Introducing Jason Prevost: Manager – The Salvation Army Booth Centre Community and Social Services Department

After My request was denied by Caroline Hards, I as King of her why My request had been denied.  Caroline showed Me the application form she is required to fill out and explained that I don’t meet the requirements.  I reviewed the form for a few moments and noticed that the third or fourth line on the form reads something like, “all requirements must be met unless there are special circumstances recommended by a CASE worker”.

I said to Caroline, “Well, that line right there says you have the power to process this request.  I already know Alex supports My need for a two man dorm, that would be the referral from the CASE worker and the reason I took the time to Write You such a detailed letter was to explain the ‘special’ circumstance and Give You something to have on Record.  You had as King of Me to explain to You why I believe what I am doing is ‘real’ work and I feel My letter is more than adequate explanation.”

“No, I don’t have the power to do that, You don’t meet the requirements.”

“Caroline, please, read that line OUT LOUD to Me.”  She does.


Her expression is akin to a deer in headlights, completely confused and dazed.   “I can’t approve the request because You don’t meet the requirements”, she insists, My point (and the exemption clause in the letter) completely lost on her.

“No, Caroline, You do have the power to Give a man a two man dorm if there are ‘special’ circumstances recommended by a CASE worker.  In this CASE, the worker is Alex who believes My work more than qualifies for a two man dorm –  and Alex referred Me to You.  Now You are willfully refusing to Give Me something that would help My situation for no reason other than Your lack of ability to comprehend the document or Your Willful determination to interfere with My well being.”

“Uh, well, that’s not the way I see it.  If You have any concerns or complaints with My decision, You can take it up with Jason.”

I was very frustrated, returned to Alex’s office and as King of Alex why someone like Caroline is employed as a housing worker if she doesn’t even comprehend the documents she is as King of People to Sign.  Alex just rolled her eyes and apologized, “Sorry, I tried.  I think You should take the matter to Jason.”

And I did.  By the time the meeting with Caroline had taken place, I had been approached by a lady from the ByWard Market, telling Me how much she loved My work, that she had roughly $4000.00 in grant money left over to recruit artists and as King of Me if I would be interested in painting in the ByWard Market.  I told her I would love that opportunity and felt it would be great exposure for My political campaign as well.  She as King of Me if she could leave her contact information with one of the managers here [The Salvation Army] and if they would know who I am – I assured her they would.  Later that day, Jason Prevost told Me that a lady had stopped by from the ByWard Market and Given him contact information.  He even went on to say how excited she was about meeting Me.  I told him she might be interested in providing Me with a grant and a place to paint in the ByWard Market.  Jason commented on how great that sounded and told Me that he had sent the lady an e-mail and would let Me know as soon as he heard back.  Initially, I said that sounded great.

I Hand Writ a letter to Jason in beautiful calligraphy, folded the ‘old fashioned’ Way on parchment paper, closed it with a wax seal and slid it under his office door.  The very next day Jason commented on how impressed he was with the letter, as King to Me how I had managed to seal it that way and had a brief ‘meeting’ with Me in his office, telling Me that he is not going to overturn Caroline’s decision as I am not really ‘working’ if I am not bringing in steady income.  I as King of him about the lady from the ByWard market and explained that what I am doing promotes My Work; politically and professionally and has obviously been somewhat effective. I reminded Jason that I’ve also been published in all four of Ottawa’s major newspapers – eventually, this Will produce results and I figured The Salvation Army of all places would encourage such a positive campaign and message.

Jason didn’t budge.  As far as Common Law is concerned, My first letter to Jason was a Common Law courtesy letter.  That means there were no copies of the letter, Jason received the original and I retained no copy of it.  I sent a second letter to Jason.  Because Jason failed to Honour the first letter with a reply as I had requested, he loses credibility and now only deserves a ‘true copy’ of any original letters I Write, which is what the second letter was.  It was still Writ by Hand in the Style of Calligraphy, but this time I kept the original, made a black and white copy, Writ ‘true copy’ on the first page of the letter and placed My thumbprint Seal over top of ‘true copy’ to authenticate the document.  Once again, Jason failed to respond.

Now, over a year later, it seems as though Jason Prevost is willfully determined to make My life as difficult as he can for Me.  Although I had once decided that Jason’s role as a [social services department] manager for The Salvation Army Booth Centre was not important enough for Me to waste My time with, now I have no choice but to turn My attention to where the responsibility and liability [for trespasses on the rights and dignity of clients and/or the People of Canada subject to The Salvation Army for basic needs] lies.  However, Jason Prevost does not deserve any more courteous, Hand Writ pieces of Art, all My correspondence with The Salvation Army Organization Will be via e-mail so that I have a digital receipt and record of all correspondence (or lack thereof).

My first e-mail to Jason Will continue the Story.