The Good News Journal, Volume XLIV: The Fabulous Friday 2019 Focus Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fabulous Friday Edition of the Good News Journal.  Today I Will be tall King about what kind of things I Plan to Focus on in 2019 and what kind of Good News My audience can expect to read about in the coming year.

First, I want to say thank You to My first two WordPress followers of the year that were also kind enough to ‘like’ My last Post.  I’ve said before that My WordPress followers are closest to My Heart; perhaps because I am so passionate about My own Blog, and perhaps because they are Authors and Bloggers too, and part of Me feels only other Writers can truly relate to how it feels to have (or not have) an audience.

I don’t often share links to Posts from other Authors but I’m going to today, simply because I am always tall King about how there are no coincidences in the Universe.  When I get a new follower on WordPress, I always take some time to check out their Blog and read a couple of Posts.  In My last Post, I was tall King about how before 2017, I had very few visitors and felt that might be something difficult for other Bloggers to relate to.  The first Blog Post I read after Writing My last Post, just happened to be tall King about what it’s like starting a new Blog and getting the first couple of views and followers.  I had also Signed off Promising to share some of My Plans for the coming year in My next Post, and one of those Plans includes putting more time into promoting My Blog and building My reader Ship.  The Blog Post I first read speaks specifically to that Goal.  Coincidence?  😉

How to get more followers on Your Blog for free.

My Blog is on the forefront of My Mind because it is coming due for renewal soon.  My Blog is the thing in My Life I’m most passionate about and I’ve invested very little in it (aside from My Time and Energy).  This year I was thing King about upgrading My account.  However, My most used hashtag is #BeTheChange, and My philosophy is that You don’t need any money at all to be successful.  The other thing I liked about the Link I shared above, is that the Author has 7,688 followers on WordPress.  I had said that My sudden ‘success’ on WordPress was relative.  For Me, having multiple views and visitors daily is success, especially when those views are coming from countries all over the world!  Over 8 years of Writing, I had accumulated 11 WordPress followers before April of 2017.  Including My first two followers of 2019, I now have 75.  It might not be success compared to the impressive stats of My fellow Blogger above, but clearly a significant increase over My first eight years of Blogging and the Author relates to what it is like to Write when it seems as though no one is reading Your Words…  What’s the point?

In fact, I think I mentioned once that Writing in My Journal feels that Way to Me now, as though I’m being selfish and should be sharing My Words with the world; that’s a big part of why I Write.  I once Writ My Goals in a Journal and I would always attain them, now I share them here as an example of how what We Write Manifests.  I guess I do have modest needs because what I have now is the success I had once been as King of the Universe for – to have an international audience (readers from all over the world), and a few People reading My Blog every day.  I’ve had that for the last couple of years now, and I don’t ever want My Gratitude for what I already have to be miscommunicated in any Way, but this year I am going to Focus on taking My Blog to the next level.

I’m also going to see what I can accomplish without upgrading My WordPress account.  I started researching marketing strategies over the last couple of years but I haven’t really been in a position to implement them.  Now that I have a proper work environment, I Will be able to get considerably more done, it just depends on where I place My Focus.  The last two years allowed Me to do the kind of background work and research necessary for Me to have great Stories to share, this year I get to Write the conclusion to those stories and bring The Good News Journal closer to its Public-A-Sean Potential by implementing a few of the marketing strategies I wasn’t able to make time for.

I’m going to need to think about it for a bit before I consider what My goals for the year should be.  11 from 75 is 64, divided by 2 years is an average of 32 new followers over the last two years.  Actually, 31 because two of those followers are from this year.  Perhaps the most obvious strategy I’m going to be implementing is My frequency of Writing.  With a proper workspace, there is no reason I can’t Write daily, though it’s generally not something I like to commit to because Writing should be authentic, not forced.  So if I really don’t feel like Writing one day, I don’t want to feel compelled to do something I’m usually passionate about – I’d prefer to wait for the Passion.  However, I am going to engage in new activities which I am hoping Will Inspire new Writing.

A couple of new activities I have loosely committed to making part of My daily routine are watching one ‘TED talks’ video and one hour of reading.  More is okay but I want to commit to at least an hour of reading every day, and I want to watch more TED talks because I’ve enjoyed a lot of the ones I’ve seen and a lot of My followers on Twitter are featured on TED talks, so it’s a Good Way to get to know some of My other social media circles/cultures.  Public speaking is also an art and enjoy watching Presentations if it’s a Good Presenter, even if I’m not that interested in the information, there is often still something to learn.

Wow, a thousand Words already?  There’s a Goal.  It won’t be one I check very often, but I’d like to Publish 200,000 Words this year, just to see what that feels like (185,000 is My previous best in 2017).  As far as promoting the Blog and WordPress followers goes, My first goal is to reach 100 followers as quickly as possible, starting with the strategies mentioned in the Post I shared with You today.

I hope You all have a fabulous Friday, thank You for being here!



The Good News Journal, Volume XLIV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to The Good News Journal!  It feels like a Thrilling Thursday Edition because I have so many things to be thankful for, so many wonderful things to look forward to in the coming year, and so many Marvelous things going on right now, I know it’s going to be a big year for the House of von Dehn and The Good News Journal. I know I Will have plenty of stories to tell!

One of the early Thrills of My Thursday was a Letter from My Brother.  I’ve been chatting with My family a little more over the last few months, and they’ve also been sending Me photos of My nieces and nephews.  It is something very difficult to articulate because I don’t want to give the impression that I have ever not, in some way, had a great relationship with My family.  Our Spiritual Journeys take each of Us down Our own unique path; sometimes We were very close, other times more distant.  I do not compromise on My beliefs, and I can only Imagine how difficult it must have been for My family at times (especially My Mother) to understand My Path.  It was a beautiful Letter, and I felt for a moment like I was truly connecting with his children, My niece and nephew.  It just seems that all the storylines of My life seem to be coming together at the perfect time, just like they would at the end of a Book.  Just when I’m wondering how I Will Write My conclusion, all the right Characters have come back into Play. I know as well as any man that the Universe is like that, but I’m feeling even more Blessed this year than usual.

This Thursday I am reflecting on the last couple of years, and I mentioned in My last Post that I try not to spend too much time in the past or the future.  I do like doing it though, because I like to have goals, even if they are little ones.  This Blog is My Baby!  I’m actually laughing out loud after typing that, so I’m gonna leave it because it’s True.  This Blog is so close to My Heart there is no Way anyone else could ever fully understand what it means to Me.  The year began with My Brother reminding Me I’d taken too long a vacation from Writing, which was a beautiful Way for the Universe to tie in My Passion for Writing with My Love for My family.

The Universe also had a Magical Way of Merging My Passion for Law with the ‘success’ of My Blog in 2017.  Success is in parenthesis because the term is relative and My Blog stats would still be considered very modest by most standards, but I once dreamed that My Blog would one day be read by the world and now that dream is My reality!  I also discovered it had been My reality for a few years, I’d only seen a portion of My true stats.  There was no Way to prove it and no one to know it but Me, but that somehow made it more special.  At the same time I noticed these ‘new’ Blog stats, I also started getting Twitter followers from an account I’d forgot I had for almost seven years.  I guess I should have known I had it because I remember noticing that it was publishing all of My Blog Posts, but I hadn’t really done anything with it since I set up the account (Publishing My Posts to Twitter is an automated feature on WordPress I set up once upon a time and essentially forgot about).  So I started exploring Twitter stats to find out why I was suddenly getting all this attention, and discovered it was thanks to the documents I’d published with the Canadian government, and in particular, My ‘Cestui Que Vie‘.

I know I had 55 Twitter followers when all of this started, and within a month I was somewhere around 150 to 200.  It was all pretty exciting for Me because I also had a daily audience reading My Blog.  To put it in perspective, the previous ‘norm’ was to have no visitors at all, and it would be especially surprising for someone to visit on a day I hadn’t Published a Post.  That all changed almost overnight, starting slowly but building momentum very quickly.  I remember as King of My neighbour at the time if 5000 Twitter followers seemed too ambitious a Goal to achieve in a year.  I loved the Idea of having a new platform to promote My Blog on social media, but I also didn’t want to be greedy.  My neighbour assured Me it wasn’t greedy or too ambitious a goal, and he was right; I attained My goal of 5000 followers on February 19th of last year – My Mother’s birthday!  Not only were Magical things taking place in My reality, they were taking place at auspicious times and/or in concert with auspicious events.

With the exception of choosing to move to Ottawa to further My Spiritual growth and development politically, very few events were planned in My microcosm and many Magical things were happening there, too.  When I started this leg of My Journey, I was naïve enough to believe that the deplorable conditions Canada’s homeless are subject to at the hand of emergency shelters (like the Salvation Army) was due to a lack of resources and/or funding, not the result of incompetent management or their Willful determination to trespass on the rights and dignity of clients.  I never imagined I would be arrested in the defence of My own rights and dignity, nor did I ever Imagine that the city of Ottawa Community and Family Shelters, Housing Services, the mayor (Jim Watson), city councillors and Ottawa MP’s, would all be knowingly involved in allowing these deplorable conditions to exist and helping the Salvation Army to cover them up.  Of course, with the city trying to fast-track a plan for a Salvation Army ‘mega-shelter’ to be constructed in Vanier that Will cost Canadian taxpayers three times what it costs them in per diem funding to stay at the Salvation Army now (which is already roughly 1/3 more than what it would cost taxpayers to put these individuals into a dignified one bedroom or bachelor apartment in the city of Ottawa), it really isn’t difficult to determine what their motive might be.

Is this ‘Good News’ moving into 2019?  Well, I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.  I know that Deanna Vecchiarelli started 2019 a whole lot more popular than she was in 2018; how she is enjoying that popularity, I am not so sure.

There are many considerations moving forward into 2019.  The complaint I have against the city of Ottawa and their failure to provide remedy and resolve the dispute, shows not only that the Salvation Army is in breach of their contractual agreements designed to protect the rights and dignity of clients, but also that the city of Ottawa is Willfully allowing these conditions to exist and persist.  Certainly not going to harm My defence at all.  Even without the new ammunition, My trial is coming up soon and that is something else I am super excited about.  All I can say, is that it would be virtually impossible for anyone to be prepared for what I am about to do.  I am not even sure it Will be possible for anyone to Imagine what I might do until it is done.  That’ll be the ‘main event’ this year, though I am also sure it Will only be the beginning of many more.

Finally, I’m also starting the year off with a proper workspace.  I almost called it an office, and My space certainly has the capacity to function as one, but it’s as much a studio, gym and bedroom as it is an office.

I’ll have to elaborate more on how I plan to move forward in 2019 in My next Post as this one is reaching maximum capacity for the Common man’s attention span, and I have to get an e-mail reply off to My Brother.

I just want the world to know that this Author is very excited about the opportunities the coming year has Presented Me with, and I hope each and all of You have some fabulous Ideas about how to further the development of Your Character in each of Your own Stories, too.

Remember, We are each the Hero of Our own personal Quest.

Love and Blessings, Happy 2019!!!






The Good News Journal, Volume XLIV: The Terrific Tuesday Edition – City of Ottawa Willfully Trespasses on Constitutional Rights of the Canadian People

Hello everyone and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal, and thank You for being here.

It has been a fabulous week for Me, I Hope and Trust it has been Good for You also.  I am exceedingly optimistic about the coming year!!!  I am also One of those individuals who Will encourage One to not spend too much Time thing King of the past or future, as the only Time that is ever real, is now.  However, We reap what We sow, and the Seeds of Intention We plant today, Will be the Harvest We reap tomorrow.  So today is a Great day as new Seeds of Intention have been planted – on all fronts.  And the manure that’s being shovelled at Me by My adversaries is helping to Nurture and fertilize the Soil of the Seeds Sown in My yesterdays.

I’m Loving where I am!  It’s not perfect, it is not a permanent solution, but it is everything I need to be productive; a proper desk, bed, dresser, fridge, freezer, [free] laundry, free high speed internet, free hydro and utilities, and it’s clean!  It’s not an apartment, it’s just a room, and I still share bathroom and kitchen facilities –  it’s not a problem at all, the People I Live with are wonderful, but I do very much like to Keep to My Self and Will still be looking for a suitable bachelor or one bedroom; but I am comfortable enough now that I can wait to find the perfect place.

My new space has already increased My productivity and You Will notice that I have Posted a New Page thread featuring My Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa.  Today I learned that the file has been closed!  No resolution whatsoever, and little or no investigation into My complaint.  This is the manure I was tall King about that Will Fertilize My Seeds of Intention in the future.  And the future is Now!

For many years, My most popular Blog Post has been Becoming A Student of the Universe, and it likely always Will be.  It flatters Me, but it doesn’t really surprise Me because it really is a Great Post, and I Stand by every Word of it today.  However, it has been getting a bit of friendly competition lately from another Post that does surprise Me, ‘V for Vendetta’ – The Truth’.  The reason I’m surprised the Post is so popular, is because I had rather anticipated it would be more susceptible to criticism because the movie and comic book have such a strong following.  For those who have been reading My Blog for a while, You Will also know that I do spend some time tall King about Magic, and in ‘V for Vendetta – The Truth’, I am tall King about how 9/11 is the greatest example of real Life Magic the world has ever seen, and how very clearly and explicitly V explains to Evie how that Magic Works.

I am also tall King about another theme presented in the film that is dominant in man’s legal fiction, ‘silence is consent’.  It is one of the main reason’s the first right an officer of the law Will tell a man he has is the ‘right’ to remain silent.  What they don’t tell a man, is that she has the right to remain silent from the moment the officer approaches her, and if she had exercised that right from the start, there is a Good chance she would not have Given enough information for the officer to make the arrest in the first place (presuming of course this is a victimless commercial offence and not an actual Common Law crime).

The reason I am bringing this up, is because it is a consistent theme in man’s legal fiction, and it can work as much for a man as it can against her when One understands how it works.  To review this theme as it pertains to interaction with a police officer, the officer approaches an individual with the presumption of authority.  It isn’t even a conscious decision for the officer, it’s programmed behaviour; when the officer approaches a man and asks her a Quest-Ion, he expects the man to reply because that is what happens almost one hundred percent of the time.  It has become so programmed that generally if one fails to answer an officer, it is likely the officer Will threaten to charge the individual with resisting arrest, failure to comply, or some other frivolous charge.  They have to make sure they charge the battery before placing it in a cell to syphon the energy, right?  Do You really think I am able to make such marvelous metaphors by happenstance?  The English language and every Word in it is Magical, everything is Energy, and You are the Source of it, the Light of the world.  If a man were silent from the moment the officer approached, it would likely cause the man more harm than Good, I am only using this example to stress the irony of the man’s right to silence, and how it isn’t made known to the man until the man is already under arrest.

Letters Form Words, Words Form the Head, Body and Foot-Notes of Letters that Sing the man’s Song on the Universal Stage, Composing the man’s Character in the Imagination (I, Mage in a Sean) of Her audience.  I can Write a Word from the comfort of My room and know that it Will become a Voice in another man’s Mind.  How can People not believe in Magic?

The other reason silence is consent, is because it is natural for one to want to defend One’s Self from attacks upon their character.  So, (generally) if One can, they Will.  Police know this, too – that’s how they convince People to talk (even though most People know that lawyers would advise One to remain silent after they have been arrested so they don’t unwittingly say something that could further incriminate them).  Police ‘coax’ People with bait like, “If You’re not guilty of anything, You have nothing to worry about, talking and cooperating could help You…”  (Trust Me, even lawyers Will tell You not to take the bait, don’t talk to police (after being arrested) unless You really know what You are doing).

‘Silence is consent’ is relevant moving into 2019 because it is a continuous theme in My Letter Writing, too.  Those recipients of My Letters whom have failed to respond are (most likely) guilty of the claims I have made in My Letters.  That’s why not receiving a reply from someone with whom One has a Complaint or grievance with, is not a fail – it’s just an inconvenience; it still says a great deal about the character of the recipient.  Just like the Words of a Letter can Form the Character of a man, so too does silence.  In a Common Law Jurisdiction, We are all Kings and Queens.  To not respond to a Letter is considered a dis-Grace, a dis-Honour to One’s Character.  The Greater a man falls from Grace, the less favour the man Will have with the People.  This is why the People are the authority of government, because one thing that has not changed, is the importance of a man’s Image in the eyes of the public.  We may not all believe We are Kings and Queens, but I believe We all know Honourable Acts from dis-Honourable Acts, and Graceful Acts from dis-Graceful Acts and very few People, especially those in the public sector and positions of authority, want to be perceived as Dis-Graceful and Dis-Honourable characters.  A Common thread connecting Us all, is Our desire to be Loved.

I Writ a little more than I had planned for this Post, but now that the city has closed the file, I Will be focusing more on My Social Media profiles to I can let the People know what kind of characters We have on Ottawa’s city council.  I Will also be showing the world how to proceed when One has what is called a default Judgment in their favour.

I hope this Post finds You all Feeling Loved and Blessed,

Be tall King with You all again shortly. 😉




The Good News Journal, Volume XLIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello world, and thank You for being here.  I’m not going to apologize for not Writing a Post in the last three weeks, I am going to Hope and Trust that My audience Will appreciate My indulgence in a much needed vacation, though I did allow My vacation to last about a week longer than I had anticipated.  However, taking a break also has the advantage of Gifting Me with that much more Good News than I may otherwise have to share, so it should be an especially Good Edition of the Good News Journal.

First and foremost, I hope You have all had a wonderful Holy Day season and are filled with optimism for the New Year – I know I am!!!

I would also very much like to express My most sincere Gratitude to a couple of very special individuals I am Blessed to have in My Universe.  The first thank You goes out to My friend Eva, whom I only know through Facebook, and has been nothing less than an Angel in My microcosm.  December was a tough month financially (they all are really, but One notices more around Christmas), and I had literally, out loud, as King of the Universe to provide Me with a little cash – just enough to fill My fridge for the Holy days, I had everything else I needed.  I have said before that I don’t as King of the Universe for much because the Universe already knows what I need and Will deny Me nothing – to be as King for anything more feels selfish, so I don’t.  I know the Universe knows I know this, too – so it seems a little silly to be as King for something You know You Will get, but saying it ‘out loud’ was My Way of letting the Universe know I am not too proud to be as King for what I need.  What I needed was to fill My fridge, but the only way to do that without committing a crime or hauling ass all over town in crazy cold weather, was to go grocery shopping; and that requires cash.  The next day when I opened up My laptop, My friend Eva had sent Me a beautiful Christmas message along with a Western Union money transfer and it was more than sufficient to fill My fridge.  I don’t know how to properly thank My friend Eva, or show My appreciation – I don’t eve know how to let the Universe know how Grateful I am, and I know the Universe already knows!!!  Anyway, the Blessings didn’t stop there.

My last Post was something of a tragic one, I was tall King about the celebration of Life I had attended for My Friend Chris who recently passed.  I hadn’t met Chris’s family before the event, and his mother messaged Me and as King of Me if I could meet her for coffee, which turned into breakfast.  It was truly wonderful for Me to have the opportunity to meet My friend’s family, and although the circumstances are tragic, We are bound together by it also.  Even though he is no longer with Me physically, I feel closer to him after meeting his family and sharing their grief.  I have so many little things to share with his mother, and she has as King of Me to commit to painting his Portrait, (which I am Honoured to do), so I know I Will have more opportunities to share things with her.  She also left Me with a beautiful card, which included a photo of Chris and a few very special Words I have yet to respond to as I have not had any time to My Self since about a week before Christmas.  I moved into My new space on New Years day, so I Will have considerably more time to organize My thoughts and get things done.  I am hoping to have all My Art supplies here by next week so that I can start My Friend’s portrait.  It is very exciting for Me just to consider being able to paint in the privacy and comfort of My own room!  Noella also handed Me an envelope for the commission which I didn’t open until after We’d parted.  I’m not sure what the etiquette is on that, it seemed as though it would have been rude to open it and count the money in that moment, though if I had, I would have said it was too much.  However, I thought Noella might like to know that the amount she gave just ‘happened’ to be the same amount Chris had told Me I should insist on receiving for any of My work.  No coincidences…

And, a few days later another client of the Salvation Army was barred for 60 days just two days before Christmas with nowhere to go, no money and no food.  If I hadn’t been so Blessed by the Angels in My Universe, I would have been in no position to help.  However, My fridge was full of food and although I don’t really endorse supporting ‘habits’, I also don’t believe in judging People for them, so I also bought him a pack of smokes on Christmas day.  But I would not have been able to be as kind and generous as I was able to be if it had not been for the amazing individuals in My Universe.

I have more Friends to thank, but Noella and Eva were the two individuals who had the greatest impact on My Holy day season and allowed Me to be as generous with My Friends as they were with Me.  The Universe truly is Giving Us everything We need in every moment.  I think the reason it’s so difficult for some People to see or believe this Truth, is because what We want and what We need are not the same thing, and We don’t always get what We want, but We do always get what We need.

Thank You Noella and Eva for making this Christmas season one of the most Magical ever.

I have lots of other Good News to share, including a couple of e-mails in response to My complaint against the city of Ottawa (and not very impressive ones, I reserve the right to foreshadow), but they are Good!  The letters clearly demonstrate where the lack of compassion for those subject to shelters/homelessness comes from and why shelter managers are able to get away with failing to comply with the shelter standards – the city actually endorses and protects the managers who are violating their contracts and trespassing upon the rights of the Canadian People (clients of the shelter).

Anyway, We’ll leave the shop talk for next time!

Love and Blessings everyone, Happy 2019!!!

The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIX: The Sensei Sean All Sunday Edition – A Celebration of Life

Good day, everyone, and welcome to the Sunday Edition of The Good News Journal.  It was a little more challenging to publish a Post this week, as My Monday morning started with some Monday mourning, and the unfortunate news that a Good Friend of mine had passed.  Needless to say, I didn’t feel much like publishing any ‘Good’ News that day and it’s been difficult getting back to Good without acknowledging the loss of My Friend.

Death is not something I Write about very often, mostly because I like to Focus on what We do with [the Energy of] Our Life.  However, death is Part of Life, We can’t have one without the other, so it is inevitable that I would one day need to say something on the subject.  Today is that day and (as per usual), I want to do My best to Present death in the most positive Light possible (which is no easy task).

I literally received the news first thing Monday morning, before I had even had a chance to clear the cobwebs from My Mind or take a sip of My first coffee.  Even the Words in the message seemed cold and harsh, but there is no Way to deliver this kind of news in a positive way and I don’t think I could have done any better.

“I don’t know how close You were, but Chris was found dead this morning.”

That was the first message I read Monday morning, and I was devastated.  I may know that Spirit is eternal and Will Live on forever, but it doesn’t take the sting out of losing a Good Friend, and Spiritual mastery did not make the grieving process any less painful, so I thought it was something I should talk about.  I’ve read about the grieving process, but I’ve never lost anyone close enough to Me to really feel the loss, I have always felt somewhat detached, comforting others who are suffering from the loss of ones they have Loved and been close to.  And I only knew this man a year, but We bonded quickly, and he was a very Good Friend.

First, I was in shock.  I didn’t want to believe what I was reading, I thought it must be some kind of sick joke, though the rational Part of My Mind knew better.  Then it began to really sink in, though it still felt somewhat surreal.  Then I got angry.  Yup, angry!  I felt like I needed to hit something and actually thought about doing it – I wanted something strong enough to hit without breaking the target or My Hand.  Then I started to wonder why I was so angry and had My first meltdown in a long time.  I was still feeling angry, but now I was bawling and I could feel the emotion being released from My body, a portion of the anger dissipating with it.  Then I started thing King about how to respond to the message and started bawling all over again.  I was pretty much an emotional wreck all day.  And although losing a loved one Will be no more or less difficult regardless their age, his youth made it seem that much more tragic – he was only 32.

The day became more emotional when I did reply to the message, as his family as King of Me if I would paint his portrait to Honour his Life and say a few Words at his service.  Painting his portrait was something I had already promised My Friend I would do, but he had wanted Me to wait until he had accomplished a few Goals before beginning the Work.  His family as King of Me to do the portrait felt like a tremendous Honour and the perfect Way for Me to Give something back for the wonderful moments I have shared with him.

However, there was also some very Good News this week, as My Mother also arrived in Ottawa on Tuesday for a three day visit and it was absolutely wonderful to see her.  She arrived with a Friend and We met every morning for breakfast and spent the better part of each day together until her departure Friday morning.  I haven’t seen anyone in My family since I left Guelph almost a year and a half ago, and I cannot express how wonderful it was to see My mom, and even more special to see her looking so happy, healthy, and youthful.

My ‘Quest’ has been very hard for My family.  It was difficult for them to understand why I would leave a perfectly Good apartment and move to Ottawa, but I truly feel they are beginning to understand – or at the very least, My Mother is.  She was only too happy to tell Me how proud she was of the videos interviews I’ve done regarding the Salvation Army and the kind of conditions the People there are subject to.  She was even as King Quest Ions of Me about how they are supposed to spend their days in such cold weather, something many People never consider and a very real challenge for anyone subject to homelessness.  The Salvation Army provides shelter for roughly 135 People a night, but only has a lounge that comfortably seats roughly 20 – where is everyone else supposed to go to keep warm in a Canadian winter?  Mainstream newspapers Will never report on these subjects because they know the Canadian taxpayers would be furious.  What do We pay such enormous taxes for if not to take care of Our less fortunate?

My Mother was also patient enough to hear of My adventures in Court and I think she even enjoyed hearing some of My stories.  Admittedly, law is not a subject My Mother particularly likes tall King about, but I know she was very happy to hear of My success and know that I have the knowledge and confidence to finally take care of the injustices done to Me by the local police services.  I also never really cared much for My stepfather and My Mother’s new Friend is fabulous!  I Trust My intuition about People and I liked him immediately.

I also had My ‘Court readiness’ date on December 7th.  With all the commotion of My Mother being in town and My Friend passing away, I almost forgot!  Thank God for calendars on phones, or I think I actually may have missed it.  For the most Part, it was a nothing day.  I as King of the Court if there would be provisions for My laptop, if Crown was planning to subpoena all of the witnesses presented in their information, and if they were able to tell Me who the Justice would be on the day of My trial.  Negative on knowing the Justice for the date of My trial, yes to provisions for My laptop and subpoena’s for the witnesses listed on the disclosure.  That was pretty much it, though it was kind of interesting after I had finished, as the Crown (prosecution) as King of Me if I could stick around for a few minutes to speak with Me privately.  This would be the second time that prosecution has as King to speak with privately and I was only too curious to know what they wanted to say…

“Are You sure there is nothing We can do to resolve this?”

“I’m pretty sure.”

“We offered You community service, You didn’t want that, We offered You a peace bond, You didn’t want that.  What about a small donation?”

“I really don’t think so.”

“Look, I know You are confident and believe You Will win but I would hate to see things not go Your Way.  A small donation makes all of this go away, no criminal record.”

“I know it might be hard for You to understand, but the reason I won’t take any of Your deals is because it has already been made clear that if I do, I cannot file a counterclaim against Constable Christopher Jenkyn.  He broke one of My ribs, I am not letting him get away with that.”

“No, it’s okay, I get it – You want Your day in Court.”

“Yes, I very much do!”

“Okay.  Well, I just don’t want to see things not go Your Way and unfortunately, I can’t just withdraw charges if I have enough information to go to trial.”

“And I get that, too.  However, I really think You should review Your information because if You do, I don’t think it Will take You long to figure out why it won’t hold up in Court.”

I even gave her a clue as to what to look for in the information and for the first time ever, I felt she was taking Me seriously.

“Okay, I’m going to thoroughly review the information and if I can find any reason why the information won’t hold up in Court, I’ll contact You and withdraw the charges.  Do We have Your contact information?”

“I’m pretty sure You do.”

“Okay, I’ll contact You if I can find any reason to withdraw the charges.”

So, not too bad a day for Me!  I certainly left there feeling very confident, and I also received a few compliments on My fancy Fluevog’s, which is always nice.  I am thing King they know they are about to have their asses handed to them in Court.  I feel like I’m going up against the Emperor with new clothes, except the Emperor is prosecution and the ‘new clothes’ is the Suit against Me.  They have no clue how foolish I Will make constable Jenkyn’s look – and it won’t be difficult.

Finally, the week ended with a celebration of Life for My Friend.  I’d had a week to come to terms with the event of his death and thought I would manage to be strong at the service.  I was wrong, though I did manage to hold it together long enough to say a few Words, and some of them I would like to leave with My audience today.  Before I do that, I do want to say that the service truly made Me feel better, which is something I was not expecting.  Everyone seemed to Focus on the same characteristics of My Friend’s personality that made him such an incredible man to know.  It was comforting to know that he had touched so many lives in the same Way he affected mine.

I Will finish this Post with the same Words (paraphrasing) I finished with at My Friend’s service, which is tall King about the three stages of death.  The first is when the spirit leaves the body and it can no longer function.  The second death is when the body returns to the earth.  The final, and most absolute death, is when the man’s name is no longer remembered by anyone on earth.  We can Keep a man alive for as long as We remember how he has influenced Our own.

Love and Blessings, My Dear Friend Chris, I Will never forget You and I miss You already.


The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – Serving the City of Ottawa

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal!  Today I Will be tall King about serving the City of Ottawa My Letter of Complaint, complete with the Proposed Resolution Order.  Yes, Lords and Ladies, it is finally done!!!

The actual delivery of My Letter of Complaint was not as exciting as I had anticipated it might be, but We got the job done.  I had ‘Tweeted’ to the city of Ottawa that I would be delivering My Letter by Hand sometime this afternoon, and that had been the original plan.  Although I have always referred to Wednesday’s as ‘Lucky’, I have also said it is because We make Our Luck.  Wednesday’s and Sunday’s just happen to be the two days of the week I am able to meet with My Friend Jane, so We started the day with breakfast, planning to make true copies of My Complaint to deliver later in the day.  However, there was more than just the Proposed Resolution Order to complete the Complaint.

One of the things I had said I struggled with when Composing My Complaint, was Keeping in Mind it is not about Me; I am only one of many People who have been subject to the very same indignant conditions outlined in My Letter of Complaint, that the Salvation Army’s clients endure every single day!  Furthermore, I believe the only reason they get away with such deplorable conditions and the indignant treatment of their clients, is because they don’t ever expect their clients to have the Will or determination to do anything about it.  I Promised to make sure their Voices would be Heard, and You know I like to be True to My Word.  I had to find a Way to add the testimonies of other clients and include them in My Complaint, and that took a little more time than anticipated.

Thankfully, I had intuitively known My Work wasn’t done, and remembered to bring all of My Writing tools with Me (though I didn’t remember to bring them all back). 😛  I Composed a couple more Pages on the fly, including links to the video affidavits of My Friends tall King of their experiences at the shelter which (conveniently) also supports My Complaint.  I was War King with My Friend Jane, and We even came up with a Way to continue providing additional affidavits so that others can have their Voice heard, too, without having to file additional complaints.  Overall, I’d say that’s a Pretty Productive day!

By the time the work was done it was too late to deliver the Complaint by Hand and We didn’t want to wait another day, so We decided to file online.  Not as exciting for Me, and Part of My gig is delivering Letters in Style, so My disappointment is not being able to see the reaction of the recipient.  However, there was no Way I was Giving the city the Original Hand Writ Letter, it would have been a black and white True Copy.  Because We filed the Complaint online, the Letter was sent as an attachment.  The Beautiful thing about that, is that the attachment is a high quality scan of the Original Letter, so the Complaint is not in black and white, but full Colour, and that has a Magical Quality all its own.  And, even better…  I have a copy of it to share with You tonight!  Ah, what a Wondrously Lucky Wednesday in Deed!!!

Sv complaint28112018

So, I just finished reading about a quarter of the PDF as I have uploaded it above and the quality is very Good.  And yes, there are plenty of little ‘mistakes’; ink smears, scratched out, misspelled Words, and sometimes the lines aren’t very straight.  But that’s kind of the Point.  Nobody’s perfect, and it’s still Beautiful; it Will make an Impression.  I am also confident now that I Will not need to type the Words here on My Blog, I am sure the Letter is easy enough to read in it’s new format.  Overall, I am thing King it was a Lucky Wednesday because I was able to Publish My Letter in Colour and the Magic of it holds that Way much better (yes, the Colours mean things in Magic Land).

It also means I really can relax a little now.  It was an awful lot of work – all of it, not just Writing the Letter of Complaint.  My Work might be far from over, but I seriously think that living in a shelter for as long as I did, is truly one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  The amount of mental, emotional, and physical stress a man endures when subject to living in a shelter is beyond what I think anyone would believe unless they have experienced it themselves.  For anyone to think that life on the streets is for lazy People really hasn’t been there.  It’s self preservation and survival more than it is a life.  And People wonder why drug and alcohol abuse become such problems, and why so many People have mental health issues.  It not a Mystery, it’s a no brainer.

Anyway, this is The Good News Journal and I’d much rather Focus on what has been accomplished and start thing King about what the city might have to say about My Complaint, there is much to celebrate today!

The other thing I’m kind of proud of and wanted to share with the world this Lucky Wednesday, was that I am often thing King of My Self as a Rogue Journalist, this Blog being My International Publication (Public a’Sean).  A few nights ago I noticed another feature in My WordPress statistics that I’d never paid attention to before, though it has always been there.  ‘Insights’ Will Show Me how many Words I have Writ for the entire year.  I’ve Published over 150,000 Words this year so far!!!  I don’t know, that truly boggled My Mind, especially considering My living situation over the last year.  Even more incredible, I Published 185,000 Words last year.  I had no Idea I actually Write as much as I do!  If My audience only knew how much grief I Give My Self for not Writing enough, it was kind of comforting to know how productive I’ve actually been.  And I probably painted more than twenty portraits.  I’d say it’s been a pretty Good year already, and this recent Letter of Complaint is just one more reason to Celebrate.

Oh, and it is wonderful to see that the Salvation Army’s international representatives have taken an interest in My Complaint, too.  Welcome to The Good News Journal, I hope You enjoy Your stay.

Love and Blessings, everyone!!!




The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVII: The Wonderous Lucky Wednesday Edition – Serving the People

Hello, everyone and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal.  And what a Wonderful Wednesday it has been!!!  I said I would be delivering My Letter to Jason Prevost today (manager of the Salvation Army Booth Centre), and I was True to My Word.  It was also a lot of Fun!

I met up with My Friend Jane this morning to go over the Letter of Complaint I’m War King on.  It still isn’t done, but I’ve put about ten more hours of solid work into it and it is coming along Beautifully.  In fact, it is coming along so well that I might actually scrap the first four Pages I shared with everyone here on My Blog a couple of days ago!  True Story…

Speaking of which, there were a number of other reasons Monday was so Magical but I couldn’t Keep My Post under 1,500 Words and share all the information.  And sometimes, I’m not really sure how much My audience Will care, but these ‘little’ details mean the world to Me, each One like a Word of encouragement coming directly from the Universe.

This time it’s about My Blog stats.  Shortly after Publishing the first four Pages of My Complaint (within two minutes after Posting), I had some new visitors and My stats showed that they were not only reading the Blog Post, but viewing all of the pictures I had Posted, too; presumably to read the contents of My Letter.  That was kind of exciting for Me because I’m pretty sure the city of Ottawa knows what’s coming and are doing everything they can to prepare themselves (though frankly, I have no Idea how they can defend against the Claims I Will make).

As I was sitting there viewing My stats and wondering who might be reading My Letter, I thought about the loss of Twitter followers I experienced last month.  I had said to My readers that I believed that something was being communicated to Me and that it was interesting that the decrease started on exactly the first day of Fall.  That’s it, that’s all I was doing and I was literally thing King about exactly that when this happened:


First of all, this has NEVER happened.  When viewing stats in the ‘days’ view, the current day Will be at the far right with all the previous days for the last month or so to the left in chronological order.  Why was the 19th of November in the middle of all these other days?  So I decided to see what it was showing for what would usually be the next day, the line beside the 19th to the right.  And what day is it choosing to show Me?  The 21st of September.  I cannot stress how bizarre this is.  Never do daily stats display as they are above.  And, to make things even more auspicious, I had refreshed the Page a few times and the same result.  I didn’t even do anything to make it happen, it automatically just ‘changed’ from the usual view, to this – right before My eyes!  Even stranger, the moment I took these two screen shots, it automatically corrected itself and now shows as it always does; as if it had only showed Me this so I could take a screenshot for You.  Now, if I hadn’t actually been wondering about the significance of losing followers on the 21st of September when this happened, it would still be pretty auspicious.  But when I am thing King specifically about a certain thing and the Universe shows Me something like this…  I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.  There is something ‘Special’ about the 21st.  Unfortunately, My best guess is a Five month countdown to My day of Truth (My Court Case).

That pretty much summarizes the rest of the Magic from Monday.  The only other thing I was really excited about it how fast People were reading My Post and the Letter.  It makes Me feel like My Deeds are being anticipated in My microcosm by the Impression I’m leaving by Way of My Posts in the macrocosm.  The presumption is that The Salvation Army Booth Centre wants to know what I am going to be complaining about so they can get everything fixed before the complaint is filed.

Delivering the Letter to Jason Prevost today was also kind of Magical, just because I haven’t really been around much since I was expelled from the facility and it was not only Great to see some of My Friends again, but encouraging to know how excited they were to see Me.  It was kind of flattering.  And even though I didn’t stick around long enough to have any conversations, I could feel their support and excitement.

“Sean, are You here to serve Jason?”

“Not exactly, but close enough.  I’m here to deliver a notice demanding to know why I was expelled from the facility.”  The enthusiasm was tangible, but not so much for Jason.

I dare say Jason seemed a little nervous and scared.  He was in Meghan’s old office which is just past the admissions desk.  I knocked on the windowed door and he gestured to Me to wait a moment, then turned his back.  We were filming live to Facebook and I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what was going on (likely from reading My Blog).  However, he continued to act as though he was too busy to acknowledge Me and eventually Bill, one of the front line workers came to ask Me why I was there.

“I just need to deliver a Letter to Jason, would You be so kind as to receive it on his behalf and make sure it is delivered to him?”

Bill was happy to comply with My request and I was quick to take My leave from that place.  For those who don’t know, Jason Prevost pretends he doesn’t get My Letters.  I know very well that he does.  And although I don’t really think he is the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, I don’t think he’s a Fool, either – but he is sure acting like one.  Does he not know that I could have his e-mail records subpoenaed to prove he got My Letters and Willfully ignored them?  Surely he does…

Yes, Jason, I am foreshadowing events because My Words Manifest!!!

I hope this Wednesday has been as wondrously Lucky for all of My readers as it has been for Me!  More to come from the King’s Common Law Academy soon.

Love and Blessings,