More New Characters; Introducing Sana, City of Ottawa

Josh of the John Howard Society last indicated he would forward My concerns to Sana and Wendy directly, which he did.  I’m not going to include My emails from Wendy because all I was as King for was for a copy of My file and all receipts to be sent to Me.  It was another frustrating exchange because I feel People literally read only what they Wish to hear.  Instead, I was initially sent photos of the receipts, which is great, very thoughtful gesture but not what I was as King for because I don’t have a printer, so having photos of receipts doesn’t do Me a lot of Good right now and the print shop is closed because of the ‘pandemic’.  The email also failed to mention anything at all about a copy of My file.  In short, I don’t Wish to subject You to the painful retelling of that part of the story.  The job got done and a copy of My file and receipts Will be mailed to Me in the near future.

I also received an email from Sana regarding the renewal package, it reads as follows.

May 5, 2020, 4:40 PM

Good afternoon Sean,

The Home for Good renewal package was mailed on April 27th , 2020.  I have attached a copy of the application that was mailed to this email. I also mailed another package today.  If you have not been able to do your income taxes due to Covid 19, please  complete  and sign the renewal application and  return to our office with proof of your current income and we will assess your continuous eligibility at that time .

Kind regards

I have mentioned before that I have met Sana and had a few brief email exchanges with her in the past and have nothing bad to say about her, Sana seems very genuine; she is friendly, but also authentic.  The pdf files that were included with the email were just digital versions of the forms I received in the renewal package yesterday, so I had a chance to see what they were as King of Me to provide.  Sana is basically offering to forward the application without any requirement to file taxes because of Covid-19 but I don’t Wish to use Covid-19 as an excuse because it would imply that I Wish to file (Gave consent) but was unable due to the pandemic.  It also isn’t true, so it’s never Good to be dishonest.  I don’t Wish to be mean to any One but I really do get tired of explaining this to People over and over again.  So the reply was Sent to Sana, as well as Orsi and Anne of Ontario Works.

May 5, 2020, 4:40 PM

Hi Sana,

Hopefully I Will receive this package soon.  I am not going to repeat that I Will NOT be filing taxes, nor Will I be threatened to file taxes for fear of loss of benefit.  I Will include the same SIN application form for You so You can read it Your Self (between 12 and 13 on application).  

“Participation is voluntary; however, refusal to provide Your personal information Will result in You or Your child not receiving a SIN.

Participation in SIN is voluntary. It SOUNDS like You are threatening Me with loss of a benefit if I don’t perform an action I am not required to perform.  As this is not mandatory, I have sent notices to all appropriate government agencies regarding this Matter as King of them to close the SIN account created in My name by the state, and Will not be threatened by Home for Good.  As for the rest, I Will review when I receive the package.  The income tax act is a trespass upon Canadian rights and was never Given royal assent.

Thank You,

And just to clarify, I stand corrected on the income tax act not receiving royal assent.  It has had several amendments Given Royal assent to the act since it was first passed, so it appears it very much is law for those who participate in the SIN program.  Participation is still optional, however, which is probably why the legislation was able to receive Royal Assent.  Generally, income tax is a trespass upon the People because essential items are not to be taxed.  That is why there was initially no tax on food, We need groceries to survive.  Then they came out with GST, a ‘Goods and Services’ tax because We may need food but We don’t need to have that food ‘prepared or serviced’.  So food that was considered a service was now taxable, and now I think they have a harmonized tax or something, but it has never gone away.  People need money in a commercial world for the most basic sustenance, so money is an essential ‘item’, One ‘needs’ to work and earn money to survive.  If that can be taxed, then it is a contract of bondage.  You must work, and now You must Give a share of Your day’s pay.  Don’t get tricked into these Ideas about how taxes are where the federal budget comes from and pay for new infrastructure and other nonsense, that’s not how an economy works.  If that theory were true, then if income is taxed no other Good should need to be taxed because tax was already paid on every dollar earned, right?  But it’s collected several times.  When You get paid, when You spend, when You save…  And very little of it actually goes back into ‘the public’ (but that is a story for another day).

Yesterday I received the renewal package, filled it out and had it ready to mail out today.  This morning when I finally rose from My slumber, I decided My Wish is to just pay the full year up front so there are no more concerns regarding ‘eligibility’.  I don’t really know how many times I have to tell the agents of the Trust (government service employees) that I am the source of the wealth they presume to be administrating.  So to put things in perspective, I Created a Bill of Exchange for $10,800.00, or the equivalent of One year’s worth of Housing subsidy.


I included a Hand Writ Letter with My return addressed to Sana, the contents of which I did not photograph.  I’m not entirely sure why, either.  Usually I like to retain a copy of every Letter I send but this time I wasn’t concerned, it’s just consent for all of the agencies listed on the included consent form to ‘appoint an authorized agent’ to verify eligibility with any of the listed government agencies, they all represent the same ‘principal’, which is the government of Canada.  The purpose of further articulating the consent in My Letter was to point out that consent includes having an ‘authorized’ agent for the corporation of Canada file taxes for the incorporated person if necessary.  The ‘incorporated person’, or business name truly does belong to the state (Canada); more specifically, it belongs to the Crown, of which Canada is a franchise corporation.  That’s not a conspiracy, One can fact check if they Wish, and I’m not suggesting that means Canada is not also a country.  Canada is an incorporated country, much like Ottawa is an incorporated city.  They are engaged in business, and People are a human resource.  In fact, People are the most valuable resource, which is why they are the True Value of the nation.  I do not Wish to operate as a corporate (dead) body for a CAPITALIST Idea.  It is the State’s Creation, it is their business, it is their responsibility to file taxes for their corporations, not Me.

I said I would also explain how the thumbprint works and why it is legal tender.  When I do, I am thing King You Will all be very surprised because really, it is so obvious One Will only Wonder why they were not thing King of it first.  Don’t worry, I’m not the first, either.  I had promised to do that before I sent this, and I had not expected to do anything like this quite so soon.  I have known for over two and a half years that I can, though, which might help People to understand why I have no interest in money.


This isn’t actually the Letter I sent to Sana, which is why it reads “Post Script” (P.S.) at the top of the Page.  In the Post Script to Sana I do explain how the Bill of Exchange works, and when I mention that what I am doing is exactly what Revenue Canada Will do, it is the Truth.  They are filing a ‘benefit’ with revenue Canada for the money they paid in subsidy for My rent.  Because that is a Fiduciary Obligation the country is satisfying, it is necessary (Obligation), so that is considered a ‘Write off’.  Revenue Canada Will Sign off on the receipt as satisfying an obligation, and the Value Will be discharged from Canada’s national debt, which is why People get a ‘rebate’ for charitable donations.  If it is an Act of God, it is paid for by God.  It only works, if it is fulfilling an obligation from God to God’s People.

I’ve been super excited all day because I really wasn’t expecting to do something like this so soon, but it Will most definitely get the ball rolling.  Someone at the city of Ottawa is going to know what I am sending them is actually worth the amount I say it is.  From that point for Ward, I anticipate things Will move for Ward more quickly.

Some not so Good News is that I still have not heard Word from Anne Charette, which is disappointing.  It’s disappointing for Me because this kind of behaviour, failing to respond to someone altogether, is really just not very mature or professional.  I really do feel like I’m dealing with a child.  I am thing King over the weekend I will compose One last email and I Will just ask her very plainly how she would respond and I’ll let her know what some of My considerations are.

The Last Chapter really is heating up, more to come soon!!!