The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to The Good News Journal’s Sunday Edition.  In My last Post, I Declared that every Post between now and February 21st and 22nd of 2019 Will be an example of the Common Law, a new Class for My Common Law Academy.  It would be fair to say that every single Post I have Writ since the inception of this Blog is also an example of the Common Law, a conscious choice to exercise My right to freedom of expression (an expressed ‘ion’, or unit of energy), making Announcements and Declarations from My Kingdom long before it had ever been claimed and Established in Law.

In My last Post, I also said that I would be Writing Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army, one last Letter by Way of e-mail before contacting the Salvation Army’s public relations officer.  Jason will not be in the office until Monday so I am going to wait until tomorrow night to Write him.  However, I also said that I would be tall King about the contents of My next Letter and My proposed resolution Order before sending it.

If One Writes a Letter of complaint to any organization, corporation or man, it is customary to respond to the complaint and offer a resolution – that is the Honourable thing to do.  Jason Prevost may be innocent until proved guilty of the offences I have charged him with, but he is currently in dishonour which does not reflect favourably on his character.  I did not tell Jason Prevost what needs to be done to remedy the situation, as it is presumed that the general manager would know how to respond to such complaints and be able to propose a resolution.  Instead, I only informed Jason of My complaints, respecting his position, and Giving him the opportunity to respond to My claims and offer some kind of resolution.

Now that I have made Jason aware of the problems, the onus is on Jason to respond to My complaints and offer a proposal for resolution.  This is how a Common Law Suit begins, Keeping careful Records of all correspondence.  Because he has failed to respond, I can only presume that he is already doing everything he can to remedy the situation and/or does not know how to respond to My complaint and/or effectively resolve the issue(s).  Although there has been a tremendous amount of renovation and cleaning done over the last week and a half, Jason Prevost has failed to successfully remedy any of the issues outlined in My Letter.  Keep in Mind that some of these charges are pretty serious; Jason appears to have lost contact information that may have provided a public venue for My art exhibition and a potential grant for as much as $4000.00, which certainly would have gone a long way toward promoting My Brand and improving My War King (working) environment.  For an Organization that is allegedly there to help a man improve his situation and meet his goals, that seems like a pretty big fail for a general manager!  Jason also failed to acknowledge My duty to protect and defend the Common Law for the People of Canada as a ‘real job’, denying My request for a two man dorm for those who are gainfully ’employed’ (which would have offered more security for My artwork and supplies).  Jason also failed to respond to My Claim that men were allowed to return to their dorms when the area was still a potential hazard to their health.  These are all serious charges and now the onus is on Me to propose an Order that Will resolve these Issues.  All of this is relevant because it is important that I can Show the public relations officer of the Salvation Army, the media, and the mayor of Ottawa, that I have Given Jason every opportunity to resolve the Issues and Claims outlined in My Letter, and that he has failed to respond to My complaints in a reasonable period of time.

Every Letter I Write is another Act, another Part of My Story, further defining the true nature of My Character, adding to My Original Claim with Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General.  Every Letter that Shows Proof of Service (receipt of delivery) is admissible in any Court of Record.  The same is true of every entry I Post; they constitute legal Declarations and Announcements with a digital receipt of the Time My Claim is Posted (and Posts provide Foundation).  Some of My Letters may take on a ‘candid’ Tone, but I am always in Harmony with the Universe (One Song), and a King reserves the right to have a little fun.  Have I not always Claimed that Life is a Game and We are here to have Fun?  Why should My Letters not reflect the nature of My Character?

I have also Claimed that I am a Master in Law, Commerce and Spirituality and that the true Duty of a King is to empower the People by Protecting the Common Law and teaching it to others.  This Will also be reflected in My next Letter to Jason.

I have told Jason that an Organization does not have the power or authority to enforce policies that trespass on the rights and dignity of the [Canadian] People.  Perhaps Jason does not believe this to be true, and/or does not believe he has any duty or responsibility to respond to Me.  It is My Duty [under God] to remind Jason that he has as much Duty and responsibility to defend and protect the Common Law as I do, and to provide Proof of My Claim.

I feel as though this Entry is something of a lengthy disclaimer; for Jason, and for My audience.  I don’t want to make anyone look bad.  I prefer to presume that those who have failed to respond to My Letters are not Willfully interfering with My determination to protect the Common Law, they simply don’t know any better.  That’s why it was also important for Me to make sure that the Salvation Army has a Record of My Claim with Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General; to Give Notice of My position.  Whether the Salvation Army understands the documents or not, is no longer My concern.

In My next Letter to Jason, I Will be providing Proof of My Claims and advising him that he Will be subpoenaed into Court on the 21st and 22nd of February to explain to the Court why he feels the Salvation Army has the right to enforce corporate policies that trespass on the rights and dignity of the Canadian People, and why he has chosen to Willfully interfere with My determination to promote social progress and the realization of the equal and inalienable rights of the Canadian People protected by the Rule of Law.

Finally, I would like to remind My readers that My work is significantly more challenging than I choose to share with My audience here.  Finding a suitable war King environment to maintain My Blog and social media accounts is extremely challenging and almost impossible during the day.  Finding a location where I can get any work done in private is virtually impossible.  I do not ever have the luxury of sleeping past 7:00 a.m., and the only time I seem to manage to get any work done online is after 11:00 p.m. when the tv in the lobby is off for the night.  As wonderful as it is to be an inspiration for My peers, almost everyone enjoys tall King with Me which makes it very difficult for Me to enjoy any time alone and I am the kind of man who very much enjoys solitude and privacy.  I endure by reminding My Self that every single person subject to life in a shelter deals with exactly the same issues, the difference is that many of these individuals also suffer from mental and/or physical health challenges, addiction issues and/or emotional suffering.  If the conditions I am subject to are this challenging for Me, then how much more challenging Will it be for those individuals suffering from any of these conditions?  And People wonder why I am here…

This Post was started on Saturday night, hoping to have it Published for early Sunday morning but was too tired to finish and have not had the opportunity to get back to it until late Sunday night.  It is now the wee hours of Monday morning, though I Will still Call this Post the Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition, as I believe it has been an Critical Common Law Class.

Jason Prevost is the General Manager of the Social Services Department of the Salvation Army Booth Centre, Ottawa

Some foreshadowing for My forthcoming Letter to Jason.

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Fabulous Friday Edition

Hello world and welcome to the Fabulous Friday Edition of the Good News Journal.  You  Will notice that I have Created a new Category of My Blog Called ‘The Kings Common Law Academy’, and every Post between now and the 21st and 22nd of February Will be a Part of the Common Law Academy Course, the Way to God’s Kingdom.

I have a lot of Good News to report, too, and all of it is an example of a real Common Law Suit.  As I mentioned previously, a Common Law Suit begins with a Claim and I have several Common Law Claims that have all been made here on this Blog.  My Peers are My audience, My audience is the Public, so My Public is the world.  In My last Blog Post, I shared My Letters to The Salvation Army, clearly defining My determination to protect the rights and dignity of the Canadian People by Way of an Art Exhibition that would Show Case the elected officials within the Canadian government responsible for the protection of the Common Law and human rights in Canada.  Every Deed is a new Act on the world Stage, a new Scene in My Story that defines the [true] Character of the man.  I can say that I am determined to protect and defend the [Common Law] rights of the Canadian People, but if I can’t Show (like a Play) the world that I am Acting on My Word, I Will begin to lose credibility; that’s how and why the People are the authority.

In My Case the Original Claim is My Cestui Que Vie Declaration and every consequent Deed [Letter] is further evidence of My Claim (including My e-mails to The Salvation Army).  As I mention in the e-mails, I also Presented a true Copy of My Original Claim with Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General to The Salvation Army so that they cannot Claim they were not Given notice of My capacity, status, and/or standing in Law.  And this is why knowledge is Power – because ignorance of the Law is no excuse for the Law, and it doesn’t matter if Jason understands My documents, it doesn’t make them any less true.

Jason did not respond to My Letter.  In Law, silence is consent (which is also why it is the first right man is Given by policy officers).  The reason silence is consent is because it is presumed that every man would Wish to defend his character against false accusations.  In My Letter to Jason, the general manager of the Salvation Army, I made several Claims.  I Claimed that the dignity and rights of the Canadian People were being trespassed upon, I Claimed that Jason had been Given contact information for a potential Grant and exhibition for My Art that he failed to effectively follow up on and/or share with Me, I Claimed that Jason had failed to Honour My request for a two man, locked dorm so that I would have a more secure place to store My paintings, and I claimed that clients had potentially been subject to conditions that may be damaging to their health and well being.

Failing to respond to these claims, says something about Jason’s character.  Every man has the right to the presumption of innocence till proved guilty in a [Common Law] Court, but if a man can easily dispute the Claims against his character, One usually does.  If there is no reply, then it is customary to send a follow up Letter with a proposed resolution Order, advising the recipient that if they do not agree to the proposed resolution order, they Will proceed with legal Action to have the resolution Order enforced.  A Good example might be someone accidentally breaking another man’s window.  A letter is sent claiming One man is responsible for the damage of another man’s window and is as King of the other man to pay for the cost to replace the window.  The Claim is that One is responsible for damages to another man’s property and the proposed resolution Order is that they accept accountability and pay for it.  In Court, the Letters would not be enough on their own, the plaintiff would have to prove that property was damaged and what it Will cost to repair it.

Jason did not contest any of My Claims, but that doesn’t make him guilty.  Jason may not be contesting My Claims, but he is not accepting accountability, either.  Perhaps he agrees with My claim but contests accountability.  Perhaps Jason has done everything he can and has made his superiors aware of the problems, but has been denied the resources to remedy the situation effectively; perhaps he feels it would be disloyal to tell Me who is responsible and accountable for the problems…  I don’t know, I can only speculate as to why a man would not defend claims that tarnish his character.

Although Jason did not respond to My Letter, a lot of extra work has been getting done over the last week and the world knows how I feel about coincidences; there are none.  I was able to sleep last night for the first time in several days (it was wonderful), and Jason and other members of the Salvation Army Staff have not treated Me any differently.  In fact, a few of the Staff (like Magic) members have seemed especially supportive over the last week, including those in administrative and management roles – even Captain Thomas Yoo came and apologized to Me on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, telling Me that he had reconsidered what I had said and made My concerns known to those in ‘upper management’ (whomever that might be) without mentioning My name.  Instead, Captain Yoo just told them that ‘the Painter’ had told him about what the living conditions at the Salvation Army are like and expressed his concerns, though I am quite sure whomever Captain Yoo spoke to Will know who ‘Painter’ is.  None the less, I am thus far being treated no differently.  In fact, I have had three Staff members now tell Me they Wish I was running the place – I told them I have bigger fish to fry.

Anyway, this Blog Post is getting a little too long for the attention span of the Common man, so I Will wrap this up.  The reason all of this is relevant to the Common Law is because the People are the authority of government.  I told Jason I would go to the media and the public relations officer of The Salvation Army if he failed to respond, and I like to be Good to My Word whenever I am able, but I am going to send Jason one more letter before I do.  Why?  Because a lot of extra work has been done over the first week and I always like to believe the best in everyone.  Perhaps Jason knows My charges are valid and feels guilty, so he is making Good by his Deeds – or at least to the best of his ability, whether it successfully proves to remedy the matter or not, it does demonstrate that he is doing something and I have always said that action speaks louder than Words.  So, thank You, Jason (official thank You e-mail forthcoming).

Finally, I also finished another Portrait in My ‘Canadian Common Law Characters Campaign’!  People of the world, please allow Me to introduce to You to Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould.

The Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould

One thing I didn’t do in My Letter to Jason, was offer him a proposed resolution Order.  I Will share that with You in My next Post.

“Canadian Common Law Characters Campaign”

I hope You are all having a Fabulous week!!!

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, Letter Writing Edition

Happy Lucky Wednesday, everyone!  I am hoping today Will be an especially Lucky day for all of My readers as I do have another exciting Edition of The Good News Journal today.

I have compared Letter Writing to Magic more than once, claiming that every Letter Writ is like Casting a new Spell, whether or not the recipient responds.  It is Tuesday in My microcosm, taking an evening off from painting and preparing My Post for Your reading pleasure today.

I am tall King about teaching the Common Law and last week I Writ a very serious and powerful Letter to Jason Prevost, manager of the Salvation Army Booth Centre, Ottawa.  Jason was Given three full business days to respond to the e-mail.  Although Jason failed to reply, the Letter has had a Magical effect in My microcosm.

The day I Writ the Letter, the basement was closed until 6:00 p.m. without previous notice, allegedly to spray for bedbugs.  I say ‘alleged’ because the Staff were not sure if they were spraying for bedbugs or just doing some extra cleaning, and six o’clock would only be a few hours after the area was contaminated (which seems too soon for people to safely return to their dorms).

The second floor also remained closed for additional cleaning and/or to spray for bedbugs two days last week, and today they painted the ‘trim’ along the top of the walls, presumably to paint over the bedbug colonies.  I’m sure it is not a coincidence that suits were here to take a look at everything only moments after they had finished painting.  They even took a pressure washer to the outside of the building today, though nothing is done very effectively, it is almost as if things are done just so One can say things were done.  Only the sidewalk looked better after the pressure washing session and a few hours later, One would never know it had been done; same thing with the paint strip around the top of the wall.  Now it just looks like a really bad paint job; the bedbug colonies are still there, they are just a little harder to see.  As far as spraying for bedbugs is concerned, how likely is it to be successful if everyone returns with their backpacks and clothes contaminated?  It is all for show, nothing is any better than it was, but on paper, it Will look like things are getting done.

Does any of this have anything to do with the Letter I Writ?  Your guess is as Good as mine, but I don’t believe in coincidences.  Jason may not have replied to My Letter in Writing, but there has definitely been a response My complaint.  There was also ‘special’ visit made to Our dorm to investigate the issue.

Surprisingly, although I was expecting a little backlash from Writing the Letter, the rest of the Staff I am familiar with have been especially supportive recently.  Painting has also been a huge benefit to Me and a lot of People are encouraging Me to continue.  It’s interesting for Me that People like it so much when I paint because I still don’t think of My Self as an especially talented artist – in fact, I know I’m not a great artist, I just enjoy doing it…  But the People really like it when I paint, and the People are the authority of government.  So as long as the People Keep Wishing Me to Paint, the more People I Will Cast into My Story and Art ‘Exhibit-Sean’. 😉

My Peers have also been especially supportive lately, thanking Me for the Letter and as King of Me not to Give up.  I assure them I never Will, I Will only continually find new Ways to be the change I dream to know in the world.

I did also have My usual Tuesday meeting with Captain Thomas Yoo, though We are officially no longer ‘friends’.  Captain Yoo had been Keeping Five of My exhibition pieces in his office for safety after hearing about My portraits of the Queen and the Pope mysteriously disappearing from Anchorage.  I came to visit Captain Yoo on Saturday for a few minutes while he was hosting the Salvation Army’s ‘Coffee House’.  After saying hello and taking My leave on Saturday, I returned briefly to as King of him if he still wanted to meet on Tuesday morning.  When I returned to his office, the door was wide open, People mulling about in the hallway outside, My paintings sitting on a chair, perfectly visible, just inside his office door.  I decided to ‘kidnap’ them in case someone else might have the same Idea.  No one blinked an eye when I took them and those who were mulling about in the hallway had no Idea who I was or what I was taking.  I was not very pleased, and decided My artwork is always safest in My personal care.  What concerned Me even more, is that I thought Captain Yoo would at least e-mail Me to find out if I had reclaimed the paintings when he discovered they were missing – he didn’t.  So when I met with Captain Yoo today, I let him sweat it out for a minute or two before telling him that it was Me who took the paintings.  He as King of Me why I would let him worry like that and I as King of him how he thinks I would feel if it had not been Me who took the paintings.  I also suggested that considering he didn’t know where they were and didn’t e-mail Me, he had acted very irresponsible.  He apologized and I said to him that it is okay, it was My fault for Trusting him with My paintings.  I don’t think he liked that very much, but it’s the Truth.  Then he as King of Me how things were going and I as King of him if he was reading My Blog.  He said that he is not reading it as Our philosophical Ideas are too different, he just wants to be My friend and show his support for what I am doing.  Then I as King of him how he felt about the conditions that People who rely on the Salvation Army for basic needs are subject to, and he refused to respond.

“That is not My concern or department, I am just here as Spiritual teacher.”

“Well, I’m a teacher, too, and My Duty is to teach everyone the Common Law and how We all have a Part to Play.”

“No, I don’t want to get involved with that, that’s why I connect You to public relations.”

“Well, at some point, Thomas, if I am advocating for the rights and dignity of People who are subject to staying here and You are aware of those conditions, someone might as King of You how You feel about that as the Salvation Army’s spiritual director, and/or what You have done to improve those conditions.”

Thomas refused to answer Me and said he does not need to answer that.  I once again explained that We all have to as King of Our Self what We can do to improve the situation for both Our Self and others.  Then he said something about not being able to be friends with a man who believes he is King, as it goes against the teaching of Christ, who is the ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’.  I suggested that if Jesus were here, He would probably remind Captain Yoo that We are all Kings and only a man who does not know he is King would question another man’s Kingdom.  I shook My head, his hand, and took My leave.


Dis-Honourable Member of Parlour Games “Lloyd Longfield”

However, everything else has been going very well.  My peers love My last two painting of King George and Our Dis-Honourable M.P. Lloyd Longfield.  I didn’t notice the fly when I took the photo but I think it suits him…

I am also War King on the right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and People are already telling Me how beautiful it is.  For Me to paint in front of so many of My peers, subject to the continuous scrutiny of the observer, considering My own knowledge of My shortcomings as an Artist, is actually kind of epic for Me.  Once upon a time I didn’t even want My friends to see completed works, never Mind all the insecure moments I go through during the process.  However, My peers have been telling Me that one of the most enjoyable things for them is to stop by and look at My progress, the gradual transform A Sean from the initial sketch to the finished product.  So here is a preview sketch of Canada’s Minister of Justice:

Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General

I hope You are all well, I Will have more marvelous Magic for You all soon!!!

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Terrific Tuesday Edition – The Power of the Pen; A Letter of Complaint to Salvation Army General Manager, Jason Prevost, Ottawa Booth Centre

In addition to this being a Terrific Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal, it is also another Credit in the King’s Common Law Academy.  Today is also exactly one week from the day I sent Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army, a Letter of Complaint for trespasses upon the dignity and rights of the Canadian People.

In My Last Post, I included a Letter I had sent to Caroline Hards, a housing ‘CASE worker’ for the Salvation Army.  I also gave Caroline a copy of some of the important documents I have filed with the Superior Court (like My Judicial Oath).  I had as King of Caroline to make sure that Jason Prevost received a copy of My Letter and Show him My legal documents so that he knows I am serious.  I know how it must sound when I first tell People I am a King and there are other titles I could use; I could call My Self a Canadian National, a Sovereign, a Universal Citizen, a People of the world, a private person…  And there are probably others, those are just off the top of My head – but they all mean the same thing; King [irrelevant to sex because authority and power is equal].  The beautiful thing about ‘King’, is that everyone knows what it means.  And if People are going to presume a man is crazy for believing he is a King, it only proves he truly is because only a man who does not know he is King would be thing King it is crazy.  If We are all equal in dignity, rights, and the protections of the Law, then We must all be Kings.  I also use King because it is the proper Way to express the legal title of the Sovereign, and if a man is thing King I am crazy, I can use that to My advantage.

“Never underestimate Your opponent.” – Proverb

I’m sure I’m not the only man who remembers being told by childhood teachers to ‘Show Your Work!’.  This is a principal that is very important in Law, and that’s why I sent Jason a copy of My Letter to Caroline first.  Neither the Salvation Army nor Jason Prevost can claim they were never informed of My reason for being here, My position [in Law, Commerce], or My determination to protect and defend the Common Law and Man’s Rights.  It also Shows the Power of using e-mail as a digital, time stamped and legally acceptable Form of communication.  It also demonstrates that I am organized enough to Keep careful Records of My correspondence with Staff (like a Mage).  Please Keep in Mind that if My Letter sounds a little harsh, I did send two Letters to Jason last year but I did not Keep copies.  When making an official Claim, I would never use original documents and Keep very careful to not misplace the receipt of service of ‘True Copy’.

My Letter to Jason Prevost, general manager of the Salvation Army, reads as follows:

“Working for the [Human] Rights and Dignity of the Canadian People” (subject)

Aug 7, 2018, 5:08 PM

Hello Jason,
You will notice that I have taken the time to forward a letter I writ to Caroline last year after she had asked Me to explain why I felt painting and determination to protect human rights qualified as ‘real’ work so that I might qualify for a slightly more secure and dignified living arrangement (two man locked dorm for security of My paintings while I continue to prepare My art exhibition).  I also recall taking the time to write You two well written letters explaining My determination to protect the rights of those subject to social welfare and improve the conditions of those subject to emergency shelters like the Salvation Army.  You denied My request and insisted that what I am doing is not ‘real work’ and therefor does not qualify for a two man dorm.  You also refused My request to assist Me in finding a more secure location to store My paintings while I work with Caroline to secure suitable, dignified housing.
I have now been here over a year and can tell You that those subject to living at the Ottawa Booth Centre are subject to deplorable conditions that are not fit for human life.  A landlord would not be able to rent a room if it were in the same condition as any of these dorms.  The walls of the dorms have not been washed in over a year and every dorm is seriously infected with bedbugs – it has become an epidemic and I believe it is such an epidemic that the Ottawa Booth Centre is jeopardising the health and well being of the entire city, as NOTHING is being done to put an end to the epidemic or to contain it and prevent it from spreading throughout the city of Ottawa.  Even Your staff have complained to Me that they are concerned their own homes are going to be infected.
I have tried very hard to work with You in as Honourable a manner as I know how, explaining to You that the People of Canada have rights that are protected by law and that with Your help connecting Me to the city council members or other people of influence with whom You do business, I would be able to help You attain the funding necessary to improve many of the shelter conditions and get the People of Canada into a living situation worthy of human dignity.  You have failed to take Me seriously or connect Me with anyone who might be able to make a difference.  I believe the living situation here has become so serious, the press and mayor need to be made aware before the bed bug epidemic spreads throughout the entire city.  I have a plethora of photos to validate My claims and would like Give You an opportunity to work with Me to remedy this problem before I take the matter to Caroline, the public relations officer and the media.  The People of Canada need to know how deplorable the living conditions here really are.
Also, I did ask You more than three times to forward Me the e-mail of the lady who inquired about My work last summer.  You informed Me that You had contacted her twice via e-mail and were waiting to hear back from her.  I would like that contact information as I do not understand why it was not given to Me in the first place and why You decided to take it upon Yourself.  I asked You to provide Me with copies of the e-mail correspondence and although You insist You did message her and do have her e-mail, You have yet to provide Me with the information and I am tired of as King to You for it.
I Will begin posting photos of the atrocities I witness here and release them to the press if You fail to respond to this letter and take My determination to protect the rights of the Canadian People a little more seriously.
I hope this day finds You well,
Love and Blessings,
King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God
P.S. – I also heard they are spraying pesticide in the basement today and that the residents will be allowed to return to their dorms at 6:00?  Usually it is a minimum of 48 hours before a man can safely return to a dorm that has had pesticide sprayed, and what difference will it make if those who have been removed from the dorm for the day return with their backpacks and clothes filled with bedbugs?  You are NOT preventing or containing the issue, it needs to be addressed before it becomes an epidemic for the entire city.  Try spending one night subject to the conditions of those on the second floor or basement and then tell Me how passionate You are about making things better.  Right now I don’t believe You care but that’s not My concern.  You, as manager of the Ottawa Booth Centre are liable and responsible for the living conditions Your clients are subject to.
An e-mail constitutes legal notice of service.
Everything I have done is in accordance with the Common Law and perhaps the most important thing to point out is that what I am doing is what I believe to be the Duty and responsibility of every man, and so it is that much more important for a King; to teach, to be the change One dreams to see in the world.  In My next entry, I Will publish My next Letter to Jason Prevost on My Blog before I send it to him because teaching the Common Law to everyone I meet is part of My job and Jason Will get his first real lesson in My next Letter.
I hope this day finds You all well,
Love and Blessings,

The King’s Studio




The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Magical Monday Edition – How to Cast A Common Law Spell

Hello everyone and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal!  There are many Marvellously Magical things Manifesting.  I have finished Casting the first of Canada’s elected officials into the Universal Product Sean, I have finished Painting the Poster for next month’s marketing campaign, “The Kingdom of Heaven Found – A – Sean”, and acquired two QR codes for My Twitter Page and Web Sight (where I share My Vision) which Will be added to next month’s Poster.  I also have the opportunity to teach a little more Magic this Monday morning, which also qualifies as a Common Law Academy Credit.

My Last Post got a little long winded tall King about the Cestui Que Vie Declaration that started it all, and I promised that future lessons would be far less complicated.  I’m going to start by showing You what the world is reading:

What the World is Reading
Who’s Reading What

And a picture is worth a thousand Words.  It is Common for Me to review My stats and find out what the world is reading.  Every single Post that was read is a reflection of the Common Law, even ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’, because it is tall King about five principals to achieve anything One can conceive in their Mind and being the change One Wishes to see in the world.  I am also tall King about how I Will apply the wisdom to My own Life to accomplish My dream for Peace in the world.

This is relevant because what We do, Our Deeds are a reflection of Our Character on the world stage.  The People are the authority of government and each of Us are Kings [and Queens].  Everything I Write here is a reflection of My character and ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’ was Writ in March of 2011.  This is also why My Blog Will be included as part of the disclosure for My defence in Court, as it is an example of My Character.

Man’s laws are complicated but the Common Law is simple.  I’m thankful I took the time to explain the Cestui Que Vie in My last Post, ‘My Story‘, and the rest of the links that were viewed by My readers in the above photo, clarify the content and purpose of the Cestui Que Vie even further for those who are interested.  My presumption is that the Ministries I sent a copy of My Cestui Que Vie Declaration would fully comprehend its contents.  Although the subject matter may be more complex, the procedures are the same in any Common Law claim.

Today, I am demonstrating a much simpler version of the Common Law.  Every Common Law Suit begins with a Claim.  It may be a claim of injury, a claim of property, or anything in between.  A criminal charge in a Common Law jurisdiction, is a claim that one man has acted inappropriately toward another man, often called a grievance or complaint, and it is usually expressed in a Letter.  My Cestui Que Vie is a Claim of right to Supreme authority over My Mind, Body, and Soul.

In a Common Law jurisdiction, all of man is equal [once again, regardless the sex of man] so the Author of the Writ is the Author-Writty of the Letter [not to be confused with authority over the other man].  A King has his own laws and the Letter informs the recipient of the King’s complaint.  This is why everything begins with a Claim.  The man may be Writing to inform the recipient that the colour of his house is an offence to the neighbourhood.  The man filing the complaint may have no real legal foundation for his claim, but he is the authority of his Kingdom, is entitled to his belief, and has the right to complain about anything he finds offensive.  If the two men cannot resolve the complaint independently, there would be an impartial tribunal, a hearing that would be judged by a jury of peers; in this Case, it would be the rest of the neighbourhood.  If the entire neighbourhood finds the man’s house offensive, he may be required to repaint it; if the majority of the neighbourhood believe the claim is frivolous, the man can Keep the colour of his home as it is.

Last Tuesday, I Writ a Letter to Jason Prevost, the General manager of the Salvation Army Booth Centre.  Last year, I Writ Caroline Hards [housing worker for the Salvation Army], a letter explaining why I feel My ‘work’ qualifies for a slightly more secure, two man, locked dorm that is typically only available to those who can prove they are ‘gainfully’ employed.  Alex, [Case worker no longer employed with the Salvation Army] had suggested My work was important enough to qualify.  I wanted to make sure that Jason had a copy of the Letter I sent to Caroline last year before Writing him on Tuesday.  The Letter reads as follows:

Good day, Caroline,
Thank You for taking the time to meet with Me, and for Your support and interest in My ‘work’ – it truly means the world to Me.
I have essentially dedicated My life to the service of others and I understand this is an uncommon practice.  I thought perhaps it might be useful for You to have something in writing for Your records in the event it may be helpful in communicating My position to others within the organization.
The intention and mission statement for My own life is one that is in harmony with that of the Salvation Army – to put an end to homelessness and poverty.  It is My opinion that homelessness and poverty only exist in Canada because Our politicians have failed to Honour their judicial oath of office,  and the common man in Canada has forgotten We can remove those elected officials.
Every Canadian has a Duty and a role to play in Our system of government.  It is Our duty and responsibility to make sure that politicians Honour their oath of office.  My artwork is a political and educational campaign designed to teach the common man how Canada’s legal system works and, more importantly, how those laws ensure the protection of the common law and human rights.
I do not believe that education is something a man should be required to pay for as an educated man is a benefit to all of man.  For that reason, I have never asked to be paid for My teaching and teaching is My greatest gift.
Previously, I have worked at jobs that require Me to pay taxes to corrupt government officials against My Will just to support My own education and teaching expenses, all of which I offer to anyone who is interested by way of an online Blog,  I have also published a book which is also not registered as it is also not for profit called, “A Prophecy for Peace”.  A free version of My Book is available on My Blog, hardcopies are available online.
I started painting roughly two months ago as a platform to create awareness of Canada’s homelessness and poverty issues, as well as Our capacity to change those circumstances by Way of the protections provided within Canada’s legal system.  My teaching is Universal as the same protections apply in any common wealth country.
I am working and I am an advocate for human rights and the protections of the common law.  My personal Duty is to Honour God and the Queen, My own Oath of Office is on the public record, published on My Blog and on the Superior Court record of Canada.  I have supporting documents for every claim made in this letter.
As My ‘Diversion and Housing CASE worker’, I Will strongly consider Your opinion on who within Canada’s government should be contacted with respect to providing the necessary funding for this campaign.  I Will be depicting every character or person who is relevant to accomplishing My task in My art exhibition as either Honourable or Dis-Honourable, relative to their response to My letters.
For now, I plan to start My political campaign with Lloyd Longfield, the M.P. representing Guelph who failed to respond to My letters.  I Will Write him one more time, this time explaining My campaign as I have outlined it for You here so that he has one last opportunity to respond in a Way that may be more favourable to his character.
I have sent a picture to You with this e-mail (Lloyd Longfield) and thank You again for offering to print it for Me.
I promote My non profit work on facebook, Twitter and WordPress,
Sean Stephen von Dehn on Facebook,
@vondehnvisuals on Twitter, (WordPress Domain)
I hope this day finds You well, I look forward to working with You to secure suitable housing and a venue for My campaign in the near future.  Have a wonderful afternoon,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.
This is why it is so important to Keep a copy of all correspondence.  Caroline refused My request and I took the matter to Jason Prevost, the General Manager.  I did not send Jason a copy of the e-mail I had sent to Caroline; instead, I took My Time and delivered proper, Hand Writ Letters on parchment, Sealed with wax.  Jason even commented on how impressed he was with the Writing and the wax Seal, though he still denied My request for a semi private, two-man dorm.  He also failed to respond to either one of two Letters I sent him, requesting not only a two man dorm, but also for information concerning a valuable contact who had $4000 of grant money she potentially wanted to Give Me to paint in the ByWard market.  Although Jason Prevost insists he has the contact information and did send the lady not one but two e-mails, he has failed to forward those e-mails or the contact information to Me.  It may also be important to note that I also provided Caroline with a copy of all the documents I have filed with the Attorney General and Superior Court.
My Good friend, Captian Thomas Yoo has as King of Me not to Post My Letter to Jason Prevost until I have Given him One more day to respond.  I did tell Captain Yoo that I Gave Jason Prevost three full business days to respond which is customary and more than sufficient.  However, because this Post is so long already, I am inclined to Grant Captain Thomas Yoo’s Wish, though I Promise I Will Publish My Letter to Jason in My next Post.
Writing a Letter to a man is Magical.  It has an effect, whether there is a reply or not.  I know that My thoughts and Ideas have been communicated to Jason and although it would be a very pleasant surprise to receive a reply, I don’t really care whether I get one or not – and I Will explain why in My next Post.
Love and Blessings, happy Magical Monday!!!


The Good News Journal, Volume XXII – The Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal!  I spent most of Tuesday evening Writing the last Post and didn’t have time to Give the exciting News of events in My microcosm.  I am very focused on marketing My Brand right now and the People seem to be responding very favourably to My campaign.  One of the reasons I like to paint is because I like to focus on what is Good, or in some Cases (like My recent portrayal of Dis-Honourable Member of Parliament/Parlour Games, Lloyd Longfield), make something Good from the ‘bad’.  I had originally intended to paint all the elected officials who Honour their Role on the world Stage as a celebration of Canadian politics, the Common Law, and the Common Wealth, with a description of their Part in the Universal Product Sean.  Why should I change My Plan just because the politicians I Writ are not doing their job?  I am thing King it Will amplify the intention of My Canadian Common Law Characters Campaign.  And now I have just Given My Art exhibition a name.  🙂

So, there are two big things I Will be War King for; ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’, which Will be the official name of My not for profit corporation, the dead thing I Will Give Life to, and My ‘Common Law Characters Campaign’ an Exhibition of Artwork designed to promote ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’.  The main event Will be February 21st and 22nd of 2019 when I Will prove in a Court of Law that God’s Kingdom is a jurisdiction of Law that is available to all who claim it, and the Exhibition of Art Will be to promote the main event.

The more publicity I get, the better it is for Me.  I truly have some fabulous Ideas and I Will be introducing a new one every month leading up to the event.  I could go to the media anytime.  There are also some radical (and perfectly legal and lawful) things I could do to Create more attention, even painting in a higher traffic location could potentially benefit My campaign.  However, I am also running out of patience.  I’m tired of People I have Writ letters to not taking Me seriously and, even though I know all of that Will change very quickly once My Court Case is over, some things can’t wait that long.

Captain Yoo, the Salvation Army Chaplain, met with Me again Tuesday morning.  We have resumed Our weekly meetings and he is very sincere in his determination to connect Me with People in the community that have the power and influence to make things happen.  His first introduction for Me was with Caroline, the Salvation Army’s public relations officer.  On Tuesday, Captain Yoo was able to Give Me Caroline’s contact information so that I can let her know some of My concerns and show her just how bad things are for the People who stay here.  After providing Me with her details, Captain Yoo as King of Me to contact Jason Prevost, the general manager of the Salvation Army one last time to Give him an opportunity to remedy My concerns before reaching out to Caroline; I promised I would.

Later Tuesday afternoon, I met with another Caroline, a housing worker with the Salvation Army, as King of her for Jason Prevost’s e-mail address.  Caroline had to call him first to make sure she was allowed to Give it out which seemed very strange to Me.  I don’t know, maybe they are told not to Give out Jason’s contact info to clients because Jason asked her who it was for.  When she said it was Sean, he must have said yes because she began Writing it down.  If she had said no, I would have just as King of Jason for it My Self.  Either Way, I got the number and Writ the Salvation Army Booth Centre’s general manager, Jason Prevost to let him know about several issues that trespass on the dignity and rights of those subject to living there.  Jason Prevost also failed to produce a potentially valuable contact I had as King of him for last year and I as King of him for it one last time in Writing, it could be an especially valuable contact for Me now.

I told Jason Prevost over a year ago that I consider My Self a Rogue Journalist, told him that I have a following on social media (which is now five times that number, thank You all so much) and that I am here because no One in Canada should be subject to life in a shelter and I intended to bring these conditions to the attention of the Canadian People and government.  I also as King of him to connect Me with anyone responsible for providing funding for the Salvation Army.  Jason failed to respond to any of My hand Writ letters.  E-mail provides a digital receipt and constitutes a service of true copy, so now things are official.  I have Given Jason until Friday at 5:00 P.M. to respond to My letter, at which time I Will contact Caroline and begin as King of her how the Salvation Army plans to respond before I begin publishing photos of some of the conditions Canadian People are subject to (under duress).

Wow, I’ve gotta get some sleep.  I’ll be painting most of the day tomorrow, weather permitting but plan to be back for a new Post sometime Friday night for Saturday morning.

I hope You are all having a fabulous week!!!

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XXII: A Terrific Tuesday Edition for Teaching

Hello world and welcome to The Terrific Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal!  Today I Will begin reviewing everything I have to teach about the Common Law beginning with My very first document and the reply I received from Sean Kearney, legal director for the Ministry of the Attorney General.

I have Created several Posts on My Blog branching off the main Root of a Tree of Pages that tell My Story,  starting with My Cestui Que Vie Declaration.  The Cestui Que Vie Act Plays a huge Part in its own right, and the link I included is from the government of the U.K. website rather than Wikipedia, as there is a discrepancy between the dates [1666 versus 1540, respectively], and I figured current legislation was most reliable.  For those who find the Wording of the Act difficult to comprehend, it essentially suggests that the Cestui Que Vie represents a living man’s title Deed and/or claim to land and/or property.  It is left in Trust while the living man is away at sea and reclaimed by the man upon his return.  If the man dies, is lost at sea and/or fails to reclaim the Deed to his land, it is administrated by whomever is in possession of the [Cestui Que Vie] Trust.  Keep in Mind I don’t use any Words by coincidence, nor do I capitalize certain letters by accident.

The only reason I am including the link to the Cestui Que Vie Act is to show the relation Ship between the Law and Commercial Admiralty.  A lot of People seem to wonder why it is called ‘Commercial Admiralty’ Law, and the Cestui Que Vie Act Gives some Idea as to why that may be the Case.  People Will also occasionally as King of Me why it is called a Cestui Que Vie and/or what it means; it’s essentially a Declaration of Life.  Writing the Words ‘Cestui Que Vie’ at the top was not necessary, I could have called it anything I like.  However, if One Wishes to communicate an Idea to another party, it is important to use language and Words that are Common among the interested parties.  Although the language may not be Common to the average Canadian, it is a legal term that is clearly defined in Law and should therefor be understood by those who presume to be authorities in Law.  The rest of My document is in Common English.

The other reason I included the link was to show the relationship between the number 666 and sinister Ideas.  It is alleged that the number 666 became known as the Devil’s number because of the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, and that it (the Act) was used to capture the Souls of men; I just wanted to Show that the claim is not completely unfounded.  It is only one claim of many regarding the number 666 but You know how I feel about coincidences…

The system of laws used today deal exclusively with commercial interests and property claims, regardless how it may sound and it is easily provable.  Any hearing in today’s world Will involve some kind of commercial cost, and anywhere there is a commercial cost, there Will also be an interested party ready to claim it.  It also seems reasonable (and self-evident) that to participate in a commercial world, a man must be living.  The Cestui Que Vie was really just a document to evidence the life of a man so he could claim his property (which would have a commercial value and be registered to his name/family).  Simplified, it was just an early Form of identification.  It’s modern day equivalent, is the Live Birth Record.  Now perhaps the Creation of My Cestui Que Vie makes a little more sense.

So, what started Me on this Quest?  Why does a man choose to Create a Cestui Que Vie?  Because I learned that without a Cestui Que Vie, a man has no rights, only privileges and benefits afforded him by the state, a jurisdiction of law to which the man is subject by Way of [his/her] citizen-Ship contract.  We are Given a citizen Ship to sail (Sale) the seas of Commercial Admiralty waters (participate in commerce for profit) and leave the Deed to Our Life in Trust with the state.  To reclaim the Deed to One’s property (Life), a man must prove he is living and no longer on the [Citizen] Ship, or lost at sea.

I said I would try to make all of this as uncomplicated as I possibly can.  None of this really has anything to do with the Common Law, it’s just a little background on the foundation of the commercial system We enjoy or despise today, depending on One’s perspective.  The citizenship is a commercial license for the man to engage in commerce but the commercial title has no right to own property because it is not living, it is the incorporated person(a).  That’s why man pays taxes even if One ‘owns’ the land.  The man has no title Deed to his own life, so he can never have a legitimate claim to the land, he can only ever have usury privileges of it which are subject to commercial codes of conduct, otherwise known as Our Commercial Admiralty system and/or criminal codes of conduct.

Those laws have nothing to do with the Common Law, but if One is choosing to participate in commerce, they are Acting as the incorporated person, a dead thing (no right to family or property), which is why the Cestui Que Vie Act is rumoured to be a sinister Act designed to capture the Souls of man.

Hmmm, 937 Words at the end of My last sentence and thing King about wrapping up this lesson (in this Case, the Universe suggesting it’s the perfect time to do just that).

If this Post seemed unusually complicated, please be Patient.  Only the system of laws man has Created are complicated, the Common Law is Common Sense and very easy to understand.  Essentially, do no harm, do no wrong.  I’ll expand on that soon.

Thank You all for joining Me today.  I am also upping the ante in My microcosm and Will share the exciting details with You all soon!!!

Clockwise starting in upper left are Japanese/Chinese characters: Peace, Love, Truth and Strength, respectively.

Love and Blessings,