Letters to The Salvation Army: Defending the Common Law and Human Rights

My first letter was addressed to Caroline Hards, Housing worker for The Salvation Army Boothe Centre’s Ministry of Community and Social Services department.  The letter was sent after I had been referred to Caroline whom I had been told was able to provide a semi-private, two man dorm for any resident of The Salvation Army who is ‘working’, and My case worker (Alex) felt My determination to protect the common law and the countless hours I spent painting outside the Salvation Army were more than sufficient to qualify.

Subject:  ‘Work’, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Service to the Community

Fri, Oct 6, 2017, 12:21 PM

Good day, Caroline,
Thank You for taking the time to meet with Me, and for Your support and interest in My ‘work’ – it truly means the world to Me.
I have essentially dedicated My life to the service of others and I understand this is an uncommon practice.  I thought perhaps it might be useful for You to have something in writing for Your records in the event it may be helpful in communicating My position to others within the organization.
The intention and mission statement for My own life is one that is in harmony with that of the Salvation Army – to put an end to homelessness and poverty.  It is My opinion that homelessness and poverty only exist in Canada because Our politicians have failed to Honour their judicial oath of office,  and the common man in Canada has forgotten We can remove those elected officials.
Every Canadian has a Duty and a role to play in Our system of government.  It is Our duty and responsibility to make sure that politicians Honour their oath of office.  My artwork is a political and educational campaign designed to teach the common man how Canada’s legal system works and, more importantly, how those laws ensure the protection of the common law and human rights.
I do not believe that education is something a man should be required to pay for as an educated man is a benefit to all of man.  For that reason, I have never asked to be paid for My teaching and teaching is My greatest gift.
Previously, I have worked at jobs that require Me to pay taxes to corrupt government officials against My Will just to support My own education and teaching expenses, all of which I offer to anyone who is interested by way of an online Blog, www.vondehnvisuals.com.  I have also published a book which is also not registered as it is also not for profit called, “A Prophecy for Peace”.  A free version of My Book is available on My Blog, hardcopies are available online.
I started painting roughly two months ago as a platform to create awareness of Canada’s homelessness and poverty issues, as well as Our capacity to change those circumstances by Way of the protections provided within Canada’s legal system.  My teaching is Universal as the same protections apply in any common wealth country.
I am working and I am an advocate for human rights and the protections of the common law.  My personal Duty is to Honour God and the Queen, My own Oath of Office is on the public record, published on My Blog and on the Superior Court record of Canada.  I have supporting documents for every claim made in this letter.
As My ‘Diversion and Housing CASE worker’, I Will strongly consider Your opinion on who within Canada’s government should be contacted with respect to providing the necessary funding for this campaign.  I Will be depicting every character or person who is relevant to accomplishing My task in My art exhibition as either Honourable or Dis-Honourable, relative to their response to My letters.
For now, I plan to start My political campaign with Lloyd Longfield, the M.P. representing Guelph who failed to respond to My letters.  I Will Write him one more time, this time explaining My campaign as I have outlined it for You here so that he has one last opportunity to respond in a Way that may be more favourable to his character.
I have sent a picture to You with this e-mail (Lloyd Longfield) and thank You again for offering to print it for Me.
I promote My non profit work on facebook, Twitter and WordPress,
Sean Stephen von Dehn on Facebook,
@vondehnvisuals on Twitter,
www.vondehnvisuals.com (WordPress Domain)
I hope this day finds You well, I look forward to working with You to secure suitable housing and a venue for My campaign in the near future.  Have a wonderful afternoon,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.
(My request was denied)