Honour thy (Holy) Father and (Queen) Mother

There is a very good reason why the Queen and the Pope are the first two people I chose to Honour in My Work – they were also the first two people I Wrote after the Attorney General’s office failed to respond to My letters.

It didn’t really matter if the Attorney General’s office returned My letters or not, the registration numbers evidencing they had been received is enough.  Something within Me was telling Me to Write the Queen – like ‘Hive Mind’ or something…  Maybe it was just the inward knowing of the Power of My documents and finally having them delivered, I’m not really sure, I just had a sense of serious responsibility.

“God Save the Queen!!!”, echoed in My Mind…  And it all made sense.

Duty, Honour…  I do hereby solemnly Swear to do My Duty to God and the Queen…

No coincidences.  A King has important things to do; the first is to Honour God, the second is to Honour the Queen.  The Pope is the Father of Christian teaching, providing the foundation of Law with the example given by Christ’s character.

So I sent Word to the Pope, let him know there is a new King in town.  I Wrote each of them a private letter, no copies, calligraphy on parchment, sealed with wax, thumbprint Seal, sent in God’s Trust, along with two more Cestui Que Vie declarations, each unique in it’s own Way.  I sent My letters as only a true King would.  I was going to share My secret mail service here but I have decided now that I won’t.  A King Will instinctively know how to send secret mail and Will not need to be taught.  No one taught Me…

I did not receive a reply from the Queen or the Pope, but I was not as King for one, I was just letting them know I am here and than-King them for the opportunity to Honour them.  Shortly after, I received the letter and enclosures from Sean Kearney.  And I don’t believe in coincidences.  Although Sean Kearney’s document is dated April 21, it was returned regular mail and I received the package May 1st.