The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – My Mystical, Magical, Macrocosm

Hello world, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal and My Mystical, Magical, Macrocosm!!!  I haven’t Posted My Letter yet because it isn’t ready – it’s a lot more work than I had initially anticipated, but it Will be done soon.  I’m making a serious effort to have it finished for Friday but no Promises.  For now, I am sitting here once again feeling a little guilty about the fact that I am having all of these wonderful thoughts and keeping them to My Self, especially when the things I am thing King about are so Mysteriously Magical.

First, there are the People in My Microcosm.  Once again, everything I was as King of the Universe for has been Gifted to Me.  I’m going to have to take photo of the stack of papers I’m war King through just to put the Scope of this Project in Focus; when I do, it Will be easier to comprehend what I am tall King about.  I’m sifting through every single contract the Salvation Army has with the city of Ottawa, and as daunting a task as it is, it is also something I am deeply grateful for.  I would not have known how to get My hands on most of these contracts, and I’m discovering just how efficient a paralegal and two lawyers can be.  And thank You all very much, by the Way.  That’s the first (Magical)thing I have to be thankful for, but it’s only the beginning.

The connection has also resulted in a video series where I Will be sharing My Letter of complaint with focus groups advocating against the Salvation Army’s move to Vanier and the construction of a ‘mega shelter’.  It’s probably the most controversial local topic, bar none, though I’ve never used the media interest in the project to My advantage.  I’m not so much opposed to where a shelter might be, I’m more concerned with why a country like Canada relies on emergency shelters as a form of social ‘welfare’ (especially when it costs the taxpayer more than it would to put these people in $1000/month apartments).  However, the conditions of the shelter truly are deplorable and I have no problem advocating against the Salvation Army creating a ‘mega shelter’ of any kind – at least, not if Ottawa is any reflection of how they do business.

The community support from the two video interviews I’ve already done has been amazing.  Although I was evicted from the shelter shortly after doing the first video, I am far more comfortable now than I was then; I have Peace, Quiet and Solitude to Work.  The most exciting thing in My Life right now, are the connections (connect-Sean’s) I’ve made with My new Friends.  Some of My new Friends are legal professionals, and all of My new Friends not only support My Sovereignty, but insist that I be the One to file the Letter of Complaint in My Sovereign Capacity.  That’s pretty huge for Me.  I’m fairly accustomed to My Friends and general Peers coming to Me for advice and guidance, but not so much with legal professionals.  They Love the Way I Write Letters and My determination to defend the Common Law and human rights.  Just having People in My Life that are as enthusiastic about tall King about these things as I am is an Immensely Magical Gift.  But there’s more…

My Living situation should remain reasonably comfortable for the next two months, at which time it appears as though I Will officially take up [My own] residence in the city of Ottawa.  Once again, thanks to exposure from the video interview I did after being expelled from the shelter.  I am often tall King about how truly Blessed I am, how I Trust that the Universe Will always have My back.  I cannot even express how Grateful I feel when I consider these things, only the Universe can truly know My Heart.  These are some of the things I was thing King about tonight before I decided I should tell the world how wonderful Life can be when One completely Trusts in God.  And believe Me when I tell You, I do!!!

The other night I was thing King about My Life and went back to read some of My earliest Blog Posts.  It was such a Powerful experience to read Words from so long ago and to See how they have Magically Manifested in My Life.  Then, I clicked on a few ‘most read’ Blog Posts from those times, including a ‘review’ Published by WordPress administration in 2010.  I noticed it had changed since My last visit, it appeared as though there was a promotion for My Book Published with My stats.  When I clicked on what I thought was a link to My Book, it just opened the picture above in a new window.  Might all sound fine and well (and it is), but the interesting thing about that, is that I never uploaded that photo to WordPress, nor do I have a copy of it on My hard drive (though I am making a Mental note to Self to save it to My desktop before I finish this Post).  So, first of all, there was never a picture of My Book with that Post.  Now there is.  When it was added, I couldn’t tell You.  Other interesting this is, I think the picture actually came from the website I used to Publish My Book (  That’s the only place I can think of that might still have that pic.  But it gets even more Magical!

have a hard copy of My Book right now…  And the cover isn’t the same.  The first time I ordered copies of My Book, the cover appeared exactly as it is pictured in this Post.  Now, new copies of My Book have My name directly under the Title, not at the bottom.  But here’s the real kicker.  My name is in Capitus Diminutia Minimus. not all caps!  And believe Me, I tried to make sure My name was Spelled that Way when I first published, but it came out as pictured above.  Even more unusual, is virtually no one gets My name right, even if they wanted to do Me a favour, the closest one would usually come to getting it right, would be ‘Sean Von Dehn’, though it should be ‘Sean von Dehn’.  And THAT is now how it appears on My Book!  How cool is that?  Seriously?  I didn’t do any of that!  And People wonder why I believe I have Mysterious, Magical Friends.  And it doesn’t stop there.

It was a few weeks ago now that a Friend of mine as King of Me if they could see what kind of bicycle I used to ride when I raced.  The only Way I know how to get any pics of My race days, are to ‘Google’ My name.  My racing stuff used to be somewhere about halfway down the first page of search results.  Now, it isn’t even on the first page.  Again, maybe not such a big deal, I’ve Writ a lot of Blog Posts since then.  But Facebook always came up first, now Facebook is Fifth!  Again, might not sound like a big deal, but Facebook is pretty huge and ranks pretty high in Google search engines.  What could rank higher than that?  How about My Story!!!  If You click on the link I provided, You Will understand why I was so excited, and if You know a thing or two about SEO (search engine optimizers), then You would know that either that particular Blog Post is getting more traffic than Facebook or someone decided to promote My Story for Me increasing its rank in Google search engines.  Believe it or not, for this modest little man, it gets more Glorious still.

I was telling one of My new Friends about this phenomena today and she had her laptop with her, so I as King of her if she could please just type My name into Google.  I just wanted to make sure it came up as the first result on all computers and that there wasn’t some ‘Magical, Mysterious’ glitch with mine.  She turns to Me with this look of awe and says, “Um, I didn’t get any further than ‘Sean vo…’ and Google auto populated the rest of Your name!  Who are You?

“Okay, so it’s not just Me, that’s pretty huge, right?”

She just laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s pretty huge!”

I’ve been keeping that Secret for a couple of weeks now, though I don’t know how long its been like that, I really don’t Google My name much.  Anyway, these are the Mysterious, Magical Ways I know the Universe is pleased with My progress.  I guess One would really have to know Me to know how much these things mean to Me.  These are the kind of Gifts that touch Me the most, and the only Way I can show any appreciation is to tell You about it here.  Thank You.  I do notice the little things (like the fireball added to #bethechange).  I Imagine the same invisible Hand is responsible, and I am truly Grateful.

Oh, and to top it all off, My Mother is coming to visit!!!

Thank You all so much for being here, I Love You,

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XXXV: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition – Writing a Letter of Complaint

Happy Sunday, everyone!!!  You know, I had one of the strangest experiences the other day.  I was Writing in My Journal.  The funny thing is, I don’t really use My Journal the Way I used My Journal before.  And I’m not really sure what I mean by ‘before’, I’m not sure when I started Writing differently.  Now, I Write what I am manifesting in My life and it feels very natural.  Before, I would be as King of the Universe for the things I felt I needed, usually answers to specific questions (Quest-Ions).  Everything I as King of the Universe for was always Given Me.  That realization (real eyes, eh, Sean?) came to Me when I awakened Spiritually; and that’s what started this Blog.

It suddenly felt selfish for Me to Keep this Creative Power to My Self.  I started telling everyone to Write down their dreams on a Piece of Paper and just put it in a box somewhere and forget about it…  Then watch it happen.  This essentially became My new Journal.  And it just donned on Me today that now it’s Called The Good News Journal.  I didn’t really do that on purpose, I just thought it sounded cool…  And maybe a little more newspaper like.  My Blog is what My Journal was, what I Write Magically Manifests.

I was Writing in My other Journal the other day, My ‘personal’ Journal, and I felt a little guilty.  True story.  I felt like I should be tall King to You, whoever You are.  I actually miss this anonymous audience.  I Love this anonymous audience!!!  Why waste My time Writing Words that Will never reach another Mind?  It felt like wasted energy.

Once again, a bit of a rant but I’m going to have more time to Write and I’m looking forward to it.  The Good News this Sunday is that I am doing another interview today and I’ll be sharing My Letter of Complaint.  My first two video interviews got over a thousand views in the first twenty-four hours – My Word travels fast.  So for that reason and that reason alone, I’m not sharing the Letter of Complaint here just yet, though I am hoping to Post it sometime Sunday evening.

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now that Will really speed things up in My microcosm.  I’ve been Given administrative rights over a Facebook page with an established audience but I’m also considering Creating a new Facebook Page.  ‘vondehnvisuals’ is the unregistered non-profit name I Gave My Self and used on Facebook as My main profile until I got locked out and told I had to use My real name.  Now I’m thing King about setting up a Page Called vondehnvisuals, mostly because Facebook doesn’t let You auto publish WordPress Posts to One’s profile anymore.  My new Friend wants Me to add the video interviews I’m doing to a Facebook Page that also Publishes My WordPress Posts.

The video interview series Will essentially be about the complaint I’m filing with the city of Ottawa and the Idea is to incorporate My teaching of the Common Law into the whole project, filing the complaint in My sovereign capacity and allowing others to file their complaints through Me anonymously.  It’s also a more difficult project than it might sound.  I have a ton of Writing to do and even more reading.  The work is enjoyable enough once I get into it, the difficult Part is organizing all the information.  There is almost too much information, if that’s possible.  They violate so many conditions of one of the agreements, it’s hard to know where to start and what exactly to make the complaint about.  I could complain about a hundred different things, but it has to be summarized into One complaint.

The best Part is, The Good News Journal Will have some serious News to report soon!  I leave for My interview within the next hour so I Will Sign off for now and Post My Letter later this evening.

I hope everyone has a Sensational Sunday!!!

Love and Blessings,

The Good News Journal, Volume XXXV: The Fabulous Friday, Evening Edition

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to My first Evening Edition of The Good News Journal, I hope and Trust You are all feeling Fabulous!!!

It is snowing outside.  Already.  It’s only November!  Good time to be thankful I’m inside, sitting in front of My laptop.  And I am very thankful to be sitting inside, war King [for the People] on My laptop, and I do have some Great News to share.

I was in Court with My Friend again on Tuesday.  The last time We were tall King with each other, We had arranged to meet outside the Courtroom early and I am pleased to say he was there earlier than I had expected.  Not early enough to get there before Me, but he was there before 8:30 and We were scheduled for 9:00.  I chose to help him because he promised he never forget a Court date and he was Good to his Word.

I hadn’t called the prosecution’s office because there was no reason I should have had to, but My Friend wanted Me call, so that was the first thing I did.  I kind of made a joke of it on the phone a bit, too and My Friend got to overhear her say that the whole thing sounds ridiculous and she’ll be right over – and she was in front of Me as King of Me to speak with her in her office in less than two minutes.  I was pretty impressed.

Long story short, Crown had dropped the charge I had expected which left them with virtually nothing.  Crown was willing to withdraw the charges in exchange for a few community hours and I said it was ridiculous.  The crime he was charged with is no longer illegal and I told her that proceeding with that knowledge was in bad taste and a waste of taxpayer money.  Then I said to her, presuming it would be a rhetorical Quest-Ion, “have You even read the disclosure?  There is no way You win if this goes to trial.”

“No, I haven’t had a chance to go over it yet.”

I think I actually laughed out loud and said, “Really?  And You don’t even have a problem admitting that, but You’re willing to go to trial?”

She wasn’t having as much fun with Me at this point, though I Will say she was very kind and courteous up until that moment, then she walked out of the office, “Follow Me then, We’ll set a date for judicial pre-trial”, and out We went.

I went back to My Friend to tell him what was going on.  “They Will withdraw charges if I do community service?”

“Yes.  Do You want to do that?”

“I would love to do that, I was thinking of doing some anyway!”


So, basically I went back into the Courtroom and told the Crown they had a ‘deal’.  People should know I’m generally opposed to ‘making deals’.  My Friend was still  unnecessarily harassed on private property and traumatized by the charges because he thought they were going to try for at least probation or maybe even a little jail time.  When he found out they would withdraw the charges for 20 community hours, he was ecstatic!  It didn’t feel like a win for Me, but as long as it was a win for him, I’m happy.

My friend was very happy.  He was trying to ‘talk Me up’ on the way back, telling Me he’s sure they only gave him that deal because they were afraid of going to trial with Me.  I told him they were wrong and should have just withdrawn the charges unconditionally.  It was hard for Me to feel like it was a win, but I guess it was.  I just feel like the justice system is ‘pimping out’ slave labour.

So My Friend doesn’t have to go back to Court now until January and he can volunteer wherever he wants, he just has to have someone sign off on the hours for him to bring back to Court.  I thought that was pretty standard, too but someone else was telling Me that never happens either – usually the Court has a list of places One can choose from.  My Friend wants to help out at 454 which is also kind of perfect because I know they are struggling with funding right now.

That got Terrific Tuesday started on the right Note and ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Gave Me a little more yard work to do and put a little more cash in My pocket.  Then I did another interview Wednesday afternoon, tall King about some of the conditions other clients of the Salvation Army Booth Centre have been subject to and tall King more about the Complaint I am war King on filing with the city of Ottawa.


The Body of My Complaint is ready to Write and the above Letter is being faxed to the Salvation Army from a legal firm that Will Keep a receipt of the trans-Mission.  Given My experiences with Jason, it is not likely We will get a reply – at least, not until he is ordered to Give one by a Court.

I am Loving My ‘new office’, which is actually a Friend’s apartment.  I am also Loving the fact that I have so much work to do, and that most People are beginning to consider what I am doing (and what I have been doing) real work.  My Fabulous [newish] Fountain Pen is perfect for Writing My draughts and practicing My calligraphy, and I have plenty of room for My ink wells and My old Fashion Fancy chisel tips.  I want every Letter I Write to look like a Form of Art…  Because it is.  And, as per usual, I Will be sharing all of My documents here and updating My Blog more frequently.  I was initially Loving My office a little too much and haven’t wanted to do much of anything except enjoy the Peace and Quiet I have to work.

It’s the little things in Life We take for granted.  To be able to shower whenever I want in a clean bathroom, to wake up whenever I want and to go to bed whenever I want.  To have a kitchen to cook My own food in, and a living room to live and work in.  I would say these things are essential to human dignity.  If One has all these things in a comfortable and secure space, I would say One is wealthy.  And because I am here by Way of those who Honour and Trust Me, I am feeling very rich in Deed.

I’m going to say thank You to everyone who has supported Me in the past and everyone who is supporting Me now.  Thank You.

I Will have more Good News to share with everyone shortly.

Love and Blessings,

The Good News Journal, Volume XXXV: Remember, Remember the Vth of November – Confirmatio Cartarum

Welcome the Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal!!!  It’s already kind of Magical that Monday begins the thirty fifth week of this public A Sean on the fifth of November, and because someone once said to Me that the Common Law is an ‘elusive’ jurisdiction of Law, I’ve been waiting for this Magical day and looking forward to tall King about the Latin term ‘Confirmatio Cartarum’ to Celebrate and Truly Remember, Re-Member, the 5th of November…  Not the gunpowder treason and plot, but the Magna Carta (for those who are familiar with the movie or comic, “V for Vendetta”).

My Blog is getting a lot of reads recently (well, for a humble man like Me, anyway), especially My legal documents.  So I’d like to take a quick moment to say thank You to those who have been reading My Blog, and especially those who have taken the time to like or comment, I do appreciate these things more than I can express, sincerely.  I’m also getting a lot of support in My microcosm, too; and right now that feels like the most beautiful Blessing.

The very first thing I woke up to this Magical Monday was an e-mail from Mom.  Seriously, what could be better than a surprise e-mail from Mom on a Monday morning?..  When the message in the subject line reads ‘excellent interview’.  The interview hadn’t even been online twenty-four hours yet and already My Mother had seen it.  My Mother is not exactly the most computer savvy woman in the world, so to be on a social media platform watching a video less than twenty hours after it was recorded is pretty impressive (to Me).  So, thanks Mom, You really made My Monday morning!!!  Love You.

I didn’t have a chance to Write back right away because I’d been Gifted with a chance to do a little yard work, too.  When I was done with that, I did a little grocery shopping and office cleaning (the office I’m using), then another Friend from social media who’d seen the video was overwhelmingly supportive with both her Words of encouragement and her generosity.  I want the Universe to know how truly grateful I am to feel so loved and supported right now, thank You.

I guess I went off on a bit of a tangent there but it really was a Wonderful day!  I’ve done two interviews now, the second one was yesterday and between the two, they’ve had over 3,000 views already.  Ironically, I don’t really like being in the spotlight and yet I’ve always known that one day I would be – I just didn’t know how, ‘how would People come to know Me?’.  Now that it is, I don’t really want to be in the spotlight, I’d rather accomplish everything from here.  However, I always knew that one day this time would come and I know I’m ready, even though I don’t really feel like I’m ready.

This Blog is a big testimony of My Deeds.  I’m becoming known for exactly what I would Wish to be known for.  I said in My interview with the Ottawa Citizen and Sun that I wanted to be a Voice for  those who can’t be heard.  The video series My Friend has Created is called ‘Homeless, not Voiceless’…  And We know how I feel about coincidences.

I’m filing a law suit with the city of Ottawa for the deplorable conditions Canada’s People are subject to when dependent on The Salvation Army Booth Centre for the fulfillment of basic needs to food, shelter, and a clean and safe environment essential to the well being and full development of the human personality…  To sum it up in a nutshell.  Funny thing is, I would have eventually been doing this anyway, but Jason’s decision to have Me expelled from the facility expediated My decision to file a complaint.  Whether it was an attack against Me for making the video or not, it has discouraged others from doing video interviews for fear they may be expelled from the facility, too.

So, getting back to the Magna Carta.  Confirmatio Cartarum declared the Magna Carta an acceptable Charter and reference for the Common Law, and it was established in Case Law on November 5th, 1297.  I came across this in My studies of the Common Law some time ago, it’s on a ‘sticky note’ on My desktop along with a collection of other Latin Law Lingo, I’ve been waiting for the Fifth of November to share it.

It essentially means that for anyone who may not know what the Common Law is, they could use the Magna Carta as a reference as it has precedence in Case Law as ‘Confimatio Cartarum’.  However, the Words actually mean ‘Confirmation of Charters’ (not such a stretch really).  Now that I am doing all this legal stuff, it is becoming more and more important for Me to make My Charter Declarations.  I Will be using Confirmatio Cartarum, but I Will not be using the Magna Carta.

Today I just Writ a quick note to Jason Prevost asking him to state why he has expelled Me from the facility, for how long, and when I am able to return.  Jason said to Me that he doesn’t need to give Me a reason for asking Me to leave but his contractual agreements with the city of Ottawa strongly suggest otherwise.

I’m also helping more of My Friends in Court, and now I have professional legal counsel of My own.  I may not be able to talk about My Case, but I am allowed to talk about getting kicked out of Court for wearing jeans.  There is no such rule.  And there is a legal phrase for it on My Latin Lingo List, “ad hominem”.  It means to attack the Character of a man rather than his argument (and is considered irrelevant in a Common Law Court).

One of the most beautiful things I ever heard a Justice say to Me was, “You Will need to Declare Your Charters.”

That’s the Kind of thing King’s do.  My Charters are finally Writ and ready to file, and I Will publish them here as soon as I do.

Well, I guess all We can do now is Remember, Remember the 5th of November…  But I hope You all had a Magical Monday and Will have a Terrific Tuesday.  I know I Will!!!

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIV: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition – Cause and Effect; Forcing the King’s Hand, Part II

Picking up where I left off last night, I had to leave Caroline’s office in a rush to meet My Friend.  I had only been to his place once the night before and was relying completely on the directions My Friend had Given Me.  The first instruction was to catch the eighty-five [bus] outside of Rideau Center at Mackenzie King station.  My Friend didn’t specify what side of the street I should be on and in My haste, I didn’t even think about it.  As One might guess, I boarded the right bus, wrong direction…

I had planned to be there over an hour early and even after My meeting with Caroline I was still on schedule to be there fifteen minutes sooner than that.  Not anymore.  My Friend had wanted Me to arrive early to load the stuff from his locker to the loading bay.  He had booked a moving truck and wanted everything on the loading dock before the moving truck arrived, which is both common and reasonable.  I had planned to be there two hours in advance and was now looking at making it with only forty-five minutes to spare…  And I had the keys to his locker because We were anticipating I would be there first.  I wasn’t.  And I was in a huge panic about it by the time I finally arrived.

At first My Friend was visibly angry so I just grabbed a dolly and starting helping him.  Thankfully, We are both very industrious when We want to be and within ten minutes My Friend was in Good spirits again, confessing to Me that he thought I had ‘ditched’ him on moving day.  Then I told him what happened and he laughed out loud, “I knew You were going to do that, I should have told You!!!”

It only took the two of Us twenty minutes to get it all done and My Friend was amazed, We still had fifteen minutes to spare before the mover showed up.  The real work was on the other end, anyway.  My Friend lives on the third floor of an old building, so there is no elevator and We must have made over sixty trips up and down those stairs with boxes to get it all done.  But get it done We did, and in pretty Good time, considering it was just the two of Us.  I couldn’t help but wonder what he would have done if I hadn’t been there, though the truth is he would have managed, even if it took him all night.  We relaxed in his new place for a while, then I returned and let him enjoy his first official night ‘at home’.

Thursday was thoroughly Thrilling and the adventures continued.  Thursday was November 1st and I had agreed to rent a space to use as an office, My Friend had agreed to meet Me for lunch and perhaps Give Me a Hand taking a few things to My new workspace.  As per usual, We both arrived at exactly the same time, just a few minutes before lunch.  We were sitting down at a table in the lobby tall King about his first night in his new place when Jason interrupted to ask My Friend how everything went.

“Oh, Great!  Got everything from here and My storage moved in last night, thanks to Sean!”, he looks at Me and pauses to laugh, “it was a lot of stairs, I don’t know what I would have done without him.”

“That’s great, I’m glad to hear that it all worked out for You.”

Jason’s voice is that high pitched, condescending tone that really says ‘that’s wonderful but I don’t really care,’ before turning his attention to Me, “Sean, do You have a minute to see Me in My office?”

Ah…  I had a pretty Good feeling where this might be going, though to be truthful, I wasn’t certain.

I follow Jason to his office and he offers Me a seat which I accept.  It’s a nice chair, no reason not to.

“So Sean, You were talking to Caroline the other day and things didn’t work out with the housing worker she set You up with?”

“Again, no, that’s not exactly true.  I told her that I have the information and applications now and that I Will be sending them in My Self, which is what I have been as King for since the beginning.  I told Caroline I would have that done tomorrow and would Give You a copy so You have something for Your records, too.”

“Well, that’s not going to work for us, We’ve exhausted Our resources with You and now it’s time to move on.   You can stay at The Shepherds of Good Hope tonight.”

“I will not stay there, I would sleep on the streets before I would stay there.”

“Okay, then I’ll get You a bed at the Mission.”

“I’m barred for life from the Mission as well.” (For pretty much exactly the same thing, which is defending the rights and dignity of their clients, though I didn’t say that).

“Well, I’ll call over to the Mission and get it sorted out so You can stay there, why don’t You come and see Me again after lunch.”

“Okay.  And do You Mind if I ask for four hours to arrange to get My stuff out of here?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Can You Give Me something in Writing stating why it is You are asking Me to leave?”

“No Sean, I don’t have to do that.  I’ve asked You leave and I told You why.  I don’t need to do anything else.”

“All You told Me is that You’ve exhausted Your resources.  Why should Your inability to get Me the assistance I need be reason to cause Me further harm and injury?”

“Well obviously You don’t like it here, so now You can try Your luck at the Mission, see how You like it there.”

And that was pretty much that.  I was still able to have lunch with My Friend and We had already planned to take some stuff to the office I’m renting, the only difference is that now We would be taking everything.  No coincidences, I am very thankful I had My Friend’s there to help.  After lunch, Jason approached Me as I was about to take the first load of stuff and tells Me that if I want to stay at the Mission I Will need to go over and speak with the management first about whatever it was that happened last year.

I just kind of shrugged him off.  I had no plan on going to the Mission, either.  The Mission is the cleanest shelter, but if feels like a jail, the staff are militant and seem more like wardens than service providers.  There is also a very important point to be made here.  The shelters get away with the things they do partially because there are three of them.  A shelter would not be allowed to just kick someone to the curb, but because there are three, all of them can do it because they are not the ‘last resort’.  This is just one of the ways that shelters trespass upon the safety and security of their client’s person, a right that is protected by Canada’s constitution and all shelters are bound to it if they Wish to receive any federal, provincial, or municipal funding.  And that isn’t a philosophy, this is coming from the actual signed contracts between the Salvation Army and the city of Ottawa.  All constitutional rights must be observed and protected by the shelter.

I have been very kind and patient with Jason.  I gave him plenty of notice that if he didn’t work with Me that I would eventually file a claim against the Salvation Army for willfully trespassing upon the rights and dignity of the Canadian People.  Jason Prevost’s last act clearly demonstrates how invincible organizations like the Salvation Army believe they are.  The Salvation Army received $1250 per month for every month I was there.

To be arbitrarily asked to leave without incident is the worst possible thing Jason and/or the Salvation Army could do.  I’ve already suggested they are discriminating against Me for My spiritual and political beliefs, this only strengthens My claim.

There is no Good reason to not file My Claim against the Salvation Army, and I have the assistance I need to get it done.  I am also Blessed and have made some Good connections with People over the last year, so I am ‘couch surfing’ for now which Will also be Good cause to expedite My claim.

My last interview got a lot of attention and I anticipate this one Will get even more.  I have Friend who want to help Me get all kinds of media attention about this and the work I have done over the last year and a half to defend the rights of People subject to shelters.

For every Action, there is an equal and opposing reaction.  That is the Law of the Universe.

And tomorrow, I Will have a special Edition to “Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…”

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIV: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition – Cause and Effect; Forcing the King’s Hand

Thank You for joining Me for a very Special Edition of The Good News Journal, it has been an incredibly exciting week!!!  This Sensei-Sean all Sunday Special Edition Will recap the events of the week which begins with My Friend finally receiving Keys to his Kingdom and ends with an eviction notice from the Salvation Army for Me.  I Promise it Will be a Sensational Sunday!!!

I already told You about the Magic of Monday, and Tuesday was just as Terrific.  My Friend has had a housing worker working with him to find him an apartment for roughly four months now.  He’d had two previous offers and was confident he would be in his own space, only to have them fall through the day he was scheduled to sign a lease.  Needless to say he was becoming a little discouraged and as King of Me not to say a Word about his Good News until the Keys are in his Hand.  Tuesday was that day!

Tuesday afternoon I had the opportunity to be a Part of some Good News as I helped My Friend to move the last of his belongings from the Salvation Army into his new apartment.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful day, and his apartment is perfect.  It is a clean, spacious and bright one bedroom.  Nothing fancy, but comfortable; what One might call dignified.  My Friend is also the only One still in My microcosm that has been there from the time We met to the time he found a place.  He is essentially the only man who has been My Friend the entire time I have stayed at the Salvation Army, and it was truly wonderful to see him accomplish Part of his Dream.

Lucky Wednesday was wonderful, too, though it was also very busy.  My Friend also had a storage container full of stuff from his old apartment and I had agreed to help him move.  I gave My Self lots of time to get there, but Caroline Hards, one of the housing/social service workers with the Salvation Army, Wished to speak with Me about something and as King of Me if We could talk in her office.  I think it started with Caroline saying to Me, “So I guess You didn’t like Dan, things didn’t work out?”

I wasn’t really sure what to say because I was under the impression they had worked out, “No, I liked Dan, I was under the impression things had worked out.”

“But You’re not meeting with him anymore?”

“No.  He gave Me exactly what it was I was as King of You for when I first came here, the information I need to send the application in My Self and deal with the city directly.”

“Yeah, but if You work with Dan You get a $500 subsidy that You can use to look for Your own place, did he tell You that?”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Well, now that opportunity is gone.”

“Why are We having this conversation, Caroline?”

“Well, Taylor and I have been talking and We want to do everything We can to help You get what You need to get into housing.”

“What I need is the difference between the amount given to Me by Ontario Works for shelter and the price of an average bachelor or one bedroom apartment in the city of Ottawa, essentially the difference between roughly $370 and $850.”

“But You just gave up $500 worth of subsidy.”

“Well if I qualify for it with Dan, then surely I qualify for it without him.  Dan said something about needing a copy of My birth certificate for the application and told Dan I would send them a copy of My Cestui Que Vie, along with a letter clearly defining what I am as King to them for in the Way of subsidy.  He told Me he feels I am more competent dealing with these matters than he is and respectfully gave Me control over My own affairs.  I have no issue or complaint with Dan.”

“So what are You going to do now that the subsidy is gone?”

“Exactly what I just told You I was going to do.  I’m going to Write a Letter to accompany My Cestui Que Vie but I haven’t had a chance yet, it’s not exactly easy to get work done around here.  The lounge is almost always full and even when its not, the energy is pretty chaotic.”

“Well, You’ve been here a while now, it’s taking a long time.”

“Yes, it is taking a long time.  But it was only just recently that Dan gave Me the information and like I said, it’s been hard to find a Good place to get any work done, so I’ve arranged to ‘rent’ some office space next month so I can get these things taken care of.”

“Well, we’re concerned with how long it might take.”

“Okay, if You like, I can put a Word in for You in My Letter, let the city know that You and Taylor are concerned with how long this has taken and that You are doing everything You can to support Me while I wait for the city to provide the subsidy I need to obtain dignified housing.  I could probably have that done for Friday and I can show it to You before I send it.”

“Why don’t You just apply for the birth certificate?”

“Because it’s a contract, a citizen-Ship contract with Canada.  I do not want to be a citizen of Canada, and I don’t believe I may be compelled to contract with Canada or anyone else against My Will.”

“But why not?”

“Because as a citizen of a country, the country determines the man’s rights.  Does it seem fair that a man’s rights may be determined by where he is born?  Should a man or does a man have more or less rights depending on the country he is in?”

“No, that’s something I’ve always had a problem with.”

“Me too.  So I don’t want My rights to be limited to Canada’s Constitution.”

That was the only moment of the conversation where I felt I was actually connecting with Caroline on a serious and compassionate level.  The rest of the conversation was about politely asking Me to leave, though she didn’t say it.  She’d probably been asked to tell Me I was no longer welcome there but couldn’t bring herself to do it.  It ended with an awkward smile and I rushed to meet My Friend.

I’m going to continue the Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition in a Part II, where I finish the Story of My Friend’s move before recapping the Thoroughly Thrilling events of Thursday.

Lots more really Good News coming soon!!!

Love and Blessings,

My New S-Word




The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIV: The Marvelous, Magical, Monday Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to another Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal!  Although the weather was a little dismal, the day did feel very Magical.

My day started with a phone call to inform Me that there was money waiting for Me at 454 from an Art Auction to which I had contributed three paintings.  Half the proceeds go to raise funds for the local drop in center and it felt wonderful to Give something back for all they do for the community.  They also told Me I was the only one to sell any work, so they were especially thankful I had contributed.  Pretty Great Way to start the day!

The rest of the day maintained Magical Monday’s momentum.  I Gifted My Self with a new Faber Castell Fountain Pen, a new Wand for Casting Spells in My microcosm.  It felt as if the Universe were shining a spotlight on My every Act, and only moments after purchasing My new Pen, I received a text about even more Glorious Good News.  I have acquired hard copies of all the contracts The Salvation Army Booth Center has with the city of Ottawa and other organizations the provide funding, including what kind of conditions the Salvation Army is required to maintain in order to continue receiving funding.  I’m sure One can guess how valuable this information might be for Me.

It was only a couple of weeks ago now that a Friend had as King of Me what it is I need most to accomplish My task.  I know the Universe (God) always Gives Me everything I need, so I don’t really think about it much, I do what I can with what I have.  But when My Friend as King of Me this Quest-Ion, I thought about it and said it would be Great if I had a legal ‘team’, kind of like they do on ‘The Office’ (My favourite Show right now).

Now I’m connected with Jane Scharf, a licensed paralegal who fully supports everything I’m doing, encourages Me to continue in My Sovereign Capacity, and can get these Matters before a superior Court…  And probably pretty quickly!!!  We have a mutual retainer agreement; Jane has agreed to provide Me with the tools I need to officially file My complaints, and I have agreed to Act in My Sovereign Capacity to defend the rights and dignity of those subject to the Salvation Army Booth Center (specifically) for their basic needs.  As the city of Ottawa is the main source of the Salvation Army’s funding, this Will also have the potential to change the Way the city of Ottawa allocates its financial resources and get Canada’s People into dignified housing.

Magical Monday continued when I logged on to My laptop for the first time today.  My Twitter followers are on the rise again, I’ve picked up a couple of new followers on My Blog over the last few days, and I had an inbox full of documents I would not have known how to obtain, though they are exactly the documents I need to prove the Claims I’ve already made.  Jane is also working with two other (licenced) lawyers who are as opposed to the shelter move and the allocation of city funds as We are.  Now I’m the Valuable insider with a first Hand account of the Truth and they are only too eager to help Me in any Way they can.  And tomorrow I Will be Writing an Affidavit…

Ah, I was hoping to have a Picture of My new Fancy Fountain Pen but My phone is Acting up and won’t transfer photos at the moment.  No coincidences, the Universe knows what’s its doing, so I guess My new Gift is just for Me (for now), though I Will be putting it to use tomorrow to Draw up some new documents.

It is also worth noting that My Friend David is finally moving into his own apartment at the end of the month and I Will be acquiring My own private office with high speed internet for use during the day.  Everything I was as King of the Universe for only a couple of weeks ago has already been done for Me and I Imagine the momentum of Monday’s Magic Will be continue to increase at the rate of Fibonacci.

I hope this Monday has been every bit as Magical for You as it has been for Me!!!

Love and Blessings,