The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIX: The Sensei Sean All Sunday Edition – A Celebration of Life

Good day, everyone, and welcome to the Sunday Edition of The Good News Journal.  It was a little more challenging to publish a Post this week, as My Monday morning started with some Monday mourning, and the unfortunate news that a Good Friend of mine had passed.  Needless to say, I didn’t feel much like publishing any ‘Good’ News that day and it’s been difficult getting back to Good without acknowledging the loss of My Friend.

Death is not something I Write about very often, mostly because I like to Focus on what We do with [the Energy of] Our Life.  However, death is Part of Life, We can’t have one without the other, so it is inevitable that I would one day need to say something on the subject.  Today is that day and (as per usual), I want to do My best to Present death in the most positive Light possible (which is no easy task).

I literally received the news first thing Monday morning, before I had even had a chance to clear the cobwebs from My Mind or take a sip of My first coffee.  Even the Words in the message seemed cold and harsh, but there is no Way to deliver this kind of news in a positive way and I don’t think I could have done any better.

“I don’t know how close You were, but Chris was found dead this morning.”

That was the first message I read Monday morning, and I was devastated.  I may know that Spirit is eternal and Will Live on forever, but it doesn’t take the sting out of losing a Good Friend, and Spiritual mastery did not make the grieving process any less painful, so I thought it was something I should talk about.  I’ve read about the grieving process, but I’ve never lost anyone close enough to Me to really feel the loss, I have always felt somewhat detached, comforting others who are suffering from the loss of ones they have Loved and been close to.  And I only knew this man a year, but We bonded quickly, and he was a very Good Friend.

First, I was in shock.  I didn’t want to believe what I was reading, I thought it must be some kind of sick joke, though the rational Part of My Mind knew better.  Then it began to really sink in, though it still felt somewhat surreal.  Then I got angry.  Yup, angry!  I felt like I needed to hit something and actually thought about doing it – I wanted something strong enough to hit without breaking the target or My Hand.  Then I started to wonder why I was so angry and had My first meltdown in a long time.  I was still feeling angry, but now I was bawling and I could feel the emotion being released from My body, a portion of the anger dissipating with it.  Then I started thing King about how to respond to the message and started bawling all over again.  I was pretty much an emotional wreck all day.  And although losing a loved one Will be no more or less difficult regardless their age, his youth made it seem that much more tragic – he was only 32.

The day became more emotional when I did reply to the message, as his family as King of Me if I would paint his portrait to Honour his Life and say a few Words at his service.  Painting his portrait was something I had already promised My Friend I would do, but he had wanted Me to wait until he had accomplished a few Goals before beginning the Work.  His family as King of Me to do the portrait felt like a tremendous Honour and the perfect Way for Me to Give something back for the wonderful moments I have shared with him.

However, there was also some very Good News this week, as My Mother also arrived in Ottawa on Tuesday for a three day visit and it was absolutely wonderful to see her.  She arrived with a Friend and We met every morning for breakfast and spent the better part of each day together until her departure Friday morning.  I haven’t seen anyone in My family since I left Guelph almost a year and a half ago, and I cannot express how wonderful it was to see My mom, and even more special to see her looking so happy, healthy, and youthful.

My ‘Quest’ has been very hard for My family.  It was difficult for them to understand why I would leave a perfectly Good apartment and move to Ottawa, but I truly feel they are beginning to understand – or at the very least, My Mother is.  She was only too happy to tell Me how proud she was of the videos interviews I’ve done regarding the Salvation Army and the kind of conditions the People there are subject to.  She was even as King Quest Ions of Me about how they are supposed to spend their days in such cold weather, something many People never consider and a very real challenge for anyone subject to homelessness.  The Salvation Army provides shelter for roughly 135 People a night, but only has a lounge that comfortably seats roughly 20 – where is everyone else supposed to go to keep warm in a Canadian winter?  Mainstream newspapers Will never report on these subjects because they know the Canadian taxpayers would be furious.  What do We pay such enormous taxes for if not to take care of Our less fortunate?

My Mother was also patient enough to hear of My adventures in Court and I think she even enjoyed hearing some of My stories.  Admittedly, law is not a subject My Mother particularly likes tall King about, but I know she was very happy to hear of My success and know that I have the knowledge and confidence to finally take care of the injustices done to Me by the local police services.  I also never really cared much for My stepfather and My Mother’s new Friend is fabulous!  I Trust My intuition about People and I liked him immediately.

I also had My ‘Court readiness’ date on December 7th.  With all the commotion of My Mother being in town and My Friend passing away, I almost forgot!  Thank God for calendars on phones, or I think I actually may have missed it.  For the most Part, it was a nothing day.  I as King of the Court if there would be provisions for My laptop, if Crown was planning to subpoena all of the witnesses presented in their information, and if they were able to tell Me who the Justice would be on the day of My trial.  Negative on knowing the Justice for the date of My trial, yes to provisions for My laptop and subpoena’s for the witnesses listed on the disclosure.  That was pretty much it, though it was kind of interesting after I had finished, as the Crown (prosecution) as King of Me if I could stick around for a few minutes to speak with Me privately.  This would be the second time that prosecution has as King to speak with privately and I was only too curious to know what they wanted to say…

“Are You sure there is nothing We can do to resolve this?”

“I’m pretty sure.”

“We offered You community service, You didn’t want that, We offered You a peace bond, You didn’t want that.  What about a small donation?”

“I really don’t think so.”

“Look, I know You are confident and believe You Will win but I would hate to see things not go Your Way.  A small donation makes all of this go away, no criminal record.”

“I know it might be hard for You to understand, but the reason I won’t take any of Your deals is because it has already been made clear that if I do, I cannot file a counterclaim against Constable Christopher Jenkyn.  He broke one of My ribs, I am not letting him get away with that.”

“No, it’s okay, I get it – You want Your day in Court.”

“Yes, I very much do!”

“Okay.  Well, I just don’t want to see things not go Your Way and unfortunately, I can’t just withdraw charges if I have enough information to go to trial.”

“And I get that, too.  However, I really think You should review Your information because if You do, I don’t think it Will take You long to figure out why it won’t hold up in Court.”

I even gave her a clue as to what to look for in the information and for the first time ever, I felt she was taking Me seriously.

“Okay, I’m going to thoroughly review the information and if I can find any reason why the information won’t hold up in Court, I’ll contact You and withdraw the charges.  Do We have Your contact information?”

“I’m pretty sure You do.”

“Okay, I’ll contact You if I can find any reason to withdraw the charges.”

So, not too bad a day for Me!  I certainly left there feeling very confident, and I also received a few compliments on My fancy Fluevog’s, which is always nice.  I am thing King they know they are about to have their asses handed to them in Court.  I feel like I’m going up against the Emperor with new clothes, except the Emperor is prosecution and the ‘new clothes’ is the Suit against Me.  They have no clue how foolish I Will make constable Jenkyn’s look – and it won’t be difficult.

Finally, the week ended with a celebration of Life for My Friend.  I’d had a week to come to terms with the event of his death and thought I would manage to be strong at the service.  I was wrong, though I did manage to hold it together long enough to say a few Words, and some of them I would like to leave with My audience today.  Before I do that, I do want to say that the service truly made Me feel better, which is something I was not expecting.  Everyone seemed to Focus on the same characteristics of My Friend’s personality that made him such an incredible man to know.  It was comforting to know that he had touched so many lives in the same Way he affected mine.

I Will finish this Post with the same Words (paraphrasing) I finished with at My Friend’s service, which is tall King about the three stages of death.  The first is when the spirit leaves the body and it can no longer function.  The second death is when the body returns to the earth.  The final, and most absolute death, is when the man’s name is no longer remembered by anyone on earth.  We can Keep a man alive for as long as We remember how he has influenced Our own.

Love and Blessings, My Dear Friend Chris, I Will never forget You and I miss You already.



The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – Serving the City of Ottawa

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal!  Today I Will be tall King about serving the City of Ottawa My Letter of Complaint, complete with the Proposed Resolution Order.  Yes, Lords and Ladies, it is finally done!!!

The actual delivery of My Letter of Complaint was not as exciting as I had anticipated it might be, but We got the job done.  I had ‘Tweeted’ to the city of Ottawa that I would be delivering My Letter by Hand sometime this afternoon, and that had been the original plan.  Although I have always referred to Wednesday’s as ‘Lucky’, I have also said it is because We make Our Luck.  Wednesday’s and Sunday’s just happen to be the two days of the week I am able to meet with My Friend Jane, so We started the day with breakfast, planning to make true copies of My Complaint to deliver later in the day.  However, there was more than just the Proposed Resolution Order to complete the Complaint.

One of the things I had said I struggled with when Composing My Complaint, was Keeping in Mind it is not about Me; I am only one of many People who have been subject to the very same indignant conditions outlined in My Letter of Complaint, that the Salvation Army’s clients endure every single day!  Furthermore, I believe the only reason they get away with such deplorable conditions and the indignant treatment of their clients, is because they don’t ever expect their clients to have the Will or determination to do anything about it.  I Promised to make sure their Voices would be Heard, and You know I like to be True to My Word.  I had to find a Way to add the testimonies of other clients and include them in My Complaint, and that took a little more time than anticipated.

Thankfully, I had intuitively known My Work wasn’t done, and remembered to bring all of My Writing tools with Me (though I didn’t remember to bring them all back). 😛  I Composed a couple more Pages on the fly, including links to the video affidavits of My Friends tall King of their experiences at the shelter which (conveniently) also supports My Complaint.  I was War King with My Friend Jane, and We even came up with a Way to continue providing additional affidavits so that others can have their Voice heard, too, without having to file additional complaints.  Overall, I’d say that’s a Pretty Productive day!

By the time the work was done it was too late to deliver the Complaint by Hand and We didn’t want to wait another day, so We decided to file online.  Not as exciting for Me, and Part of My gig is delivering Letters in Style, so My disappointment is not being able to see the reaction of the recipient.  However, there was no Way I was Giving the city the Original Hand Writ Letter, it would have been a black and white True Copy.  Because We filed the Complaint online, the Letter was sent as an attachment.  The Beautiful thing about that, is that the attachment is a high quality scan of the Original Letter, so the Complaint is not in black and white, but full Colour, and that has a Magical Quality all its own.  And, even better…  I have a copy of it to share with You tonight!  Ah, what a Wondrously Lucky Wednesday in Deed!!!

Sv complaint28112018

So, I just finished reading about a quarter of the PDF as I have uploaded it above and the quality is very Good.  And yes, there are plenty of little ‘mistakes’; ink smears, scratched out, misspelled Words, and sometimes the lines aren’t very straight.  But that’s kind of the Point.  Nobody’s perfect, and it’s still Beautiful; it Will make an Impression.  I am also confident now that I Will not need to type the Words here on My Blog, I am sure the Letter is easy enough to read in it’s new format.  Overall, I am thing King it was a Lucky Wednesday because I was able to Publish My Letter in Colour and the Magic of it holds that Way much better (yes, the Colours mean things in Magic Land).

It also means I really can relax a little now.  It was an awful lot of work – all of it, not just Writing the Letter of Complaint.  My Work might be far from over, but I seriously think that living in a shelter for as long as I did, is truly one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  The amount of mental, emotional, and physical stress a man endures when subject to living in a shelter is beyond what I think anyone would believe unless they have experienced it themselves.  For anyone to think that life on the streets is for lazy People really hasn’t been there.  It’s self preservation and survival more than it is a life.  And People wonder why drug and alcohol abuse become such problems, and why so many People have mental health issues.  It not a Mystery, it’s a no brainer.

Anyway, this is The Good News Journal and I’d much rather Focus on what has been accomplished and start thing King about what the city might have to say about My Complaint, there is much to celebrate today!

The other thing I’m kind of proud of and wanted to share with the world this Lucky Wednesday, was that I am often thing King of My Self as a Rogue Journalist, this Blog being My International Publication (Public a’Sean).  A few nights ago I noticed another feature in My WordPress statistics that I’d never paid attention to before, though it has always been there.  ‘Insights’ Will Show Me how many Words I have Writ for the entire year.  I’ve Published over 150,000 Words this year so far!!!  I don’t know, that truly boggled My Mind, especially considering My living situation over the last year.  Even more incredible, I Published 185,000 Words last year.  I had no Idea I actually Write as much as I do!  If My audience only knew how much grief I Give My Self for not Writing enough, it was kind of comforting to know how productive I’ve actually been.  And I probably painted more than twenty portraits.  I’d say it’s been a pretty Good year already, and this recent Letter of Complaint is just one more reason to Celebrate.

Oh, and it is wonderful to see that the Salvation Army’s international representatives have taken an interest in My Complaint, too.  Welcome to The Good News Journal, I hope You enjoy Your stay.

Love and Blessings, everyone!!!




The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVII: The Wonderous Lucky Wednesday Edition – Serving the People

Hello, everyone and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal.  And what a Wonderful Wednesday it has been!!!  I said I would be delivering My Letter to Jason Prevost today (manager of the Salvation Army Booth Centre), and I was True to My Word.  It was also a lot of Fun!

I met up with My Friend Jane this morning to go over the Letter of Complaint I’m War King on.  It still isn’t done, but I’ve put about ten more hours of solid work into it and it is coming along Beautifully.  In fact, it is coming along so well that I might actually scrap the first four Pages I shared with everyone here on My Blog a couple of days ago!  True Story…

Speaking of which, there were a number of other reasons Monday was so Magical but I couldn’t Keep My Post under 1,500 Words and share all the information.  And sometimes, I’m not really sure how much My audience Will care, but these ‘little’ details mean the world to Me, each One like a Word of encouragement coming directly from the Universe.

This time it’s about My Blog stats.  Shortly after Publishing the first four Pages of My Complaint (within two minutes after Posting), I had some new visitors and My stats showed that they were not only reading the Blog Post, but viewing all of the pictures I had Posted, too; presumably to read the contents of My Letter.  That was kind of exciting for Me because I’m pretty sure the city of Ottawa knows what’s coming and are doing everything they can to prepare themselves (though frankly, I have no Idea how they can defend against the Claims I Will make).

As I was sitting there viewing My stats and wondering who might be reading My Letter, I thought about the loss of Twitter followers I experienced last month.  I had said to My readers that I believed that something was being communicated to Me and that it was interesting that the decrease started on exactly the first day of Fall.  That’s it, that’s all I was doing and I was literally thing King about exactly that when this happened:


First of all, this has NEVER happened.  When viewing stats in the ‘days’ view, the current day Will be at the far right with all the previous days for the last month or so to the left in chronological order.  Why was the 19th of November in the middle of all these other days?  So I decided to see what it was showing for what would usually be the next day, the line beside the 19th to the right.  And what day is it choosing to show Me?  The 21st of September.  I cannot stress how bizarre this is.  Never do daily stats display as they are above.  And, to make things even more auspicious, I had refreshed the Page a few times and the same result.  I didn’t even do anything to make it happen, it automatically just ‘changed’ from the usual view, to this – right before My eyes!  Even stranger, the moment I took these two screen shots, it automatically corrected itself and now shows as it always does; as if it had only showed Me this so I could take a screenshot for You.  Now, if I hadn’t actually been wondering about the significance of losing followers on the 21st of September when this happened, it would still be pretty auspicious.  But when I am thing King specifically about a certain thing and the Universe shows Me something like this…  I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.  There is something ‘Special’ about the 21st.  Unfortunately, My best guess is a Five month countdown to My day of Truth (My Court Case).

That pretty much summarizes the rest of the Magic from Monday.  The only other thing I was really excited about it how fast People were reading My Post and the Letter.  It makes Me feel like My Deeds are being anticipated in My microcosm by the Impression I’m leaving by Way of My Posts in the macrocosm.  The presumption is that The Salvation Army Booth Centre wants to know what I am going to be complaining about so they can get everything fixed before the complaint is filed.

Delivering the Letter to Jason Prevost today was also kind of Magical, just because I haven’t really been around much since I was expelled from the facility and it was not only Great to see some of My Friends again, but encouraging to know how excited they were to see Me.  It was kind of flattering.  And even though I didn’t stick around long enough to have any conversations, I could feel their support and excitement.

“Sean, are You here to serve Jason?”

“Not exactly, but close enough.  I’m here to deliver a notice demanding to know why I was expelled from the facility.”  The enthusiasm was tangible, but not so much for Jason.

I dare say Jason seemed a little nervous and scared.  He was in Meghan’s old office which is just past the admissions desk.  I knocked on the windowed door and he gestured to Me to wait a moment, then turned his back.  We were filming live to Facebook and I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what was going on (likely from reading My Blog).  However, he continued to act as though he was too busy to acknowledge Me and eventually Bill, one of the front line workers came to ask Me why I was there.

“I just need to deliver a Letter to Jason, would You be so kind as to receive it on his behalf and make sure it is delivered to him?”

Bill was happy to comply with My request and I was quick to take My leave from that place.  For those who don’t know, Jason Prevost pretends he doesn’t get My Letters.  I know very well that he does.  And although I don’t really think he is the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, I don’t think he’s a Fool, either – but he is sure acting like one.  Does he not know that I could have his e-mail records subpoenaed to prove he got My Letters and Willfully ignored them?  Surely he does…

Yes, Jason, I am foreshadowing events because My Words Manifest!!!

I hope this Wednesday has been as wondrously Lucky for all of My readers as it has been for Me!  More to come from the King’s Common Law Academy soon.

Love and Blessings,



The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVII: The Magical Monday, Evening Edition – How to Dress a Dead Man (and Give Him Life)

Hi everyone!  I didn’t even realize that today was the 37th Volume of The Good News Journal until I sat down to Write, and it was a little Magic in My microcosm that Inspired Me to do so.  This being the 37th Edition makes it especially Auspicious.  Yes, I like that Word, too…

Ah, I am going to have some Fun today!  I’m going to share some photos of My Last Letter to Jason.  I capitalized the Letter ‘L’ so that My reader would be thing King of the Word for it’s other meaning, which is an Impression of a foot.  Shoemakers use a Last to build shoes around.  One could make a Last by making an impression of One’s foot in some clay, then using the clay to Form the Last.  This Blog Post is all about how Letters mimic People, and more specifically, how People became persons (and no, they are not the same thing).  I wanted My Last Letter to Jason to leave a Lasting Impression, pun intended. 😉

A Letter is about Forming the Earth into a person.  It is said that Man was made in the Image of God, and Man is the God of the Letter, so the Letter should be made in the I-Mage of the Man.  To summarize:  the Letter should reflect the Character of the Man.

I said I wanted to leave a Lasting Impression, and the best Way to do that is by making a Great First Impression.  People tend to take a Man more seriously when he is well Dressed.  One can’t just show up naked, One should envelope the Body in clothing that begs to be removed.

When Jason failed to respond to My first e-mail, I sent him a Letter in My usual Style; pretty much as pictured below, except I Give everyone to whom I Write a Form-All Letter, One ‘freebie’, an Original document, ‘off the record’.  No one would ever need a witness, or to make true copies of documents in the days of Kings and Queens because no One would ever dream of being so dishonourable, it would be a dis-Grace to their reputation.  Now, it has become commonplace.  So the first Letter Jason received was like the one pictured except Writ on high quality, unbleached parchment.


The Letter made an Impression on Jason and he did make a point of telling Me just how Impressed he was with it.  Jason really doesn’t know Me at all except by what he knows of Me from My Letters and perhaps what he reads here.  As it stands now, he asked Me to leave and I left without incident; he hasn’t heard from Me since.  I don’t really know or care what Jason thinks of Me as a Man, the True nature of My Character is revealed in My Letters.


My Body is now completely enveloped.  The Face of the envelope tells Jason who the Letter is from and how to find My House, otherwise known as the return address.  What I have Writ is a real, physical, address.  If I want mail designated for Me sent somewhere else, I would place ‘In Loving Care of’ underneath ‘Kingdom of God’, followed by whatever address I want it delivered to.  And this isn’t philosophy, this is tried and tested by Yours Truly and why I have so much fun teaching it – because no One taught Me the tricks I know about the Mail, that was instinct, or intuition.  My thumb-print on the top right is how a King sends a Letter because he represents the wealth of God’s Kingdom (which is unlimited of course).  A thumbprint is the King’s Seal.  That Part is essentially philosophy, though I have successfully sent two letters to private corporations that Way, the only difference was that I had also Writ ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  I think it was the O.H.M.S. that got them there, but that’s fine, too because now when I claim I’m in Court that I’m doing My duty ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, I have receipts to show that it’s true!!!  Anyway, I digress, time to reveal My True Character.

The Head of the Character

Even the Way I Fold the Paper is deliberate.  Imagine that the Head was bowed and has just been lifted, now You are seeing the Face of My Character for the first time.

The Head of the document States the Title of the Organizations, starting again in the upper left with the return address.  By Writing My address this Way, I am as King that Letters be Given to Me by Hand, the upper right tells them how to contact Me to make those arrangements.  The upper right also provides additional information about My Organization; My website and Twitter presence.  I am incorporating these details into My Letters for a reason, I am Giving Life to My Character, My Persona (Person).


Finally, the bottom unfolds to reveal the Body of the Letter and Gives the Character some Footing to Stand on.  It Will be Hand delivered Wednesday.

Well, if I don’t Sign off now it Will be too late to make it the Magical Monday Evening Edition.  Have a wonderful week, world!

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVI: The Sensei-Sean all Sunday, Evening Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to My second Evening Edition of The Good News Journal on this Sensational Sunday.  Why a Sensational Sunday?  Because it was an especially Serendipitous Sunday, which always makes Me feel as though I’m in the right Key, in Harmony with the Universe (One Song).

This is especially True when I have just finished Composing My Letter of Complaint, eager to share its contents with the world.  Paragraphs become Verses, Words become Lyrics, Letters become Symbols, all Part of a Symphony, a Composition.  I am think King of Will I Am, Shaking My Spear, Singing My Songs of Justice.  And I didn’t even get to do an interview today!!!

For a million little reasons only I would comprehend, the Universe is very pleased with the Complaint.  It deserves the capital now.  And the Universe is even more Pleased that I Will share it with You here, which is what I Will do this evening, and One more reason why this is an Especially Sensei-Sean all Sunday Evening Edition.

The ‘little’ things are actually ‘bigger’ than things like moving a mountain, (which was done for My Mother, by the Way).  A single ‘Like’ on a Blog Post means as much to a Mystic as moving a mountain, mostly because it is continuous in momentum.  I mentioned the other day that My name auto-populates on Google, and the number one search links to ‘My Story’, and My Cestui Que Vie.  If I am to be known and remembered for only One thing, it would be that document, My Sworn Oath to God.  But there is another little thing that I want to Give thanks for that is huge to Me and probably insignificant to most of My audience, but this is the only Way I know how to say thank You.

When I Write a Blog Post, it starts with clicking on a link, then opens to a fresh Page which is basically an online Word processor.  On one side of the Page, I can Create new categories and/or choose which categories to Post the entry.  If I didn’t choose a category, it would automatically Post to My homepage, categories aren’t necessary.  I’m using the past tense because it doesn’t do that anymore.  Now, anytime I go to Write a Post the category ‘The Hand of the King’ is always selected by default.  To put this in perspective, this is coming up on ten years of Blogging for Me, I have Created a lot of categories over the years and have a list of twenty to choose from.  It isn’t even a main category, it is the first subcategory of ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’, and it is always checked by default.  And suggesting that it uses whatever I posted to last isn’t true either because I always Post to all categories under ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’.  Oh, but the fireball disappeared from the end of the hashtag #BeTheChange and I Will admit I was a little sad to see it go.  That’s very recent, I would say since the first of November, maybe.  Be cool if it came back, but I don’t want to be greedy.  But I do want to say I am thankful to the Universe or whomever may be responsible for making sure I am always publishing as ‘The Hand of the King’.  I don’t believe in coincidences, so the little things are monumental.

The reason I didn’t get to do an interview was because I met My Friend Jane for breakfast instead.  Although it is a little ridiculous that there is snow on the ground already, it was a bright, sunny, cheerful morning.  We had an amazing breakfast (thank You), great conversation and she had a chance to read the Work I completed last night.  We are both excited about filing it, so We are actually aiming to do that on Wednesday right after We do the interview that We didn’t do today, mainly because We didn’t have an appropriate place to do one.  We usually use a café but We are going to try and see if We can borrow a private room at 454 on Wednesday (they have offered a room in support of Our cause, We just have to arrange it with them in advance).

We were also tall King strategy today and I really like Jane’s Style.  The Salvation Army is so disorganized We can’t even get a fax through, and I remember the Court one time trying to call them on a break and couldn’t even get past the switchboard, so I’m not really surprised (everyone in Court was laughing about how disorganized they were so it was actually a pretty nice ice breaker for Me).  Perhaps it is partially My influence, but We decided We should deliver the Letters by Hand – I’ll deliver them, Jane Will bear witness to My Deed and provide a Sword Affidavit in necessary. 😉  The city Gives a receipt of delivery anyway, this is more for the Salvation Army.

There are a lot more, really Wonderful things going on in both My micro, and Our macrocosm; My Universes are colliding.  Sharing everything with My audience here is only one Part of it, the Complaint I’m Writing in My microcosm is the other.  The Post I Writ yesterday was read only moments after it was Published and everyone who read the Post appeared to have viewed the photos, too.  I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but the number of views of the Post was equal to the number of views of the photos, so I am thing King it is a pretty Good guess.

I’m going to break the photos I have to share today into two Posts because the other Post Will be tall King about the similarities between a Letter and person.  However, here is the Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa (in clearer detail).


At some point I Will get around to updating some of the Pages on My Blog, too, including the Last of the Letters I Writ the Salvation Army, at which time I Will also type out the contents of the above Letter if it is still too difficult to read.

I hope this weekend finds Ye Well, and with Good Spirits,

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVI – The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition; Procrastination, or Procrastinate, Sean?

Good day, everyone and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Sunday Edition of The Good News Journal!!!

Truth be told, I’m procrastinating.  I’ve got a stack of notes and a Letter of Complaint to the city half-Writ.  It reminds Me of doing homework for school, and I was the kind of student that did as little as possible and most of My teachers would probably concur.  The ‘mandatory’ stuff I always managed to do, but it would be typical for Me to leave an assignment (a Sign Ment – a Sign for the Mind) right to the last moment; I would even stay up all night sometimes just to get it done.  I can still hear My Mother’s Voice, “why do You always have to leave things to the Last minute?”.

The answer?  I’m still not entirely sure, but I am thing King I must like the pressure.  However, the other aspect of procrastination is that it’s not like I ever forget about the task at Hand, it’s always rattling around in the back of My brain.  I think that leaving something for a while may actually be of benefit, though if I didn’t have a deadline at all, there would be no pressure to get anything done.

In school, someone else gave the deadlines, now I have to make My own.  I had initially wanted to have the complaint filed by November 12th (last Sunday).  I only managed to get most of the initial complaint Writ, without referencing any of the supporting documents – and that’s the Part that needs to be Good.  I had initially Writ the Word ‘perfect’, and I think that is one of the reasons I procrastinate – I want things to be perfect, even though I know they won’t be, or at least not to Me.

So instead, I’m doing something I Love, Writing You.  It’s My Way of Giving My Self a deadline.  I’m doing another interview tomorrow and I really want to be able to share My Letter of complaint.  Even if I don’t share the contents of it in the interview, I want My audience to know it is done and ready to file.  The worst Part is, I truly Love doing this kind of stuff.  In fact, that’s why I have so many notes.  I’m not tall King about the pile of documents and contracts I have to go through, I’m tall King about numerous rough copies of My Letter of complaint.

The thing about procrastinating (at least for Me), is that I have been thing King about this Letter almost continuously, and as the thought of it bounces around in the back of My Mind, I do come up with new Ideas.  I’ve thought about this so much that I’m sure I can just sit down now and get it done – all I have to do is commit.  So Writing this Post is a Way of making Me commit to something I can tell My audience about tomorrow.  There is zero pressure, no One is nagging Me to get this done, though there are plenty of People waiting to see how I put all of this information together.

[Side note for WordPress administration on the new editor – it looks nice but I don’t notice any benefit to using the new editor and it doesn’t give Me a Word count, and that is a big enough disadvantage to make the new editor inferior to the ‘classic editor’.  Just one WordPress user opinion.]

Sorry for that brief interrupt-Sean, but it had to be done.  I also need to Keep track of how many Words I’m Writing because the average attention span for Blog reading doesn’t extend much beyond 1,000 to 1,500 Words.  In fact, if it’s not in that ballpark, it should be less, not more.

The other reason I’ve been procrastinating is because I know that My Peers are expecting something fabulous, that’s why they are as King of Me to file the complaint.  My Friend Jane had wanted to file a complaint about how People are treated by the Salvation Army anyway, which is how We ended up meeting in the first place.  Her Goal had been to take a new video testimony from a client every week until she had enough information to collaborate the claims and file an official complaint with the city.  Being expelled from the facility after doing My interview has intimidated other clients from sharing their experiences, so now I am including that as part of My complaint and Will be keeping the identity of those who do share their experiences in the future confidential.

What makes Writing the Letter of Complaint so challenging, is that I feel as though I have been directly discriminated against for My determination to protect the rights of clients and improve conditions at the shelter, but this complaint isn’t about Me.  How I was treated is only one element of the complaint, an example of the Salvation Army’s blatant disregard for the rights and dignity of their clients.  The pressure I feel isn’t from any timeline or deadline I have, it’s about letting the Salvation Army know that they can’t treat People this way and get away with it.  The work involved with Writing a formal complaint and seeing it through, is the only reason the Salvation Army has been able to get away with treating clients this way for as long as they have.  They presume that their clients don’t have the intellectual capacity or determination to ever get anything done about it and/or that no one Will take them seriously.  They literally believe the opinion of their clients means nothing.  I should also state for the record, that I am speaking specifically of Jason Prevost, the general manager who is the face of the organization as far as clients are concerned.  There are a lot of really Good People who work for the Salvation Army and some of them were especially kind to Me and just as eager to see the conditions for clients improve.  But because Jason is an agent of the Organization, he IS the organization and presumes to speak for the Organization until someone from the Salvation Army intervenes and says he does not.  In law, that’s just the way it goes.  Notice to agent is notice to principal; and that’s what that means.  Jason was given plenty of notice that legal action would follow if he did not respond to My Letters, and I do like to Keep My Word.

Speaking of which, I should get going.  This was enough of a stall and Writing You has motivated Me, which was the intention from the beginning.  I’m not going to Publish this now, I’m going to wait until I actually have the work done!!!  (Yes, this is big for Me, this is commitment to a deadline!)  The Idea is that when I am done, I can include a picture of the Work with this Post.  See You soon…  (ish).


Well, I’m Keeping My Word.  The Head of the Complaint is complete, now I just have to Present the information to support My Claim.  The ‘pressure’ is off a little (even though I’m the only One pressuring Me) because it doesn’t really Matter how long the rest of the complaint is.  It doesn’t actually Matter how long the initial complaint is, either, really.  Parts of Letters are named like body Parts for a reason; Words like ‘Head, Body, and Foot[notes]’, and the Style of a Letter should mimic the composure (like Music) of a well established man conducting a beautiful Symphony.  I use Calligraphy because it says something about the character of the man, and Beauty has a Powerful affect on the Reader.

I’ll be Writing more how Letters mimic man, but maybe tomorrow.  For now, I’m going to Sign off and see how much of the rest of the complaint I can get done.

Oh, and I also wanted to let You all know that the same time I complained about the new WordPress editor here on My Blog, I also decided to shoot them a message on Twitter about it.  I am pleased to say that a real, Living Man got back to Me about it very quickly and told Me the Word count would be added in a future update.  I was impressed, I like it when company’s get back to their clients quickly.

Love and Blessings, have a fabulous weekend!!!




The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – My Mystical, Magical, Macrocosm

Hello world, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal and My Mystical, Magical, Macrocosm!!!  I haven’t Posted My Letter yet because it isn’t ready – it’s a lot more work than I had initially anticipated, but it Will be done soon.  I’m making a serious effort to have it finished for Friday but no Promises.  For now, I am sitting here once again feeling a little guilty about the fact that I am having all of these wonderful thoughts and keeping them to My Self, especially when the things I am thing King about are so Mysteriously Magical.

First, there are the People in My Microcosm.  Once again, everything I was as King of the Universe for has been Gifted to Me.  I’m going to have to take photo of the stack of papers I’m war King through just to put the Scope of this Project in Focus; when I do, it Will be easier to comprehend what I am tall King about.  I’m sifting through every single contract the Salvation Army has with the city of Ottawa, and as daunting a task as it is, it is also something I am deeply grateful for.  I would not have known how to get My hands on most of these contracts, and I’m discovering just how efficient a paralegal and two lawyers can be.  And thank You all very much, by the Way.  That’s the first (Magical)thing I have to be thankful for, but it’s only the beginning.

The connection has also resulted in a video series where I Will be sharing My Letter of complaint with focus groups advocating against the Salvation Army’s move to Vanier and the construction of a ‘mega shelter’.  It’s probably the most controversial local topic, bar none, though I’ve never used the media interest in the project to My advantage.  I’m not so much opposed to where a shelter might be, I’m more concerned with why a country like Canada relies on emergency shelters as a form of social ‘welfare’ (especially when it costs the taxpayer more than it would to put these people in $1000/month apartments).  However, the conditions of the shelter truly are deplorable and I have no problem advocating against the Salvation Army creating a ‘mega shelter’ of any kind – at least, not if Ottawa is any reflection of how they do business.

The community support from the two video interviews I’ve already done has been amazing.  Although I was evicted from the shelter shortly after doing the first video, I am far more comfortable now than I was then; I have Peace, Quiet and Solitude to Work.  The most exciting thing in My Life right now, are the connections (connect-Sean’s) I’ve made with My new Friends.  Some of My new Friends are legal professionals, and all of My new Friends not only support My Sovereignty, but insist that I be the One to file the Letter of Complaint in My Sovereign Capacity.  That’s pretty huge for Me.  I’m fairly accustomed to My Friends and general Peers coming to Me for advice and guidance, but not so much with legal professionals.  They Love the Way I Write Letters and My determination to defend the Common Law and human rights.  Just having People in My Life that are as enthusiastic about tall King about these things as I am is an Immensely Magical Gift.  But there’s more…

My Living situation should remain reasonably comfortable for the next two months, at which time it appears as though I Will officially take up [My own] residence in the city of Ottawa.  Once again, thanks to exposure from the video interview I did after being expelled from the shelter.  I am often tall King about how truly Blessed I am, how I Trust that the Universe Will always have My back.  I cannot even express how Grateful I feel when I consider these things, only the Universe can truly know My Heart.  These are some of the things I was thing King about tonight before I decided I should tell the world how wonderful Life can be when One completely Trusts in God.  And believe Me when I tell You, I do!!!

The other night I was thing King about My Life and went back to read some of My earliest Blog Posts.  It was such a Powerful experience to read Words from so long ago and to See how they have Magically Manifested in My Life.  Then, I clicked on a few ‘most read’ Blog Posts from those times, including a ‘review’ Published by WordPress administration in 2010.  I noticed it had changed since My last visit, it appeared as though there was a promotion for My Book Published with My stats.  When I clicked on what I thought was a link to My Book, it just opened the picture above in a new window.  Might all sound fine and well (and it is), but the interesting thing about that, is that I never uploaded that photo to WordPress, nor do I have a copy of it on My hard drive (though I am making a Mental note to Self to save it to My desktop before I finish this Post).  So, first of all, there was never a picture of My Book with that Post.  Now there is.  When it was added, I couldn’t tell You.  Other interesting this is, I think the picture actually came from the website I used to Publish My Book (  That’s the only place I can think of that might still have that pic.  But it gets even more Magical!

have a hard copy of My Book right now…  And the cover isn’t the same.  The first time I ordered copies of My Book, the cover appeared exactly as it is pictured in this Post.  Now, new copies of My Book have My name directly under the Title, not at the bottom.  But here’s the real kicker.  My name is in Capitus Diminutia Minimus. not all caps!  And believe Me, I tried to make sure My name was Spelled that Way when I first published, but it came out as pictured above.  Even more unusual, is virtually no one gets My name right, even if they wanted to do Me a favour, the closest one would usually come to getting it right, would be ‘Sean Von Dehn’, though it should be ‘Sean von Dehn’.  And THAT is now how it appears on My Book!  How cool is that?  Seriously?  I didn’t do any of that!  And People wonder why I believe I have Mysterious, Magical Friends.  And it doesn’t stop there.

It was a few weeks ago now that a Friend of mine as King of Me if they could see what kind of bicycle I used to ride when I raced.  The only Way I know how to get any pics of My race days, are to ‘Google’ My name.  My racing stuff used to be somewhere about halfway down the first page of search results.  Now, it isn’t even on the first page.  Again, maybe not such a big deal, I’ve Writ a lot of Blog Posts since then.  But Facebook always came up first, now Facebook is Fifth!  Again, might not sound like a big deal, but Facebook is pretty huge and ranks pretty high in Google search engines.  What could rank higher than that?  How about My Story!!!  If You click on the link I provided, You Will understand why I was so excited, and if You know a thing or two about SEO (search engine optimizers), then You would know that either that particular Blog Post is getting more traffic than Facebook or someone decided to promote My Story for Me increasing its rank in Google search engines.  Believe it or not, for this modest little man, it gets more Glorious still.

I was telling one of My new Friends about this phenomena today and she had her laptop with her, so I as King of her if she could please just type My name into Google.  I just wanted to make sure it came up as the first result on all computers and that there wasn’t some ‘Magical, Mysterious’ glitch with mine.  She turns to Me with this look of awe and says, “Um, I didn’t get any further than ‘Sean vo…’ and Google auto populated the rest of Your name!  Who are You?

“Okay, so it’s not just Me, that’s pretty huge, right?”

She just laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s pretty huge!”

I’ve been keeping that Secret for a couple of weeks now, though I don’t know how long its been like that, I really don’t Google My name much.  Anyway, these are the Mysterious, Magical Ways I know the Universe is pleased with My progress.  I guess One would really have to know Me to know how much these things mean to Me.  These are the kind of Gifts that touch Me the most, and the only Way I can show any appreciation is to tell You about it here.  Thank You.  I do notice the little things (like the fireball added to #bethechange).  I Imagine the same invisible Hand is responsible, and I am truly Grateful.

Oh, and to top it all off, My Mother is coming to visit!!!

Thank You all so much for being here, I Love You,

Love and Blessings,