Affidavit of Service

Once again, My Affidavit of Service meets all the requirements of the Rules of Civil Procedure, though everything after the Title is entirely My own Writ.  I didn’t like the Wording of the Affidavit of Service provided by the Rules of Civil Procedure Court Forms, so I Created My own.

Again, this was mostly intuition, and I believed the Court Registrar would have no Issues accepting the document.  If they had, it would not have been a great loss except for the time invested in Writing it, I would have simpy re-Writ the document using the ‘exact’ language provided in the Court Forms; I like My Writ much better, and I believe it is far more credible than what is provided by the Rules of Civil Procedure (which does not require signatures of acceptance).

The other Significant strategic element to this document was the ‘place’ the document was served, which I define to be God’s Kingdom.  Subtle Way of re-Minding the Court that I Will never forget where I am, or My Purpose. 😉

Affidavit of Service Page 1
Affidavit of Service Page 2

The only complaint the registrar had with the document was that he said I needed to Sign it.  I told him My thumbprint Seal Authenticates the document negating the need for a Signature.  He was satisfied with that.

The only thing I Wish I had done, was make a copy before handing this over to the registrar so I would have one for My Self.  After reflecting on this Idea for a few moments, I figured it’s not big loss as I can always print the photos if necessary.