My Reply to Deanna’s E-mail

[Fore Word]

I waited more than three weeks to hear back from the city of Ottawa after filing a 32 page complaint clearly defining several breaches of the Salvation Army’s contractual agreements that have resulted in deplorable living conditions for anyone subject to living there.  And Deanna wants to talk to Me about My ‘placement’ at the Salvation Army over the phone?  Really?!  Not one Word expressing sympathy for the conditions I was subject to or what is being done to ensure that clients are immediately relieved of these deplorable circumstances and living conditions.

If I hadn’t already received a second e-mail from Deanna, I would say that her reply to My complaint is the worst fail I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, her second letter trumps it.

The Common Law is what I teach, and the Common Law is the Supreme Jurisdiction of Law, and the Highest Authority of Law.  This is what should happen when One receives a Letter of Complaint:

Every Common Law Case begins with a Letter of Complaint.  Typically, the recipient of the Complaint should respond to each of the allegations (Claims) made in the Letter of Complaint individually.  If the recipient is disputing the claim(s), then they provide the appropriate information to support their dispute.  If the recipient of the complaint can successfully prove they are not responsible, liable, or that the claims are false, then the matter is resolved.  If the defendant cannot successfully dispute the claims or liability, then the injured party (complainant) is entitled to compensation, and the two parties endeavour to reach a favourable resolution.  If the two parties are unable to reach an amicable resolution, then the matter is brought before a Judge or Justice for conflict resolution.  Court is always a last resort, and generally, the least favourable outcome for both parties.

This little pre-amble to My response to Deanna’s letter is as much for Deanna as it is for the rest of My audience.  Generally, in conflict resolution, if the defendant of the complaint is guilty, they should be as kind and accommodating as is reasonably possible.  The last thing One would want is to further antagonize the situation.

Deanna’s response to My complaint indicates one of two things: either she has no Idea how to properly respond to a Letter of Complaint, or she believes those subject to the conditions outlined in My Letter are not entitled to any kind of explanation or compensation.

Without further ado, here is My reply to Deanna’s e-mail:

Good afternoon, Deanna,
Well, I’m glad to finally hear from you.  To be honest, I’m not sure how comfortable I am having a telephone meeting with You.  I put up with some of the most deplorable conditions I’ve ever experienced and it’s still going on now for anyone within the Salvation Army’s sphere of influence.  You didn’t express any sympathy for My situation, I am currently ‘unwelcome’ at all the shelters except the Shepherds of ‘Good’ Hope for nothing more than speaking out about the rights of the Canadian People and would have been sleeping in the streets for the last month and a half if not for the compassion of friends.
I want a Record of any resolution attempts made by the city, I want to know what is being done to improve the conditions I very clearly outlined in My complaint and what is being done to get everyone else subject to shelters into dignified housing.  The city of Ottawa has been scapegoating their responsibility to provide these services for many years and I believe these conditions would not exist if it the city believed the average individual subject to shelters had the mental capacity to advocate for themselves.
Please let Me know what You have done, why it has taken three weeks for someone to respond to this complaint and how You are hoping to resolve it.  When You have some kind of proposed resolution, I may be more interested in speaking with You.  Right now I don’t think You care at all, I think You’ve been appointed for damage control.
King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.
 More to come soon, Lords and Ladies!!!  😉