My Reply to Shelley VanBuskirk, Housing Services (city of Ottawa)

Delivered by Way of Email; Monday, June 3, 3:31 Post Midi

Good Afternoon, Shelley,

I had been under the impression the city of Ottawa was hoping to resolve this complaint amicably.

So far, this investigation has revealed that You, Shelley VanBuskirk, have Willfully fabricated information and made false claims to Chair Deans and members of Council in Your reports to the city regarding [the Salvation Army’s] compliance with the Shelter Standards and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

You claimed in Your memo to Chair Deans and members of council that ‘Established and visible issue/complaint resolution processes’ were currently in place on April 25th of 2018. This investigation revealed that no such complaint resolution process was ever in place, and the Salvation Army was given two weeks to establish a complaint resolution process and provide signage to notify clients that a copy of the complaint resolution process could be obtained by request. You gave the Salvation Army until the 15th of May, 2019 to comply with a policy You had assured Chair Deans and members of Council was already in place over one year previous, proving You lied to Chair Deans and members of city Council regarding the shelter conditions.

The second false claim You made, was assuring Chair Deans and members of council that no programs offered by the Salvation Army require any religious affiliation or association to participate. You insisted You were able to confirm that fact, yet I advised You that I was absolutely compelled to participate in a Christian chapel service preached by individuals who have little to no knowledge of God, and was threatened with expulsion from both the Life Skill program and the facility if I failed to attend chapel service. This was not only well known to clients of the shelter, but was also included as a mandatory condition of the [Life Skills] application form. I demanded a copy of My Life Skills application to evidence this requirement – You failed to produce the document I was as King of You for, though You assure Me the application forms have since been ‘updated’.

I also demanded the city produce a copy of the email Jason Prevost allegedly sent to a lady from the ByWard Market inquiring about My work. It is a simple request that would absolve Jason Prevost of My belief that he willfully sabotaged an opportunity that could have been of great benefit to My situation, and in meeting My overall goals. I previously stated that if Jason Prevost is not able to prove that he did follow up as he claimed to have done, that the city’s determination to withhold proof of Jason’s claim would result in My belief that My opportunity was willfully and deliberately sabotaged. I hereby stand on this claim.

I was permanently denied access to the shelter without cause or incident. In the first resolution meeting with the city, ‘the city’ (Housing Services) had agreed they would require Jason Prevost to respond to My letter providing his cause(s) for having Me permanently barred from the facility. That letter was to be produced by Housing Services no later than April 1st and was never produced. The city (Housing Services) retained that the Shelter does not have to give reason for denying access to the facility, though the conditions outlined in the Emergency Shelter Standards are very clear. Now, You, Shelley VanBuskirk, Wish to further insult My character by suggesting My overall behaviour and actions were a risk to staff and/or clients without providing any evidence or information to support Your allegation? I can’t help but feel You are Willfully determined to antagonize Me and cause Me further injury and harm by Way of Your comments

What makes this so shameful, is that (I believe) the People of Ottawa would like to think that organizations like Housing Services, which have a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to ensure the city’s emergency service providers (such as the Salvation Army) are acting in compliance with the Emergency Shelter Standards and other Ontario legislative Acts, are Given their respective duties and responsibilities to PROTECT the People of Ottawa, NOT the negligence of shelter operators failing to comply with the Standards and/or willfully causing harm to their clients.

Since the very onset of this complaint, Housing Services (Shelley VanBuskirk) first ignored My complaint and refused to respond to My emails. When I filed an application to the Divisional Court, Housing Services insisted they were ‘working with Me directly’ (though they had not responded to My last email in over two months and had the complaint listed as ‘closed’ on the city of Ottawa’s website). Despite these facts, I gave Housing Services the benefit of the doubt in this regard, and welcomed the opportunity to resolve this matter amicably.

You are suggesting that the bed bug epidemic is acceptable, though I have found nothing that exempts the Salvation Army from compliance with Ottawa’s Property Standards Act, which states that vermin (bedbugs and other parasites INJURIOUS to humans) are not acceptable on a property AT ANY TIME (whether or not the property is occupied). If bedbugs are ‘injurious’ to humans and an ‘acceptable’ condition for clients of shelters to be subject to, then I presume the city of Ottawa is going to be compensating everyone subject to shelters for their injuries and the mental anguish sustained while subject to sleeping with bedbugs and other vermin in a shelter situation? Is an individual not entitled to compensation if harmed by another? If You are ‘okay’ with clients of the Salvation Army being subject to daily harm, then You are liable for the injuries these individuals sustain. If You are Willfully choosing to cause harm to Canada’s People, You must also be Willing to compensate them for their injuries… Or are You of the Mind that the homeless don’t have the right to be free from injury and harm at the expense of the city’s service providers? Are their lives so meaningless to You?

That is the nature of this complaint. ‘The city’ acknowledges the harm and injury I suffered as a client of the Salvation Army, the city knows I was compelled to participate in a Christian chapel service against My Will and knows this directly violates My Spiritual rights. The injury here is that much greater when One comprehends just how seriously I take My Spiritual integrity. The city knows I was subject to a bedbugs epidemic (almost continuously), knows that bedbugs are injurious to humans and in violation of the Ottawa Property Standards Act, yet has offered no sympathy for the injury I suffered as a result of this condition, and considers the situation and continuous harm to clients ‘acceptable’.

Finally, You have now suggested that I was a risk to the clients and staff of the Salvation Army – another absolutely fraudulent claim that is of great offence to My Character. We know You are no stranger to making false claims, but this I take great exception to. You have until Friday to rescind Your last letter, offer an apology and an appropriate resolution. Failure to do so Will result in the commencement of legal Action against You (the city of Ottawa) and the Salvation Army.

I believe Your last letter was designed to willfully provoke and antagonize Me, and has caused further injury by Way of insulting My character and making false claims against Me. As such, I am as King of You to refrain from contacting Me any further for any reason and ask that all future correspondence be communicated through the legal counsel that was afforded to the city with respect to this Matter, Genevieve Langlais.
Have a Blessed day,

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.