The Good News Journal, Volume IV: The Miraculous Monday Money Edition

Good day everyone and welcome to the miraculous Monday money Edition of The Good News Journal.

Did You know You are wealthy enough to pay back all the world’s debt?  Well, it’s true – anyone on earth has enough wealth to pay back every outstanding debt to private, central banks.  From the perspective of logic and reason, if We know that each ‘human life’ is worth unlimited commercial value, it becomes reasonably obvious that it’s true.  Yet, even though I have come across many individuals over My years of study that know this is true in law, it would seem that ‘unlimited commercial value’ is limited in value and relative to the Capacity of One’s Imagination (I-Mage-I-Nation).  You can tell an individual they have unlimited commercial value, but only the individual can know their worth.

Once again, this is another example of how Spirituality and Kingdom are connected; no One can truly know a man’s value except the man. I always believed I would eventually get all of My legal stuff sorted out and I vowed that when I did I would share My information with everyone free of charge.  I initially figured the Universe would bring people into My Life that are mature and responsible enough for Me to mentor privately.  It didn’t take long to realize that some of the things I am sharing here really cannot be taught.  Becoming Sovereign is as easy as filing a single document and I could even help a man Write one.  The problem is, very few people fully comprehend what they are doing well enough to know how to proceed after they file that first document.

I’m preparing this Post for Monday morning, so it’s Sunday in My now and warm sunshine is streaming through My window.  I have the dorm to My Self for at least the weekend, maybe longer (apparently I’m impossible to room with), so I have a little extra space and used it to set up a mini office.  This is the 22nd Edition of The Good News Journal and I’ve managed to Write daily even though My personal situation is far from Ideal.   Early last May I gave legal notice to Canada’s Superior Court that My thumbprint Will be used to discharge any food and lodging costs, though I haven’t done it yet because it’s the most difficult thing for most to comprehend and I don’t want any One thing King I am doing anything ‘Special’; We all have this Power.

Essentially, as soon as everyone can comprehend that We each have a Divine Purpose and unlimited value in the eyes of God, the sooner We can accomplish peace.

I didn’t really believe that any of the elected officials I’ve Writ would know how to do what I have as King of them to do, so it’s not really that much of a surprise for Me that they haven’t done it, though I was thing King that they would have contacted Me in some Way to reach a resolution.  The reason I gave them so much time is because I know how fast things are going to change when I start using My thumbprint.  Contacting Me would have allowed for Me to work with the Canadian government to determine how and when this information should be shared with the Canadian people.  They are leaving everything up to Me.  This is how the information is being shared with the Canadian people and the rest of the world because I believe ‘they’ want Me to show the world what it means to be a King and Act in Honour.

It’s exactly two weeks for Me now and I am very, very excited.  I Will still be hoping for My Letters to arrive sometime Monday afternoon – I almost feel like I’m waiting for Armour to arrive; not essential to the Mission, but most certainly helpful.  I also have a couple of strategies to share if My not so secret, Secret Mail system does prove to be War King and, (as One might expect) some of those Ideas involve Writing more Letters.

It has taken a long time for Me to grow into My new title and to ready My Self for what I am about to do.  One of the things holding Me back was how I might be perceived if I’m living a life of luxury while others are still struggling and I mentioned this to One of My Good friends today.

He laughed and said, “I know what You say is true, anyone could do what You are doing but I would never want to!!!  I don’t want to go out and do what You’re doing, and I don’t really think anybody else wants to either.  You actually like doing all the stuff You do, Writing Letters, chasing after politicians, most people can’t be bothered with that. Most people just want to follow someone else.  You are going to make everyone rich so I don’t really think anyone’s going to care if You enjoy a little luxury on the Way.” (Paraphrasing, My memory isn’t that Good).

That’s really been what’s holding Me back because I truly believe in all the philosophies I Write about – a true leader would never take more than the least of his people.  However, to do what I am here to do properly, I Will need to step it up a notch.  I need a proper office to work from, I need to eat healthier food (I’ve been told I’m losing weight), and (to be taken seriously by Canada’s elected officials), I need to demonstrate that I know how to exercise My authority and hold them accountable for their breach of the public trust.  In short, this Mage Will need Staff.

So, at the Time this Post Will be available to the Public, there Will be 13 days left before I begin saving the global economy.  Four represents foundation, so the Fourth Volume of The Good News Journal Will be about establishing a firm foundation for Kingdom.  I am also often tall King about Keys and their importance in man’s psyche.  I found one more Key to Kingdom that I Will be sharing with You shortly.

The Good News for this Miraculous Money Monday Edition, is that I really am here to pay back all outstanding debts to central banks.  In fact, I’m quite sure the world is banking on it.  In God We Trust.

Love and Blessings, have a Marvelous, Magical, Monday!!!













The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Sunday Reflect Sean Edition, The Power of Love

Hello everyone and Bless You for being here.  Today I am going to be tall King about Love which is something I do not Write of very often, even though it is the single greatest influence and motivator in My microcosm.  Spring is coming soon and the warmth of the sun Tends to remind Us of romance.

Although I may not Write of Love very much, I do often Write about God.  At the time I Writ My Book, I almost never spoke of God because there are so many different opinions about God; instead I Called it Love.  I have Dreamed of the same woman four or five times over the last year which is very unusual for Me.  In fact, I Dream so rarely that this woman is the only thing I have Dreamed about over the last year.  Although tall King about sex would probably improve My ratings, I hope You Will not be disappointed to hear that My Dreams are all family friendly, “G” rated, which suggests to Me that they are Significant.  I literally wake up in Love with this woman and reflect on the Dream as much as I can in hopes of remembering it – and  I always do, which is rare for Me, too.  I even woke one morning Dreaming of Her and decided to go back to sleep, hoping I would Dream of her more – and I did!!!  It’s like she’s My secret Dream date girlfriend and it feels like it’s already real, like I’m being teleported to a beautiful Time in My future.

They are all similar in Style.  She is always the one tall King to Me, holding My Hand and leading Me around, introducing Me to people.  She is so happy and her smile is so bright, nothing in the Universe could outshine it, except maybe her Heart.  The most Significant Part of the Dream, is that it is clear that I have already succeeded in My task, world peace is already accomplished, she is tall King about how she knew Me before We became what We are in the Dream.

Anytime I have this Dream, I wake from it even more inspired than usual – I want to earn the smile on Her face.  I was tall King about this Dream with a close friend and he said to Me, “Just be careful, I don’t want to see You get hurt if it doesn’t work out.”

I laughed, even though I understand his concern.  I allow My Self to get excited about anything that inspires Me and although I know it might be typical for some to guard their emotions so they can’t get hurt ‘if things don’t work out’, I know things always do.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I Will end up with the girl I am dreaming about, it just means that it’s okay to be inspired by the Idea of it.  As a Mystic, I know that’s what the Dream represents, the Idea of having someone special to share My Dream/Success with.  It may not actually be the girl I am dreaming of, but if it’s not, I Will end up meeting some One who is a vibrational match for the Way this woman makes Me feel in the Dream. I believe My Dreams are there to inspire Me, so they do.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a recurring Dream and I believe the only reason I am having it is to motivate and inspire Me.  I worked so hard to achieve My Dream, I began to wonder what I might do once it’s finally done.  My Dream Gives Me purpose and it’s motivated by Love.  Everything in the Universe is motivated by Love.

When I was young, it was the Love for My Mother and watching her struggle financially that initially inspired a deeply rooted determination to Create a better world.  As I grew up, I had girlfriend’s like any One else would but could never consider children until there was a better world for them to grow up in.  When I awakened Spiritually, I vowed never to take a serious girlfriend until I have accomplished My task because I did not feel it would be fair to subject any One to the adversity I might face in My determination to accomplish peace in the world.  Now that I’m so close, I want to be sure that the woman who ends up in My Life is with Me because she believed in what I could do, not because she wants to share the Glory of what I’ve already done.

In Truth, I am in Love with My Purpose more than anything else in the world.  Those who are Goal setters and achievers Will know what I am tall King about when One is on the cusp of a great accomplishment, that quiet Voice or feeling that says, ‘so what Will You do now?’.

The Dream simply represents that being Love Will result in being Loved, whatever that means to a man who feels he is deeply loved in every moment.  I really do.  The Universe is so proud of what I am doing that it is easy for Me to disregard what others might think.  For Me, the Dream is telling Me that God Will Love Me no less when My Work is done, that the Love He has always had for Me Will also be reflected in My microcosm…

I think We all Dream of that perfect Love but the only perfect Love is with God.  If You know Your Purpose and Love God’s Plan for You, there is no Way His Love Will not find a Way to manifest in Your microcosm.  Give Your Love to God and God Will Give You Love.

The beautiful woman I Dream of has helped Me to Create new Dreams that begin when this Dream ends.  I began to Wonder what We might do, how We would spend Our Time.  I want to travel the world and learn as many languages as I can, visit with as many cultures as possible.  I Will complete a series of paintings to Honour everyone who helps Me to accomplish world peace.  I Will continue to Write My Blog and report on all the beautiful things I experience in the world so I can share them with You.  These are the things I’m beginning to Dream of now, things I would not even consider if I were not on the cusp of accomplishing My Life’s Purpose.

I want to make this woman proud to be with Me.  What She really represents, is God.  I want God to be proud of Me and the woman represents the most perfect Idea of God on Earth.  God wants Me to know his Love Will be waiting for Me and shining on Me every bit as much when I am done and I am more motivated than ever to make it happen.  All because of Love.  This Edition of The Good News Journal Sunday Edition was inspired by a Twitter hashtag yesterday as King to describe the Beatles in five Words.


So Love and Blessings, everyone, Happy Sunday!!!

May the Love of God shine upon You…  And so it is. 😉









The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Spiritual Saturday Sensei Sean Edition

Happy Saturday, every One!!!  Did You know that three exclamation marks activates the Idea of a Crown in man’s psyche? Did You know that capitalizing a Word makes it more important in Your Mind?  Is My unusual use of capital Letters beginning to make more Cents?  And perhaps My Word Play, too?

This Edition of The Good News Journal Will be the 20th consecutive Edition which is truly remarkable for Me.  Twenty consecutive days of Writing is something for Me to be proud of on a personal level and You are making it so enjoyable for Me to be here.  Thank You.

I decided to dedicate today’s Post to Spirituality because the Significance of man’s relay Sean Ship with God (Universe, Macrocosm) is a Central Theme in this Play, and is the difference between Sovereignty and Kingdom.  At 2:37 Friday afternoon, mail has still not arrived, so I don’t have the photos I was so excited to Post…  Yet.  But I’m not any less enthusiastic or excited than I was when I was Writing about how Magical it Will be to finally have them.  And that is Spirituality, too, because everything is perspective.

I was considering what it might mean if they were not returned to Me.  I Spent (Time is money) My Friday morning following up on phone calls once again, this Time armed with My new automated Call Recorder.  Once again, Trudeau’s office is the only one who’s phone rings endlessly off the hook which to Me is a reflection of his character in the macrocosm, ‘ the lights are on but nobody’s home’.  However, Dr. Khouri has returned from vacation and was able to confirm having received the Letter, though he was with a patient and did not say when I should expect him to respond.  Calling the rest of the offices is really just a courtesy and formality because I know they got the Letters and it really isn’t My responsibility to make sure they know how to respond.  The most important detail for Me, was to be sure that My Letter was received because Innes Dental is a private corporation.  According to Wiki, a Lieutenant Governor can Send Letters outside of government On Her Majesty’s Service.  I am Officially (office-I-ally) Acting in the Capacity of Lieutenant Governor or Higher in Canada and legally recognized as such in the Post all system.

This is not News, only absolute confirm ‘A’ Sean of what I had Writ in previous Editions of The Good News Journal, now I am considering what it might mean if My Letters are not returned to Me.  Some may consider it a ‘fail’, yet it would suggest that the previous group of Letters I Sent were not automated, they were given consider a Sean.  Sending a Letter to My Self may be considered a reflect Sean of the proverb ‘God Self does not prove God Self’.  I Give all things a Mystic interpret a Sean, See the world through Spiritual eyes, real eyes new things.  To Me, it would suggest I must “Trust in God”, that My Powers in the Mail system Will not be proven to Me, though if I Trust any Letters I need to Send Will be delivered, then it Shall be Done.

I thought it may also be worth noting that I still believe My two Letters Will arrive, I am only surprised they have not yet reached Me.  The only detail that changed, is that I did not get a receipt to show that they were received by the Post Office.  An agent at a Post Office is like a clerk in a courthouse, except this courthouse is the whole world.  This is where Kings do business.  My theory is that ‘God Speed’ Will ensure the delivery of any letter because no one wants to offend God.  I Will be disappointed if I should find that is not the case.  Having said that, I don’t believe it would ever work for commercial purposes – if You want to participate in commerce, You Will have to pay the price.

If My letters are not returned to Me, as a Mystic, it simply means that whoever made sure My last Letters arrived does not want Me to know if it was by Way of My own Hand or because I am On Her Majesty’s Service – the Universe wants Me to Trust My own instincts.  I showed the world what I wanted to do and Trusted it would be done for Me before I researched whether or not it should work – and it did, even though there is no conclusive evidence to suggest why it should have.  One small Miracle in the Mind of a Mystic.

I am also super excited this Saturday because I Writ about one of My friends suggesting I stay at the Chateau Laurier and now three of My friends have suggested it.  Today a friend told Me she had Dreamed about Me and that I had achieved tremendous success and was a Powerful, influential member of society.  The thoughts and dreams friends of mine express to Me tend to manifest even faster than My own.  I wonder if the woman I am Dreaming of Dreams of Me, too…

I am also Mind full that tomorrow Will be the beginning of My two week countdown and that excited Me!  I uploaded all of My phone Calls to Sound Cloud so that You can all get a Cents of My ‘professionalism’ on the phone, and all of these things have inspired so many new Ideas, that I Will have plenty of new strategies to share with every One tomorrow…  And maybe a little bit of the Secret Love that is something of a motivator for Me in My microcosm.

In an effort to Keep My Editorial reasonably short and sweet, I Will Sign off for today and look forward to speak King with You again on Sunday.  I hope this Saturday has been Sensational for You,

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Fabulous Friday for Thing King ‘Frankly’ Edition

I hope and Trust You are having a Fabulous Friday, thanks for being here.  I would also like to Give Thanks to My new Blog subscribers this week, the followers of My Blog Will always have a very Special place in My Heart.  Thank You so much to everyone finding My Words, I Love You for being here.

I’m Writing this Post on a Wednesday because I’m ahead of the Game and beginning to get excited.  The Letters I Writ to My Self are likely to come back tomorrow and that is very exciting for Me!  In fact, I’m so excited it feels a little silly!  So I thought I would use the Energy to bring some enthusiasm into My Friday Public ‘A’ Sean.

The reason I’m so excited is because I did a little research and it seems there is very little information about sending mail ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.   The Wiki link does say it is often used in the Common Wealth and can be used in Canada for letters to the House of Commons or any member of Parliament, but the information isn’t verified and there is nothing about O.H.M.S. mentioned on the Royal Mail Service website.  The other detail I found interesting is that Wiki says Lieutenant Governors can Send letters O.H.M.S.

I decided to research the information because I thought I would find something to confirm the service was available to anyone in the Common Wealth, even for sending letters to a private business or corporation like Innes Dental or The Ottawa Citizen.  I was not able to find any information to confirm this is true – that’s Part of the reason I Cast the last two Spells upon My Self.

I Sent two letters addressed to Me the exact same Way I Sent the first Seven, except one was sent O.H.M.S., the other with only My thumbprint and ‘God Speed’ where One would typically apply Post Age.  (I Will include photos when they return to Me, which I anticipate Will be Thursday or Friday).

If only the Letter Sent O.H.M.S. is delivered to Me, then I know that My thumbprint is only acknowledged when I am Acting On Her Majesty’s Service and may not even be required to ensure delivery (as My return address and Hand Writing Will Identify Me, too).  It would essentially mean that the Letters were only delivered because I have Her Majesty’s support (legally as an automated procedure in the mail service or intentionally because I am known to be in Her service).

If they are both returned to Me, then I know My thumbprint and ‘God Speed’ are sufficient Post Age for any future letters I may want to Send and ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’, becomes a legally recognized title and address in the international community.  And this is why Friday is Fabulous for thing King because this takes being King to a whole new level, which is something I only recently Writ I would do on the first of April.

I am almost positive I am going to have both letters returned to Me and I am gushing with excitement.  Having My own Stamp is about as official as being the King of My own Realm can be!  And I’m even more pleased that I have the opportunity to share this excitement with You because this is a perfect example of how I am still learning so much!  It is also a great example of how Magic can have a transformational effect on Me, even before the letters arrive.

I realized that even Sending a Letter with My proper title and address in the top left of the envelope is the ‘proper’ Way to Send a Letter (I thought Writing [return address] on the back of the envelope might be okay, too).  I never really considered the legal implications of sending a letter identifying My Self as a King in the international mail system and it would make sense that a King would have some Way to communicate with other Kings and international leaders, right?  Hmmm…

Remember when I said that if I don’t get anywhere with the government of this country I Will go everywhere without them?  It is very Good to know that My Letters were delivered to the two non-government addresses but the more I read about O.H.M.S., the less likely it seems they should have been.  That was what inspired the Sending of two letters to My Self “In Loving Care of” where I am now.  Initially, I did it because it would be One more document for My legal portfolio showing My title is acknowledged by Canada Post.  Even I was not thing King big enough, I was only thing King Canada, not international.

According to Wikipedia, a Lieutenant Governor can send mail O.H.M.S. (outside of government offices).  That suggests I have the Powers of the Lieutenant Governor (or higher) in Canada’s mail system, whether My Letters got there because they were sent O.H.M.S., or not.

The other interesting thing I discovered about sending letters is the Franking Privilege.  The Franking Privilege is a privilege usually Given to members of parliament and government that allows a man to Sign where One would typically apply a Stamp to send letters postage free between government representatives within a nation.  If both letters are returned to Me, it Will mean that I have franking privileges, presumable because I’m the King of My Nation.

Translation:  it Will mean I have the status of Post Master General in the Post all system, the right to Send My own documents anywhere in the world, and anything I apply to the top right (up right, upright (Standing)/Highest, Highness (Authority) Right, True and Correct) Will Act as My Stamp and Will sufficiently pay for My Post Age.  I can Create My own Stamps!!!  That’s pretty bad ass!

Can You Imagine how My Mind might be reeling with Ideas?  If You knew You could Write anyone in the world and use any kind of artwork You like for a Stamp, what would You use and who would You Write?  My friends think I should plan to stay at the Chateau Laurier, they say it’s fit for a King, maybe I Will Write them a Letter.

And to be thing King I said I was done Writing Letters.  I think I also mentioned something about this Blog being like an international, free Post office.  And now I am that in the real world… I am that, I am!

It is 11:00 for Me on a Thursday morning, preparing this Post for Your Friday and hoping I Will have a photo to Post with this Edition sometime later today.  God Speed.


I hope and Trust Your Friday Will be Fabulous,

Thanks for being on this adventure with Me,

Love and Blessings,








The Good News Journal, Volume III: Thursday Special Feature – A Call with Ottawa’s Ministry of Community and Social Services Manager, Chris Tuck

Chris Tuck, Ministry of Community and Social Services Manager was (once again) informed that the Ministries are fraudulently administrating an account against My Will and that failure to close the account and provide disclosure of such Will constitute a breach of the Public Trust, an indictable offence punishable by up to 5 years in prison.  It isn’t always easy being King…

Chris Tuck, Manager; Ministry of Community and Social Services Ottawa



The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Thrilling Thursday Thoughts Edition

Good day everyone and thank You for being here, it is a great pleasure to have You with Me.

I have a lot of stuff going on – and in My now, it’s only Tuesday.  When I started The Good News Journal I was initially worried I wouldn’t have enough going on to Write a Post every day, now I Wonder how I Will manage to cover all the material I want to cover before April 1st.  Writing about being a King might sound a little strange but the reason this Journal is so important is because We are all Kings. This is about how any Common man can Act as a King to defend the Common Law in any Common Wealth country.

Thrilling Thursday Thoughts Edition is about sharing some of My thoughts to Give My audience a better understanding as to how I come up with My strategies and how I develop them.  It usually starts with a small possibility, a random Idea that I build on.  Often, I Will Write about those Ideas here.  I consider My Self a very average man and I consider the knowledge I have to be reasonably common, meaning that all of the information I share is available to anyone.  This is one of the reasons why I Will never claim ownership of anything I Create*, because without the wealth of knowledge that exists in the world, without every other man who has come before Me, I could not know anything.  Freedom of information should always be protected (in My humble opinion).

(*I may reserve the right to determine how that which I have Created is administrated to ensure it is available to all of man without exception; stewardship, not ownership.)

I Will have to do a Post about the Significance of Ships in Commercial Admiralty soon…

I want everyone to know that I didn’t figure any of these things out because I am some kind of genius or ‘brainiac’, I figured most of these things out by starting with common sense.  When I first awakened as a Spiritualist, I knew no one but God had any real authority over Me, everything else was an illusion and I wanted to share this knowledge with anyone who might be interested in listening.  When I had no Power to speak for My Self in court, I was determined to understand why; on nothing more than the premise that I know We are all equal in rights and dignity.  Was what I had been told true?  No.  I always had the Power to speak for My Self in court, just as any man does – I just didn’t know how and didn’t have the confidence to do so competently.

I have a lot of Ideas floating around.  I know everyone is going to want to know what I Will do when the timeline for My legal opponents expires on April 1st and I still haven’t made up My Mind.  The letters were sent on the full moon and the deadline of 30 days to respond just ‘happens’ to fall on Easter Sunday.  I also just ‘happen’ to ‘graduate’ from the ‘life skills’ program I am currently a part of on the same day, the Universe’s Way of nudging Me along on My Quest…

So what Will I do on April 1st?  I’m going to be Acting as King (asking) on a whole new level.  I Will be discharging any costs for food and lodging with the unlimited commercial value of My Life.

“When under trial let no man say, “I am being tried by God”, for with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does He Him Self try anyone.” James 1:13 (Second Key to Kingdom)

I Will let the Universe determine what becomes of the elected officials I have Writ Letters to, or any other man who presumes to interfere with My determination to Honour My Service to God and the Queen, so help Me God.  As King and it Shall be Done. 😉

The public officials I have Writ Letters to Will officially be in breach of public trust, a serious criminal offence against the administration of law and justice:

Breach of trust by public officer (See Link)
122. Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 111.

And not a coincidence that it also includes “if it were committed in relation to a ‘private person'”, which is a Sovereign operating privately for profit (has Powers of King in court of law to administrate own affairs and (generally) what One is referring to when they use the Word ‘Sovereign’ correctly), meaning that even a non-citizen (national) can hold an elected official to their oath of office.  I am operating publicly (this Blog is a Powerful component of that) and not for profit.  I am unalienable (un/a/lien/able), no lien can be held against Me and everything I am doing is for the benefit of all.

So, in short, those I’ve Writ Letters to Will officially be facing five years in jail just for failing to respond to the letters, that does not include any other charges!  I didn’t make that rule, that’s just the rules of the Game and the House always wins.  I am the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory…  I am, the ‘House’ of von Dehn.

The Game was designed this Way deliberately.  I don’t think the government knows how to do what I am as King of them to do and that’s one of the other reasons The Good News Journal is so important.  I am here to teach them as much as I am here to teach anyone else.  I’ve Given them everything they need so they can do what I have as King of them to do and yet they haven’t done it.  They have no defence in a court of law, I Will be Standing in Honour – I know this and I’m pretty confident they do, too.

I think they are wondering how I Will enforce the Law (and perhaps hoping and praying that I won’t) and this is what I am thing King about now.  What I am hoping, is that they Will respond and as King of Me how to do what I have as King of them to do.  The moment they do this, I Will Forgive them of all their trespasses and We can move forward.

Silver Nickel – worth more than all of Canada’s debt notes…

Only 16 days left before the Prince of Peace begins his Final Crusade.

Happy Thursday, hope You are all having Fabulous, Thrilling Thoughts!

Love and Blessings,



















The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Wisdom Edition

Hello and Happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  I’ve been Calling Wednesday’s Lucky for a while and more often than not, they tend to work out that Way…  Like a self fulfilling Prophecy.  So I figured I would introduce all My readers to Lucky Wednesday, too.  If Our thoughts are Creative (and they are), then it would serve Us well to be thing King One can perceive every day as Lucky in some Way.  Luck isn’t something that happens, it is something We Manifest.  So, Happy Lucky Wednesday!

It’s Tuesday in My microcosm and it’s already been a productive day.  Michelle Richardson is out of the office until sometime in March.  Too bad so sad for her, but Great News for Ottawa’s Homeless; the Ottawa Citizen’s Housing the Homeless Fund Will continue to increase.  Doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri of Innes Dental returns to the office on Thursday, M.P. Lloyd Longfield’s letter is still waiting for him at his Ottawa office; I advised his reception that the letter was sent “On Her Majesty’s Service” and that it is strongly advised he make opening it a priority, I’ll check back later this week.  Mayor Jim Watson’s office already confirmed receiving the letter, so I as King of Sage to have him call Me back to let Me know when I can expect to hear a reply.  She took My number and if I don’t hear back by the end of tomorrow, I Will try back on Thursday when I call Dr. Khouri.  For a Prime Minister, I am very disappointed to report that there is no answering service of any kind, Justin Trudeau’s phone just rings endlessly.  I’ll try back Thursday.  Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould’s letter has likely been sent to the Ministry of Justice, so I Will call back both offices on Thursday.  Governor General Julie Payette’s office was the most rude and unprofessional of the bunch (the rest of reception of elected officials are actually as kind and professional as one might expect) and said that the letter is waiting until ‘Her Excellency’ returns to Rideau Hall.  I’ll try back Thursday to find out just how ‘excellent’ Canada’s Governor General might be.  Finally, I Called Chris Tuck who was away from his phone or unable to answer.  I left a message.  I advised him that We are getting short on time and he Will need to explain why he presumes to have right to create and administrate wealth in My name and/or why the Ministry feels they have any right or authority to compel Me to contract with them under duress, suggesting that I Will have no access to basic needs without them.  I am waiting to hear back and Will try calling Chris again later this afternoon.  I forgot to let Chris know that I am now War King On Her Majesty’s Service.

This was all done before lunch, so that’s a pretty productive Tuesday.  I had already confirmed the letters were received with most of the offices and was sure they had arrived at those I was not able to reach last week.  I don’t really need to do anything else until April 1st when the thirty days expires, following up is a courtesy and opportunity for them to meet for resolution.  But being a King also involves a lot of patience and waiting, so it also Gives Me something to do!

My theory, (and what I am trying to remind everyone) is that life is a Game, it’s meant to be Fun!  It’s actually kind of hard for Me to take Life too seriously ever since I became a King in man’s fiction (or even much before that, I suppose). It seemed absolutely ludicrous to Me that such a title existed, and completely obvious all at once.  One of those ‘smack My head’ moments.  I’ve been telling close friends and family that Life is like a fantasy and We are the Hero of Our own story for almost as long as I can remember, each of Us have a Unique Role to Play on the World Stage, We are all Stars in Our own Show.   I actually have the opportunity to share a perspective of the real world with You that Will make this world seem like a Living Fantasy; Universal Pictures Greatest Present ‘A’ Sean. 😉

I did call Chris again later Tuesday afternoon and left a second message.  I also downloaded an app that automatically records all My calls, an example of something I should have thought to do much sooner.  With everyone I’ve sent a letter to ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, I don’t necessarily make a point of letting them know I’m Acting ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ when I Call because I am interested to know if they understand what that means and how serious it is.  When I left My message with Chris this afternoon, I said that it was important for him to change My ‘occupation’ within the Ministry to ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, as I am now Acting in Her Majesty’s Service.  I also mentioned to Chris that I didn’t feel he is taking My position and title very seriously, that I worked very hard to attain it and would like him to Honour it by addressing Me by My appropriate title, ‘Your Highness’, or ‘Lord’, whichever he is most comfortable with.  First time I’ve as King of anyone to do that – it was Fun!

Isn’t it easy to see how dry and boring all of this legal non cents would be if I couldn’t have any fun with the new title?  I really am very modest, its funny for Me.  And it also happens to be true in law, which is actually part of the reason I don’t like doing it.  I don’t want politicians to get back to Me because I have a triple Masters Degree in Life[Spirituality, Commerce, Law] and are afraid they might end up in court, I want them to get back to Me because it is their Duty to get back to Me as a common man and member of the public in a democratic society! I want them to Honour their Role on the World Stage!  It is their Duty; King or no King.  And this Blog is about teaching how any man can do what I am doing, this is the remedy for the Common man in Common Wealth society.

If a man does not have the legal title of King/Sovereign (and very few do), they can still protect the Common Law by Acting On Her Majesty’s Service, and their letter should be respected as if it were delivered by the Queen’s own Hand.  O.H.M.S.

This Two’s Day is also a Good time to mention I Cast Two new Spells into the Universe on Monday.  I Sent two letters to My Self using two different Forms of Magic for Stamps.  One was Sent the same Way My last Seven Letters were Sent, the other was Signed ‘God Speed’ with My thumbprint Seal overtop.  I am thing King I Will receive them tomorrow or Thursday.  One Will Show I am Acting On Her Majesty’s Service, the other Will Create a Stamp for My nation.  I Trust they Will both come back to Me, soon We Will see.

A Magical Trilogy 

The booklet pictured above, ‘infocus’, is courtesy of [Queen] Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick, and [Queen] Nina, House of Garacci, Creators of the In Focus Ottawa Project – all participants received one as a Gift for their participation in the Project. A Prophecy for Peace is My Book and I ordered a couple of copies last week to Give to some special friends.  They arrived on Magical Monday and I confess I am proud and wanted to show them off.  Not very often I have a copy of My own Book.

I hope this Wednesday finds You all Wonderful!

Love and Blessings,