My Reply to Deanna’s Second Letter

It wouldn’t be fair for Me to share My interpretation of Deanna’s letter with My audience if I did not first share it with her.  This is My letter of reply to Deanna’s second e-mail:
Hello Deanna,
It would appear You do not monitor the community shelters to ensure compliance with emergency shelter standards and I Will not be subject to further attacks upon My safety and security by accepting ‘placement’ in another shelter – ALL shelters are just as degrading.  Now, if You or any of the others over there at the city of Ottawa would happily check into any of the shelters for a few months and then care to Write of Your experiences, I may reconsider upon Your complete and thorough evaluation.  If it isn’t good enough for You or the mayor, it isn’t good enough for anyone.  This letter further demonstrates Your lack of regard for the dignity and worth of the Canadian people and if what I experienced is the example of Your review of shelter compliance, then You haven’t been doing Your job for a very long time and People are still subject to staying there, and Friends I have complain it is every bit as bad as when I left.
I’d like You to explain how the city has funding to put Me into a shelter costing the city some $1200. a month but CLAIM there is no money in the budget for a rent allowance that provides for dignified housing.  I could find a very cozy apartment for less than what the city gives to shelters as per diem funding for their clients.  I want to know why the city is still subcontracting this responsibility after learning how deplorable the conditions are and Willfully breaching terms and conditions that jeopardize the safety and security of their clients and Willfully trespass upon their rights and dignity.
Jason removed Me for complaining about how I was treated by the Salvation Army and the determination is to degrade individuals into submission and compliance.  You are enabling this act by Way of this letter and should be ashamed of Your Self.  However, I don’t think You have enough concern for Canada’s least fortunate to empathize with how they might feel, or acknowledge they have feelings at all.
How about addressing each point in My letter of complaint and tell Me how each is being remedied, or why You are allowing the Salvation Army to continue providing services for Canada’s People now that You know they are Willfully breaching their contract?  Oh, because it was Shelley VanBuskirk or something who said that the Salvation Army was in absolute compliance in her last review, right?  I imagine she knew she was lying in her letters, too.  Gotta have each other’s backs?  You knew the conditions were this bad and You just don’t want to acknowledge responsibility, is that right?
Over 16 months I was subject to deplorable conditions and suffered injury and harm by the loss of My common law rights.  Saying, ‘sorry to hear of Your experience, try another one of Our fabulous city shelters’, doesn’t quite cut it.  This is adding insult to injury.
I am not as King of the city for financial compensation, but I am NOT going to be subject to the fascist dictates of shelter management and the deplorable conditions they subject their clients to as ‘resolution’ (in case You are wondering why I might be insulted).
And I don’t address My letters “King Sean, House of von Dehn’ arbitrarily.  It’s a title, just like “Mr., or Master”.  I am NOT a Mr. or Master, I am King Sean, House of von Dehn and I’d appreciate it if You would ensure You address Me appropriately.  If You are incapable of understanding what the titles each of Us use mean, then ‘Sir’ would also be fine – but do not call Me Master or Mister of anything!!!
Please be advised that all correspondence Will be published for the Canadian People on My website, and Twitter, @vondehnvisuals.  Have a wonderful day.
Love and Blessings,
King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.