The Good News Journal, Volume XXIII: The Magical Monday Edition – How to Cast A Common Law Spell

Hello everyone and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal!  There are many Marvellously Magical things Manifesting.  I have finished Casting the first of Canada’s elected officials into the Universal Product Sean, I have finished Painting the Poster for next month’s marketing campaign, “The Kingdom of Heaven Found – A – Sean”, and acquired two QR codes for My Twitter Page and Web Sight (where I share My Vision) which Will be added to next month’s Poster.  I also have the opportunity to teach a little more Magic this Monday morning, which also qualifies as a Common Law Academy Credit.

My Last Post got a little long winded tall King about the Cestui Que Vie Declaration that started it all, and I promised that future lessons would be far less complicated.  I’m going to start by showing You what the world is reading:

What the World is Reading
Who’s Reading What

And a picture is worth a thousand Words.  It is Common for Me to review My stats and find out what the world is reading.  Every single Post that was read is a reflection of the Common Law, even ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’, because it is tall King about five principals to achieve anything One can conceive in their Mind and being the change One Wishes to see in the world.  I am also tall King about how I Will apply the wisdom to My own Life to accomplish My dream for Peace in the world.

This is relevant because what We do, Our Deeds are a reflection of Our Character on the world stage.  The People are the authority of government and each of Us are Kings [and Queens].  Everything I Write here is a reflection of My character and ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’ was Writ in March of 2011.  This is also why My Blog Will be included as part of the disclosure for My defence in Court, as it is an example of My Character.

Man’s laws are complicated but the Common Law is simple.  I’m thankful I took the time to explain the Cestui Que Vie in My last Post, ‘My Story‘, and the rest of the links that were viewed by My readers in the above photo, clarify the content and purpose of the Cestui Que Vie even further for those who are interested.  My presumption is that the Ministries I sent a copy of My Cestui Que Vie Declaration would fully comprehend its contents.  Although the subject matter may be more complex, the procedures are the same in any Common Law claim.

Today, I am demonstrating a much simpler version of the Common Law.  Every Common Law Suit begins with a Claim.  It may be a claim of injury, a claim of property, or anything in between.  A criminal charge in a Common Law jurisdiction, is a claim that one man has acted inappropriately toward another man, often called a grievance or complaint, and it is usually expressed in a Letter.  My Cestui Que Vie is a Claim of right to Supreme authority over My Mind, Body, and Soul.

In a Common Law jurisdiction, all of man is equal [once again, regardless the sex of man] so the Author of the Writ is the Author-Writty of the Letter [not to be confused with authority over the other man].  A King has his own laws and the Letter informs the recipient of the King’s complaint.  This is why everything begins with a Claim.  The man may be Writing to inform the recipient that the colour of his house is an offence to the neighbourhood.  The man filing the complaint may have no real legal foundation for his claim, but he is the authority of his Kingdom, is entitled to his belief, and has the right to complain about anything he finds offensive.  If the two men cannot resolve the complaint independently, there would be an impartial tribunal, a hearing that would be judged by a jury of peers; in this Case, it would be the rest of the neighbourhood.  If the entire neighbourhood finds the man’s house offensive, he may be required to repaint it; if the majority of the neighbourhood believe the claim is frivolous, the man can Keep the colour of his home as it is.

Last Tuesday, I Writ a Letter to Jason Prevost, the General manager of the Salvation Army Booth Centre.  Last year, I Writ Caroline Hards [housing worker for the Salvation Army], a letter explaining why I feel My ‘work’ qualifies for a slightly more secure, two man, locked dorm that is typically only available to those who can prove they are ‘gainfully’ employed.  Alex, [Case worker no longer employed with the Salvation Army] had suggested My work was important enough to qualify.  I wanted to make sure that Jason had a copy of the Letter I sent to Caroline last year before Writing him on Tuesday.  The Letter reads as follows:

Good day, Caroline,
Thank You for taking the time to meet with Me, and for Your support and interest in My ‘work’ – it truly means the world to Me.
I have essentially dedicated My life to the service of others and I understand this is an uncommon practice.  I thought perhaps it might be useful for You to have something in writing for Your records in the event it may be helpful in communicating My position to others within the organization.
The intention and mission statement for My own life is one that is in harmony with that of the Salvation Army – to put an end to homelessness and poverty.  It is My opinion that homelessness and poverty only exist in Canada because Our politicians have failed to Honour their judicial oath of office,  and the common man in Canada has forgotten We can remove those elected officials.
Every Canadian has a Duty and a role to play in Our system of government.  It is Our duty and responsibility to make sure that politicians Honour their oath of office.  My artwork is a political and educational campaign designed to teach the common man how Canada’s legal system works and, more importantly, how those laws ensure the protection of the common law and human rights.
I do not believe that education is something a man should be required to pay for as an educated man is a benefit to all of man.  For that reason, I have never asked to be paid for My teaching and teaching is My greatest gift.
Previously, I have worked at jobs that require Me to pay taxes to corrupt government officials against My Will just to support My own education and teaching expenses, all of which I offer to anyone who is interested by way of an online Blog,  I have also published a book which is also not registered as it is also not for profit called, “A Prophecy for Peace”.  A free version of My Book is available on My Blog, hardcopies are available online.
I started painting roughly two months ago as a platform to create awareness of Canada’s homelessness and poverty issues, as well as Our capacity to change those circumstances by Way of the protections provided within Canada’s legal system.  My teaching is Universal as the same protections apply in any common wealth country.
I am working and I am an advocate for human rights and the protections of the common law.  My personal Duty is to Honour God and the Queen, My own Oath of Office is on the public record, published on My Blog and on the Superior Court record of Canada.  I have supporting documents for every claim made in this letter.
As My ‘Diversion and Housing CASE worker’, I Will strongly consider Your opinion on who within Canada’s government should be contacted with respect to providing the necessary funding for this campaign.  I Will be depicting every character or person who is relevant to accomplishing My task in My art exhibition as either Honourable or Dis-Honourable, relative to their response to My letters.
For now, I plan to start My political campaign with Lloyd Longfield, the M.P. representing Guelph who failed to respond to My letters.  I Will Write him one more time, this time explaining My campaign as I have outlined it for You here so that he has one last opportunity to respond in a Way that may be more favourable to his character.
I have sent a picture to You with this e-mail (Lloyd Longfield) and thank You again for offering to print it for Me.
I promote My non profit work on facebook, Twitter and WordPress,
Sean Stephen von Dehn on Facebook,
@vondehnvisuals on Twitter, (WordPress Domain)
I hope this day finds You well, I look forward to working with You to secure suitable housing and a venue for My campaign in the near future.  Have a wonderful afternoon,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.
This is why it is so important to Keep a copy of all correspondence.  Caroline refused My request and I took the matter to Jason Prevost, the General Manager.  I did not send Jason a copy of the e-mail I had sent to Caroline; instead, I took My Time and delivered proper, Hand Writ Letters on parchment, Sealed with wax.  Jason even commented on how impressed he was with the Writing and the wax Seal, though he still denied My request for a semi private, two-man dorm.  He also failed to respond to either one of two Letters I sent him, requesting not only a two man dorm, but also for information concerning a valuable contact who had $4000 of grant money she potentially wanted to Give Me to paint in the ByWard market.  Although Jason Prevost insists he has the contact information and did send the lady not one but two e-mails, he has failed to forward those e-mails or the contact information to Me.  It may also be important to note that I also provided Caroline with a copy of all the documents I have filed with the Attorney General and Superior Court.
My Good friend, Captian Thomas Yoo has as King of Me not to Post My Letter to Jason Prevost until I have Given him One more day to respond.  I did tell Captain Yoo that I Gave Jason Prevost three full business days to respond which is customary and more than sufficient.  However, because this Post is so long already, I am inclined to Grant Captain Thomas Yoo’s Wish, though I Promise I Will Publish My Letter to Jason in My next Post.
Writing a Letter to a man is Magical.  It has an effect, whether there is a reply or not.  I know that My thoughts and Ideas have been communicated to Jason and although it would be a very pleasant surprise to receive a reply, I don’t really care whether I get one or not – and I Will explain why in My next Post.
Love and Blessings, happy Magical Monday!!!



The Good News Journal, Volume XX: The Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition – A Foundation for The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sensational Saturday Edition of The Good News Journal!

One of My favourite things to do as of late, is check My Blog statistics.  Probably sounds pretty boring.  But for Me, it is both informative and inspirational to see what My audience is reading.  I have declared My Self a Master teacher (Sensei Sean) of Spirituality, Law, and Commerce, and (more specifically), the Common Law and man’s rights; and I’m still here teaching!

Just yesterday while I was war King in front of the Salvation Army on ‘Technicolour Kitty’, a man as King of Me, “What is Your Greatest fear?”

I honestly could not think of a single thing.  Finally, I concluded, “I really don’t know, I do what I can to face every (known) fear I have.  I am thing King the scariest thing I have ever done, is what I am doing right now.”

And I am thing King that is the Truth, despite how excited I am about everything that is going on in My Life; that’s why I do what I can to face My fears, it excites Me to have a Goal.  And it excites Me even more to Achieve it!

For many years My Blog had very few visitors and even then, friends or peers who did take the Time to read what I was Writing were concerned for My safety, suggesting the content was too controversial and damaging, that it is ‘dangerous’ to speak out about the corruption of CAPITALISM and/or government.  I would always suggest that if this is True, then My responsibility to Write about it is that much Greater.

I always believed that freedom of speech would always be Honoured, that an opinion column or International Journal publication is not something a man should be afraid to Write!  It actually seemed laughable to Me at the Time, perhaps because I knew how many People (or, more accurately, how few People) were reading My Blog.  What difference does it make what I Write if there is no One there to read it?

Now, things are a little different.  At this moment, I have 5,263 followers on Twitter (@vondehnvisuals), and My ‘Pinned’ Tweet is, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation’, a Blog Post I Writ just before My 44th name day, and My first name day as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.  That same Title was officially announced to the Canadian People by the Ottawa Citizen and Sun newspaper publications just a couple of months later, which included a photo identifying Me as ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’.  Okay, so things are more than ‘a little different’ now; My political and social influence is over 100 times greater than it was just one year ago, and with My upcoming Court Case, I don’t anticipate it Will be on the decline anytime soon.  Although My Twitter followers have remained between 5,200 and 5,273 for roughly the last two months, third party e-mail analytics provided by show that I am still gaining roughly 500 new followers a week and losing roughly 100.  Yes, My stats are still very obviously manipulated.  Twitter stats shows I’ve only made 6,000 impressions on Twitter since July first, third party analytics says I’ve made over 30,000 impressions over the last three days!  Little bit of discrepancy there…


And, last but not least, I now have a Court Case to prepare for February 21st and 22nd of 2019 – and almost seven months to promote God’s Kingdom!  Very soon, I Will be revising and redefining the Kingdom of Heaven Foundation.  And My new marketing campaign Will be called, “The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean”, and I have some pretty awesome Ideas for promoting My Brand.

So, if ever there were reason to be afraid, it would be now.  But I’m not.  I’m not even afraid to be the Rogue Journalist I am and report on more of the trespasses I witness, I’m just not interested making My task any more challenging than it already is and all things Will come to light in Good Time.  The One thing I am never sure about, is Time.  Some of My very close friends have believed I would one day accomplish everything I set out to do, the only Quest Ion (question), was how long it might take.

I still don’t know and although I would have more reason to be concerned for My personal safety now than ever before, I’m not.  I don’t Imagine I would ever have made it this far in My Quest if the intention were to silence Me.  No one has threatened to sue Me for defamation, no one has as King of Me to remove any of My content, and I don’t Imagine anyone Will.

So, I Will soon be sharing, “The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean”, a revised and updated version of My Plan to accomplish Peace in the world and replace the pinned Tweet that started it all, “The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation.”

I Hope and Trust You Will all have a wonderful weekend,

Love and Blessings,



The Magic of Social Media

In My last Blog Post I started tall King about social media and how a sudden spike in Twitter followers suggested that I should be paying more attention to My Twitter account, so I did.  I paid all kinds of attention to My Twitter account when it first started to take off in April of last year but I didn’t really know what I was doing; Twitter was completely new to Me.  Although initially the increase in followers was related to a Blog Post, very few of My followers seemed to be linking to My Blog.  WordPress analytics allows Me to see how many people reading My Blog are linking from Twitter and Facebook.  It would be fair to say that it is My Mystical perception of the Universe that allowed Me to know there was a strong connection, that a presence on social media is important to My overall success, and the Universe was suggesting Twitter would be My best platform.

I did get some readers linking to My Blog from Twitter but the majority were still linking directly to specific Posts or finding My Site (Sight, View) with search engines like Google and Yahoo, most of the time revealing little more information than ‘unknown search terms’ to find Me.  I don’t believe in coincidences and one of the people who provided some of the tips I’m going to share and apply to increase My social media influence, is a blogger who talks about how exciting it is to get Your first few visitors.  I don’t even remember how long it was before anyone was reading My Blog unless I specifically asked someone I knew to read it, just to make sure My stats were working – sadly, it always seemed they were.  I actually got a message in My WordPress notifications one day saying “This Blog is on fire”.  ‘On fire’ was something like 87 views over a couple of hours and for Me, that is on fire!  Just to put this in perspective a little, My studies indicate a ‘successful’ blog gets thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views every day! I felt blessed to have a single visitor on any given day, especially if I hadn’t written anything in a while.

It was difficult to understand how My Twitter account was relevant to My Blog at all because even when I was active on Twitter, it was motivational and inspirational quotes I was posting that were getting retweets and creating what are called ‘impressions’ with My audience (followers).  Depending on how many Blog entries I was able to Write in a week, tweets linking to My Blog made up a very small percentage of My overall Twitter feed, often a couple to several days worth of tweets without a single mention or link to My Blog.

After virtually abandoning both My Blog and Twitter for a couple of months while I was busy painting and trying to create attention in My microcosm (real world) I made a few Key observations about My Twitter and WordPress stats when I returned.  My Blog had daily visitors, even though My Writing had become sporadic.  That’s truly one of the first ‘big’ successes for Me as a Writer; One daily visitor is infinitely better than none, especially when I hadn’t been writing anything!  It has been several months since My Blog has gone a single day without at least one visitor!  It is one of those things that is so deeply personal to Me that I still give thanks and feel immense gratitude when I get that first view of the day.  The other Key thing I noticed was that it wasn’t just My homepage or most recent Post that was getting views, many readers were linking to specific archives.  The other Key detail is that I was paying attention to all of this data.

Analytics are important.  WordPress tells Me how many visitors, if they are ‘Googling’ Me, linking to Me directly, linking from Facebook or Twitter, what Post they are reading and what country they are viewing My Blog from.  There are many more statistic features but those are the ones I check daily.  Twitter tells Me how many impressions My tweets make per month, how many people view My profile, My top follower every month (follower with highest influence/followers), how many mentions, retweets, likes and new followers I gain every month as well as how many I am gaining on average per day over the last 28 days.

My Blog continued to gain momentum even though I hadn’t been writing as much and I continued to gain roughly 500 followers a month on Twitter, though My impressions on Twitter had dwindled to roughly 5,000 a month from over 180,000 last April when My account first exploded.  As soon as I wrote My first Blog Post after more than two weeks of inactivity, I noticed My Twitter account take off again.  The increase in followers actually decreased to roughly 300 for a couple of months but impressions jumped from 5,000 to 50,000 as soon as I returned to Writing on My Blog.  I also noticed that even though people were not necessarily linking from Twitter, new Blog Posts were read almost immediately…  Like I had an audience waiting for Me to come back!

It was My Post about being published in the Ottawa Citizen that created the most impressions the month I returned to Twitter.  Once again, the Universe was telling Me that My Twitter audience is interested in what I am Writing about and what I am doing in the real world, even if the new Blog traffic wasn’t coming from Twitter directly.  Essentially, My Blog is responsible for My Twitter followers but My Twitter followers are not necessarily responsible for the recent ‘success’ of My Blog on a personal level.  A lot of high profile, influential personalities follow Me on Twitter and it took some time for Me to put all of the data together and figure out what it all means.

The primary link between Twitter and My Blog is that a great Idea is destined to succeed.  My Blog and My Twitter account both represent the same Idea.  On Twitter, I am @vondehnvisuals, My handle is “Prince of Peace”, My Cestui Que Vie (the document sent to the Attorney General) is the backdrop of My Profile and the ‘Kingdom of Heaven Foundation’ is My Pinned Tweet.  My listed hashtags are ‘#BeTheChange, #Love, and #WorldPeace.  The majority of My Tweets are interesting psychological facts that I retweet from one of My followers and retweets of other inspirational and motivational quotes that support the philosophy that anything is possible and We are each hero’s in Our own story – something I have been Writing about here for years.  My Blog is about being the Hero of My own Story by being the change I dream to know in the real world.

Twitter may not be responsible for the increase in My Blog reads directly but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valuable tool for increasing My audience, promoting My Ideas and gaining political influence in the real world.  If .1 percent of My current Twitter audience were to link to a Blog Entry, that would be 4 views a day from Twitter alone.  Four would be a slow day for My Blog now, though that happens to be exactly how many views I had both today and yesterday, the lowest number of views I’ve had in a single day for weeks now and only one of those views had linked to My Blog from Twitter, just to give You an Idea.  The most interesting thing about that is that yesterday was also the first day trying out one of My new marketing strategies.

When I first started learning more about social media and how to be more effective in My marketing strategies, I discovered I had been doing a few things right, I just wasn’t doing enough of it consistently.  On February second, I set up thirty tweets in Hootsuite for Saturday, scheduled evenly throughout the day.  Yesterday was something of a hectic day for Me in My microcosm but I used what little time I did have to see what kind of impact My new strategy was having on My Twitter account and started reloading the queue for the following day.  By 7:00 in the morning My stats were already showing three times the number of Twitter impressions over the previous day.  It took almost three hours for Me to set up the tweets, though I’m sure I Will get faster at composing them.

The day before I started using Hootsuite I made 997 impressions on Twitter and was averaging 2,500 impressions per day over the last 28 days.  Yesterday I finished the day with 13,885 impressions!  I also gained 60 new followers which is well above average and I’ve gained another 24 so far today and it isn’t noon yet.  However, not one visitor has linked to My Blog from Twitter…

I’m actually going to do a third Post about social media which Will talk a little more about how I use hashtags and what kind of content/tweets I have been posting compared with those I am going to Post.  I should also point out that I am well aware of how modest these stats are and that’s kind of the point, too.  Having one visitor a day was the first real milestone for Me and I’m at roughly ten times that amount now, between three and four hundred visitors a month.  I also believe a person shouldn’t need money to be successful doing anything, so I am using strategies available to anyone.  The goal is to get more of My Twitter followers linking to My Blog and My Blog stats have given Me some Ideas I’ll share in My next Post.

2017-12-03 19.05.52.jpg

A Picture increases the chances of someone viewing a Blog Post or Tweet.

Love and Blessings,