Letters to Sana Abou-Arraj, City of Ottawa, Housing Services

On Tuesday, April 27th, 2021, I received a package from the city of Ottawa’s Housing Services. It was addressed to ‘VONDEHN, Sean’, which indicates a loss of legal status in Canadian law, defined by Canada’s terminology and linguistic databank as:

“The next change of state, capitis deminutio media, consisted of a loss of citizenship and family without any forfeiture of personal liberty.”

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel ‘flattered’ that I haven’t forfeit any personal liberty and that the degradation of status only indicates a loss of citizenship and family but I don’t. I feel insulted. People have suggested I am over-exaggerating when I say that Canada is operating as corporation and not a Sovereign nation but this is Your proof. What does One think it means when they say One loses their ‘citizenship’? It means that the Charter rights of Canadian citizens do not apply to the legal entity expressed as ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ – it is operating as a commercial, corporate (dead) fiction. This is why the courts glaze over the constitutional rights when People are arbitrarily arrested because it is presumed the individual has lost all their rights of citizenship and that the Charter does not apply to the incorporated fiction or legal entity that was charged (like a credit card that the courts Will use to bill for the court proceedings when One is either found guilty or Signs a plea deal – the Signature authorizes the billing of the SIN account).

If any One is ever dragged into court for any reason, insist that the only name You Will answer to is Your proper name expressed in ‘capitus deminutio minimus’ which represents no loss of status with all inherent (God Given) rights reserved. Trust Me, One Will discover very quickly just how much of a Ponzi scheme is being played because they Will do everything they can to convince One the ‘Style’ of the name has no bearing on the rights of the individual – if that’s true, then there should be no issue with changing it to the proper Style… So insist on it! Watch the charges ‘Magically’ disappear.

So I returned the package to sender indicating ‘incorrect person‘ and followed up with an email to explain to Sana why it was returned.

Apr 27, 2021, 10:07 AM

Dear Sana,

A package arrived in My mailbox today from Your office.  It was addressed to VONDEHN, Sean.

I do NOT respond to My name in all capital letters – it (legally) represents a degradation of status.  You Will spell My name correctly if You Wish to address Me,

Proper mailing address is 

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God,
3-396 Kent St.
Ottawa, Ontario

Thank You,

Package was returned to sender.

(And be sure that applies to all instances of My Calling in all information contained in the package.  There has been no change to My living situation and I have a letter from Your office that no change Will be made to My subsidy unless I inform You otherwise – once again, there is no change if that saves You time.)

Thank You,
King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.

I have to be honest with You here. Typically, when I send an email like this there is no argument. Usually it is just the ‘default’ Way a name in their system is printed even if it is entered on the file with the proper Spelling. I even had an individual (customer service representative when setting up the service) at OttawaHydro tell Me that there is no option to put the name in upper and lower case, it automatically defaults to ‘ALL CAPS’. I informed her that the reason for that is because it does not represent Me the individual, it represents the name of a corporate account and she confirmed this is true, “yes, that’s exactly what We are doing, setting up an account in Your name.”

Last year, I received the very same package but the name and address had been Hand Writ to, ‘Sean Von Dehn’. Still not the ‘proper’ Spelling of My name (the ‘V’ should be ‘v’ but close enough – even Ontario Works doesn’t get that right and I know they make an effort). So I figured there would either be no reply at all or that they would confirm it Will be resent and addressed to My proper name. That’s not what happened.

Tue, Apr 27, 4:08 PM

Good afternoon Sean,

Thank you for your email. I understand you returned the annual review package to sender (The City of Ottawa). Once our office receives the returned package, we will be re-sending it to you. The package is addressed to your legal name. If you choose to not complete your annual review, you will no longer be eligible effective July 1, 2021 as we will not have the required documents to determine ongoing eligibility.


Sana Arraj

Rent Supplement Agent/Agent Supplément de Loyer

Housing Services/Services de Logement

Community and Social Services|Services sociaux et communautaires

City of Ottawa|Ville d’Ottawa

This infuriated Me. Again, some might say I get triggered a little too easily but this is not a small detail. Sana is acknowledging the name she is using is a ‘legal’ name and trying to create ‘joinder’ between My Self and that legal entity as if We are one and the same! She specifically states it is My legal name! No, it is not! It is a fictional legal entity owned and created by the state that deliberately and intentionally diminishes My legal status (if I accept it as such). Any One who knows this is a ‘legal name’ should also know what the implications of that legal title and position are. In short, Sana is trying to suggest that I have no rights to citizenship or family, though My ‘liberty’ remains unaltered. I’m not sure how One can suggest My liberty remains unaltered if I am presumed to have no ‘legal’ right to family or citizenship but I digress; this is My reply.

Apr 27, 2021, 6:26 PM


VONDEHN, Sean is not MY legal name!!!  It is an artificial person and legal entity Created by the state, owned by the state and created without My consent or full disclosure of any obligations associated with using it.  I am war King very hard to have this artificial person terminated to avoid such confusion in the future.  If You Wish to address Me, the individual, You Will address the form as I have indicated in My email to You.  I may NOT be compelled against My Will to answer to an artificial entity which has no rights.  I also have Your last letter to Me which clearly states that unless I indicate to You that My living situation has changed, You Will continue to provide the subsidy.  As mentioned in the previous email, there is no change, You can continue to provide the subsidy as per Your letter of agreement to Me.

If You continue to threaten Me and compel Me to use an artificial creation owned by the government of Canada, I Will charge You with trespass upon My right of Self determination.  You do NOT get to determine what My name is or how it shall be legally expressed.  Do You understand?  I am not a bonded slave, thank You.  You are bastardizing My last name, My property and You do not have any right to do so.  If You do it again, I Will charge You $100,000.00 and if You address Me again in ALL CAPS (any part of My Calling), it Will be presumed You agree to pay the fee of $100,000.00 for the trespass upon Me.

You have a duty and obligation to acknowledge My rights as per the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  As a service provider for Canada YOU are legally bound to Honour the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms, that is the Law!  Take a look at Part 1, Section 1, Article 1 and 2.  You (city of Ottawa) are trespassing upon My right to freely dispose of My natural resources without prejudice, claiming I am dependent upon You to access housing and now threatening Me with economic duress if I do not consent to using a title created and owned by Canada’s government?

I am getting really sick and tired of service providers in the city of Ottawa believing they have no Duty or Obligation to Honour the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  It was ratified by Canada in 1976, it IS the Law!!!  It is a legally binding contractual obligation.  Read it carefully – all of it.

“In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.”

That’s THE LAW!  You are breaking it which IS a CRIMINAL offence.  A copy of this email Will be sent to Canada’s Registrar General to show how Canada is threatening Me with economic duress for failing to use the artificial person and legal entity created by the state and solely OWNED by the state.  I am not a legal entity.  You MAY acknowledge that King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God is the lawful entity who is requesting a full audit of the certified person Created by the state in My name and without My consent.  Clearly, You identify both of these entities as representing the same individual, claiming I am ‘bound’ to this fictional creation in some way.  I am NOT a bonded servant or indentured slave!

King Sean, 
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.

The above email was forwarded to Francois-Philippe Champagne, the acting Registrar General for Canada, the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, and Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Garneau. I decided that because I know that People like Sana probably think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, I should follow up with Canada’s definition of the various uses for the ‘ALL CAPS’ expression of a name as it pertains to ‘legal entities’.

Apr 27, 2021, 7:04 PM

“JOHN DOE” (capitis diminutio maxima), as that identifies the individual representing an “officer” defined by Canada’s Income Tax Act and Canada Pension Plan. Officers are artificial legal persons that individuals choose to represent and thereby gain the powers, privileges and duties of that office, since the officer and the office are legally indivisible. The ITA “office” is identified with a nine-digit number (“SIN”) used as a “social insurance number” instead of as a Social Insurance Number. Income for the office/officer is Canada’s public money and is no longer the individual’s private property.” – https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2801642

If that isn’t a Good enough definition for You, this is from the Government of Canada’s website which explains the use of Capitus Diminitio Maximus –

“The diminution of a person’s legal status as a result of being reduced to slavery.” 

“There were three changes of state or condition attended with different consequences, maxima, media and minima. The greatest, capitis deminutio maxima, involved the loss of liberty, citizenship, and family (e.g. being made a slave or prisoner of war).”

Capitus diminutio medius is when only the last name is capitalized, such as DOE, John.  All forms of capitalization of a Man’s calling represent a degradation of LEGAL status.  I do not consent to having My legal or lawful rights diminished by fraudulent trickery by Your offices.

And as always, all correspondences Will be published on the International Public Record at www.vondehnvisuals.com

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

I realized I forgot to include the link to the government of Canada’s own definition of the terms and linguistics associated with the ‘ALL CAPS’ legal entities.

Apr 27, 2021, 7:06 PM

The link to how Canada defines the use of capital letters to address an individual  – https://www.btb.termiumplus.gc.ca/tpv2alpha/alpha-eng.html?lang=eng&i=1&index=ent&srchtxt=CAPITIS%20DEMINUTIO%20MAXIMA

There has so far been no reply to these emails and I’m not anticipating I Will receive one and am very curious to see how My ‘legal’ name is expressed in the next package Housing Services sends Me. If it is sent to the same legal entity as last time, I Will officially bill them $100,000.00 as they have tacitly agreed to pay the fee for doing so. I have received confirmation from Francois-Philippe Champagne’s office that all My emails to him have been received and can produce those receipts as ‘proof of service’ if I am ever compelled to bring this Matter before a court.

Finally, just a side note for some of My other readers whom have made the effort to reach out to Me to discuss some of the emails and Letters that are published here on the International Court of Record. The most common Quest-Ion I am asked is whether or not silence Truly is consent. The short answer is yes. The problem is, there is no real ‘proof’ of this in what I refer to as the ‘Common Law’ which is probably more accurately defined as ‘Natural Law’ (there are many conflicting opinions of what the Common Law really is and My assertion is that Common Law IS Natural Law but that perspective is not widely accepted).

These emails and My correspondences with Service Ontario are examples of this. Service Ontario responded to Me very quickly when I thanked them for forwarding My concerns to the Thunder Bay Verification department. The reason they responded is because they realized that by not disputing the original claims I had made about the registration of My birth being used as surety for Canada’s debt, they were in fact tacitly in agreement with My assertions. So the follow up email was an attempt to dis-Spell those assertions. I responded again to tell them they were incorrect and provided proof from the government of Canada website showing the commercial value of both men and women in accordance with the ‘Securities and Determinations Act’. There was no reply because they cannot dispute those facts:

Present value of life annuities (present value of life interest) of $1.00 per annum payable annually in arrears for life. Interest rate is at 12.3% per annum, compounded annually.

The only other ‘proof’ I have that silence is tacit consent to an agreement is the Rules of Civil Procedure themselves. The Rules of Civil Procedure do in fact mimic the Common Law (Natural Law) in virtually every Way. In Canada, 20 days is considered a reasonable amount of time for any One to respond to a claim made against them if they are in the same province, 40 days is considered reasonable for anywhere in North America, and 60 days is considered reasonable for international respondents. If the respondent does not reply within the Given time period, default judgment is automatically awarded against them by the court registrar. I have a default judgment against the Salvation Army ‘proving’ this is true in My records.

I do receive a reply to My last email, though it was three days later. My email was forwarded to Sana’s supervisor for a response.

Fri, Apr 30, 3:43 PM

Dear Sir,

Further to your email exchanges below, your file was referred to me as Sana’s supervisor. 

Your housing benefit is subject to certain conditions including the annual verification that no changes have occurred.  To this end, we require certain forms to be completed and returned to us.  The forms are addressed to the name of the person who receives the benefit and they are retained on file. 

While we recognize you wish to be addressed in a certain way, unfortunately, we cannot use a different name for your file

Staff will resend the letter to the name we have on file.  Should you wish to continue to receive the housing benefit, we will require the forms to be completed and returned. 

We appreciate your understanding.


Christine Amaro

Christine Amaro

Rent Supplement Coordinator/Coordinatrice, suppléments de loyer

Housing Services/ Direction du logement, Supplement de loyer

Community and Social Services Department/

Département des services sociaux et communautaires

City of Ottawa/Ville d’Ottawa

I received this email within ten minutes of the time it would have arrived in My inbox. Just by reading Christine’s reply One can tell that Christine has no idea what I am tall King about. The Character Christine is making the Letter out to, the ‘artificial [legal] person’ doesn’t have a Living Will to receive a Letter, only I do. I would be Giving Life to their fiction, ‘Acting’ as the officer’, and complicit in the fraud.

I know it all sounds funny but believe Me, this is all True. ‘ID’ does not represent an Individual, it represents a position of office an Individual is ‘Holding’. It is the slave, the Individual is the Master (and in this particular case the state is the slave owner). The slave is in the Master’s care, so the Master becomes liable for damages done by the slave. That’s today’s commercial admiralty law for those doing business on the citizen ship.

Slavery was abolished long ago so I am thing King We should set the slaves free and that’s what I’m trying to do. Canada really Wishes to insist on using slaves to interact with the world.

I wasn’t going to Write Christine back, initially. I figured I would just let her resend the package the same, disrespectful Way she had the first time and provide a disclaimer in My reply explaining the package was received under economic duress and I am charging the city of Ottawa $100,000.00 for defamation of Character for addressing Me in a Style of My Calling (name) that Canada defines to indicate a degradation of legal status, a ‘person’ with no rights to citizenship or family, and insisting I self identify with it under threat of further economic and mental duress.

In the end I decided I would Write back because it all just seems a little too conveniently timed and contrived. Last year My name was properly Hand Writ (Sean ‘Vondehn’ – though I appreciate the effort, ‘von Dehn’ would be the ‘proper’ English translation and Spelling) with the rest of the address typed underneath. How much effort would it take to address the envelope to Me in the proper Spelling of My name? How ‘unreasonable’ is it really for One to be as King to be addressed by their real name in its proper Style? Not at all, it should be a common courtesy – this is precisely why they need the rules of civil procedure! I figured before silently acquiescing I should remind Christine how much she has agreed to pay Me to do so.

May 1, 2021, 3:49 PM

Hi Christine,

Well, perhaps You can show Me where I Signed up for Housing Services as ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ because I would never express My name that Way, it is an insult to My Calling under God and a trespass upon My Spiritual convictions.  My proper name is Spelled ‘Sean von Dehn’ and if You cannot change the name on the file or distinguish in Your correspondence that ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ is not Me but the name of a corporate account You are using to administer the subsidy to Me, I CANNOT ‘legally’ receive the package because the person addressed on the last envelope does not exist except in one of Your databases.  I do not have the right to address You as CHRISTINE and more than than You have the right to bastardize My name.

Frankly, this shows how little regard You have for the rights of People You provide subsidy to.  My name is on the city registry as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God so I would LOVE to know where You come up with ‘VONDEHN, Sean’.  I certainly never gave consent for My Calling to be bastardized that Way and I’ve Given You fair Notice that I find it insulting to be addressed by a ‘legal name’ Canada defines to be ‘without rights to family or citizenship’.

You have been advised of how much I Will charge You for every incorrect Spelling of My proper legal name.

Thank You,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

And one more thing.  I still have the envelope the package was sent to Me in last year and My name was Spelled properly.  So I fail to understand why You can’t do that again this year except to Willfully antagonize Me.


Again, no reply yet. We’ll see what the Post brings.