A Triple Threat – Three Concurrent Timelines

A total of four documents were Created Christmas day.  Four is Foundation, no coincidences.  Although I don’t remember exactly what day it was that I sent each of the letters, I know they were sent at approximately the same time, two at precisely the same time.  At roughly the same time I Writ Express Legal, I also sent registered letters to the Attorney General and the Toronto Crown (Attorney).  They were sent in the same package because the Attorney General has authority over municipal, provincial and federal Crown courts.  So I Writ the Attorney General to inform on the Toronto Crown for breach of the common law and violations of My rights under God.

Once again, (a copy of) My Cestui Que Vie is always on top, the ‘face’ of My portfolio.  Underneath, a copy of My second letter intended for the Attorney General, this time to notify the Ministry that I have revoked My contracts with Vital Statistics.  The Ministry of the Attorney General (and all public offices operating under the Crown) have a Duty and responsibility to notify the appropriate departments within the Ministry of public notices.  My initial three letters after the Cestui Que Vie declaration are typed and all three have no name or address at the top of the page, only, “THIS DOCUMENT IS A MATTER FOR THE PUBLIC RECORD”.

The first letter was to inform the Attorney General that I had notified Vital Statistics of My status change and expressed that I wish to see evidence that the accounts have been closed.  It reads as follows:

“To whom these presents may come, greetings,

Notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent.  I have included with this document a copy of My Cestui Que Vie, or ‘Certificate of Life’.  This notice has also been sent to Canada’s Vital Statistics to notify them that the property presumed to have been held in trust for Me by the live birth record has been reclaimed by its rightful owner and the heir to God’s Kingdom, Sean Stephen von Dehn.

God’s Kingdom is the Mind, Body and Soul every man is given by God.  (In My nation, the Word man whenever used in a general sense encompasses all of mankind, representing both kinds (sex) of man equally without further distinction or mention).  No one could ever reasonably, logically, morally, ethically, or in any good conscience suggest they could lawfully lay claim to another man’s Kingdom.  Yet it would seem to Me that this is what ‘Canada’ and the Crown have suggested they could do, have done and continue to encourage others to do by way of educational institutions and other patriot propaganda.

I do not believe in democracy because it inhibits man’s evolution.  The majority of the world Will always be of average intelligence and it is reasonably safe to say that intelligence (or Mind) is man’s most successful evolutionary trait.  Letting the ‘majority rule’ lets the average Mind determine the future, rather than the progressive, evolutionary ideas of the knowledgeable minority.  I’ve always thought the Idea that someone else knew how I should live My life better than Me was ridiculous but I was never told I had a choice and never once considered that someone might actually try to lay claim to My life.  No more.

I am not of Your country, corporation or whatever You would like to call it, I am an independent, sovereign nation under God, a living man, whole in Mind, Body and Soul.  Any presumption that You have (or had) a claim upon My life or Kingdom is a document of slavery without My informed consent.  I would never donate My life or Kingdom to the Crown, Canada or any other nation but God’s.

I am also Writing You in English and do not acknowledge the wilfully deceptive language called Legalese used with the Crown’s law society.  Any such contracts concerning Sean Stephen von Dehn are hereby null and void as they are Written in a language I do not understand rendering all contracts null and void for lack of full disclosure.  They are fictitious documents Written in a fictitious time period known as the Gregorian calendar which I do not acknowledge.  I am living My life, not the year of the Crown’s ‘Lord’.

I do not consent to any Roman Catholic claim suggesting they are rightful heirs to this world and rightful ‘owners’ of land anywhere in the world.  I believe the Crown colonies oppressed and killed aboriginal man that once lived here, raped and brutalized their tribes and attempted to remove them of their culture and rights, claiming rightful ownership of the land as Christians.  I dispute this claim and suggest that land cannot be owned by man as it was given freely by God and can only be enjoyed as long as man is living.  We cannot own anything, We can only steward what We are given wisely and this world does not belong to corporations, man was given dominion over the earth by God and none but God were given dominion over man.

Understand this document and be sure that all relevant offices and departments within Canada and the Crown are given this notice.

I am the land of My mother, My Body, Sean.  I am My father’s ideas and have been trusted to Mind My House, von Dehn.  I am the Soul, the Will to claim the gifts given to Me by God, I am the Hand of the King and the Author of My Writ (authority) in My Kingdom.  “Hallowed be My name.”

My name is sacred and it belongs to Me.  Any continued use of My name against My Will is absolutely forbidden without My express Written consent.  The corporate title may be used as evidence that any corporate accounts or trusts from the live birth record have been cleared.  This is an official clearing of the record.

I look forward to forging peaceable and prosperous relations with Your nation.  We will need to formally close the estate presumed to have been held in trust, recover some of the revenue that has been stolen from Me and negotiate terms of exchange so that I may freely access the abundance of natural resources God has provided and the Crown claims to own.  I do not want to Write a hundred letters for My intentions to be known.  Please be sure this notice reaches the highest authorities within Your realm.  Thank You and have a blessed day.

King Sean, Hand of Stephen, House of von Dehn, Kingdom of God.

At this point, it doesn’t even really matter if the Registrar General’s office replies to My letters or not, the appropriate offices have been placed on notice and have a responsibility to close the accounts and return the documents I have as King to them for.