Canada’s Registrar General’s Office for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

The letters tell a story, My Story.  A couple of important details are included in the reply from Express Legal, the private corporation responsible for the issuance of birth, marriage and death certificates.  The envelope was addressed to King Sean, House of von Dehn, Kingdom of God – as it should be, and the letter begins, ‘Dear King Sean,’.  The envelope is now used to keep a copy of all My original documents (both sent and received) in chronological Order.  This is the first time I am addressed as a King with all rights under God reserved, a historic moment for the House of von Dehn.

The use of caps in My Writing is always Intentional – whether You understand it or not is irrelevant to it’s effect on man’s psyche.  The letter also indicated that Express Legal does not have access to the original, genuine article record of live birth and that I must contact Vital Statistics directly.  It would have been more helpful if they had provided the contact information but Canada’s Registrar General’s Office is responsible for Vital Statistics, so they were the office I Writ next.

Every new letter adds to My Story.  When I Writ the Registrar General’s office, I included a copy of:  My Cestui Que Vie (on top), My letter to Express Legal (underneath), and the reply from Express Legal.  I keep all original documents of My Story in My personal portfolio.  It is also important to note that all of My original documents were sent by registered mail so that a receipt of acceptance was required for delivery.  The registration numbers are in My personal records on the top corner of all My duplicate copies, along with where the documents were sent.  They are also published here on My Blog.

The Registrar General’s Office did not reply but they have been duly notified for the record, the Registration number of acceptance is RN#102383288CA.