Following Up With Anne Charette

The last email to Anne was sent last Tuesday, April 21st, 2020, and I had received no reply by noon on Monday, so I decided I would follow up to see how things are going.

Apr 27, 2020, 1:09 PM

Good afternoon, Anne,

I’m just wondering how You are making out with resolving the issues I forwarded to You last week.  I would like this Matter formally resolved as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from You.

Thank You, have a wonderful day,

Lord Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Short, sweet, and to the point.  I am guessing My audience Will soon understand why this can be so frustrating.  I was hoping Anne would reply to at least provide Me with an update and let Me know what she is doing to remedy the situation, but by noon on Tuesday I had still received no Word.  I am thing King that perhaps she believes that if she ignores My email for long enough I Will just forget about the Matter.  I had left this Matter in the hands of Chris Tuck previously, and it seems as though that was his perspective on how this Issue should be handled.

The reason I am doing things this Way, is because all government offices providing services for Canada’s People are agents of the Trust.  Notice to agent is notice to principal.  I have already Given Notice to principal by Way of My Cestui Que Vie and the accompanying Public Notices; Canada is now operating in default, administrating a fraudulent Trust that should have been dissolved as per My request on January 19th, 2017.  Clearly, My intention was not communicated to the other Ministries of the Canadian government.  Sean Kearney, legal director for the Ministry of the Attorney General, is ultimately the one responsible as he was the agent specifically appointed by the Attorney General to address My concerns.  Now, it is My Duty to inform the Ministry of Community and Social Services that Sean Kearney has failed to Honour his duty as a representative of the Trust, and that the Ministries are now in dis-Honour and default.  Failing to remedy this Issue is to aid and abet Sean Kearney’s treason.  And yes, it is very much treason as he is trespassing upon the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People.  Now, the Ministry of Community and Social Services have been made aware they are operating in default, have a copy of the Letters registered with Canada’s Attorney General and cannot claim they were trespassing upon My sovereign rights in ignorance (though ignorance of the law is no excuse).  All who have knowledge of the crimes committed by Canada’s Ministries have a duty and responsibility to report and remedy Sean Kearney’s negligence, or may be charged as conspirators to the fraud.

Because these are very serious charges, I really do not Wish to have to bring these Matters before a court.  I have had several individuals ask Me why I haven’t just filed a claim showing My Letters to Sean Kearney have not been Honoured.  The Truth is, I sincerely believe he is ignorant and is not Willfully attempting to trespass upon My rights, and am sympathetic for that reason.  However, the longer this goes on, the more the incompetence of Canada’s elected officials and service representative becomes apparent, and/or the more Willful the attempt to compel Me to participate as a Canadian citizen ‘under duress’ appears to be.  Everyone who has been made aware of these trespasses Will be named in My complaint should I be compelled to file a formal law suit against Her Majesty for crimes of treason against a Sovereign representative of God and the Queen.

So, in hopes of presenting the Matter in a slightly less overwhelming and intimidating Way, I decided to follow up with Anne again today, simplifying the Issue to the best of My ability.

Apr. 28, 2020, 3:25 PM

Good afternoon, Anne,

I know the language I use in My Letters can be somewhat intimidating but that is not My intent.  Without complicating Matters further, let’s just consider what I am as King of You to do from the perspective of logic and reason.  

I am reasonably confident that both You and Orsolya do not believe Canadian citizens are indentured servants and/or slaves.  I can provide You with plenty of references from the government of Canada website that define the roles of both the (Sovereign) People and government in a constitutional democratic Monarchy.  The reason We have a Queen as head of state is to ensure the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People are protected; no bills or laws are to be Given Royal assent if they trespass upon the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People.  This is all clearly defined on the Government of Canada website, and Canada’s Governor General, Julie Payette was appointed to Act as the Sovereign in the Queen’s stead.  The Governor General, as an individual, is her own Sovereign state of being and is Given her own Flag – she is not subject to any statutes, codes or acts, and is only obliged to Honour the Common Law.  Of course, if the Governor General of Canada does not know her own Sovereign rights, it is not likely she Will be able to defend those rights for Canada’s People.  This is why when there is a constitutional violation of the People’s rights, the law suit names Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II as the defendant – the Queen is the ‘Surety’ for the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People.

I do not Wish to be compelled to file a law suit against the Queen, because I do not believe Her Majesty has any intent to trespass upon My right to Sovereignty, as doing so would negate her own Divine right as God’s representative.  Do YOU Wish to presume that the Queen has intent to trespass upon My Sovereign right to self determination?  I am guessing Your answer Will be no, but do please inform Me if I am mistaken.

Therefore, lest this government and it’s representative and administrative bodies Wishes to suggest I am an indentured servant and bonded slave, I may not be compelled against My Will to place My Trust in any entity foreign to My Sovereign State of being.  All bonds used as collateral to borrow money from international (foreign, private) banks in My name as an incorporated (not living, dead corporate body) person must be repaid to dissolve the Trust Honourably.  I (and all other citizens of Canada) am the source of wealth from which Canada is borrows money, presuming I have agreed to repay this debt by Way of taxation.  I do not consent to the use of My Life’s energy as collateral for Canada’s debt, and Wish to have a full detailed assessment of My share of Canada’s debt forwarded to Me so that I can repay Canada’s creditors in Good Faith.

Now, is anything in this email illogical or too difficult for You to comprehend?  I am not as King of You this with the intent to condescend, it is a genuine Quest-Ion because I am tired of as King for this to be done and do not Wish to believe that Canada’s failure to Honour My request (demand) is Willful.  If You do not know how to do what I am as King of You to do, You need to forward My Letters and Quest-Ions to someone who does.

Please let Me know how You are making out, I look forward to hearing from You and all of these emails Will be published on the public record – My audience and the People of Canada are eagerly awaiting Your reply.  

Finally, ‘Mr.’ is an abbreviation meaning Mister or Master.  I am not a ‘Mister’, but if You Wish, You may address Me as ‘Sir, Master, Lord or King’, whichever You are most comfortable with, they all represent the same position of authority.  ‘Mr.’ represents Master because the People are the Masters of their public servants (You).

Thank You, I hope this day finds You well and that You are enjoying the sunshine.

Love and Blessings,

Lord Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

I Will update as soon as I receive a reply.  I anticipate Anne Will respond before Friday.  If not, I Will Write Anne one final email to let her know what My next course of Action Will be.

Footnote [Legal and Lawful Foundation for Arguments Presented above]

Canon 3239

In matters of agreement, execution of the law means the carrying into effect an instruction or decision issued by an Executor or their delegate (“agent”) concerning the administration of a trust under their jurisdiction to which all parties consent and therefore form a binding judgment and agreement.

Canon 3240

Only a legitimate Executor or their duly appointed delegate (“agent”) may execute instruction, decision or policies concerning the administration of a trust under their jurisdiction. Any party that seeks to counter such orders is a belligerent, or an incompetent or imposter (executor de son tort).

Perhaps now the Mandamus and appointment of Estate Trustee I had Orsolya Vancsody Sign Will have some relative context.