Courtesy Warning and Notice of Default: Issued to Orsolya Vancsody, Kristine Haines-Chiarello et al, Ontario Works

By Way of email

Sat, Mar 27, 2:29 PM

You are currently in default for failing to respond to My last email which advised You that the Ontario Works ACT does not have the FORCE of law to trespass upon an individual’s rights.  These rights are protected under both federal and state law, by Way of Canada’s Charter of Rights and International Law by Way of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  Although it is Your OPINION that the U.N. cannot ‘impose’ conditions upon Canada, Your ‘opinion’ does not constitute the Rule of Law, and it is not an ‘imposition’ when Canada has ratified the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and is thereby contractually obligated to comply with those contractual obligations under the Rule of Law.

As far as Canada’s Charter and Bill of Rights is concerned, Section 7 pertains to autonomy over One’s health care and the Supreme Court of Canada has already ruled on this Matter in the past, so there is established precedence defining Your trespasses upon My rights:

Section 7 also protects a sphere of personal autonomy involving “inherently private choices” that go to the “core of what it means to enjoy individual dignity and independence” (Godbout v. Longueuil (City)[1997] 3 S.C.R. 844 at paragraph 66; Association of Justice Counsel v. Canada (Attorney General)2017 SCC 55 at paragraph 49). Where state compulsions or prohibitions affect such choices, s. 7 may be engaged (A.C. v. Manitoba (Director of Child and Family Services)2009 SCC 30, at paragraphs 100-102; Blencoe, supra at paragraphs 49-54; Siemens v. Manitoba (Attorney General)[2003] 1 S.C.R. 6 at paragraph 45) This aspect of liberty includes the right to refuse medical treatment (A.C., supra, at paragraphs 100-102, 136) and the right to make “reasonable medical choices” R. v. Smith2015 SCC 34 at paragraph 18. 

You have until the 22nd of April to retract Your statement and provide a reasonable and correct remedy.  Failing to do so Will result in default judgment being awarded against You without further Notice to You.  The Rules of Civil Procedure allow for 20 days for You to respond and provide a reasonable remedy and You were Given Notice of Your Criminal Liability causing Me harm by Way of Your trespass upon the right to autonomy over My own health care, and the purpose of having Orsi Sign the Mandamus was to ensure she understands these rights, and she confirmed that she does.  So it appears as though Your trespass upon Me is both Willful and with intent to cause Me further harm and economic duress.

Once again, govern Your Self accordingly as I Will be filing private criminal prosecution against You if You do not respond and show respect for My rights, the laws of Canada, and international law on or before April 22nd.

Thank You,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.