My research and to remind Me of important things I Wish to Write about.  The reason I now make My commitments here is to Show the world that there is nothing We cannot achieve, so long as We Keep Our Focus on the Prize.  As ambitious as some of My Goals may seem, the only Way I could possibly fail, is if I fail to maintain My Focus.  Because My determination is to demonstrate what We are capable of, I am more accountable and committed to My audience than I am to My own ego.  I could easily make a million excuses to skip a day of exercise, not do My research, not maintain My Twitter account and/or abandon Writing My Blog.  I once had a Friend who believed I am genetically ‘gifted’ and I want the world to know this isn’t true, I accomplish My Goals because I remain committed to them.  The only Goals I won’t accomplish, Will be the Goals I abandon – and that wouldn’t make for a very Good Blog.

As ambitious as My Goals may seem, they are realistic because You Will notice that I have not committed to any timeline.  Time is the One thing We don’t have control over.  A man with a high IQ may learn things faster than others but a man with more determination and less ‘natural’ intelligence may still get there faster if she is committed to the material.  It is all relative to effort.  I have also afforded My Self some Grace with respect to Writing.  The Goal is to Write as often as possible, aiming to Write daily.  I won’t commit to Writing everyday because I believe that could be detrimental to the Writing process and quality content.  In fact, I came across a Blog Post in My reading this week that addresses this point specifically.

Should a Writer Write Everyday?

I think it is a fabulous Blog Post and I agree with it whole heartedly.  I have heard that Stephen King Writes 8 Pages everyday, and it’s easy to believe when One considers the number of Books the man has Published.  But what is war King for Stephen King Will not work for everyone.  And although this may be (or maybe not I don’t really know) Stephen King’s daily ritual, I’m sure even he takes time off now and then – We all need a break once in a while, or We Will run Our Self ragged.

How have I made out with the Goals I set on Monday?  Well, Fabulously, thank You very much!  (I’m not sure how to do the little blushing emoji but insert one here).  This Will be My seventh Blog Post in Seven days and I’m very proud of that, and that is why I am tall King about it today.  Not only does setting Goals Keep Me motivated, but it also feels Fantastic when One accomplishes them!  Do I have 10,000 Twitter followers?  No.  Can I do 500 consecutive push ups?  No.  But did I actively manage My Twitter account this week?  Yes.  And did I Keep My workout routine?  Yes.  Did I gain more Twitter followers?  Yes.  Can I do more push ups now than I could on Monday?  Yes.  Do I feel better and stronger than I did on Monday?  Yes.  Did I read for at least one hour every day this week?  Yes.  Did I watch at least one TEDx or motivational video every day this week?  Yes.

And why did I commit to (at least) an hour of reading everyday and one motivational video?  To Keep Me motivated to accomplish My Goals, and to learn how to monetize this Blog.  How is My effort paying off?  Well, I’m going to let You decide.


I disappeared from My Blog for…  I am thing King it was actually a little more than three weeks in December, and You can see how quickly My stats plummeted.  Now, please do Keep in Mind that these are still very modest statistics by most standards, so I’m not doing this to showboat or anything.  In fact, One of the links I included in My little Blog start up guide was tall King about her first Blog having over 600,000 Views a year, which works out to somewhere between 1500 and 1600 views per day!  I Keep My Goals relative to Me, and My Goal is to continue to build upon the foundation I have already established.  But I am thing King it’s pretty clear that My efforts are already paying off.

Wow, 1000 Words already.  My Posts are averaging a few hundred more Words this year, too.  Just a couple more things I want to share with You all before I go.


My ‘Dream’ when I started this Blog was that One day I might have an international audience, a Voice that could be heard anywhere in the world.  I haven’t actually counted to find out how many different countries have read My Blog to date, but We’re only 20 days into January and this is well beyond typical for this modest man, and I only anticipate it Will continue to grow.

Finally, I had said that for almost 8 years it was as if no one was reading My Blog.  Until April of 2017, I had 11 followers and most of them had been with Me for a while.  But something else very auspicious happened in April of 2017.  Stats I had never seen before were suddenly revealed to Me.  I realized I had thousands of Views in the first couple of years of Writing My Blog.  Again, still very modest by most standards, but considerably better than no readership at all, which is how it had previously appeared.  The most beautiful thing about that Story, is that I can still Show My readers this phenomenon today.


This screenshot might not mean much to those who don’t Blog or know WordPress, but the darker inside margin is the number of visitors, the outer, larger columns are the number of Page Views.  In 2010, 2011, and until December 12th, of 2012, I had People Viewing My Blog without actually visiting any of My Posts.  If You are wondering how that might be possible, Your guess is as Good as mine.  And I didn’t get to see any of this until sometime in April of 2017.  Before then, I believed virtually no one but My 11 loyal followers was reading this Blog.

Anyway, I’m averaging 24 push ups a day now (and today is actually the first day I’m not in pain since having started), which was the same number I completed in the original fitness test at the beginning.  But whatever, I’m just following what the app tells Me to do and Trust that it’s going to adjust and adapt as time goes on.  I encourage anyone to join Me in My 500 push up challenge and share Your results and progress if You feel so inclined.

Don’t underestimate the Power of setting Goals and remaining True to them, especially if they are important to You.

I hope You’ve all had a fabulous week, I’ve got lots of great Ideas for new material I’ll be sharing with You tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,

The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Sensational Saturday Edition – Being a Blogger, Part III

Hello everyone, hope You are all enjoying the weekend!  For My Sensational Saturday Edition of The Good News Journal, I Will be finishing up My final thoughts on how to get Your first Blog started.  The information I’m sharing is really geared toward newbies, so if You’ve been Blogging for a while and are looking to take things to the next level, or make some money doing it, I’ll include some links from other Bloggers who have considerably more experience and success in that regard later in this Post.  I Blog because I Love Writing and these instructional Posts were intended to inspire anyone else with a Passion for Writing to get started already!..  Which brings Me to My first point.

In My first Posts on Blogging (Being a Blogger, Part I and Part II) I gave all kinds of tips about Writing the first Post but negated to mention how to acquire the actual Blog! (Oops).  My recommendation is WordPress [this is a WordPress site and My Domain(], but in My research others have suggested buying a Domain first and then uploading WordPress to Create the Blog.  That sounds more complicated to Me, and I’m not sure if there is any advantage in it.  In fact, the other Posts I read were also suggesting hosting sites that are more costly than WordPress, the most inexpensive being $1.99/month.  WordPress offers domain hosting for only $1.50/month and can be upgraded anytime to include all the bells and whistles One could want if it’s something One decides to get more serious about in the future.  You can even start the Blog completely free and if You decide You like it, You can purchase a domain (website address) of Your own  later without it having any affect on Your Blog.  It Will simply change from ‘www.wordpress/’ to ‘’.  Great way to get started, especially if You’re just testing the waters.

I’ve been Writing this Blog for almost ten years and now I’m doing research to find out what other successful Bloggers have done to become profitable.  I am learning a ton, even after ten years, which is why I decided to Write My own ‘how to’ for beginners.  There is a lot of information out there and it might seem a little overwhelming at first.  I also wanted to touch on some of the advice I found that I do not agree with, even though it’s perfectly logical advice if One is looking to make Blogging a full time profession.

Write ONLY profitable content that will get you clicks and views and shares – AND MAKE YOU MONEY. Don’t bother writing fluff. 

Frankly, I think if You are doing this, You are wasting Your time unless You only started a Blog in hopes of making money – and if that is the case, I would suggest there are probably much easier ways to make money.  I couldn’t tell You what they are, either, because that isn’t the intention of this Post.  Hopefully, You are interested in Writing a Blog because it Will be something You enjoy.  Writing with the exclusive intention of posting only ‘profitable’ content is likely to take the joy right out of it.  You may not have a ‘boss’ anymore, but You Will become a slave to the industry and latest trends.  Having said all of that, I did learn an awful lot from the Post and have tremendous respect for a woman who made a conscious decision to Blog and be profitable at it so she could become a work from home mom and spend more time with her children.  It’s a very inspirational post and there is Great value in taking the time to read it, so please check it out!

Mommy on Purpose

One of My personal goals this year, is to monetize My Blog.  I haven’t actually set any firm financial goals yet because I have no Idea what to expect.  What I do know, is that I’m going to have to put a great deal of time and effort into it.  However, a consistent theme that comes up in My research is,

“You can’t just write whatever You want…”

Again, if Your Goal is only to make money, perhaps this is true.  However, if I couldn’t Write whatever I wanted, I wouldn’t be interested in Writing at all.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t consider doing the odd product review or whatever, but even then, am going to decide what offers I take or turn down.  I’m My own boss and I have hustled in My private life so I can continue to do what I Love here.  If I were to give up My ‘hustle’ only to find My Self Writing for someone else, I feel I’d be compromising My integrity.  I understand We all need to make money, My philosophy is that We all have something of value to offer the world.  Consider what makes Your Story Valuable to Your audience, and Write about that!  (Just My humble opinion). Having said that, if Your passion is health and fitness, then it’s worthwhile to be on top of the latest fitness trends and sharing Your take on them, that’s just Common Sense (and Will likely make more cents). 😉

The reason I’m harping on the Idea of Writing about things You Love so much is because

“People don’t see the years spent developing a unique writing voice.”

The above quote comes from “My Blogging Career – Questions and My Answers“.  If One is always Writing for others, there tends to be something of a generic ‘marketing’ Voice that is very specific because it has to be ‘professional’.  It really does take years to develop Your own Unique Style and Voice.  That’s why I’ve waited ten years before even thing King about monetizing My Blog.  I never thought there would be much interest in reading the adventures of a spiritualist and because I had virtually no one reading My Blog (or so I thought), I started ‘loosening up’ and really being true to who I am and being the kind of influence I want to be.  Maybe if I’d experienced success and thousands of views from the start, I’d have been too afraid to say what’s really on My Mind for fear of losing readership.  I Write about a lot of different things and they most certainly are not the kind of things One would perceive to be ‘marketable’.


My ‘Claim to Fame’ is a legal document (pictured above) most People probably don’t even fully comprehend, yet within the first month after publishing the document on My Blog, I had more views and followers in a single month than I had experience in any of the previous years!  And I mentioned My Twitter account went from 55 followers to 5,000 in the next ten months.  All I was doing was being true to My Self and finding My Way.  I guess the world believed it’s a Story worth sharing and I’m sure You Will have Your own Story to tell as You Play Your Unique Role on the world’s Stage.  I, for One, look forward to hearing it!

I also thought it might be worth mentioning that One should always re-read their Post before Publishing it.  That seems like a no brainer, but worth mentioning.  I also like to view the Post after it’s Published on My website, so I can see it as My audience would.  I find this is a valuable technique because it is very difficult to catch Your own Spelling and grammar errors (because YOU know how it should read and Your brain can autocorrect without You actually noticing).  Viewing the Post online sometimes helps Me to catch mistakes I missed in My final revision prior to Publishing.

Some other Posts on Blogging I enjoyed: Start A Blog, Why No One is Sharing Your Blog Posts, and 13 things to do before starting Your Blog.

Thanks so much being here, I appreciate You more than You know.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Also, although I’ve invested nothing in SEO’s, if One were to Google ‘Sean von Dehn’, the top search result will take You to “My Story“, which is far from My most read Blog Post (and once again, thank You to whomever may be responsible for that).  So don’t presume no one Will be interested in what You are doing – You won’t know until You put Your Self out there!

The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Fabulous Friday Edition – Being a Blogger, Part II

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, I hope You are all feeling Fabulous!

I think this Will be My last Post on this topic for at least a little while, but as I encourage other Writing enthusiasts to get their Blogs started, I want to share some of My experiences Blogging, some of the Authors I’ve been reading to take My Blog to the next level, and debunk some of the advice that I felt may actually discourage One from even getting started.  So here goes…


In My ‘Magical Monday Edition‘, I was tall King about how I’m one of probably very few People who actually like Monday’s.  Seriously.  Why?  Because I have no reason not to!  I Love what I do, so Monday is just the beginning of a new week, a fresh start, and (for Me), a time when I like to set new Goals.  Pictured above is My personal Journal.  As I opened My Journal to make a few notes about what I was learning today, I realized this was a Great example of how I hold My Self accountable to My Goals in My personal Life.  I Write them down!!!  

Now, this Post is about Blogging so I don’t want to go off on too big a tangent about My Spiritual philosophies but I almost always achieve the Goals I put to paper.  Why?  Because My Goals are important to Me, and at times extremely ambitious; Writing them down was a Way of making Me accountable to My Dreams without anyone else having to know, and no one to blame but My Self if I failed to accomplish them.  I didn’t feel I could share My real Dreams and Goals with anyone because most People would likely think I was nuts!  Yet somehow, I always managed to accomplish them and it was a Great Way of learning about My Self because every now and then, I would change My Mind about a Goal – it would lose importance as I continued to grow and mature Spiritually.  I realized the only Goals I failed to accomplish, were the ones I had consciously chosen to abandon – and I would Write about that, too.  Usually something like, “Okay, sorry but I’m not really interested in that anymore, now I want to Focus on…”

So I decided to stop Writing My Journal and start sharing My thoughts with the world.  The whole Idea behind doing this, was to Show the world that We Will accomplish anything We put Our Mind to.  And it isn’t some super-human Power, it’s just determination, being true to One’s Self, and being accountable to One’s Self.  For Me, Writing the things I truly wanted to accomplish in My Journal was My Way of tall King with God, and as King for assistance with the things that really Mattered to Me (even though I would never have thought about it that Way until I awakened Spiritually).

The other reason I decided to use a Page from My Journal was to emphasize the Power of this ‘Magic’ – because I Writ My Goals on Monday, and I had done exactly what I said I sometimes do – I changed My Mind about something,

“I can complete My notes for My trial anytime, this year I am Focusing on My Social Media, Blog and International influence.”

What happened the very next day?  I discovered that Crown had withdrawn all charges against Me and I won My Friend’s Court Matter, too.  Coincidence?  Yeah, We don’t believe in those here!  The Universe made My commitment that much easier to Keep by clearing My schedule completely! I have nothing else that requires My immediate attention.  Do NOT underestimate the Power of Writing down Your Dreams on Paper.  I cannot stress how Powerful the Spelling of Magic really is.

I also really wanted to share a Blog Post from another Blogger who does Blog full-time and I was worried I wasn’t going to find it again – thank the Universe for the ‘History’ tab! This was Part of My reading commitment to learn from others and I love everything about the Post.  It’s funny, witty, well Written, full of great advice and most of all, real.  There is something very genuine about the Tone and Style of the Author’s Writing.  Maybe it won’t be so enjoyable for someone who hasn’t put themselves ‘out there’ and started a new Blog, but I am thing King it Will be encouraging for anyone who feels a little insecure or nervous about taking the plunge.  I hope You do take the time to check it out, I know You won’t be disappointed, and I’d be surprised if You don’t laugh or at least smile a few times. 😉

Is Blogging a Real Job?

Writing a Blog is really hard work!  I don’t see it that Way because I love Writing.  But believe Me, if You are hoping to start a Blog and make it a full time career, You Will have Your work cut out for You and You should be well prepared to spend hours a day war King on it, and learning as much as You possibly can from other successful Bloggers.  It is anything but easy.  However, I also don’t want that to discourage anyone who loves Writing and is thing King they could make a living at it; You can, it all depends on You, and how determined You are to succeed!

Finally, I also wanted to say a few things about some of the advice I am coming across with regards to starting a new Blog.  Although I may not be making money Writing this Blog, that was never My intention when I started out.  I started this Blog mostly because I Love Writing, I feel like I have My very own Public, eh, Sean (publication), and that’s something I’m very proud of – I can Write what I want without having to worry about what some executive editor may think.  I’m also receiving a tremendous amount of support from Peers and Friends who believe I should be getting paid for the effort I’ve put into this and I have more than enough content (590 Blog Posts and counting), to make that a very real possibility.  In some Ways, One could say I’ve already done the hard work, now I just have to promote and monetize the material I have.  And that’s the point I want to make; if You don’t Love Writing and are starting a Blog to make money, I’d be the last person to tell You it can’t be done, but I’d also be the first to tell You not to bother – invest Your time in something You Love doing.

“Do what You love and the rest Will follow.” – Proverb/Quote

Well, it looks as though I Will be Writing one more Post about Blogging because I have a few more things to say on the topic to get new Bloggers started on the right foot.

Until next time, I hope everyone is having a Fabulous Friday!

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – Being a Blogger

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Good News Journal’s Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition!!!  As You may have guessed by the Title, I am going to be tall King about Blogging today, and some simple techniques to help get more Views when first starting out.

Recent events in My microcosm have caused Me to re-evaluate My priorities for 2019.  Focusing more on marketing My Blog has become one of My primary objectives, and I thought it might be of benefit to share some of My experiences and struggles with My audience.  There are a few very simple things that Will help to improve a beginning Blogger’s chance of ‘success’ right from the start.

Marketing and promoting My work has always been a weakness for Me, mostly because I don’t enjoy it half as much as I enjoy Writing the actual Blog, and I Imagine there are probably plenty of other Bloggers who feel this way, too.  The Good News is, Writing the actual Blog is the very first secret to success!  I’m just coming up on ten years of Writing My Blog, and until now that’s pretty much ALL I’ve done!  If I were to compare My stats to other Blogs I enjoy reading, I still have a long way to go before I Will enjoy hundreds of thousands of views per year.  However, content is really the only thing I have done to achieve the success I enjoy today and though I may not have a lot of followers and daily views here on WordPress, I do now enjoy a following of just over 5,000 followers on Twitter, and know that following is entirely because of this Blog.  I didn’t even remember setting up a Twitter account until I randomly started gaining new followers and noticed that My Blog was automatically posting to My Twitter account.  In ten months I went from 55 followers to just over 5,000!!!  There are websites that share marketing secrets on how to gain 5,000 Twitter followers in a year, so to get than many without actually doing anything (other than Writing the Blog) was something of a phenomenon for Me.  So start Writing, do what You Love, and take the marketing in stride.  That would be My very first piece of advice to anyone thing King about starting a Blog.  Like Nike says, “Just do it!”.


The second piece of advice I have for new Bloggers is to Post photos!  A picture is worth 1,000 Words, right?  Well, it certainly seems that Way on WordPress because Posts with pictures get a LOT more attention than Posts without.  People like eye candy, so make Your audience drool.  If You are regular reader of this Blog, You Will know it is something I consistently omit, and there is NO Good reason for it!  I know I should Post at least one photo with every Post and yet I’ve underestimated the value in doing it or don’t feel that any of the photos I have relate enough to My Post to be included.  The Truth is, if I don’t have an appropriate photo, it is worth making the time to take one.  Seriously, don’t underestimate how much more attention the Post Will get by following this simple strategy.  I am Writing this as much for My audience as I am to remind My Self; I’m focused on taking My Blog to the next level this year, but it’s not going to happen if I don’t apply this strategy My Self – and I know it!

Third, external and internal links.  This is something else I really didn’t consider starting out.  It seemed like a no brainer when brought to My attention, but it wasn’t something I’d ever thought about.  Internal links are links to other Posts on Your Blog, external links are links to other Blogs or websites.  It seems obvious that if there is a link on the Page directing traffic to another Post, chances are someone Will check it out, which translates to more views per visitor.  External links direct traffic to other sites, which may result in the owner of that site coming to take a look at yours, if only to find out where the link is coming from.  Again, pretty simple, but not really something I ever considered when I was first starting out.  Now I do it fairly often and am going to try and make it part of My daily routine when Writing.

More Great Blogging Tips

Fourth, read, like and comment on other Blogs.  This is a great Way to check out other layouts and find out what other Bloggers are Writing about.  There might even be trending topics that are totally up Your alley and something You are something of an expert on.  It’s also a great Way to get new Ideas and discover different Writing styles.  Follow Your favourite authors and You never know, they might just follow You back!

Fifth, tags.  Again, another simple thing I consistently forget to do.  I’ve been trying to make a habit of this lately because it is super important.  I would suggest using as many tags as You can, so long as they are all relevant to the content of the Post.  Using tags that don’t relate to the content of the Post is just annoying.

Finally, have fun!  Believe Me, I still remember how daunting it was to sit in front of a blank screen, preparing to Write My first Blog Post.  I was worried People might not like My Writing, criticize My Style, or whatever.  I don’t even remember what all the insecurities were, I just remember it felt nerve racking, ‘What is the world going to think!?’.

Trust Me, they’re gonna Love You!  I remember being really concerned that if I made any Spelling or grammar mistakes that People would make fun or just never come back.  Now look at Me!  I have developed My own unique Style; I capitalize Words as a Way of empowering them and use all kinds of Word Play like ‘thing King’ (thinking), tall King (tall King), as King (asking), etc. and that’s what makes My Blog unique.  Don’t be afraid to be different because normal is boring.  Have fun, enjoy what You do, and You Will find Your unique Voice, too.

These are just a few Ways to get started that I guarantee Will get Your Blog off to a much better start than if You were to only Write without employing any of these strategies.  You’re not likely to get 100,000 of views right away, but don’t be discouraged, just Keep Writing!  Of all the strategies I’ve discussed in this Post, the most important (in My opinion) is to Create unique, interesting content, and to do it consistently.  One thing any Blogger Will tell You is that the moment You stop Posting consistently, You Will begin to lose readership.  You don’t have to Post everyday, just do it consistently.

One of the things I am often tall King about on My Blog is the Power of Words.  Whatever You Write Will become a Voice in the Mind of Your audience and Will have an effect on that individual.  If People feel Good after reading Your Post, they are that much more likely to look forward to the next one, so Keep that in Mind.

Hope this was helpful.  I want to encourage anyone who has ever considered Writing a Blog to get started.  Mainstream media has virtually destroyed Freelance Journalism and I want to bring it back.  I’ll leave You with My most popular Blog Post of all time in Hopes of Aiding You in accomplishing Your Dreams.

Becoming a Student of the Universe

Hope this Thursday finds You all well,

Love and Blessings,







The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition

Hello and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal.  Why ‘Lucky’ Wednesday?  Why not?  I’m not sure when it was that I started thing King of Wednesday’s as Lucky, but the more I began to notice, the Luckier Wednesday’s seemed to become.  If Our thoughts are Creative (and I know they are), then it certainly couldn’t hurt to consider Wednesday’s as Wondrously Lucky.  In fact, I have always called Wednesday’s Lucky since I started Writing The Good News Journal in the Hope that it may stand to make Your Wednesday’s a little more Lucky, too!  I hope and Trust it is War King. 😉

Today was actually a rather quiet Wednesday for Me.  I am Still, basking in the Glory of Tuesday’s Triumphs in Court, wondering what I should set out to accomplish in 2019.  Writing is My greatest passion and continues to remain My primary Focus, the big Quest-Ion I am as King of My Self is how to use My Passion for Writing to accomplish My Dreams.  Over the last couple of years, I have been thing King of My Self as something of a ‘Rogue Journalist’, reporting on [some of] the conditions I would like to see change and holding those who are responsible accountable.  And although I am very pleased with the outcome of My Court matters yesterday, I’m also a little disappointed and perhaps even shocked.

There are a lot of reasons why I was looking forward to My day in Court and I had already done a considerable amount of work to make sure I was prepared, the Words of Her Honourable Justice, Perkins Mc-Vey, still echo in My Mind,

“Hang onto that though, You Will need it later – but You can’t do that now”, Her Honour stated plainly after I Gave the Court notice of My Motion of Counter Claim.

It had been one of the Gifts I had planned to Present the Court with when making My defence.  Now, not only do I have a very carefully laid out defence strategy I no longer need, I also have a Motion of Counter-Claim that is no longer appropriately Titled and needs to be re-Writ.  Basically, all the work I did was for naught, yet I am still enjoying some kind of euphoria, a cosmic high and consequence of the charges against Me being dropped.  I can’t just throw it all away (though that is typically what I would do).  I feel like I should memorialize My work somehow, if only to Honour My Effort.

Perhaps I was wrong to have claimed it was all for naught; although the charges against Me were withdrawn, I’m quite sure that My preparation and hard work was reflected in My confidence in Court, and it is just as likely that had I not prepared, I’d have ended up going to trial and scrambling to pull it all together at the last moment.  Even if We don’t know the Law very well, most of Us know Murphy and what his laws are all about.  This is one of the very few examples in My Life where I did not procrastinate at all and was prepared pretty much from the onset of the proceedings.  Now, I feel as though I have nothing to do when the reality is, I have to do nothing but can choose to do pretty much anything.  It’s like I’m at a crossroads of infinite pathways, paralyzed by potential possibilities.

So, what am I doing to Keep active?  I’m being True to the few commitments I’ve made this year.  I watch one educational/motivational video every day, I read other Blogs for at least one hour every day, and I’ve also made a couple of new promises to My Self that I started on Monday.

Because Writing is My Passion I won’t commit to doing it everyday because feeling compelled to do something can suck the Joy right out of it; and that would be pointless.  The whole Idea is to Focus on doing what I Love and using that Love to accomplish everything else I hope to achieve and, through both My successes and failures, hopefully helping My readers develop the fearlessness and confidence to do the same.  So I have Promised to Write as much as possible without Giving My Self grief if I don’t.  Ideally, I would like to Publish a Post daily whenever possible, but I’m not going to punish My Self if I don’t.

The other commitment I have made is to exercise.  I like to try and stay in shape and I haven’t had much opportunity to work out properly due to the sacrifices I made over the last couple years.  So on Monday of this week, I started a very simple routine that I am going to share with You because I am already pretty fit and I want People to know that I don’t really do much to stay that Way, and I don’t think it’s any kind of superhero power, it’s just a small amount of effort applied everyday.  My problem (generally) is that I Will be very dedicated to My workout routine until I become really fit.  Then, for whatever reason, I decide it’s enough and take a break and only resume again when I begin to notice I am no longer fit.  This time, My goal is to make exercise Part of My daily routine for the rest of My Life, and My first goal Will be 500 consecutive push-ups.  I warned You I have ambitious goals, but if I set My Mind to something, I generally accomplish what I set out to do, the only Quest-Ion, is how long it Will take.  My name day (birthday) is June 5th and I’d like to reach My Goal by then.  Admittedly, that might be a little too ambitious, even for Me, but I’m curious to see what I can accomplish in [roughly] six months and it should give Me a pretty Good Idea how long it Will take if I haven’t yet succeeded.

Here’s My very simple routine.  I do five sets of push-ups to failure, one minute apart.  The entire work-out takes less than seven minutes out of My day right now (though obviously it Will take longer as I am able to do more).  I was able to do 24 consecutive push-ups My first day, for which I used an app on My phone to evaluate My starting fitness level (which was rated as excellent, much to My surprise).  The app is actually called ‘push ups’ if anyone is interested in following along with Me and taking this challenge.  After the fitness assessment, it Created a five set push up routine which is exactly My philosophy and why I chose the app.  Five is My favourite number (37 is My Magic number) and I believe it is also the perfect number of sets for ultimate growth without overtraining.  The only thing I didn’t like about the app is that it evaluated My fitness and then started My training program.  The training program was very difficult after having just completed a set to failure.  So My recommendation is to dl the app, do the fitness test and begin the workout routine the next day.

Currently, I am averaging 48 push ups a day over three days.  When I am able to do 100 consecutive, I Will stop at 100 and take a one minute break until I can do five sets of 100 with a one minute break between sets.  Once I can do that, I Will start doing each set to failure, for a total of 500 push ups over five sets.  Eventually the number of sets Will continue to decrease until I am able to do 500 in a single set.  I’m curious to see how long it Will take.  I’m also curious to see if there is anyone out there who might be interested in joining Me on this challenge and/or commenting on how long they think it might take.

I’m sharing this because I believe that staying fit is one of the reasons I stay motivated and I personally believe physical fitness is important (as hypocritical as that may sound as a smoker, I have crazy endurance and I believe it’s because I Keep active).  I’m also going to be tall King about some of the changes I Plan to make to take My Blog and My Writing to the next level.

There is also a Quest-Ion I want to share with My readers that was as King of Me on a Blog I was reading just this evening, “If anything were possible, what would You do?”

I would like to change that to, “If You know anything is possible, what Will You choose to accomplish?”

I think most of My readers know My answer is world peace, but I am curious to know what You would do if You knew You could accomplish anything.

Thanks so much for being here, Happy Lucky Wednesday!

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Terrific Two for Two, Tuesday Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Terrific (Two for Two) Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal, thank You for being here!  I have a very exciting Edition today involving two of My most recent Court adventures…

The Friend I have been providing Counsel for in Canada’s Courts got a bit of a raw deal last week.  Before the Christmas holiday break, I had negotiated a resolution agreement with Crown My Friend was very satisfied with.  My Friend had agreed to twenty hours of community service and Crown had agreed to withdraw all charges upon the completion of the hours.  didn’t like the deal, I wanted My Friend to go to trial; but it’s not up to Me and it is a really Good deal because it guarantees My Friend Will have no criminal record.  So even though it cost My Friend twenty hours of free labour (performance demand), it also makes the whole thing Magically disappear, ‘like it never happened’.

However, when I returned to Court last Tuesday with My Friend, Crown reneged on their agreement, insisting that only two of the three charges against him were being withdrawn and that he would still have to go to the police station to have his finger prints taken.  I was furious, but everyone who Matters seems to become visibly agitated the moment I Stand up to address the Court to defend My Friend.  I had done all My work ‘behind the scenes’, and I had expected prosecution to Honour their agreement but sat in on the proceedings to make sure.  When I stood up to defend My Friend, he turned to Me and said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll just go and get them done.  I don’t care, I just want this thing over with.”

I glared at the Justice, then turned back to My Friend, “Are You absolutely sure?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s okay.”

The entire Court seemed to freeze for a moment, just like they do in movies when Time stops for everyone but the main characters.  I looked back at the Justice and over to Crown one last time before reclaiming My seat, the freeze frame ended and the proceedings continued.  My Friend agreed to have his prints taken and return in one week to prove it had been done.

I was not happy and told My Friend that if he’d as King of Me to, I would have made sure Crown made that charge disappear, too.  “No, I really don’t think they like You, they always seem to get pissed off whenever You say anything, I didn’t want to make things worse.  I was afraid the Justice might yell at Me or something.  I just want this to go away.”

“That’s because they are scared.  And I don’t think You ever have to worry about the Justice yelling at You, it Will be Me they yell at if they yell at anyone – and I really don’t think that Will ever happen again.  They are afraid because I’ve already filed a complaint with the Judicial Review Board and I don’t think they want to Give Me any reason to do it again.”

“Yeah, I know You’re right, this just seemed easier.  If it happens again, I’ll let You do Your thing.”

I wasn’t thrilled because it also means have to return to Court.  As much as I like what I do, I don’t like it when People don’t Keep their Word, and I felt like this was a jab at Me, not My Friend.  I exude confidence in Court – My Friend, not so much.  They knew he was easily intimidated and took advantage.  Maybe it was an honest mishap or mistake, but I don’t believe in coincidences and I think they were trying to see what they could get away with.

Today was the day We were scheduled to return and I really wasn’t looking forward to going.  There had been some kind of miscommunication between Crown and…  Crown, I guess.  Prosecution called Me last Thursday saying My Friend hadn’t completed his community hours, how was I planning to proceed on Tuesday?  I had Hand delivered proof of My Friend’s community hours last Tuesday and wondered what kind of games they might be up to now.  And again, pretty furious reading the e-mail.

I sent a scathing reply, explaining that I had no Idea what Crown was tall King about, My Friend had Honoured his agreement,  and it was ALL on the Court of Record.  I explained that I was of the understanding Crown was now as King of My Friend for prints, and that Crown should consider themselves lucky My Friend had agreed to accommodate the request.

The banter went on a bit.  Crown came back with something of a scathing letter, too, though the arguments made were considerably weaker, suggesting that prints were not a request, they were mandatory, and My Friend’s Willingness to accommodate was irrelevant.

Of course, the tone and attitude of the letter only infuriated Me more.  I came back saying that as King of My Friend for prints was, ‘Contra Bonos Mores’, or ‘Against Good morals’, and in bad faith Given Our resolution agreement.  I concluded with, ‘Whether My Friend shows up with prints on Tuesday or not, I Will be expecting Crown to withdraw the charge or I Will inform the Justice of this immoral act in bad faith.  I received no reply and really wasn’t sure what to expect when We showed up for Court today.

Surprise, surprise, it was a new Crown!  And My Friend had not been able to get his prints done.  My Friend told Me he was at the police station for over two hours and got fed up waiting.  I just laughed, “Good.  I don’t want You to do them anyway, let Me see what I can do.”

It took a bit of time but the new Crown was considerably kinder and more accommodating than the previous Crown I had been negotiating with.  After perhaps ten minutes of private discussion, Crown agreed to withdraw the charge and I went back to the lobby to Give My Friend the Good News.  He was ecstatic!!!  And when it was all finally over, My Friend politely thanked the Justice, then turned to Me and said, “You are the best lawyer I’ve ever had, if I ever get in trouble again, You Will be My first phonecall!”

And he said it loud enough for the whole Court to hear!  Pretty awesome moment for Me.  But it only gets better.  My Friend left and I went up to the Crown’s office to grab a request form for some additional disclosure pertaining to My own Matter.

“Can You spell Your name again for Me?”

I oblige.

“You sure You have a case?  This here says Your case is closed.”

“Really?  Are You absolutely sure?  I really need You to make sure, I don’t want any mistakes.”

“No, I’m reading the file now.”

Apparently they tried to contact Me but didn’t have My phone number.  How they don’t have My phone number is beyond Me, but whatever.  I as King of the clerk if there were any notes on the file, any reason as to why the case is closed or what the outcome was?

“It says here that the charges have been withdrawn at the request of Crown.”

“Anything else?”

“No, that’s it.  You’re free!”

“Wow, I guess this is a doubly Good day!!!  Now I can file a counter claim against Constable Christopher Jenkyn for spoilage of evidence, unlawful arrest, confinement, detainment and assault causing bodily harm.  What a wonderful Way to start the year!!!”

The lady at the kiosk seemed genuinely excited for Me.

I have a lot more thoughts to share about this because I really was not expecting Crown to withdraw the charges, though admittedly, most of My Friends did.

It’s one less thing on My plate and it allows Me to regroup and refocus My attention on being a plaintiff, which is considerably less risk and (for Me) just as much fun.

I hope each of You are having every bit as Terrific a Tuesday as I am!  Till next time,

Love and Blessings