The Toronto Crown

I’m not sure if this is necessarily the best of the three letters I Writ, but it is the most satisfying.  Once again, this letter was included with My letters to the Attorney General to inform on the Toronto Crown.  The letter addresses the warrants in Toronto directly and reads as follows:

This letter is in regards to an arrest warrant for SEAN STEPHEN VON DEHN.  I have sent You a copy of My Cestui Que Vie, or Certificate of Life to prove that I am living.  It is important to now and forever dispel any confusion between the fiction created by the live birth record’s titled character (certified person), and the living man, Sean Stephen von Dehn.

I have not entertained an invitation to court because the warrant is for a fictional character with no life.  The record of live birth is just a piece of paper.  Any suggestion that such a document could ever lay claim to My real eState, the Kingdom of God (My Body, Mind and/or Soul), is insane.  If I were to appear in Your court, it may be perceived that I am giving life to the fictional character owned by the Crown which is absolutely unconscionable and forever against My Will.  To donate My life to a fictional character is to forsake the Kingdom given by God, dishonour My parents and commit treason upon My own nation under God.

I am not living in a fictional period created and owned by the Roman Catholic Church, a memorial to the death of their main character, I am living in the real world, here and now.  I am the land of My mother, My physical body, Sean.  I am the continuous ideas of My father, My mind and My House, von Dehn.  I am the Spirit of God, the Will to firmly establish My House on the Land; I am the Hand of the King, Stephen.

If any of this sounds unusual to You, I don’t care.  My Word should have been enough.  For forty-five minutes I carefully explained to the officers harassing Me that I do not answer to corporate titles, that I am a spiritual man who has dedicated his life to serving God.  The officers finally threatened to arrest Me for obstruction of a peace officer if I refused to give the name issued to Me by the Birth Certificate.  I gave My name under duress, explicitly making it clear that I no longer choose to represent that title or idea.  I was arrested, assaulted, unlawfully searched against My Will, interrogated like a terrorist for over five hours and detained without a trial, hearing, injured party or probable cause.  The arresting officers never had lawful jurisdiction and are guilty of several criminal charges.

Failure to immediately drop this case and remove Me from the legal fiction may result in criminal charges against each of the arresting officers for kidnapping, aiding and abetting constructive fraud, intimidation and conspiracy to commit fraud, fabrication of evidence, mental and psychological abuse, physical assault, theft and any other crimes against My sovereignty punishable by law in an international, common law court by a jury of competent peers.

You have no injured party (no valid weapon charge), no probably cause, only three police officers who did not seem to know that a man is not compelled to claim any titles that do not belong to him, or ‘represent’  him or his ideas.  I want nothing to do with Your commercial titled character, SEAN STEPHEN VON DEHN.  Notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice to principal.  Please advise all relevant government offices that I am not their chattel property, I am a living man with diplomatic immunity living in My nation, in My house, here and now, peaceably sojourning in this world.

You also now have a copy of My Cestui Que Vie which is both proof that I am living and a claim of right to My life from the beginning.  Without My energy, without My Will, Your Crown created character has no life and no (commercial) value.  I am the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever – and I am the holder and bearer of the title deed to My real eState which collapses the bonded property held in trust by the Crown.  Please place a copy of My Cestui Que Vie on top of the case file for SEAN STEPHEN VON DEHN as evidence of My proof of life and title deed.  “Lead Me not into temptation but deliver Me from evil.”  End all presumptions from the beginning now and forever.

I am as King for 1,000,000.00 in gold or silver backed Canadian currency in compensation for psychological, emotional and physical damages to My Kingdom resulting from the unlawful arrest, one ounce of gold for every hour I was unlawfully detained (16) and another $10,000,000.00 compensation for the forty-three years of life that were spent donating My life to a constructive fraud I feel was deliberately created to deprive a man of God’s Kingdom.  Thank You and have a blessed day,

King Sean, Hand of Stephen, House of von Dehn, Kingdom of God.