Letter of Demand

I meant to Publish My Letter of Demand sooner but I Wished to say a few Words about it before doing so.  Here are the ‘final Words’ from ‘the city’ [of Ottawa].

The Wording of the Letter is very diplomatic.  For example, ‘the time You spent in the shelter was difficult and extremely unpleasant.’  None of the Words clearly indicate that I was harmed by the experience, though being subject to ‘difficult and extremely unpleasant’ situations Will take a toll on an individual’s mental health and well being over time.  Often, when One is subject to difficult and extremely unpleasant situations on an ongoing basis, the ‘Self’ Will Wish to escape.  If the individual is not able to ‘escape’ their unpleasant situation physically, alcohol and drugs often provide the alternative.  I would not be surprised to learn that poverty and homelessness are the leading cause of drug and alcohol abuse, and these conditions are imposed on Canada’s People by the legislated social service protection policies (social insurance) created by government.

There are a couple of other ‘Gifts’ in the final Letter.  First, ‘services have been improved as a result’ [of My complaint], and, ‘the Issues that were of concern have been adequately addressed’.

These are admissions.  If the Salvation Army had been in compliance with the emergency shelter standards, there would be no need to address the issues of concern or improve shelter services.  Shelly VanBuskirk has certainly made it clear that Housing Services has no interest in improving shelter conditions beyond the bare minimal standards, so this implies the standards were not being met at the time I was a client.

Now imagine that I had slipped and fallen on ice outside city hall because they didn’t clear it.  Just to make a point, let’s also imagine that I break My arm in the fall.  If I were to complain to the city, would it be appropriate for the city to Write Me back and say, ‘thank You very much for bringing this Issue to Our attention.  We have now cleared the ice and Your complaint has improved the service for future pedestrians and visitors of city hall.’

No, of course not!  The individual would be liable for damages; the pain, suffering, and potentially even the embarrassment of the fall itself.  I think most individuals would be rather offended if the city didn’t ‘offer’ to make the individual whole for their pain and suffering – it’s just adding insult to injury.

The city probably has a ‘guideline’ they would use for a situation like this where a broken arm might be worth $5,000.00 (totally guessing).  The appropriate and Honourable thing to do would be to express sympathy, thank the individual for bringing the matter to their attention, and offer compensation for the injury.  Maybe the city would offer $2000., and the complainant may negotiate if they know $5000. is the typical pay out, or perhaps just accept the $2000. in an effort to save legal costs.  Ask any lawyer, they Will tell You this is typically how a situation Will play out (with an Honourable adversary).

The city has allegedly remedied all of the Issues outlined in My compliant, though Housing Services at no time negated or disputed the claims of injury made in My Letter.  They (Housing Services) also Willfully attacked the Good nature of My Character in a formal, legal proceeding without having any reasonable cause to do so – there is absolutely no evidence to support their accusation.  This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the investigation conducted by Housing Services was conducted with prejudice.

As far as the amount I am as King for with respect to compensation, I really don’t know if $137,000.00 seems like a lot of money, but it really isn’t.  My right to freedom of religious expression, worship and practice was violated.  Not once, but five days a week for sixteen weeks!  Furthermore, the instructor of the program, Drew Corley and the manager of the facility, Jason Prevost, were advised they were violating My Spiritual rights and the rights of all other clients participating in the program – they did it anyway, even after being shown the Ontario Human Rights Code.  That is Willful trespass on a Man’s rights, which is a far more serious type of injury because it is intentional.

Let’s just say that trespassing on a Man’s right to freedom of Spiritual expression, worship and practice is worth $5,000.00.  Doing so Willfully might be worth twice as much.  Consider that this was done not once, but eighty times over the course of four months.  That’s 80 counts of rights violations at $5,000.00, or $400,000.00.  We haven’t discussed the Willful attack upon the Good nature of My Character, being subject to vermin almost daily for 17 months, the unlawful arrest by Constable Christopher Jenkyn, the injury suffered as a result of the officer’s excessive use of force, the hours I spent preparing to defend My Self against those charges, or the day I spent in jail (holding cell).  We also have the matter of Jason Prevost Willfully sabotaging My entrepreneurial ventures and discriminating against Me for exercising My freedom of speech in a YouTube interview.  Most of these damages are not even mentioned in My complaint (because I was still dealing with the Matter in court at the time and Wished to redeem My innocence before as King for compensation for those injuries).

$137,000.00 doesn’t seem like so much now, does it?

Okay, I think that’s all I Wished to say about My Letter of Demand.  Without further ado, here it is.

SVD Demand letter

A couple of things to Note with respect to the actual Letter.  I do not ever Give/mail the original Letter.  In a Common Law jurisdiction, One should be able to send a Hand Writ Letter, make no copies, and be reasonably assured the recipient is not going to deny receiving it.  Unfortunately, Man’s legal fiction was Created for ‘dishonourable’, incorporated persons.  So if I send My original Letter and they claim they never received it, how can I prove that they did?  I can’t.  So now, I Keep My originals.  I make an appropriate number of copies (in this case two), and then I Write ‘True Copy’ on each of them and Seal the document with My thumbprint to authenticate the Letter.  If I were to deliver these Letters by mail, it would be necessary to send by courier or registered mail to ensure receipt of delivery.  One can get around this by Hand delivering the Letter and as King the recipient to Sign upon receiving it.  In some cases, I have as King to the recipient to Sign My original ‘True copy receieved’ so that I don’t need to have an additional piece of paper to show service of delivery.