Claim Dismissed!

Well, I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised, as this is exactly the kind of thing the legal fiction does to undermine a complaint.  The legal fiction likes to pretend it doesn’t comprehend a complaint because it doesn’t meet their criteria or [perfectly] conform to the Rules of Civil Procedure.  The Case law sited as grounds for the dismissal does not meet the criteria of My Claim.  Not entirely sure how I Will proceed yet, though I assure You I Will.  The Order Issued can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Ltr with Order

The most unfortunate aspect of this order, is that it is a disgrace to Canada’s legal system and demonstrates the determination of the city of Ottawa to trespass upon the rights of the People while interfering with the People’s access to Justice.  I was hoping to demonstrate the perfection of Canada’s legal system, not its determination to protect the negligence of government in their Fiduciary Duty of care to Canada’s People.  Let’s face it, an Honourable government would and should be advocating to protect the rights of Canada’s People, not standing in opposition of them.  A dark day for Canadian justice in Deed…