Response to My Letter to Shelley VanBuskirk

My Letter to Shelley stated, “You have until Friday to rescind Your last letter, offer an apology and an appropriate resolution.  Failure to do so Will result in the commencement of legal Action against You (city of Ottawa) and the Salvation Army.”

Although typically a response from the city would come between the hours of 9 and 5, it wasn’t until midnight last night I realized it was officially Friday.  I didn’t specify a time, I Writ ‘until’ Friday, so I figured if they hadn’t responded before Friday, I wasn’t going to get a response.  I was surprised to find the following letter in My email this evening.

Ltr to SVD from GL June 7, 2019

Once again, I’m not going to comment on the Letter now.  I Will reserve My opinions on the Matter until My audience has had a chance to review without My (bias) influence.

Hope You are all having a Fabulous Friday!

Love and Blessings,