‘City Determinations’ of Investigation

City Determinations

Contained in the above PDF are the city determinations of Housing Services investigation into My Complaint of the Salvation Army’s failure to operate their facility in compliance with the Emergency Shelter Standards, causing injury and harm to their clients.

I have decided to Post the city’s determinations before I respond to them, and there are a few reasons I have chosen to do this.

  1.  I do not Wish for My partisan perspective to influence the opinion of the reader (yet).
  2.  I Wish to Give My audience an opportunity to see one of the many Ways One may choose to respond to a Common Law Complaint.
  3.  I Wish to Give My audience an opportunity to consider how they might respond to the city determinations if they were in My position.

I am not going to provide any (more) clues at this point, either.  I have left at least one clue as to how I Will respond on this Page already.  Other clues Will be scattered throughout The Good News Journal, so stay Tuned [into the Harmony of the Uni-Verse/One Song].