New Character Takes the Stage; An Email From Clara Freire, Director, Ontario Works

I Writ a Post Titled, “New Conspirator to the Fraud” and shared the email I received from Clara Freire, Director for Ontario Works. This is the very first communication I’ve had with Clara, presumably she has taken over Chris Tuck’s position who has been the director in all My previous correspondences.

My Notice of Criminal Liability for Breach of Trust, Fraud and Spoliation of Evidence was sent to all levels of Ontario Works management because it is the proper thing to do. Theoretically, I should only ever have to deal with Orsi. So if Orsi fails to Honour the obligations of Ontario Works for any reason, the ‘proper’ thing to do is ask to speak with her supervisor, Anne Charette. I am thing King most People know how the chain of command thing works. I have a duty to make sure that the Notice of Criminal Liability is received by all levels of Ontario Works management team so they have an opportunity to resolve the Issue. Every agent of Ontario Works represents the corporation as a whole and it would be the highest level management’s duty to make sure the situation is handled appropriately, all are liable, all have a duty and responsibility to follow the law and do their part to ensure the protection of the rights of Canada’s People. This following letter sent as an attachment in Clara’s first email to Me was Writ with intent to intimidate and harass.

Keep in Mind, there has been no response from Kristine to My email asserting her review of My complaint was incorrect and unreasonable, even after serving the Notice of Criminal Liability. It is natural to presume that if One does not reply, they do not have an excuse or rebuttal to My assessment. So it is also natural for Me to wonder why they are continuing to violate My rights if they know they are in the wrong. Either there is an appeal process, a rebuttal to My response to her review, or (presumably) they concede their position. It is perfectly natural for Me to expect Kristine to reply with something. The attached letter sent in the email by Clara Freire was the first reply of any kind since I received Kristine’s review (and responded to it stating why I felt the review was incorrect and unreasonable, asking if there was any other potential remedy, or if court and formal legal action was the only option) on the 15th of March.

Ignoring an individual is a form of harm, especially when One has a moral duty or obligation to speak. I specifically asked a jurisdictional question, asserting that I don’t believe the Ontario Works Act has the force of law to trespass upon a right legally protected at the federal and international level. I have included My exact reply with the Notice of Criminal Liability that was issued to them, I am summarizing here to make a point. Ignoring a lawful argument when One is complaining that their trespasses are causing harm is belligerent, antagonistic behaviour designed to cause Me further mental duress and the intent is that I Will lash out.

I did Write Kristine a number of emails between the 15th and 18th of March imploring her to respond and advising her that if she doesn’t, I Will have no recourse but to place her on Notice of Criminal Liability because the statements she is refusing to dispute make her actions criminal; if I am able to Show a court that I presented the foundation of My legal arguments to her and they were ignored, the criminal behaviour appears Willful. She doesn’t have a lawful excuse for her actions but is continuing to cause Me harm anyway; that shows a lack of regard for the law altogether. She has also claimed to have engaged her legal department, so ignorance is not even an ‘invalid’ excuse (because ignorance is no excuse for the law anyway).

I gave up after the 18th advising Kristine she would be placed on Notice of Criminal Liability if she did not respond. On the 22nd of March I sent one last email to Kristine advising her that she had until the end of the business day to respond to My legal arguments or be placed on Notice of Criminal Liability. Twelve hours later, the Notice of Criminal Liability was sent.

I had already presumed there would be no response from Kristine, but Notice of Liability is the first process of Law. This is basically where most People would not even bother, they would already be at the courthouse filing a statement of claim into the court and serving them – in that scenario, Kristine and Ontario Works would have twenty days to respond or be found in default. I emailed Kristine once again on the 27th with a ‘Courtesy Warning and Notice of Default’ advising her that if she doesn’t provide a lawful excuse for her actions default judgment Will be awarded against her without further notice to her on the 22nd of April.

No response to My Notices or My original assessment of the review at all, and nothing further from Me since the Notice of Default sent on the 22 of March until Clara’s email on the 7th of April. I’m sharing again now that the content is in context a little better.

The reason for Giving so much background to this letter is to Give an Idea as to how they are trying to antagonize Me and characterize My emails as inappropriate for being upset about the fact they are violating My rights and providing no lawful excuse. It’s just a form of emotional and psychological abuse and I know that’s what they are doing. This is how I responded to Clara’s ‘introductory’ letter.

Wed, Apr 7, 8:49 PM

Hi Clara,

I have read the attached document above and would like for You to state when (specifically) I have been discourteous with staff.  I explained the request to have My medical needs confirmed by a doctor is an infringement of My rights under Canada’s Bill of Rights and Charter, Section 7, and I cited the FACTUAL case law that has rules on this Matter previously, which states that the government does not have the right to compel a Man to seek medical advice and has the right to determine reasonable health care for Self.

I specifically was as King why You believe the Ontario Works Act has the FORCE of law to trespass upon a right.  I also CLEARLY asked Kristine if her review was final or if there was an appeal process or other forum to continue the dialogue – as per usual, no response was provided which is VERY RUDE and is also presumed in law to be an admission of My assessment that the review is incorrect and unreasonable.

I patently believe this is True because Orsi has committed fraud by Signing a document (Mandamus) she promised she intended to Honour and has since revoked, AND for failing to Honour Canadian Law and the rights of Canada’s People on the presumption that the Ontario Works Act gives You legal right to do so.

Your letter is slanderous and may constitute liable if You cannot prove I have been discourteous with staff.  I am asking DIRECT questions People administering wealth on behalf of Canada’s government should know.

As for the Cestui Que Vie, it actually translates to mean ‘This is what Life’, or ‘The Meaning of Life’, or ‘This is what Life is’.  It is the very thing a Man needs to be able to own lands, tenements, et cetera and it is a certificate showing the Man is Living.  This ‘medieval Act’ is still in effect today (check the UK government website for further info), though now certification of birth is done by Way of birth registration, replacing the ‘Cestui Que Vie’ requirement.  It has been accepted by Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General and unless You exceed the jurisdiction and authority of Canada’s courts, You are obliged to accept it and do not have the authority to refuse it as identification.

I am not considering a judicial review because the city has already demonstrated how little respect You have for the rights of those subject to social welfare, poverty and homelessness.  Your own investigation determined People were harmed by the Salvation Army’s failure to maintain shelter standards set out by the city, and although changes were made to minimize some future harm to clients, some issues could not be resolved at all and continue to subject Canada’s People to deplorable living conditions harmful to their health and well being.  Complaining that none of these individuals were compensated, including My Self was considered ‘frivolous and vexatious’ by the city, which tells Me all I need to know with respect to Your opinion on the rights of Canadians.

Now, You are defending what appear to be willful trespasses upon both My Canadian Charter rights if I am presumed to be a citizen against My Will and international law with respect to Civil and Political rights which are also legally binding as they were ratified by Canada in 1976.
So You are correct, I suppose.  I’m not providing You with any ‘NEW’ information, just reiterating the information I have already presented to agents of Ontario Works to which there has been no reply.

So why do You believe the Ontario Works Act is superior in force to that of Canada’s Charter of Rights or Canada’s International obligations to ensure the protection of the inherent rights of Canada’s People?  To knowingly violate these laws is to knowingly cause Me harm and unnecessary mental duress, but nobody seems to have any regard for how betrayed I feel to have been told by both Orsi and Kristine in previous correspondences that they acknowledge the UN Covenant, respect My inherent rights and Wish to do everything they can to assist Me in resolving those issues.  How can You not identify how criminal this behaviour is or how it has compromised the trust between us?

Although I Will not be filing for a judicial review, I Will be filing private criminal prosecution against OW, their agents and the city of Ottawa for asserting that I am a bonded slave and indentured servant to a foreign debt Created by Canada and that ‘the city does not share Your opinion that You can revoke Your consent to be governed’.  That is also a breach of Trust because it is presumed the authority of Canada’s government is derived by the consent of the Sovereign People (that’s on the government of Canada website – about Canada).  Nowhere does it state that the People of Canada are compelled against their Will to participate in Canada’s government.

If You are going to complain I am being rude or discourteous to People, You Will evidence examples in future or I Will call You a liar.

I look forward to Your reply.  

(and addressing Me as ‘Mr. King Sean’ is something of an oxymoron as Mister/Master and King/Lord are two conflicting titles).  Just ‘King Sean’ is fine.

Thank You.

Apr 7, 2021, 9:26 PM

One last point I forgot to mention that is somewhat critical.  I have never claimed the public notices I have filed with superior offices of the Canadian government are ‘id’.  They are exactly what they say they are, ‘Public Notices’.  It is presumed that We (Canadians) are not compelled against Our Will to contract with Canada’s government, that We are free People, Sovereign in Our natural state who ‘elect’ or choose to be governed.  So My ‘Public Notices’ are advising the government I do not consent to allowing Canada to use the wealth of My Life for their personal gain at My expense (birth certificate registration of biological property).  So the ‘Public Notices’ are so that You cannot claim ignorance of My position on this Matter, and any agents of Canada’s government who refuse to assist Me in dissolving this Trust I was presumed to have in government, can be charged with aiding and abetting a constructive fraud.  This is beginning to look a lot more like a conspiracy and collusion to commit crime and hold a Man in bondage than just plain incompetence.  I’m not sure how easy it Will be to convince a Justice You don’t know that bondage and servitude against a Man’s Will under threat of economic duress is a serious crime against Man’s kind.

In short, the Public Notices are so that You cannot claim ignorance of My determination to freely exercise My right of self determination and to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations, rather than allowing the government of Canada to do so on My behalf and at My expense.

Thank You, have a wonderful day,

King Sean

Of course, Clara has not responded to any of My arguments, either. They can’t because they don’t have one, there is no lawful excuse for what they are doing. They believe they hold all the power and that I am powerless to do anything about it. Underestimating an individual is never a Good Idea. However, there was an ‘ulterior’ motive for the letter. Kristine Wishes to respond to tell Me her decision is final but she doesn’t Wish to receive any more emails from Me about how her decision is unlawful and appears to be intentional. How do I know this? Well, I’m just guessing but I received the first reply to My rebuttal of Kristine’s review almost exactly 24 hours after I received the email from Clara.

Thu, Apr 8, 5:48 PM

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God,

The purpose of this email is to follow up on the complaint received on March 15, 2021.

On March 15, 2021, the City of Ottawa had previously responded to the issue of Public Notices. While we appreciate you are of the opinion that you are not subject to the laws of Canada or the authority of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, the City does not share that opinion. The City of Ottawa is governed by the laws of Canada and the authority of the provincial and federal governments and will continue to administer Ontario Works in accordance with the Ontario Works Act.

This complaint has been resolved, the City will not respond to any further correspondence on this issue.



This is another example of ‘gaslighting’ and attempting to further antagonize. That, or Kristine has very low reading and comprehension skills because I have never stated in any emails that I do not believe I am subject to Canada’s laws, I have repeatedly suggested that no code, statute or Act has the force of law to trespass upon a right. There is a monumental difference. It is actually Ontario Works that is committing the crime, though they are trying to imply I hold an opinion I have never stated. She is deliberately misquoting Me in an attempt to discredit My Character. So of course, that needs to be remedied because if I do not respond to this email, it is presumed in law that I am agreeing with the statements she is making regarding My beliefs! How arrogant is that? This is also projection because Kristine literally seems to believe the Ontario Works Act gives her the Power to ignore federal and international law – exactly what she’s ‘accusing’ Me of.

If I do not dispute Kristine’s claims and misrepresentation of My rebuttals, I am presumed to be in agreement; so a response is required.

Apr 9, 2021, 10:25 AM

Hi Kristine,

And Your trespasses upon My Spiritual Faith and belief is duly noted on the International Public Record.  

If You cannot prove that the Ontario Works Act is not subject to federal or international law and grants You the power to trespass upon the rights of Canada’s People, Default Judgment Will be awarded against You without further notice to You on April 22nd, and I Will file criminal prosecution against You.  I have a Sworn Oath to protect God and the Queen and I believe Your opinion that You have no professional duty to Honour the Civil and Political Rights of Canada’s People is a dis-Grace to Her Majesty’s Honour and the Crown.

It is also worthy to Note that slander and libel are also crimes.  Not once have I said that I am not subject to Canadian Law.  I have said that no code, statute or act, including the Ontario Works Act has the FORCE of law to trespass upon a right.  That is a fact, not an opinion.  I have said these rights are the foundation of those codes, statutes and acts, both federally and internationally and I have advised You that Your organization is willfully violating them.  There is a big difference, do not make libelous statements in attempts to defame My character.

Have a wonderful weekend,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

And My belief, is that was Kristine’s intent. She knew she was misrepresenting My Ideas, the Intent was to antagonize Me and provoke Me to make some kind of insult of her Character. I can be as critical as I Wish of someone’s position or argument so long as I do not resort to ‘ad hominin’ remarks or ‘name calling’. The hope is that they could Characterize My email as inappropriate when in reality I am doing what every Good Canadian should do, which is advise elected officials that codes, statutes and acts do not have the force of law to trespass upon the constitutional protections of Canada’s People.

In reality, Kristine is sweating bullets right now and is terrified that she and everybody else trespassing upon Me right now Will lose their job or spend the next few years in jail. But they are too collectively arrogant to ever admit any wrong doing, so they Will claim they are innocent even as they are dragged to their cell. How do I know they are worried? I don’t, just a BIG hunch. Also because this showed up a few minutes later.

Fri, Apr 9, 9:51 AM

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God,

Thank you for your email dated April 7, 2021.

The City previously responded to the issue of Public Notices in the letter I issued to you dated April 7, 2021 and will not respond to any further correspondence on that issue.



For the Record, I felt like responding to this letter with, “yeah, and I told You I received it, I just don’t care, You Will not dictate who I can email.”

Instead, I was a little more diplomatic with My Words but equally assertive, I am thing King…

Apr 9, 2021, 10:49 AM

That’s fine, there is no obligation to respond, but I do have a legal duty to place You on Notice, it is the first procedure in law so that You have time to remedy Your position.

I would like for You to define what You mean by ‘the city’ because I do find it rather hard to believe that You have the authority to dictate which of Canada’s representatives of government I am able to communicate with.  I also find it rather hard to believe that the director of Ontario Works has the authority to speak for the People of Ottawa.  My peers Will determine if My Actions are necessary in defense of My rights or inappropriate.  None of My emails have been what You defined to be ‘inappropriate’, I have not been discourteous with any staff and the Notices of Criminal Liability against Your organization are not a joke, nor are they baseless as I have provided the Superior Court Case Law to support My position.  If You feel the Ontario Works Act is superior in jurisdiction and authority to Canadian and International Law, I am Willing to bring the Matter before a court of competent Jurisdiction to find out.  

A Matter is not resolved because One determines it is, a Matter is resolved when both parties come to an agreement.

You have a wonderful weekend,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

Anyway… That’s how One deals with People who gaslight and use narcissistic behaviour to project their guilty conscience onto You.

Love and Blessings, You know I’ll keep You Posted and I Will update this Page with some links to the formal Notices when I’m not so tired. Bedtime for Me, goodnight.