Reply from Ministry of the Attorney General, Crown Law Office, Civil Law, April 21, 2017

Well, Sean Kearney was not as ‘on the ball’ as Express Legal with respect to his reply and how he chose to address Me, but it is an improvement on the all caps titled character, which shows up nowhere in the document.  Pictured above, it reads as follows:

Dear Sir,

We have received your letter and the enclosures sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General.  Your correspondence has been sent to this office for a response.

Your letter does not appear to have been issued by or filed in a court of law.  As your letter is not a properly issued claim or application, it is my intention to take no further action in response to it.

Please be advised that there is nothing more we can do for you in this regard and our file is closed.  Please also be advised that no further correspondence will be forthcoming from this ministry on these matters.  I am returning the original documents to you.

Yours truly,


Sean Kearney

Legal Director