Notice of Supreme Claim of Right: Sean Stephen von Dehn

This International Public Notice is to hereby advise all interested parties that I, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God was Given a Sacred Calling by My Creator and Hold the Supreme Claim of Right upon it.

My Calling under God, ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’, also known as the ‘name’ of the ‘person’, was Given Me by God – whether One perceives God to be a Divine Creator or the combined Energy of My natural, biological Mother (Catherine Pamela von Dehn) and Father (Joachim Heinrick von Dehn) Matters not as the Gift was Given to Me and was not Given with intent that a private, foreign corporation could use that Calling to bond the Energy of My Life to a foreign, commercial interest.

Any unauthorized use of the name ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’ or bastardization of that Calling such as, SEAN S. VON DEHN, SEAN VONDEHN, Sean VON DEHN, et cetera, et al, is forbidden and is a trespass upon My Life and Divine, non commercial, not for profit, Purpose under God.

“Hallowed be My name”

I am King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, commonly known as Sean Stephen von Dehn. My body is My temple, My Mind is My conscience and governor of My Will, My Will is the Spirit of God which Gives Me Life and Lights My Way in the world.

If any individual, corporation or otherwise believes it holds a Superior Claim of right upon My Calling (name), stake Your claim upon it now or remain forever silent.

Any commercial wealth created from this name by a foreign entity is against My Will, an Act of treason upon God’s Kingdom and I Will be as King for full restitution of all such unauthorized use, the full commercial Value in Honour for damages for these crimes of trespass upon My Sacred Calling.

This International Public Notice is specifically intended for the government of Canada, its agents and representatives, et al.

Thank You, I Trust You Will heed this Notice.

Kingdom Comes!!!