Hala Tabl’s Fraudulent Application Record

Notice the CV number on the Certificate that was allegedly returned to the Court, and compare with the copy of the Certificate below. The below document is not a copy of the above Certificate. The first 0 isn’t closed below, and the space between the numbers is greater. It also looks like the pen is leaking a bit in the Certificate, but the lines are clean in the photocopy. Hala just Writ her own CV number on the Certificate herself, notified the Bracebridge Courthouse, who then Writ the same number on their copy, photocopied it and sent it to Me, telling Me that the Certificate had been returned to the Court for assignment to the Application. The Certificate was never returned to the Court, it’s just another lie. Every lie is an Act of Fraud.

I Will be Posting the Real Court of Record regarding this Matter shortly. For now, just notice that these are the documents provided to Me by the Bracebridge Courthouse (with the exception of the new and improved Certificate of Appointment which was sent to Me courtesy of Jenny Bogod). The Application has no CV number, either – not even on the back sheet. Hala also states in her SoD that the Application included a Letter to the Court which does not appear to be on this particular Court of Record, and that’s a critical piece of information because allegedly, it details the background regarding this Matter, which is rather important inform a Sean. The Letter here is authored by Kimberly Meredith of the Bracebridge Courthouse. Where is the Letter authored by Hala Tabl?