The Good News Journal, Volume XXVIII: The ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’ Edition

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’ Edition of The Good News Journal.¬† I had said in My last Post that this entry would be about the ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’, I like to Keep My Word, and it seems a perfectly fitting theme for this auspiciously ‘Lucky’ Wednesday (even if this is not published until later in the week ūüėČ ).

I¬†Love¬†the fantasy genre.¬† When I was in My final year of high school, I took an English Fantasy ‘Ontario Academic Credit’, and I enjoyed it more than any other course I have ever taken.¬† I like watching fantasy and superhero movies just as much, and the dominant theme of the unlikely hero is what I am tall King about when I speak of being the ‘Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic’, and it is often how I perceive My Self in My microcosm.

I have said before that We are each the Hero of Our own Story, and that is very much how I perceive My Life.¬† There are many Ways I could have chosen to proceed after claiming God’s Kingdom; I had a comfortable apartment in Guelph, ample time to Write My Blog and plenty of hobbies to Keep Me busy.¬† I could have placed all of My focus on promoting My Brand on social media and lived well enough doing it.¬† However, it wasn’t the life I wanted…¬† It wasn’t¬†adventurous¬†enough.¬† And I do believe comfort breeds complacency.¬† In fact, it is actually one of the excuses shelters make for the indignant living conditions they subject their clients to, “we don’t want clients to get too comfortable or they won’t be motivated to move forward”.¬† The problem is, I don’t know a single client who¬†wants¬†to be dependent on a shelter for their basic needs and the issue isn’t motivation, it’s a lack of resources and/or government funding and (more importantly), care.

I really do believe that a true leader would liberate his People, teach others how to lead themselves, and measure his strength by the weakest of his team.¬† I want My Life to emulate My Spiritual philosophies and principles as perfectly as possible, I want to ‘Be The Change’ (#BeTheChage) I dream to know in the world.

In Deed

I also consider My Self a Servant of God, and to Serve God is to Serve the People.¬† So when I considered the Duties of My new Role on the world Stage, it made sense that I should receive no greater a wage than the least of Canada’s People; if that wage does not provide enough wealth for the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for My dignity and the full development of My personality, then it likely doesn’t provide enough wealth for any Canadian, and Canada’s social security/insurance policies require some serious revision.¬† It also seemed important to Me to be able to truly relate to those who are subject to social welfare – despite what One may think, many of the individuals subject to social welfare are not mentally and/or physically health enough to successfully reintegrate into society.¬† These individuals require serious care before their true value can be appreciated by society.

I have always said We are all Kings and Queens in God’s Kingdom, and that God’s Kingdom is all of Earth.¬† And yet Our world doesn’t really look much like most of man would Imagine God’s Kingdom.¬† God’s Kingdom has existed since the beginning of Time, but the Laws of God’s Kingdom have continually been ignored, and those are the Laws that provide the Found A Sean for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who Loves a ‘rags to riches’ story.¬† And if I want to ‘investigate’ the trespasses upon God’s law made by the Ministries of the Canadian government, is it not of Great benefit to Me that I be perceived by My adversaries as a virtual nobody?¬† The King’s best disguise is to hide in plain sight.

This Post is something of a reply to a Quest-Ion I am as King of often, “Why are You here?”

It is a Quest-Ion that once infuriated Me because the querent is usually implying that¬†I¬†don’t deserve to be here…¬† Which of course implies that other People¬†do!!! ¬†No One deserves to be subject to a Life that deprives One of basic human dignity and rights, no One!!!

In My microcosm, everything seems somewhat Magical.¬† The Salvation Army’s Public Relations officer, Caroline Franks has not yet responded to My e-mails, though I Will be publishing the content of those letters over the weekend and following up with a phone call before considering My next Play.

Jason Prevost hasn’t responded, either, though renovations at The Salvation Army are relentless, it’s all cosmetic; he’s just putting on a Good show for the media, but it’s clear he’s under a lot of pressure.¬† Most of Jason’s management techniques are futile, it seems he is more interested in going through the motions than he is in actual producing results.¬† The entire building has new floors, the stairs have been refaced, the walls and trim have been repainted, the entranceway doors were completely replaced (and completely unnecessary), the asphalt outside has been repaved and countless additional hours have been spent cleaning – and yet none of these things have improved the living conditions for those subject to living here.

What I Will be doing over the next little while, is telling the world what Jason Prevost¬†should¬†be doing – and We’ll see how long it takes for him to get it done.¬† I believe the only reason Jason hasn’t responded to Me is because he does not have the intellectual capacity to do so – and he knows it.

I also have been ‘matched’ with a man by the name of Daniel Power from the John Howard Society for housing.¬† Word on the street is that his name reflects his potential – he has the ‘Power’ to get people into dignified housing.¬† I was told that I had been matched with a [housing] worker on Monday, but it’s not the first time.¬† The first time I was allegedly matched with a worker was on April 5th, immediately after My first court present A Sean.¬† I was Given the same information on May 10th and hadn’t heard anything since, so I wasn’t really convinced until Caroline [Hards] informed Me that she also had a name, an organization and a¬†phone number!!!¬† Previously, they would not even disclose the name of the organization I had allegedly been matched with.¬† Thursday evening, I was told I have a meeting with Daniel Power on Monday morning at 9:30.¬† The John Howard Society also works very closely with the Courts and I don’t believe it is a coincidence that I have been matched with an organization that also provides pro-bono legal services for clients – they Will even post bail in some cases.¬† I am cautiously optimistic that things are happening and that I Will be in a more dignified living situation by the end of October at the very latest. ¬† I would¬†like¬†to manifest being out of here by the end of this month, though that might be a little optimistic even for Me.

Finally, I am in no rush to be famous and I still have this somewhat ‘romantic’ Idea that maybe I can change the world from here – without the rest of the world ever having to know who I am.¬† The things I’m Writing about seem to be manifesting in My Universe faster than usual and My Twitter account is on the rise again – it had been next to dormant since February.¬† My Plan over the next little while (in addition to Writing more e-mails, letters, and preparing for My Court Case), is to begin tall King to the world about what I would do if I were the manager of The Salvation Army; then see how long it takes them to get it done.¬† Again, I have zero interest in managing an organization like The Salvation Army, but I figure it Will be Good practice for managing planet Earth.

Yes, I truly am the Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic.

May this day find You feeling Loved and Blessed,



The Good News Journal, Volume XXVII: A Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition

Good morning, world!!!  It is such a beautiful Saturday, it feels a little sinful to be sitting inside when the sun is shining so warm and brightly, but I also really wanted to Write and share the wonder of My morning with You.

Even though I do occasionally have the unpleasant task of making People aware of things they might otherwise prefer to not know (‘ignorance is bliss’), it is also wonderful to see My Words Manifest and to have the opportunity to share that with You, too.

Construction, extra cleaning, and major renovations seem to be continuous since the very day I Writ My first e-mail to Jason Prevost.¬† He still ‘claims’ he didn’t receive the e-mails, so it is alleged they have nothing to do with the work that’s being done…¬† However, You Will have a difficult time convincing anyone who knows Me that this is not a direct response to My complaints.

Saturday morning is one of those mornings One may be inclined to skip the main breakfast if they are staying at The Salvation Army.¬† Although it’s ‘called’ a grilled cheese sandwich, it is usually two pieces of bread with a processed cheese slice between them, baked in an oven, not even buttered.¬† The result is a massive crouton so strong it would likely have a man temporarily denied access to the facility if one were found under his bed, as ‘anything that could be used as a weapon is considered a weapon’.

I make light of the situation today because it was exactly last week that I joked with My peers about how horrible the Saturday breakfast is; and today was completely different!¬† For the first time¬†ever¬†(in fourteen months), the grilled cheese had actually been buttered¬†and¬†appeared to have been¬†grilled! ¬†A¬†real¬†grilled cheese sandwich (processed cheese slices not withstanding, but let’s not get greedy).¬† They were actually soft, edible, made with healthy, multi-grain bread and golden brown.¬† They looked almost perfect – if I could stomach processed cheese, I’d have tried one but My friends tell Me they were actually as Good as they looked!

I made a point of telling the cooks how exceptional the breakfast looked for a Saturday and they seemed to be very appreciative of the compliment.¬† When I was leaving for the morning, one of the supervisor’s I hadn’t seen in a while (who also happens to be a witness for the prosecution in My upcoming trial) was working the front desk and she seemed to be in especially high spirits also, as King of Me how My morning was going.¬† I made a point of telling her just how impressed I was with the breakfast and as King of her to please let the management know the extra effort made by the kitchen staff was greatly appreciated, and not just by Me.

She seemed genuinely pleased that I was pleased, like the news had improved her day in a significant Way.¬† This may seem like a small detail, but sometimes even when one pays a staff member a compliment, the response can be demoralizing to the point that it seems they don’t value Your emotional well being enough to care one way or the other.

I also wanted to spend a little time tall King about Honour, and how grateful I am to have the Honour of My peers.¬† Last evening I skipped dinner and forgot to rebook My bed.¬† Generally when I have dinner, My bed is automatically re-booked.¬† If I don’t have dinner and don’t rebook My bed, I could (and theoretically would) lose it.¬† That would mean My lock would be cut and My possessions removed from My room along with My bedding so the room could be booked to someone else for seven o’clock in the evening.¬† I wasn’t even thing King about it until I returned at almost eleven and I¬†could¬†have returned to a very unwelcome situation.¬† Fortunately, there are (at least) three individuals who work the front desk that would¬†never¬†let that happen to Me.¬† I generally do everything I can to make sure no one is required to do Me any special favours, but I was greeted with a welcome smile and almost scolded (affectionately) for as King about My bed.¬† There are People looking out for Me and I want them to know how much they are appreciated.

The same goes for My Peers on the street.¬† One could argue that life on the streets is tough and the truth is, it¬†is!!!¬† It’s probably a lot tougher than most who have never been subject to street life could ever imagine; and I’m not exaggerating, I am just being honest.¬† I’m also a small man, not very imposing, and still have a number of possessions worth enough ‘value’ on the streets to make Me a ‘mark’ – for theft, violence, or some combination of the two.¬† In fourteen months, I have never had any serious altercation with anyone.¬† Yesterday, a man came to Me as King of Me for a smoke and I said “No, this is My last one.”

The man decided he was entitled to it and swiped it out of My fingers and began quickly walking away.¬† I stood there in a mild state of shock as I watched him leave.¬† Before I had a chance to say or do anything, four men walked after him and I turned away before I could see what they did to him.¬† Thankfully, I learned later that he was only Given a few ‘warning shots’ in the shoulder and arm, but enough to know not to take from Me against My Wishes.

Although that is truly the first time anyone has ever defended My Honour in any kind of physical Way, My attitude and reaction do emulate My philosophies.¬† I do not need to fight because there would be an army of men to defend Me.¬† It is the same reason that I don’t believe My paintings disappeared from The Salvation Army arbitrarily; I believe they were stolen by an employee, as there are too many People on the streets who would know My work – and if anyone on the streets were known to have stolen Artwork from Me, I don’t even want to know what would happen to them.¬† A friend who has three pieces of My work had all of them stolen from his apartment while he was in jail.¬† They were all returned to him almost as soon as he was released.¬† Word on the street travels fast.

IMG_0099 (1)
Giving Hope Today ūüėČ

Anyway, this is a Sensational Saturday and a beautiful, warm, sunny morning.  I want to enjoy some sunshine and promise I Will return soon.  It is also worth noting that I did get some work done yesterday morning, too.  I Writ the public relations officer, Caroline Franks on Friday morning, forwarded all of the e-mails to Jason Prevost and Caroline Hards that I published here previously, and let her know I would Give her the weekend to review the e-mails before contacting her again sometime Monday morning.

Next I Will be tall King about Life as the Hopelessly Hopeful Romantic.

Things are happening, Lords and Ladies!!!

Be Blessed – and so it is. ūüėČ

The Good News Journal, Volume XXVII – The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello world, and welcome to The Good News Journal.  I really only finished roughly half of what I had Wished to Write about in My last Post, so I am going to continue today.

I had been tall King about the Power of Perspective, how there are countless mini-Miracles experienced every day, and how I enjoy Focusing on those moments so much more than the hardships the citizen ships are subject to when dependent on shelters for basic needs by Canada’s Ministries.¬† Now that’s a long sentence, pun intended…¬† ūüėČ

The Power of Perspective allows Me to Focus on the Good every day, even when there are unpleasant things to endure or Write about.  The wonderful thing about adversity and hardship, is that it motivates One to evolve enough to transcend their circumstance; it inspires positive change.  Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and every uncomfortable Position propels (like a Vessel) One into Motion.

Yesterday morning (which was actually ‘Lucky’ Wednesday in My microcosm, having Published the Wednesday Post late Tuesday night) and I was more inspired and motivated to Write than I had been in a long time.¬† I was furious, and My Sword is My Word; I wanted¬†to Write, to Spell out some Powerful Magic.¬† However, the Universe wasn’t having any of it.¬† I travelled to three of My favourite Writing locals and had luck finding none with any room to sit and Write.¬† Lucky Wednesday and there is no place for Me to sit down and Write a Blog Post in Peace?¬† Hmmm.¬† Do You see now why I was lucky enough to find no place to Write?¬† My Greatest Power is My Word.¬† It is not always Wise to use it when I am angry.¬† And yes, I get angry – especially when I see the rights of others abused or taken for granted.

There are¬†massive¬†renovations going on at The Salvation Army, it seems virtually the entire place is getting a facelift, though it is purely cosmetic in nature and has so far accomplished nothing to improve the dignity and comfort for their clients.¬† In fact, it generally just means that common areas are closed longer, inconveniencing clients even further.¬† They ‘appear’ to be taking the bed bug situation seriously (I Will Give Jason Prevost¬†only that much), though they are accomplishing nothing unless wasting money is considered an accomplishment – and that’s not as insane an Idea as it might sound, sometimes companies Will spend money they don’t need to, just to ensure they receive the same funding the following year…¬† It¬†is¬†a possible motive, something a manager might even get a bonus for – and this is why profits and money corrupt virtually everything.

In My last Post I was tall King about how poorly everything was Orchestrated on Monday, and yesterday morning, the procedure was repeated for the ‘usual’ rooms (this is actually done every single week, though it accomplishes almost nothing).¬† A client in the room beside Me was as King to one of the staff if pencil crayons were allowed to be left under his bed, or if it would be considered a weapon and reason to have him temporarily denied access to the facility.¬† To My horror, Bill told the client that the pencil crayons were a weapon and he should remove them from the facility.¬† I could not believe My ears, and I was very quickly as King to Bill what reason he had to suggest that pencil crayons are a weapon.

“Anything that could be used as a weapon is a weapon.” Was his ridiculous reply – and he believes it.

So what about shoelaces, razorblades for shaving (nail-clippers are already banned), hands, feet, a chair (was thrown at someone in the lobby just recently)…  Needless to say I thought the statement was more than a little ridiculous, so I decided I would be as King to Jason about it.  On Monday, Jason has asked to speak with Me before I was able to re-book My bed for the evening.  I thought maybe he wanted to finally talk to Me about the e-mails I had sent him and I had already planned to just as King of him to reply to Me in Writing so I have a Record of Our correspondence.  Much to My surprise, it was for something completely different.

“Sean, We found some items under Your bed that are not allowed on the property.”

I just kind of stared back at him with what I presume would have been a confused expression, waiting for further explanation.

“Some kind of roach clip?¬† Paraphernalia?¬† Know anything about that?”

I truly had no clue what he might be talking about and again, I don’t think I said anything at all that wasn’t already clearly expressed on My face.

“I really don’t know what You are talking about, I removed everything I own from the room before I left today.”

“Okay.¬† I thought I saw You taking all of Your stuff with You, so I didn’t think it was yours but just in case, I thought I would let You know You can’t bring that kind of stuff in here.”

“Yeah, okay, no problem.”

Not going to say anything more than I need to resolve the situation and I was able to book My bed immediately after Our ‘little chat’, though he still said nothing about the e-mails (and I didn’t ask).¬† When I returned to My room, I immediately realized what it was Jason had been referring to:

The “Prevost” ‘Roach’ clip…

Because there is virtually no privacy, the clip shown above is used by the man in the lower bunk to hang a plastic garbage bag or blanket as a makeshift divider.

After My discussion with Jason regarding the roach clip, I asked him if there was any way I could get a comprehensive list of all items The Salvation Army considers ‘weapons’ and he said he didn’t have one, it is at the discretion of the staff.¬† I said I was only as King of him because their rules seem a little over the top and I want to make sure I’m not going to be temporarily denied access because I carry calligraphy pens and pencil crayons with Me.

“What is it?”

“Calligraphy pens, You know, for the fancy letters I Write?”

“Oh, those.¬† (Cheerfully) Yeah, that’s not a problem, Sean, of course You can have pens and pencils.”

“Okay, just wanted to make sure, the rules seem a little strange sometimes.”

And the very next day, a man is told he might be temporarily denied access and banned for having pencil crayons.¬† So again, I went to Jason and said to him that if he is going to bar clients for having certain items, there needs to be a comprehensive list of what those items are The Salvation Army defines as ‘weapons’.¬† I would try to paraphrase the rest of My conversation with Jason but the only thing that matters, is that he stands on the policy, defends Bill’s claim that the pencil crayons are a weapon if Bill says they are, and that they are not required to make any kind of list for clients.

“If You don’t like Our rules, Sean, You can go somewhere else.”

That was the line that infuriated Me Рbecause that is exactly the attitude that needs to disappear.  And it most certainly does not reflect the Mission statement of The Salvation Army as an organization Рor at least, that is the presumption I Will be moving forward with.

Once again, this Post (and the last) was about the Power of Perception.¬† Although it didn’t seem as though things were going as I had wanted them to yesterday morning, I was far too angry to articulate My thoughts accurately.¬† Now I’ve had a day, enjoyed yesterday, feel refreshed and have had just enough time to put together all the events of the last few weeks well enough to know how I plan to Move forward.

I’m also over the average attention span limit for the average Blog reader, so I Will let You go and return again as soon as I am able.

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XXVII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition

Hello world, and welcome to The Good News Journal!¬† There has been a lot going on over the last few weeks I haven’t had the opportunity to Write about.¬† There are also many events I Will never Write about; often much of My task here is to decide what events in My Life I should share with My readers and which events are intended only for Me and those in My microcosm.

It is easy for Me to Imagine I might be a character in some Universal product-Sean.¬† The man I spend the most time with, [King] David often sports a t-shirt that reads “#BLESSED”- and We are both so¬†blessed!!!¬† When wonderful things Magically manifest, David Will open his button up shirt like Superman, just enough to display the large font, “#BLESSED”, while he proudly smiles, pointing and tapping the Word on his chest.¬† It really is like a Scene One might Imagine from some inspirational, fantasy film based on real life events. David has his own personal challenges and issues, but he is also living in Harmony with the Universe.¬† The number 37 is so relentless in Our microcosm that David now expects the number 37 to show up whenever We go for coffee – and in some Magical Way, it always does!¬† We use Our Words to as King of the Universe for whatever it might be that We need, and the Universe always Magically provides.¬† I could easily spend every ounce of My time Writing about the Miraculous happenings in My microcosm without ever having to spend any time tall King about the hardships endured by those subject to Life in a Canadian shelter.¬† And that’s the kind of Good News I want to share with the world, and the sort of thing I make a point of Giving thanks to the Universe for every day.¬† However, I am here because the conditions those subject to living in Canadian shelters are subject to are truly deplorable and in no Way, shape or Form, conditions any reasonable man would call ‘dignified’; and I have an equal duty and responsibility to report these conditions to the People, too.

It’s also important to be tall King about the hardships endured by the homeless to demonstrate to My readers the Power of perspective.¬† Theoretically, I could spend all My Time complaining of My situation.¬† More often than not, the food is terrible and it is rare I can stomach all three meals served in a single day, so I’ve lost more weight than a man My size can afford to lose and generally leave most every meal still feeling hungry.¬† This morning I saw another client¬†so¬†desperate for a second plate of food that he was standing by the garbage so he could take the left over sausages and French toast off other clients plates after they had thrown them out.¬† He was literally rooting through the garbage refilling his plate with leftovers – and not one staff member noticed, they were all too busy taking ‘numbers’ to make sure they (the Salvation Army) get paid for the meals they are serving.¬† Let’s not kid Our Self’s into thing King this is charity, ladies and gents – just business as usual.¬† The washroom stalls were littered with used syringes, a flooded toilet and trash covered almost the entire floor.¬† I don’t even use the washroom at the Salvation Army if I can help it, but some of the clients will walk around in bare feet and none of the staff Will say a Word about it.¬† Just two days ago, I saw one staff member picking up syringes from the parking lot accompanied by one of the supervisors wearing the same kind of rubber gloves a doctor would wear when Giving a patient an exam – they are nowhere near puncture proof and it clearly demonstrates that the staff are not Given any health and safety training, at least with respect to handling needles.¬† I did tell the employee that she was jeopardizing her health and safety and that the gloves she was using were not suitable, but My comment and caution was ignored.¬† Jason Prevost demonstrates too much incompetence as a manager of the Salvation Army to be any kind of example for his staff, and Monday was just one more exceptional example.

On Monday, Jason had decided that every room on the second floor was going to be treated for bed bugs, (which have been a problem for the Salvation Army for over six years according to some clients) and has become something of an epidemic over the summer.¬† I would lie down in My bed and be covered in bites from head to toe in less than ten minutes – only hours after the bed was made with fresh sheets!¬† It was so bad for two nights that I spent the entire night awake and slept in the afternoon (they are like vampires, they don’t like the sunlight).¬† I have a system for keeping My clothes clean using Tupperware bins and tightly tied plastic bags, so I was eventually able to sleep by changing My clothes before bed, sleeping on top of the sheets.¬† The saddest part is, it has always been an issue, the ‘trick’ is to fall asleep before One is overwhelmed with bites, and that’s the kind of Life the People in shelters become accustomed to – hardly a Life worthy of human dignity.

The Spelling and Grammar Skills of Salvation Army Administration Officials

Monday morning was a Gong Show.¬† Jason failed to have extra staff on shift to handle the overflow of possessions clients would be delivering to the ‘bed bug room’.¬† I as King of Jason how he felt all this extra work would accomplish anything if clients are not de-loused on re-entry to the building.

“Well, that would be great, Sean, but We don’t have the facilities for that.”

“All You need is a high-heat dryer and a lobby, which You have.¬† Clients must remove their clothes, have them deloused along with any possessions they plan to take to their room and shower.¬† Salvation Army provides clothes while the clients wait for their items to be de-loused.¬† They change into their own clothes after the delousing and return the garments provided by the Salvation Army.¬† That’s the Way it must be done if One wants to eliminate the problem.”

“Yeah, Sean, that would be great but this facility is too big for that.”

Well, I’m not really going to say too much about that except to say that the proposed shelter in Vanier Will have one hundred more beds than the current facility.¬† If Jason is not capable of containing and eliminating a bed bud epidemic with a facility this size, how does he expect to accomplish the task at the new shelter?¬† The most disturbing thing about the conversation is that Jason believes that the poor and homeless are responsible for the bed bug epidemic, suggesting that even if he did do as I say, the place would be re-contaminated every time a client leaves to smoke.

“We would have to do this every time someone leaves to smoke.”

If that statement is true, then it only amplifies the importance of the strategies I am suggesting the Salvation Army and other shelters immediately begin implementing.  Imagine that every person who may have clothing contaminated with bed bugs is contaminating every person they come close to over the course of the day Рthe entire city would be suffering from a bed bug epidemic within a couple of weeks if that were true.  It can happen, but if the Salvation Army made delousing part of their intake procedure for those new to the shelter, it would substantially reduce or eliminate the problem.  At least efforts like those of Monday morning would not be entirely in vein.

To add insult to injury, the entire procedure was so poorly organized by Jason Prevost that more than half of the bins that went to the bed bug room did not make it into the bed bug ‘cooker’ because it was too full.¬† So, at the ‘usual’ pick up time, half the bins had been deloused, the other half were waiting outside to go in the ‘cooker’.¬† The worker returning the bins to clients had no idea the other half had not been deloused, so he took the stuff that was clean and put it right beside the stack of unclean, bed-bug contaminated bins.¬† A few people picked up their belongings, the rest came to collect their things at 7:30 in the evening, six hours after the clean bins had been mixed with the unclean bins.¬† So more than half of the stuff removed from rooms returned to the rooms just as contaminated with bed bugs as they had been when they left.¬† And the staff are SO disorganized, that I don’t even think they know how futile their efforts were.¬† Good job, Jason.¬† I am sure Vanier residents Will be pleased to know the new shelter Will be in Good hands…

Anyway, I have plenty more to say but I’ve ranted some 1500 words and the average man only has the attention span for 800-1200 Words at a time, so I Will do what I can to return soon.

I hope this Post finds You all well,

Love and Blessings.



The Good News Journal, Volume XXVI: The Sensei-Sean All Sunday Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition of The Good News Journal.¬† Although I haven’t had an opportunity to paint since My last Post, I did have the opportunity to meet with Orsi Vancsody, ‘Case Coordinator’ for the City of Ottawa Community and Social Support Centre – that’s Orsi’s ‘Official’ title and position in the Universe.¬† My intention was to inform her of some of the trespasses upon the rights and dignity of those subject to emergency shelters for their basic needs, determine who/what is responsible for those trespasses, and to have [public] transportation expenses reinstated.¬† (I had been receiving travel allowance for public transit until three months ago when it was discontinued without notice.¬† The weather has been beautiful and I am able to walk, but it is not convenient when travelling with My artwork and/or other supplies – even My briefcase weighs over forty pounds.)¬† Considering My objectives, it was a reasonably successful day, though a little discouraging at first.

Perhaps one of the reasons I had delayed My meeting with Orsi was because I had been told by others that transportation allowance is automatically discontinued after six months unless One can show they require public transportation for medical reasons.¬† I guess those without medical conditions are supposed to walk everywhere they want to go…¬† I don’t require public transit for health reasons, I require public transportation to travel around the city.¬† I consider it a business expense, and what I am able to save on travel expenses by walking, I can reinvest in art supplies or promotional materials for My Brand; at the moment, I can use every additional penny until the Ministries of the Canadian Government respond to My Claims.¬† Until then, I am Acting as Honourably as I know how ‘under duress’.

The meeting went very much as I expected it might.¬† It always starts off reasonably Good.¬† I let Orsi know I wanted the transportation allowance reinstated and her tone was very calm and accommodating, though she passed Me a form and as King of Me to have it filled out by a doctor, just as My peers had suggested.¬† I began as King of her if she felt that My right to transportation was subject to a doctor’s approval and her answer was some variation of ‘yes’.¬† I recorded the entire meeting, which was thirty-five minutes in its entirety, though most of the conversation would not be relevant to what I eventually managed to accomplish.¬† I took the form she had presented Me with, circled the Word ‘benefit’ and Writ that I was exercising My right to public transportation, not requesting a benefit and not subject to conditions.¬† Then I signed it and placed My thumbprint in red ink on top of My signature and passed it back to Orsi.¬† I also gave Orsi a copy of the mail receipt from My last letter to the Right Honourable Jody-Wilson Raybould sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, using My thumbprint Seal for postage.¬† Orsi made a copy of the mail receipt and as King of Me if I wanted a copy of the other document she had as King of Me to get signed by a doctor – I declined.¬† A few moments later, Orsi returned, telling Me that I can pick up My transportation allowance anytime after eleven a.m., and assured Me it would not be revoked again without Giving Me notice.¬† They also now have it on their record that I am, in fact, employed by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

As wonderful as My morning was, even My successes make Me a little angry; I am all about the equal and unalienable rights of all People, so to Give a man any Kind of ‘special’ treatment is fundamentally against My principles and philosophies.¬† I want to be able to share with My friends why I was able to succeed where others have failed but I can’t say for sure what it was that I did.¬† Was it because of what I Writ on the form I returned to Orsi, because I insisted I am war King ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ and believe Her Grace would be appalled to know what the Ministry pays Me to protect the Common Law, or does it have something to do with the documents I have filed into the Superior Court and with Canada’s Attorney General?¬† Or maybe some combination of all the above?¬† Your guess is as Good as mine.¬† I do these things so I can tell others how to do them, too – however, none of My friends seem to believe they would have the same success, even if they did exactly what I did.

At any rate, I left My meeting with considerably more information than I have been able to get from any of the so called ‘housing workers’ of the Salvation Army.¬† Caroline Hards will not even tell Me what organization the worker I have allegedly been matched with represents – now I can call the organizations My Self.¬† I also had an opportunity to inform Orsi of how incompetent the staff of the Salvation Army seem to be with respect to obtaining housing for their clients.¬† I asked Orsi if she knows how much the Salvation Army receives for every client they provide a bed for and she admitted she doesn’t.¬† I suggested that if she did, she might understand why I feel it is a conflict of interest to have that same organization be responsible for finding housing subsidy for their clients.¬† By the end of Our meeting, Orsi had claimed that the policies she is bound by do have the power to trespass on a right – I happen to know that’s not true and shared a few passages of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms with her.¬† Orsi also insisted that Ontario Works is¬†only¬†responsible for providing a housing allowance (I think it’s roughly $373/month) for those who have shelter and are paying rent; then Orsi gave Me a list of all the organizations that¬†are¬†(allegedly) responsible for providing the necessary subsidy to get people into housing.¬† My plan is to begin calling them tomorrow.

I Will have a busy day again tomorrow and the weather has been a little cool for painting outdoors, so perhaps I Will get an opportunity to Write a little more.

Seven Keys to Kingdom: Seven Letters Sent “On Her Majesty’s Service”

Keep in Mind, each of these Magical Letters reached its intended recipient…

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XXVI: The Thrilling Thursday Edition – The Final Act

Hello everyone and welcome to the Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal!!!  Last week was the first week since the inception of The Good News Journal that I failed to author a Post.  I would apologize, but the Universe is never wrong and although there are a few instances where I could have taken the time to Write a Post, the People have been as King of Me that I promise to Keep Painting.  And the Will of the People Shall be the Authority of governance.

A Growing Collect-Sean

I have been painting like a fiend – every day the weather permits, and reinvesting in materials whenever I can to Keep the momentum going.¬† I’ve been procrastinating (admittedly) in other areas, but much of that is taking the Time to consider My moves before making My next Play.¬† I’m also thankful I have taken the time, as it has allowed Me to replace a phone that was stolen from Me months ago and a phone is something of a necessity; though I did enjoy not having the extra distraction, I also knew I would eventually need one.

I have lots of Good News to share, too.¬† My peers are very supportive of what I am doing, many of My friends actually call Me ‘King’ Sean, and I have received praise for all of the recent renovations taking place at the Salvation Army, despite disputing having anything to do with it, My friends believe My letters to Jason are responsible for the transform-a-Sean.¬† More and more of My peers are coming to Me with their complaints against the Salvation Army, and I am as King of them to put their complaints in Writing as articulately as they are able, along with pictures whenever possible.¬† Although I admit to some procrastination, all things are coming together and I am preparing the world Stage for the final Act.

My intuition also tells Me that the loss of three of My most important paintings was not a coincidence or accident; I believe they were deliberately sabotaged or stolen, perhaps hoping it would invoke some kind of outburst that might ‘justify’ having Me removed.¬† Despite how disappointed I was to learn of their mysterious disappearance, I believe one day they Will find their Way back to Me.¬† The wonderful thing about being the Creator of those Works, is that only I have the Power to re-Create them, too.¬† I hadn’t started using My thumbprint Seal to identify My Work yet, so the original pieces are now worthless and evidence theft of Crown property.¬† Keep in Mind, they were intended as Gifts for the Queen and the Pope, so they¬†were¬†technically Crown and Vatican property, respectively.¬† It was the Wish of My peers that I recreate the two works to Honour the Queen and the Pope – and their Wish is My command.

“Honour Thy Father and Mother” – The Ten Commandments

So, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything, I’ve just been busy away from cafe’s – and Writing (online) has been exceedingly difficult lately.¬† Captian Yoo has expressed his support of My cause and his portrait for My exhibit-Sean is third on My Present list; The Queen Will be next, then Shannon (explanation forthcoming with portrait), then Captain Thomas Yoo of the Salvation Army, who proudly stands behind My determination to defend the rights and dignity of the Canadian People – on and for the Record.

Once again, I am doing what I can to Keep the News I Post here positive, so I am hoping that detailed examples and photos of the trespasses upon the rights and dignity of the Canadian People subject to emergency shelters like the Salvation Army Will not be necessary – or at least not here.¬† I have a meeting with the Ministry of Community and Social Services tomorrow and I Will be forwarding My e-mails to Jason Prevost to the Ministry, as well as a number of photos that show just how deplorable the living conditions really are.¬† It is difficult for Me to imagine that anyone would knowingly subject a man to the conditions endured by clients of the Salvation Army, and My presumption is that when these deplorable living conditions are exposed and made known to the Ministry, I Will not have much difficulty finding support for My cause, as I don’t believe any man would want to Willfully interfere with My determination to improve these conditions ‘on and/or for the Record’.¬† In short, I don’t expect the Ministry of Community and Social Services to suggest the living conditions I am going to inform them of are safe, much less ‘dignified’ and I believe they Will be on board with Me with respect to making those changes happen.¬† I Will have more news to share on that front sometime later tomorrow.

For now, I do what I can to continue painting and escape the chaos whenever circumstances like a rainy day permit.¬† I started war King on Her Grace, Glory, and Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait on Tuesday and hope to get have the opportunity to finish it by the end of the week.

Upcoming Present A Sean… ūüėČ

I would like to say thank You to all of the People who have stopped by to Show their support while I continue painting out front of the Salvation Army, and an extra special thanks to a friend who sent a very generous donate-Sean to My cause last week – it is always difficult for Me to express My gratitude, I Will only say it meant more to Me than One could imagine.

I hope this day finds You all well, sorry for the delay, I Will return soon, Good Willing.

Love and Blessings,



The Good News Journal, Volume XXIV: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Edition

Thank You for being here and welcome to the Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal.¬† The unpleasant task of Writing Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army’s Community and Social Services department, is now behind Me – and I feel as though a weight has been lifted from My shoulders.¬† The Higher part of My conscience knows I should not bear any burden for Jason, We each reap what We sow, but it is difficult to not feel compassion for him knowing that soon enough he Will be compelled to answer Me in a Court of Law.¬† All in Good time…

However, now that the Matter with Jason is over, I can continue to Focus on the Good News.¬† As I Claimed in My Letter, I do not believe Jason’s opinion, attitude or behaviour emulate the Salvation Army’s corporate policies or Mission Statement.¬† Soon I Will find out, and now I can do so with a clear Mind and conscience, knowing I have Given Jason every opportunity to resolve the Issue first –¬†that’s the Honourable thing to do.

And now there’s this article about ‘the Salvation Army Booth Centre’…¬† Coincidence?

Today has been a very ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.¬† I was Gifted with a new pair of fancy blue wing-tip shoes from the same individual with whom I had sought counsel with on Tuesday, and later in the morning Jason was as King of Me to speak with him, ‘hey Sean, when You have a minute stop by My office.’

His tone was casual, which surprised Me, but I was not at all nervous about seeing him in his office, though I had no intention of discussing any of the complaints contained in My e-mail’s to him.¬† I figured if he wanted to discuss the content of any of My Letters, he could respond to Me in Writing, ‘on and for the Record’.¬† But Jason¬†Claims¬†he did not receive My e-mails.¬† I was almost able to recite the e-mail address by heart, but Jason gave Me one of his business cards to verify.¬† I was pretty sure the e-mail address on his card was the one I had used, but I¬†do¬†make mistakes and wanted to be sure.¬† I thanked him for the card and assured him I would verify the address and resend the e-mails if necessary.¬† The address I sent the e-mails to was correct.¬† I sent one more additional e-mail with ‘check e-mail filter settings (and junk mail) please’ in the subject line.¬† Then I Writ My e-mail address on the back of Jason’s business card and returned it to him, as King to him that he add it to his address book and check his e-mail filter settings.

“Oh, yeah, that’s probably what it is.”

I placed the Word Claim in italics in the preceding paragraph because not receiving My e-mails¬†is¬†a legitimate¬†Claim…¬† If it were true. ¬†However, after verifying that I did in fact use the correct e-mail address, Jason’s claim is not very convincing.¬† The e-mail I used is his official business e-mail address, and if he’s not receiving e-mails (and they are being delivered), then the onus once again falls on Jason to fix his e-mail client.¬† What manager gives out a business card with an e-mail address that is not properly set up to receive mail?¬† It’s a nice try, but I’m pretty confident Jason got My e-mails, he just doesn’t want to admit that he got them because he¬†still¬†doesn’t know how to respond, even though he now knows that failing to respond looks bad, too.¬† We’ll see what unfolds over the next couple of days.¬† Either way, Jason’s inability to effectively use e-mail to communicate does not reflect on him very favourably; seems a little ‘unprofessional’.

Today’s article did Create a lot of buzz among My peers.¬† Many of My peers believe I am responsible for the Ottawa’s Sun’s ‘glowing’ review of The Salvation Army, and that going to the press is Jason’s ‘unofficial’ reply to My Letters.¬† Instead of answering My e-mail, he has been working [the janitorial department] overtime cleaning rooms, spraying for bedbugs, tearing away rotting walls and laminate on the stairway, and Writ the inspirational message on the 4th floor chalkboard just for the camera – there is no such greeting on the board, it was Writ for the press.¬† There are also no actual practical courses of any kind at the Salvation Army, nothing a man could use to help gain employment, they are just ‘fillers’, philosophical chat sessions with no work of any kind actually required – and programs are¬†only¬†available on the fourth floor.¬† Hundreds of other clients are forced to cram into a dingy, often filthy lobby with roughly twenty chairs, or take to the streets.¬† The article¬†claims¬†that clients are not evicted from their dorms for more than ‘a few hours’ to clean.¬† A ‘few hours’ is 8:00 until 4:00 for the basement floor and 8:00 – 1:00 for the second floor.¬† However, sheets are not available until 4:00 and all clients are required to rebook their bed every day between 4 and 6 in the evening, regardless how long they are subject to living there.

The most disappointing (but not surprising) claim made in the Ottawa Sun is that the Salvation Army struggles between providing a ‘dignified’ living environment without creating a space ‘so comfortable that they don’t want to build momentum’.¬† The article makes it sound as though People¬†choose¬†to be here.¬† I am probably one of the¬†only¬†People who¬†chooses¬†to be here, and only so I can determine who is responsible for Canada’s People being subject to emergency shelters for basic needs.¬† I think the author of the article forgets that it is not the Salvation Army’s job to house Ottawa’s homeless; that job belongs to the Ministry of Community and Social Services.¬† And the minute they start doing their job, emergency shelters Will be used for the next flood or other ’emergency’ – not to scapegoat government responsibility.


Anyway, My ‘take’ on this Scene of the Play in this Universal Product-Sean, is that Jason¬†did¬†get My e-mails – and he took them pretty seriously.¬† Seriously enough to facelift the entire building before inviting the media to come in and take a few photos.¬† I said I would be contacting public relations, the media, and the mayor with My concerns if Jason didn’t respond.¬† Looks like he went to the public relations department and the press before I had the chance.¬† Just speculating, but that’s certainly how many of My peers feel about the recent press.¬† They believe My efforts are making a difference, and I do, too!¬† And that’s Your Good News Journal for this fabulously ‘Lucky’ (and late) Wednesday Edition.

Love and Blessings,