The Good News Journal, Volume XVIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, Thursday Edition

Hello world!!!  Although I did ‘once upon a time’, go back and review My first Blog Post ever, today I have no Idea what I Writ, only that when I did go back to review that Post however long ago it was, the link in the address bar read “Hello World!!!”, and thing King to My Self that nothing could be more perfect.  This was how I had planned to communicate all of My Intentions for the world.  Nothing seemed Grander than the Idea of an International audience, and now I have it.  Thank You so much for being here, as always.  One of My friends with whom I spend the most time has a shirt that reads “#BLESSED”, and that’s how I feel every time I sit down to Write.

Lucky Wednesday was especially Wonderful for Me, My only regret is that I was unable to share My Luck with You Wednesday.  My friend was in Court today and it would be a breach of Trust for Me to share any of the details with You at this time, but it was very much a day of Good tidings, beginning with My friend being freed of the charges against him.  I had nothing to do with it, I was only there for emotional support and hoping for a positive outcome but I enjoy watching the proceedings and My friend knew I would also take advantage of My time there.

We sat and watched until the first recess and figured it would probably still be a while before My friend had his turn, so I decided to make a trip to the CROWN’s office so I could as King of the clerk some Questions (Quest Ions) about any special forms I might need to file My disclosure with the CROWN, request additional disclosure, Declare My Charters or subpoena additional witnesses.  My experience was very different today.

First of all, the clerk was exceedingly pleasant.  Generally, they always are…  In the beginning! But when I want to provide the CROWN with information I intend to Present to the Court for My defence, the tone and attitude change very quickly.  For whatever reason, they claim they can’t accept any information from Me, “that has to be done in Court” (was the song and dance last time I was there).  Now, there is no more Court until the Court ‘readiness’ day on December 7th (2:00 p.m.) and prosecution Will want to know how I plan to defend My Self so they can prepare for the Case.

Do I believe prosecution knows that what the police information claims isn’t true?  Nope, not a clue because generally, it doesn’t matter!  The CROWN is using exactly the same tactics they used against Me in Toronto, and this is why even the lawyer I spoke to said I had no chance of ‘beating’ My charges (despite being perfectly innocent) – three officers testimony against Me with no witnesses to My Story – My Word against theirs.  Why did they send three police officers to arrest one reasonably small man – because they need to collaborate their ‘story’.  How can one man fairly defend him Self against the claim of three officers the Court Will claim are Honourable characters?..  Because they are unreliable witnesses with a motive to lie, paid for by the same corporation that is filing the claim against Me, which is also the same corporation that Will pay the attorney for bringing Me to trial.  The Judge’s and/or Justice’s are also War King for the same CROWN.  So, if a Judge or Justice allows something to go to trial when it really shouldn’t, they now have a motive to convict, even if only to justify the time [and money] spent in Court, or perhaps even to save the Court some embarrassment.  Now, how does any man in this jurisdiction of law presume to have any real rights?  Don’t kid Your Self, they don’t.  This jurisdiction of law is for corporations only.

The use of capital Letters in My Writing is always Intentional.  Using a capital Letter increases the importance of a Word in man’s psyche.  CROWN always refers to the Crown Corporation of Canada and/or any other CROWN franchise (OTTAWA, ONTARIO; for example).

The CROWN’s office was able to tell Me the name of the Justice presiding over the Judicial Pre-Trial last Thursday, July 5th.  Please allow Me to introduce You to the Honourable Justice, Norman Douglas Boxall. (And there’s that number 37 again 😉 .)

The strangest thing about speaking with the CROWN Court clerk was that the clerk told Me that if I wanted to add any information to My Case file, I would have to contact Constable Christopher Jenkin of the Ottawa Police Service and give it to him, as he is acting as liaison to the CROWN.  I seriously Wish I could have some of this ‘on the record’, as that is probably the furthest thing from the truth!  As kind as she was and as sincerely as I believe she did want to do everything she could to assist Me, her last statement reminded Me that the Court clerks are not there to Give advice and probably shouldn’t.  I told her that what she was saying sounded ridiculous and she very quickly admitted she might be wrong and suggested I speak with duty counsel or a lawyer.  I assured her I don’t need duty counsel or a lawyer, I know exactly what I want to do and what I can do – what I don’t know is how the CROWN would like Me to Present the information I can and Will Present.  Well, like pretty much everything else I do, I won’t be complying with any special ‘rules of procedure’.

I am teaching the Common Law and I don’t presume to be an expert in any other jurisdiction of law because the Law does not require Me to be an expert in any other jurisdiction of Law.  The Common Law is the Supreme Law and a Superior Jurisdiction of Law to that of the municipal and provincial courts.  Municipal and provincial CROWN’s must answer to the authority of the Superior Courts.

Well, I’m not going to say too much more about My Court Case today as there is still too much Good News to report for today and plenty more to say about defence strategies later (and I am thing King that what I have Writ today appropriately foreshadows what Will Come).

In addition to Igniting some new and powerful Ideas for Court, I also met a new Chaplain from the Salvation Army who was there to provide support for My friend’s day Court and We had some wonderful conversations.  My friend told the Chaplain that I call My Self a King in Court and the Chaplain as King of Us if he could read us a quote from the Bible.  He chooses, “In the Beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Yup, I couldn’t make this stuff up.  Only moments later We are tall King about My Stylish new shoes and as I am showing them off I notice that there is Writing on the Sole of the shoes, too.  It reads as follows, “The Original Angelic Sole.  Resists alkali water, acid fatigue, Satan.  Walk in Peace.  (Signed John Fluevog)”.

I had noticed the slogan on the box was rather serendipitous, “Unique Soles for Unique Souls”, but I had never Imagined there would be more.  And all of this while We are tall King about how the Universe/God is always working in Divine Perfection, Giving Us Secret messages in every moment for those with eyes to see…  So that was pretty cool.  Oh, and there also happens to be 7 angels on the front of the sole and two more on the heel for a total of 9.

After We returned, I was tall King once again with David about how it would be nice to get a little more landscaping to finance My new projects but I haven’t worked for the guy in a week.  Moments later he pulls up in his van, excited to hear about My Court adventures and eager to have Me back.  We were already having a wonderful Wednesday and David just happened to mention that it would have been even better if We had a little more cash now so We could celebrate the day.  A few minutes later, another friend, also named Dave as King of Me if I Will paint a portrait of a kitten for his daughter and hands Me a photo to work from and a $50.00 advance for the commission.  I was not going to do any painting this summer (despite how much I miss it) because I didn’t have anywhere to store anymore paintings.  Yesterday, however, I met with My friend Captain Yoo, the Salvation Army Chaplain who has also commissioned Me for a painting and offered Me his office to store My paintings.  I am thing King that the Universe wants Me to continue painting while I prepare for My Case.

Wow, I apologize for the lengthy entries of late, thank You so much for Your time.  I appreciate You, sincerely.

Love and Blessings,









The Good News Journal, Volume XVII: The Sun has Sean Sunday Edition – The King’s Continuous Court of Record

Well, I had said that I would have plenty of exciting Good News to share with You all after My last Court appointment, and I have more than even I would have hoped for or expected!  My Words Manifest…  It is amazing how a turn of events can change One’s perspective!

Although there were many surprises in Court on Thursday and I was not in the least anticipating that I would be preparing for a Trial date, I was also Graced with many Gifts.  There were some powerful Words said on the Court of Record last Thursday.

I introduced My Self to both Crown and the Justice as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God; My Claim was not challenged and things proceeded quite normally.  However, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, appears nowhere on the police/Crown information, that much I can assure You.

Although the Justice failed to as King of Me several questions on the Form 17, I am reasonably confident that is the Form he was filling out.  He forgot to ask if I am choosing to be tried by a Judge or a Judge and Jury, and whether the Jury Will consist of twelve or thirteen jurors.  Any man charged with a crime has the right to be tried by a jury of his peers.  Anyway, after as King of Me what Charter rights I Wished to complain of, the Justice as King of Me to “File My Charter Declarations” with the Crown.

“The Secret in chess is to Give a man pieces and let him think he is taking them.” – Revolver.

The Justice as King of Me to Declare My Charters.  I’m only repeating to emphasize the importance.  I announced My proper legal title to the Court, on the Record, and have now been asked to Declare the Charters of My Kingdom/Jurisdiction.  I am not compelled to use Canada’s Charter, especially as a Sovereign, though it is necessary for Me to Declare the Laws of My Kingdom, which was something I already had in the [Great] Works.  Now, I have extra motivation to complete My Writ of Laws for God’s Kingdom and file them with the Crown, which is something I did not anticipate I would do until the launch of My Counter Claim.  I Will wait until they are fully completed before I photograph and publish them here; but I assure You I am taking My time so they reflect the Hand of a King.

I Will also have an opportunity to Present many supporting documents and prove once and for all that [man made] ‘laws’ do not have the Power or Authority to trespass on a man’s inherent [God Given] rights.  The ‘Rule of Law’ is Founded on a belief in God as Supreme authority, and that each of Us are equal in both rights and dignity.  Rights are Given by God, privileges and benefits are provided by the state (usually at the expense of One’s rights).

What I am most excited about, is My Blog.  This is the real Court.  Here is where You Will read about Canada’s legal system from the perspective of a Common man.  It provides a new perspective for this rogue journalist.  It may be a conflict of interest for Me to Write of some of the trespasses to the Common Law and human rights I witness everyday, but it is not a conflict of interest for Me to report on Canada’s Courts and Court Justices – in fact, it is in My best interest to do so.  I plan to return to the Court as soon as I can to find out the name of last Thursday’s Justice so I can tell You a little more about him.

In addition to Charters, One of the other things I Will be ‘disclosing’ to Crown is My Blog.  I Will advise Crown that every Blog Post Written here is a Living Will and Testimony of My character and My determination to Create positive change in the world.

We’re going to Trial, Lords and Ladies, this is going to be so much fun!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend,

Love and Blessings from the King’s Court!!!



The Good News Journal, Volume XVII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday in the King’s Court Edition

Hello, thank You for being here and welcome to the King’s Court!  It was not God’s Will for Me to complete the tales of My adventures in the King’s Court yesterday, a day of relaxation was in Order and it was very much appreciated; I was War King very hard the days leading up to My last appointment in Court.

I finished My previous Post just before the Court decided to break for lunch.  In retrospect, I may have the sequence of events somewhat muddled, but so long as the content of the events remains the same, the information I am Presenting remains reasonably accurate.  When I had first as King to the Justice if this was in fact the Judicial Pre-Trial, I had said that I wasn’t sure how this could be the Judicial Pre-Trial as there had been no resolution meeting with prosecution yet, nor had there been any Pre-Trial Conference or Pre-Trial Conference Form 17 filed with prosecution.  The Justice said, ‘oh, well that doesn’t matter, that’s not a rule’

“Well, the Department of Justice of Canada website says it’s a rule of Criminal procedures 4.2 or something.” (wasn’t entirely sure of the ‘code’ number).

“That doesn’t always apply.”

Hmmm…  Okay then, I am thing King to My Self; ignore criminal procedures that I know to be true and see if prosecution can still prove I am being treated with fairness and equality before the law.  Seems to Me that licenced lawyers have many special privileges and benefits not available to the Common man, like meeting with prosecution privately to discuss resolution options, a conference Pre-Trial, and My participation in the completion of the Pre-Trial Conference Form 17 to ensure all Charter protections are being met.  I know a lawyer would get to do all of these things, but go ahead ‘Honourable’ Justice, force Me to continue against My Will when I have clearly stated on a Court of Record that I am not prepared for Judicial Pre-Trial today…

“Really?  Okay, then…”

In retrospect, I am quite sure this was what I had said to the Justice first, before the break.  I had taken a few moments to explain that I had been as King to produce a letter for the Justice and was surprised there was no continuity.  The Justice read the letters I brought with Me and Crown insisted there was no such deal on the table, then I think the Court adjourned for lunch.  The Crown made their offer of a Peace Bond after lunch, and one of the Court clerks had attempted to call the Salvation Army to see if they could speak with anyone to confirm My residency there over the lunch break.  Everyone was in Good Spirits, the clerk made a joke about how disorganized the Salvation Army’s switchboard is.

Also, although I did politely request permission to pass the bar, My request was more or less ignored altogether, as the Justice and prosecution chose to speak over Me – so I just bowed and made My Self comfortable the first time and only bowed when I was called after lunch.  There were no issues with Me making My Self comfortable where the lawyers generally conduct their business, they flinched no more than they would have for any other lawyer or member of the Court, though after watching self rep Court cases all day, I can confirm that I was the only man to do so.  That seems very unusual to Me, too, and one of the reasons I am something of a local hero among My peers – apparently many of the things I do are unheard of (rescinding a bench warrant without being arrested was pretty huge, too – thanks again Mr. Shouldice).

Mr. Shouldice (as I heard him called by the Justice) was in Court, too – he had a Trial immediately following the last of the Cases on the docket (and I was one of the last).  I was happy to see him there, though I did not try to get his attention, I felt he would be impressed to see Me in action and that I had Honoured My Word (remember, this man ‘Vouched’ for Me ‘on the Record’ and is well known by the Court, whatever his position, though I am quite sure he is a criminal defence lawyer/attorney).  Part of Me just wanted him to know that his faith in Me was well founded.

When We returned from lunch, I remember things going a little more smoothly.  Usually, I am very confident and sure of My Self when I speak in Court; before the lunch break My Voice wavered a couple of times as it would when one is nervous (and I was) because I really hadn’t expected to be pressured into a Pre-Trial unprepared and against My Will, nor did I expect the Justice to insist on one regardless My sentiments on the matter.  I had truly expected that the Justice would as King of the prosecution why they have not agreed to meet with Me privately yet for resolution.  If there are constitutional rights violations, the Justice has the power to stay the charges (and probably should!), so these things are usually discussed before they are presented to a Justice publicly in Court.  At any rate, the Justice had said that a date for Trial would be set after the lunch break, so I decided I would use the time to regroup.  I was born ready and believe I would win My case even if they had sprung it on Me that day without notice, so why squabble about whether or not I should have had the opportunity to meet with prosecution for resolution, the right to a pre-trial conference, or anything else?  The less equality I am given before the law, the more trespasses upon My rights to complain of, and the better the chances of winning My Case.

So, prosecution was asked how long they felt they would need to present their evidence and asked for three quarters of a day.  Their witnesses are the three arresting officers and those listed on the information (another two employees of the Salvation Army).  They were asked if they required any additional disclosure and declined.  Then it was My turn.

“How long Will You need to Present Your defence?”

“I’m not really sure, I’ve never done this before (and figured there would be a pre-trial conference first to get a better sense of it), but if prosecution is asking for three quarters of a day, I Will be as King for the same.”

“Okay, one and a half days for the full trial.  Are You available Feb. 21st and 22nd?”

“Yes, I’m sure I can be.”

“Do You have any additional disclosure to request for Your defence?”

“Yes.  I would like the video footage from the Salvation Army’s fourth floor camera from the time of the arrest.”

“Okay, You Will have to Write a letter to the Salvation Army requesting that information and present it to the Crown’s office.  Any other disclosure?”

“Yes.  I want all audio and video coverage from the time of My arrest to the time of My release while in custody of the Ottawa Police Service.  They advised Me that everything I said could and would be used against Me in a court of law, I would like a record of everything I said to them.”

“Okay, and once again You Will have to Write a letter to the Ottawa Police requesting that information and file it with the Crown’s office.”

“Okay.  Do I need to Write a separate letter for each request, or can I request both in the same letter.”

“You can request both in the same letter.”


“Do You have any witnesses?”


“You Will have to provide the names and addresses of Your witnesses and Present them to the Court with a brief summary of their testimony.”


“Will You be complaining of trespasses to Constitutional rights as part of Your defence?”


“Okay, what Constitutional rights?”

“How about the right to not be subject to arbitrary attacks upon My character and/or the security of My person?”

Justice mumbles some code numbers and appears to be Writing them down.

“Anything else?”

“Yes, how about the right to not be arbitrarily deprived of access to My personal, private property?”

Again, mumbling code numbers under his breath as he Writes, “Anything else?”

“Yes!  How about…  The right to NOT be arbitrarily arrested, detained, or subject to exile?”

Mumbles more codes…  “Anything else?”

“That Will do for now.  If I have any others, I Will advise the Court later.”

“Okay.  You Will have to Declare Your Charters with the Crown’s office.”


Where My Voice may have wavered a little before lunch, My tone was strong and confident now.  I could feel that I had gained the support of those witnessing the proceedings, even those who work there, even the prosecution.  I even saw Mr. Shouldice glance up from whatever work he was doing when I declared My right to not be arbitrarily arrested, detained, or subject to exile.  Unless prosecution can produce a court issued warrant for the arrest, they have no case and the rest of the information is irrelevant, the search, seizure, arrest and detainment, unlawful!

Well, You were as King to go to Trial with Me, prosecution – Your Wish is My Command!

That pretty much sums up My day in Court, though I do return on December 7th to make sure everything is proceeding as planned.  I Will have much more exciting information about how I plan to proceed for You very shortly!

The King’s Court and Jurisdiction of God’s Kingdom

Love and Blessings,






Good News Journal Volume XVII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – The King’s Court of Record

Hello, and welcome to The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal.  Even when subject to some of the most challenging situations, I am determined to maintain a minimum of one Blog Post per week to Keep the Good News coming! 😉

As Promised, I have lots of exciting information to share about My adventures in Court and (once again), the only thing I had expected is that nothing would go as expected and I am pleased to report I was not disappointed.  I have no Idea how prosecution hopes to achieve a conviction, especially after today’s events.  However, before I recount today’s events, I Wish to thank the most Honourable Justice, Perkins Mc-Vey for following Me on Twitter – I am truly Honoured, thank You!

Truly An Honour, Your Honour!

I can’t say exactly when Her Honour began following Me on Twitter, I only know that I noticed on the full moon.  Whenever I have a chance to get online, one of the priorities is to maintain My social media accounts and one of those tiny little tasks is following back all of My new followers – seems like Common courtesy.  It is also important for those who may not be familiar with social media and Twitter to note that a person can view My Twitter page without having to follow Me.  It also demonstrates once and for all that My influence in the macrocosm is real and tangible in the physical Universe, what I Commonly refer to as My microcosm.  Furthermore, I was unable to report that the Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey was following Me on Twitter in My last Post, as it would have been a conflict of interest if Her Honour were still assigned to My Case and grounds for mistrial.  However, the Honourable Justice Perkins McVey was not in Court today, once again, a new Justice had been assigned to today’s proceedings, though there was no shortage of grounds for mistrial…  And so begins My Story of today’s events.

As per usual, I arrived at the courthouse early.  I had a feeling My Court matter might not be until 10:00 and I wanted to check the docket outside the courtroom before 9:00, just to make sure there were no more mistakes about the date.  When speaking of My last appearance in Court, I had mentioned that the docket had not been outside the courtroom when I entered at roughly 8:50 a.m., but today the dockets were clearly posted outside their respective court by 8:30, maybe sooner.  So today started off considerably better than My last experience in Court as I found My Case scheduled for 10:00 a.m.  I even had time to grab one last coffee before returning to Court to watch the proceedings, anticipating that the Honourable Justice Perkins-McVey would be pleased to see Me in Court early, eager to learn from the proceedings.

I was the first man to enter the Court with the exception of those who work there.  As soon as I entered, I was surprised and caught off guard by the clerk, “Sorry, there are no drinks allowed Court,” making reference to the coffee in My Hand.

I had no Idea what to say or what I might do if I wasn’t allowed to bring My coffee into the Court.  The rest of the People working for the Court have their mugs, why not Me?  I think My body language must have communicated My bewilderment and he followed up only a few seconds later with, “Oh, is that a travel mug?”


“Oh, travel mugs are allowed in Court, You’re okay!”, he retracted, cheerfully.

A wave of relief washed over Me.  I was thing King I would have to actually leave Court and abandon My travel mug somewhere which would really have ruined My Good start for the day. The surprise, on the other Hand, was a prelude to Thursday’s Theme.

Moments later, everyone rose as the Justice entered the Court for My second surprise of the day – the introduction of a new Justice.  I mentioned previously that it seems very unusual to Me that there is no continuity between Court dates.  The prosecution/prosecutor has changed for every court date so far, and the Justice has changed for every Court date so far.  I also didn’t enjoy watching the new Justice do His thing as much as I had enjoyed watching the Honourable Perkins-McVey, though the more Cases I watched, the more he grew on Me.  Although perhaps not as entertaining, I felt the new Justice was equally fair and very compassionate, which always makes Me happy to see and fills Me with Promise.  I really like believing that Our Court Judges and Justices are there to do Good.

really enjoyed My Time in Court today and it was a long day!  Even the Court staff were making jokes about how far behind schedule We were, yet it didn’t bother Me in the least – I could hardly believe how fast the time seemed to be passing.  Finally, just before lunch, the same clerk whom had suggested I couldn’t bring My coffee into the Court, caught My eye and exclaimed to the Justice, “Your Honour, the gentleman in the back right of the Court has been patiently waiting all day.  He was literally the first man to show up this morning, I think We should address his matter before the break.”

I laughed and told the Court that I was very patient and actually enjoy watching the proceedings, but was also very thankful the clerk had made note of My patience as it is something I am consistently working on.  Prosecution called My name and the antics began almost immediately, “Mr. von Dehn, if You could step forward for the Crown.”

“Um, actually, it’s King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.”

Prosecution proceeds as if I’ve said nothing at all and the Justice then addresses Me, “Mr. von Dehn?”

“Again, no.  King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, however unusual it may sound.”

A small chuckle from a man in the gallery, but with a smile of approval.  And I’m past caring what People think anyway, I’m waiting for prosecution to provide evidence to suggest I am not King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God – and without presuming to have the right and authority to subject Me to a jurisdiction of law where My Common Law rights are not protected against My Will, I still have no clue how prosecution intends to do that…  But I guess I’m going to find out, though perhaps not as soon as I would have liked.

After correcting the Justice, the Justice as King of Me if I was ready to proceed and I very quickly explained that I was confused. “I really don’t understand why there is no continuity in this Case and why I find My Self in front of a new Justice and a new prosecutor every time I come to Court.  Justice Perkins Mc-Vey as King of Me very specifically to provide proof of residency at the Salvation Army and perhaps a letter speaking of My character, and said that if I were to produce such letters that perhaps Crown would move to withdraw the charges.”

Prosecution quickly challenges My Claim, suggesting no such offer was made.

Once again I protested, “Your Honour, I am not sure if it is possible for Me to request a copy of the minutes from My last Court presentation with Justice Perkins Mc-Vey, but I am quite sure that is what Her Honour had said.”

The Justice asks the Crown to review any notes on the file from My previous appointments in Court.  “It does say here that he was asked to bring a letter proving residency but nothing about a character reference, Your Honour.  It also says nothing about the Crown moving to withdraw charges on those conditions, the Crown’s position would have been the same as it is today.”

Justice then asks Me if I know what the Crown is offering Me.  I said I knew they were offering Me diversion, but the Justice advises Me there is a new offer on the table and proceeds to explain, “the Crown is as King of You to Sign a Peace Bond.  Very simple, go upstairs, meet with a Justice of the Peace, Sign an agreement to Keep the Peace for a period of One year and refrain from contacting or being in the presence of [confidential for now/two individuals] except with their revocable consent.  Upon the completion of the Peace Bond, prosecution Will withdraw the charges, no criminal record, no additional conditions.  Sounds like a pretty Good deal, doesn’t it?”

“It is a Great deal!”, prosecution exclaims enthusiastically, “It’s not going to get any better than that, this is not just going to ‘go away’.  I does sound like a pretty Good deal, right?”

Seriously, I was once amazing at sales and this felt like a sales pitch.  In fact, the prosecution almost seemed desperate, emphatic, almost like she was begging Me to take the deal.

I turn to the People of the Court, those few stragglers whose matters had not yet been dealt with, “It does sound like a Great deal, doesn’t it!?”

Once again, prosecution clenches her fists like she’s cheering on a champion, “It really doesn’t get any better!”

Still addressing the People of the Court, seated in the benches, “It sounds like a Great deal, but let Me as King of You this”, turning back to prosecution and the Justice, “if I Sign this Peace Bond, Keep the Peace for a year and the charges are then withdrawn, can I still sue the Ottawa Police Service for unlawful arrest and trespass upon My Common Law rights?”

“Uh, no, probably not.

Probably not?  That’s what the Justice said, probably not.  What they don’t tell You, is that doing so is consenting to their authority and jurisdiction, an admission of having done wrong, essentially ‘justifying’ the arrest.

Once again, turning to the People of the Court, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought”, then, back to the Justice, “so no, no deal!”

“Okay, so We’re going to go to trial.  We’ll set up a date for Trial after the break.”

“Before We break, I would like to know is this the Judicial Pre-Trial today?”

“Yes, this is Judicial Pre-Trial.”

“Again, Your Honour, I had said very clearly the last time I was before a Justice that I did not think Crown was ready for Judicial Pre-Trial, and am certainly not ready for Judicial Pre-Trial.  I was advised by the last Justice that if I wasn’t ready for Judicial Pre-Trial I could reschedule and discuss that today.”

“You can discuss that today but We’re not going to reschedule, Crown is ready to proceed and We are doing the JPT today, We Will set up the trial date after the lunch break.”

I didn’t really know what else to say at that point.   I don’t want to challenge the Justice, but I also don’t believe I’m receiving equal protection of the law and the judicial process.  However, I figured My compliant could wait until after lunch, and I was beginning to feel I could use a break to regroup.

[to be continued…  (tomorrow, God Willing)]

Love and Blessings,











The Good News Journal, Volume XVI: The Super Hot Sunday Canada Day Edition

Happy Super Hot Canada Day Sunday, everyone!  The current temperature is 36 degrees Celsius, though the humidex makes it feel more like 45.  Yeah, that’s pretty warm!  I don’t Mind it – in fact, I actually enjoy it.  I moved 7,800 lbs worth of bricks by Hand before 10:00 a.m. this morning and it was already 28 degrees and feeling like 34.  Yes, I was raising money to finance My political objectives on a ridiculously hot Sunday, but My efforts have already paid off.  I managed to accomplish all My immediate objectives a few days faster than I had anticipated.  I now have a short sleeved dress shirt with My Logo on the left breast pocket and a new pair of fancy Fluevog’s for Court on Thursday.

Court Shoes

Well, much as I love Vans [shoes], I would never have guessed that fancy Fluevog’s would feel so comfy!  It’s like wearing a pair of gloves on My feet!  I Imagine a few of My friends Will be surprised, as I am not typically one to fuss about things like fine clothes, much less spend three bills on a pair of shoes, but I figure it’s time to get into character and I do like to express My own unique Style.  And yes, I Will be rocking these with jeans, though they Will also be bearing My Logo by the time I get to Court.

The more excited I am about going to Court, the more things I have to be excited about.  Unfortunately, I can’t yet share My news, I can only tell You that I have some big news to share!  I Promise I Will have more exciting news to share with everyone after My presentation Thursday, so I appreciate Your Patience until then.  I also want My readers to know I am only withholding information because it is important to Keep My Courtroom strategies Secret for now – I’ve already said that if prosecution does not move to withdraw the charges I Will be as King to set up a date to fill out the Pre-Trial Conference ‘Form 17’ as soon as possible, and that is already more than enough for now.

Canada Day is also My nephew’s name day.  I don’t know My nieces and nephew’s, but I did as King to My Brother to let them know that their uncle is War King to make the world a better place for them to grow up in, and My Brother assured Me he would.  I believe that soon I Will have enough influence to make that happen.  For now, I want them to know that for Me, Canada Day is a day I remember and celebrate their Life.  Our children deserve a better world, and I am thing King most of Us know they do.

I have a lot of exciting things going on in My Life.  A few months ago I was tall King about how powerful a tool social media can be when I actually work at marketing My ‘Brand’, though I’ve barely had time to Write lately, never Mind micromanage My social media accounts.  However, I have been War King on finding a Way to get My Logo on clothing for a while and finally managed to get it done yesterday.  Soon, I Will have something bearing My Logo wherever I go and that’s kind of exciting for Me.  I am also War King on flyers and not for profit [business] cards and should have at least one of those two projects completed by the end of the week, perhaps Saturday.

The other thing that is kind of exciting for Me is that I have earned a tremendous amount of respect from My peers for My recent adventure in Court.  Apparently, having a bench warrant rescinded without a lawyer and without getting arrested is unheard of, so I’m something of a hero to My peers.  I should also probably point out that I don’t believe My Court date was changed, I genuinely believe the mistake was mine; some of My friends had suggested they switched the date without informing Me deliberately – I don’t believe they did.  I had really hoped that the Honourable Justice would allow Me to set the date for June 5th, but June 5th was not a ‘self-rep’ Court date, so the 14th was offered.  I did not Write it down right away, I remember thing King that it sounded perfect because it was still a ‘5’ [4+1, numerology] and I had Visualized My Court date being on a ‘5’.  Might sound unusual but My Mind is Visual, so when I got outside the Court and Writ the date, I Writ 15 instead of 14 and never gave the matter another thought.  And My next Court date is now July 5th – coincidence?..

So, I’m four sleeps away from My next big day and I Promise I Will have more exciting things to Write about and My Word is My Bond.

I hope You have all have a fabulous July 1st, Canada Day weekend!

(Not Canadian, just a Good song) 😉

Love and Blessings,






The Good News Journal, Volume XVI: The Thoughtful Thing King Thursday Edition

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone, thank You for being here!

I have been thing King about what kind of things I can Write about now.  Recently, letters I’ve Writ to elected officials like Lloyd Longfield have been getting the most views and remind Me of just how much My Life really does read like a Story, how continuous and consistent My determination to be the Change I dream to see in the world actually is.

June 5th was the 10th anniversary of My awakening and there were many times it felt as if I were making little to no progress on My Quest, despite all My efforts.  Now I review My stats to see what people are reading and am amazed with what I have accomplished in the last ten years.  I also know that this [The Good News Journal] is the final chapter of My first Book.

I’ve experienced a lot over the last year.  My Twitter followers increased from 55 to 5,250 (thank You so very much), I was published in The Ottawa Sun, The Ottawa Citizen, The National Post, and Metro newspapers (which covers all the major newspapers in Ottawa), had artwork featured in an exhibition to create awareness of homelessness in Ottawa, and have more People reading these Words than ever before.  Every single one of these seemingly minute details are of tremendous benefit to Me with respect to My aspirations in Law and current (like electricity) legal affairs – they tell a Story, they form and shape My Character.

Although things are quiet now, all things are cause and effect.  I have experienced enough over the last year to provide a fair and accurate report of just how poorly the poor are treated in Canada, and what kind of inhumane conditions Canada’s homeless (in particular) are subject to.  Without having had these experiences, I would not be able to effectively complain of trespasses upon the rights of the Canadian People.  The conditions Canada’s homeless are subject to are so deplorable that if the Common man  were to know just how horrific it really is for these People, there would be an international scandal overnight, much like there was when the U.N. discovered just how horrible the conditions are for Canada’s aboriginal People.

The experience has provided Me with motivation and ammunition for the Courts.  At some point, the Attorney General of this county Will have to answer to these atrocities and explain why corporate policies have been passed that trample upon the dignity and rights of the Canadian People.  I can’t wait to hear how the City of Ottawa Will explain how it can afford to pay $1250 a month to a shelter but can only afford an allowance of $370 a month for the same individual to find dignified housing.  I challenge anyone to find any kind of dignified living space in the city of Ottawa for $370 or less.  On the other hand, what kind of dignified shelter would $1250 per person provide?  No brainer, right?

So why do these things happen, why are Canada’s poorest People subject to deplorable shelter conditions when there is clearly enough money in the city budget to improve the situation for everyone?  Because We allow these conditions to exist.  People are the authority of government and We seem to forget that We are the boss, the authority, the employer – regardless the position of the elected official.  In fact, the greater the position and authority of an elected official, the greater their Duty and responsibility to the People.  We need to fire some of Our elected officials…  And no cushy compensation packages for crooks!  The Prime Minister, Attorney General, Governor General and Mayor of Ottawa, should all be subject to living in a shelter for one year, then We Will see just how fast the conditions for Canada’s homeless and impoverished improves!

I’ve been doing what a lot of People would consider ‘real’ work lately; I’ve been landscaping.  Is it important?  Will it make a difference?  Will My landscaping benefit the world in some Magical Way?  Not likely, though I Will make Her Majesty’s land a little more luxurious for one man’s family to live on…  And I’ll finance a pair of fancy Fluevog shoes for Court next Thursday.

The real work, is doing what I do, taking the road less traveled; the High road on My High horse.  How many times I have been as King to get off My ‘High Horse’ – never!!!  I am God’s representative and “My Kingdom Comes”, My Word Manifests.

You see, My friends call Me King, they really do.  I have become that to those in My microcosm.  I do not pretend to be anything else; not to My friends, not to case workers or the city of Ottawa, not to anyone.  When the community of social services as King of Me if I was looking for work, I told Orsolya Vanscody, “I am War King now, advising You that You are unlawfully and fraudulently presuming to have administrative rights over a commercial contract that should no longer exist, compelling Me to contract with You under duress suggesting I have no right to basic needs or shelter unless I do.  I have a Duty to protect the Common Law for the People of Canada and I am War King ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  So, no, My job is tough enough, I am not looking for any additional work.”

Of course, Orsolya had no Idea what to say to that, and I said that I hadn’t expected she would.  Instead, I insisted she Keep a copy of the documents I have filed with the Attorney General so that she knows that what I just told her is in fact true and take the matter to her manager.  The longer the Ministry of Community and Social Services presumes to have right to administrate debt in My name, the Greater the trespass upon My Common Law rights.  I have claimed that I am working ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ and My Sworn Oath has been received by the Superior Court of Wellington County (and, of course, I Keep a Record of these facts for the Courts). 😉

Can You see why Life is Fun for Me?  All in Good Time…

People as King of Me when I Will start painting again almost every day.  Painting is a hobby, something I do to Honour those whom have influenced My Life.  I Will begin painting again when I have a studio.  That’s the next Goal, for those who Wonder of My current (like electric) Goals.  My Kingdom Comes…

I hope this Thursday finds You feeling Loved and Blessed,






The Good News Journal, Volume XV: The Sunday Sean Celebrates Summer Edition

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to the first Sunday of summer!  June is My favourite month; it’s My name day, the first day of summer, and the month with the most hours of daylight.

Today, I am celebrating summer with a ‘Me’ day as I had said I would in My last Post.  Thanks to a few Microsoft updates, I was encouraged to relax and enjoy the cafe’s ambience for a couple of hours before I could begin Writing…  Now I feel more like celebrating the sunshine than working on a Blog Post, so that is what I am going to do, though now My computer is up to date and the goal is to return later to finish what I’ve started.

I am excited about so many things in My Universe and this is where I am sharing the Good News, so I am happy to be back to report that Sunday afternoon did not disappoint, the sun shone warm and bright.  I’m back in My new favourite Starbucks, ready to right (Write) the injustices of the world. 😉

The reason I’m so excited about Court is because one Way or another, all My issues Will soon be resolved.  I have no Idea what the Crown Will do, I only know they Will never get a conviction.  The research I shared with My readers in the last edition of The Good News Journal boosted My enthusiasm beyond measure, especially after reading the Pre-Trial Conference Form.  Even more encouraging, is that the Form is to be filled out jointly by the Crown [prosecution] and the defendant.  This is one of those parts of the legal process the ‘Common’ man knows nothing about because the accused Will never be a part of the Pre-Trial Conference if represented by a lawyer, the meeting is private.  I look forward to hearing how prosecution hopes to answer to jurisdiction, so filling out the Pre-Trial Conference Form is a great opportunity for Me to feel out My adversary before the Pre-Trial Conference.  I anticipate the Crown is going to withdraw the charges on July 5th anyway, but if they don’t, I Will be as King of the Justice to set up a date with prosecution to fill out the Pre-Trial Conference Form as soon as possible.  The longer prosecution presumes to have a case, the more money it Will ‘cost’ the taxpayer, and the more foolish prosecution Will look.

Needless to say, I’m not ‘worried’ about Court in any Way.  My greatest concern, is that the charges Will be dropped without Crown having to answer to the unlawful arrest and [Constable Christopher Jenkyn’s] failure to establish joinder and/or jurisdiction.  So, if Crown does file a motion to have the charges withdrawn, I am going to as King of the Court to proceed with the charges, and to transfer any other existing provincial charges to the City of Ottawa so I can deal with Guelph and Toronto, too.  All of these charges are an offence to My character and must be cleared from My record, the files destroyed; that is the end goal [and it should already be done].  I feel I can Present this Idea to the Court as an offering for prosecution, suggesting that perhaps with more information they Will feel more confident in their ability to obtain a convict-Sean, and I can’t really see why Crown would object.

If this whole thing does make it to the Pre-Trial Conference, that is where I can demand the protections of a Common Law Court/Jurisdiction and My Wish Will be Granted, meaning that My motion of Counter Claim Will be admissible.  It makes more sense to deal with all charges at once, than it does to deal with each of the municipalities individually; both with respect to time and cost to the taxpayer.

I Will also have the opportunity to provide counsel for a friend of mine on July 5th, too.  As there are never any coincidences in the Universe, the friend I recently refused to speak for in Court did manage to get his disclosure packages together and is also scheduled to return on July 5th, 9:00 a.m., so I have agreed to help him prepare his defence, figuring the Universe must have placed him in that Courtroom with Me for a reason.

The other element of My Life [and Court] I’m beginning to enjoy is that more people seem to recognize Me now.  The first couple of times I went to Court, I felt more like the attorney’s, lawyers and employees of the Court were judging Me, but the last time I was there I was greeted with many gracious, genuine-seeming smiles from what are quickly becoming familiar faces.  I feel like I’m developing a reputation in the legal community, slowly but surely, and soon the Courts Will know Me.  I look forward to the day the Courts know Me as well as the BC employment standards branch once knew Me – last employer I took to the employment standards tribunal walked out as soon as he realized I was counsel for his employee, telling the adjudicator he would sign anything and be waiting in the lobby.  That was over fifteen years ago now, but that was a Good day, too!  I look forward to the day I have a similar reputation in Court. 😉

Although I don’t like slaving away at meaningless jobs, I have managed to secure as much work as I can handle to finance some additional [and perhaps unnecessary] Court costs.  I have My eye on a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes and I have found a company that can stitch My Logo right onto My dress shirt so that My ‘flag’ Will be visible anytime I stand in Court – I’m also looking into non-profit [otherwise known as business] cards, too.

Everything feels like it’s coming together, I just need to be patient.  By the time this thing is over, perhaps I Will have perfected patience…

I hope You have all had a sensational weekend,

Love and Blessings,