Honour Thy Father and Mother; Real E-State Matters

Hello every One, thank King You for being here.  This is a real E-State Matter concerning My earthly father’s estate.  One of the reasons it took Me some time to Post this recent email exchange is because I felt I should be Giving something of an update before jumping into it and Wished I had been sharing the details in a Page like this from the beginning.  How did We get to this Stage (all the world’s a) and why am I now Writing the Canadian National Bank?

The beauty is, I have been sharing the details from the beginning, this is just the most recent development.  My sister withdrew her application for certificate of appointment of estate trustee, My brother Wishes to have nothing to do with it, so by default is has fallen to Me.  Allegedly My brother and sister rescinding consent and withdrawing the application was all done before My Notice of Objection was ever received, so it really has nothing to do with any direct ‘Action’ I took or Spells that I Cast.  It does, however, amplify the Power of the Intention of those Spells war King their invisible Magic.

So I was as King of My sister to finally disclose the contact information of My father’s creditors so I could make arrangements to Honour My father’s debts.  I don’t know how many times I was as King for this information before; this time My sister was forthcoming with the information.

Exact time of My first email I’m not certain (though I could find it), though its context was included in the initial reply.


My name’s Sean, I’m Joe von Dehn’s eldest son.  I understand my father has some outstanding debts with You.  I would like to accept responsibility for those debts and apologize for the delay in reaching out to you, my brother and sister have been keeping all details regarding the estate from me.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank You,



My intent was to be as friendly and non-intimidating as possible, I am offering to accept My father’s debts for Honour.  I also Wished to Give an example of the Common Law because the above email is as legal and lawful as any email they Will send Me.  The only intent was to ensure My father’s creditors know someone has accepted his debts for Honour.  I genuinely believe this is the modern day equivalent of, “Honour thy Father and Mother”.

This was the reply I received on Monday.

Jun 29, 2020, 1:30 PM

Hello Mr. Von Dehn,

Your email below, addressed to our client, National Bank of Canada has been provided to our office for response.  In order to discuss particulars of this mortgage account we will require that you provide us with a copy of a power of attorney or a certificate of appointment of estate trustee.

Kindly advise whether you are in possession of either of the above documents or any other form of authorization to allow us to discuss the file.

Thank you for your assistance,


Laraine Burton,

Law Clerk-Mortgage Recovery

Before I provide My reply I said I would be tall King about the Common Law.  As the email above indicates, We are not dealing with the client (National Bank) directly, We are dealing with their legal representative.  I’m not suggesting there is anything strange about that, either, most banks Will have their own legal department.  I’m pointing this out because I’ve mentioned that courts are only for ‘disHonourable’ People, those who have violated the Common Law.  A bank is a corporation so it can’t speak for its Self.  If the bank were an individual My father owed money to, the Honourable thing to do would be to pay that individual back – that would Honour My father and Our House.  This is the same Idea but it goes straight to the lawyer, this Way the bank ensures a legal professional responds to My offer of acceptance for Honour.  I don’t believe ‘the client’, National Bank can legally refuse an acceptance for Honour and their legal department should know that.  This is My much anticipated reply and the reason I’m so Thrilled this Fabulous Friday.  It’s long, but well worth the read.

Jul 1, 2020, 5:37 AM

Greetings, Laraine,

Again I apologize for the delay in getting back to You, I was rather hoping I would have received some Word from Justice Susan J. Woodley in regards to the Matter of an application for certificate of appointment of estate Trustee that had been Presented to the court by My sister, Tanja von Dehn.  You may not be able to disclose any details regarding the particulars of My father’s estate to Me at this time, though I am sure You Will know My sister has recently withdrawn her application and it was My sister that provided Me with Your contact details.  

According to Your email, Your position is Law Clerk for mortgage recovery.  Please be advised that I am not “Mr. Von Dehn”, and I take exception to being addressed as such as it represents an incorporated person and I am a not for profit Spiritual entity.  I am also the legal and lawful private attorney and Living Will of the incorporated person created by the state, Commonly known as ‘Sean von Dehn’.  My belief is that the House of von Dehn holds the Superior Claim of right to My father, ‘JOACHIM VON DEHN”s estate, as I am a Living product of his estate, the state cannot possibly presume to be in possession of the total value of the estate if the unlimited commercial value of all three of his children is not taken into consideration; regardless any of their relation to My father, they have all contributed considerable wealth to Canada’s economy and are all in some Way a product of My father’s Life (estate).  My proper legal title in a Common Law [God’s Law] jurisdiction is Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.  Please do pay attention to the Style and Spelling of it (‘thou Shall not take the Lord’s name in Vain’).  I am a King in God’s Kingdom (the Mind, Body and Soul Given Me by God), and I am a Lord in the world’s Common Law Courts; as We are all Heirs to God’s Kingdom, Court is where One demonstrates One’s Moral Highness.  I do not care how humorous any of this sounds, either, as it all happens to be True and well known by the Ministries of the Canadian government and I am currently as King of them for a court of competent jurisdiction to finally and formally resolve these Matters, though I fear the Issue of competence is not going to be Magically addressed by a court, I believe a competent individual or two Will be required also, so I am not sure how long this might take.

As a Law Clerk for the National Bank of Canada, I can reasonably presume You Will be familiar with the bills of exchange act.  I have no interest in disputing the Matter of certificate of appointment of estate trustee with a bank looking to recover losses from My father.  My only intention is to let You know that regardless who is Granted Power of Attorney over My father’s estate, You now have it on the record that JOACHIM VON DEHN’s oldest son hereby accepts for Honour any outstanding debts left behind by My father.  It is also My understanding that You have a legal obligation to accept My offer of acceptance of My father’s debt for Honour unless there is a superior offer of acceptance for Honour of My father’s debt by another party.  You should also know I have unlimited commercial Value to satisfy this obligation in full.

This Letter is to let You know that regardless the Power of Attorney granted in regards to My father’s estate, I, Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, accept all My father’s outstanding debts for Honour as My Duty and obligation to both My earthly and Heavenly father, and in accordance with both Canadian and international law.

This offer of acceptance of Honour extends to all outstanding property taxes or other Matters regarding Joachim von Dehn’s estate, including any legal claims as I have also been advised there is a two million dollar insurance claim against My father, I Will be as King for the courts for Giveness on behalf of My father and to allow Me to Honour the claimant’s requisition for compensation of two million dollars for Honour on behalf of My father.

“Honour thy Father and Mother.” Fifth Commandment

So I believe this should be Good News for You while We determine who does in fact hold the Superior Claim of right to My father’s estate if he has died intestate, which appears to be the case.  I would suggest I am a product of My father’s estate and therefore it is reasonably self evident that I am also a product of his Living Will.  A Man’s Living Will should have Superior Claim of right to that of the Ontario Estates Act.  I am hoping to hear back from Justice Susan J. Woodley with regards to some of these Matters by Friday of this week at the very latest.  If not, I Will be taking this Matter up with the provincial and federal governor generals of Ontario and Canada, as I do not believe I should be required to provide the Foundation for the legal arguments expressed in this email, they seem to Me reasonably self evident and should be well known to Canada’s Ministries and Crown representatives.  At some point incompetence becomes indistinguishable from malice.

This email has nothing to do with the administration of My father’s estate and is only intended to let all parties know that I am accepting ALL My father’s debts for Honour in Order to preserve My father’s estate until a rightful claimant to it has been officially determined.  It is also My understanding that email is legal service of delivery and encouraged during the Covid-19 pandemic and this email is intended as such legal service.  If You Wish for a proper Notice of Intent and Letter of Understanding, I can have one prepared for You, though it would not negate any statements or claims made in this email, its intent would be expressly to provide the legal Foundation for them (under both Candian and International Law).  And yes, My unusual use of capital Letters are Intentional, it means something is Important.

There is nothing in the Universe more important to Me at this time as a Spiritual Man, than being Given the opportunity to Honour My Father’s Life in the wake of his death as Commanded Me by God, and I care not what any One’s opinion on that Matter may be.

All correspondence regarding this Matter Will also be published on the international public record in The Good News Journal, at www.vondehnvisuals.com.  This particular email Will be published sometime later today for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition (this is My latest ‘Spelling of Magic’).

Thank You very much Ms. Burton, I look forward to resolving these Matters on behalf of My father.  If it is more convenient for You, You can bill the incorporated person SEAN VON DEHN created by the state for the full outstanding balance My father has owing, and I can resolve the Matter privately with Canada’s Ministries.  If that is preferable for You, please let Me know and I Will provide You with a mailing address.

I Will confess I do now take a little pleasure in the whole ‘King thing’ and hope You appreciate My Playful nature, I’ve learnt to have Fun with it.  When I first claimed My right of Self determination with Canada’s Ministries, I initially thought the joke was on Me for ta-King so long to figure it all out.  I was not thing King for one moment there would be any hesitation on the Part of Canada’s Ministries to Honour My Claims, now I am reasonably convinced they don’t know how.  So please, I am also as King of You for Your patience in regards to these Matters on behalf of Canada’s Ministries and courts which have not thus far demonstrated impressive levels of competence.

In plain English I believe any reasonable individual Will be able to appreciate, consider only this:  as the eldest son, it is the belief in the German tradition of the House of von Dehn, that the eldest son accepts all responsibility and accountability for any debts his father leaves behind.  My father explained to Me that this was a Matter of Honour, regardless what kind of a relationship a boy has with his father, My father believed We had a Duty and responsibility to protect Our House, the name Given Me by My father, von Dehn (just as it is Magically Spelled here).  This is how a Man earns his reputation in the community and ‘von Dehn’ was a name I was taught to be proud of.  I have different Ideas about pride now, but I still Wish to Honour My father.  

I Hope and Trust this day finds You well,

Love and Blessings,

Lord/King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God,

(Legal and lawful private attorney and Living Will of the incorporated person created by the state commonly known as Sean von Dehn. witnessed and Signed by a Commissioner of Oaths for Canada’s Ministries)