Public Servant Produces Evidence of Fraud, March 20, 2017.

After sending all My letters, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I think part of Me believed that I would not get a reply but I thought they would do what I had as King to them they do.  I thought they would close the accounts and cancel any contracts created from the live birth record, but I wasn’t really expecting them to tell Me they had done it, I wasn’t expecting an admission of guilt of any kind.  But when I received a letter from a public servant addressing Me as SEAN VONDEHN, I was furious.  I mailed the letters in early January, just after the New Year – more than enough time has transpired, the accounts should be closed!  Addressing Me by a title that suggests I have no right to family or property is now an assault and offence upon My character!!!

This is an important part of My Story because being a King is a tremendous responsibility.  If I am not consistent in My actions (Deeds), then I negate My own claims.  I know that the Ministries within the Canadian government have a responsibility to communicate My documents to every relevant department and they Will continue to administrate ‘wealth’ from the (now fraudulent) social insurance account unlawfully until I let them know I Will not stand for it.